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Wonder Woman is a 2021 action adventure superhero film directed by kathryn Bigelow. the film is based on the character creted by William Moulton marston. the films stars Alexander didario, Daisy ridley, Naiomi Watts, zac effron, and sigorny weaver



Alexandra Didario as Diana Prince of themyscura/ Wonder Woman

Daisy ridley as Donna troy/ Wonder girl

Naiomi watts as Hypolyta

Zac effron as captain steve trevor

Kristin chennoweth as etta candy

Kiefer Sutherland as General phill darnel

sigorny weaver as baroness Paula Von Gunther/ Dark angel

Ayelet Zurer as Medusa

Nicole beharie as Phillipus

abbie cornish as Mala

Sophie turner as artemis

Kiki palmer as Nu'bia

Viggo mortensen as Zeus

Kevin Mckidd as poseidon

Peter stormare as hades

Lucy lawless as Hera

Deborah ann woll as artemis

emma watson as athena, Barbara gordon

Chris zylka as area

Famke Janssen as hestia

Neil patrick harris as dyonisus

patrick martin as hermes

Reese witherspoon as demeter

Hugh Jackman as Hephaestus

Amanda Seyfried as Aphrodite

Lucas till as apollo

Laura Vandervoot as persephone

Greyston Holt as Heracles

Hayley atwell as Circe

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