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Wolverine: Bloodlines is a 2030 action adventure, dramedy (drama, comedy), superhero flick, the sequel to X-C 5: Return Of Apocalypse and is the first and ONLY Wolverine motion picture to be included into this Marvel/Carrie crossover. Turns out this Wolverine installment was Hugh Jackmans idea, because in a interview, he kept stating that "It makes sense. It would be the best way to close out this chapter in Logans quest to be free from what he was made to be." The film was directed by James Mangold, distributed by Screen Gems and 20th Century Fox and produced by Marvel Studios and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The film will feature Hugh Jackman as the titiular character, alongside with Dafne Keen, Chloë Grace Moretz, Lynn Collins, Aaron Eckheart, Sebastian Stan, Mark Ruffalo, Liv Tyler, Judy Greer, William Hurt, etc.


The events of Apocalypses revival and the sudden eventual loss of his healing factor has driven the infamous Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to officially hang up his boots and retire from the X-Men, against his own will. Of course, he couldn't leave without his daughter Laura (Dafne Keen) and his girlfriend Kayla (Lynn Collins). Unfortunately.....the world doesn't want to leave well enough alone. The forces of H.Y.D.R.A have tracked them down to a remote location away from all the action, resulting in Laura eventually getting captured yet AGAIN. Desperate times call for desperate measures as he has to enlist the Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan) since he's known H.Y.D.R.A more then practically anyone else. Unfortunately, he might just end up losing more than he bargained for......

Main Cast

  • Hugh Jackman as Logan (Wolverine)
  • Dafne Keen as Laura (X-23)
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider)
  • Aaron Eckheart as Derek Toomy
  • Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (The Hulk)
  • Liv Tyler as Betty Ross
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross (Red Hulk)
  • Max Charles as Lonny
  • Romany Malco as Mac
  • Rila Fukushima as Yukio
  • Tao Okamoto as Mariko
  • Harry Lennix as Head member

  • Josh Brolin as Thanos (ONE scene)


20th Century Fox presentation cuts on over to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo and then the Marvel Studios logo as it then fades out till.....

We cut over to HYDRA HQ where we see a bunch of doctors, shoulders and trainees doing their own individual jobs as we transverse over to one head member as he was just walking into a enclosed room that had Derek Toomy (Aaron Eckart) being stared down in a meeting with other head members

Head member (Harry Lennix): Mr. Toomy, this is an outrage. It has to STOP.

Derek: Sir, I don't think you understand the fact of the matter behind--

Head member: Behind the fact that under every opportunity you've had to bring back out own, you've nearly run our own facility through the dirt?! Ever since your aurora obsession and Egypt expedition, you have ran our operations into the ground! You let Sgt Barnes slip through our fingers with the journal as well. Along with X-23 and the Hargensen mutant gene quarantine, you have done NOTHING productive that we could've used in the past 6 YEARS!

The mere image of having him yell at his face, kinda gave Derek pause for a few seconds. But it didn't really have any effect on him. Cause.....he had something else in mind.....something that he was POSITIVE was gonna work.

Derek: Not.....necessarily, sir. As a matter of and my sources did a little background work and.....we located Strikers Weapon X mutant.

Head member: You mean.....

Derek: Yes. Which as we speak....that's where we will reclaim X-23.

Head member: But can you guarantee us Barnes and the journal?

Derek: I'm afraid not the journal. Barnes and an unknown entity burnt it during the rampage of Godzilla 2.0.....if you know what I mean. But THAT is why....I have this.....

He slides something across the table and the Head member caught it and gasped softly......

Head member: Well, I'll be damned, Toomy.

Derek: took awhile to come across this, but thanks to some negotiating and.....some profess douchebaggery......I've managed to abstract what we need to retrieve and experiment of what's left of him.....and the Weapon X.

The camera then revolves down towards the head member as the file shows.....Allister Smythes nanobot cocktail serum.

~Title Sequence~

We then cut in the middle of the woods, formatting off the side of the highway at a very familiar cottage we then take a glimpse at Logan (Hugh Jackman) bringing in some firewood as one by one, he chopped up each one for

As he breathed in and out, continuing to chop down as many Durwood as he could, we go to the inside of the cabin where his girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins) was in Laura's (Dafne Keen) bedroom reading her an old yet still famous story.

Kayla: And then Cinderella and the Prince lived happily ever after. Time to go to bed.

Kayla tucked Laura in and was about to turn out the light till Laura asked her something......that's definitely been repeating endlessly throughout her head.

Laura: Mom?

Kayla: Yes?

Laura: Is Daddy ever gonna get better?

Kayla: Oh baby.....I-I'm sure he will. He's surrounded by everything that loves him so much. No matter what....he'll always be with us.

Kayla gave Laura a kiss on the head as she went to sleep and turned out to the light. She then took a quick glimpse at Logan outside who had the fire ready and her smile quickly faded. She knew whatever was happening to Logan wasn't gonna make him last long. But at this point, they had to make the best of it.

So she went out he front door, although squeaking sound kinda gave away where she was as Logan looked over and saw her.

Logan: Hey.

Kayla: Hey, you.....

As Logan kept chucking wood into the fire, Kayla had to ask.....

Kayla: You know what's happening to you?

Logan: It's killing me.

Kayla: What?

Logan: It's. Killing. Me.

Kayla: Wha--you mean?

Logan: Never mind, I don't wanna talk about it.

Kayla: No, you've already started. Just tell me what happened to you.

Out of breath and aggravated from a long day, Logan sits his axe down outside and stands up firmly, trying to keep himself sober and will.

Logan: The's killing me.

That statement confused Kayla.....because it made no damn sense. She was like, "How could the thing that made you indestructible be killing you?"

(Reminds me of Iron Man 2)

Kayla: But how?

Logan: I-i don't know.....yet I don't care at the moment. For a long time, it made me indestructible age ain't tolerating it. And it's....slowly ripping me apart from the inside...

Kayla: Logan....

Deterred by the reality of what she's hearing and what's actually happening, she began to tear and turn away......

.....until Logan places his arm tight around her shoulder.

Logan: Kayla....You should understand that I knew this would happen sooner or later.

Kayla: But......we got to get it out of you. I won't lose you again. Can't your friend in Japan help?

Logan: Yukio only brought me there for what she THOUGHT was for me to say goodbye to an "old friend" who I saved during WWII. turned out he only wanted my healing and everything. But....after MY trip to the past, all that changed. Just like Carrie and Rachel did.

Kayla: There just has to be a way, though.

Logan: That's a stretch. Even so....I don't want Laura to know. She's already been through too much.

Kayla: Well, so have you....but I just....

Logan: Listen.....we all know that life is a s__t show. But there will be no circumstances as to WHEN I take you and Laura to that show. Cause it's clear I'm winding down. When I'm finally up, old and lying in my deathbed and about to give out my last breath......I want you to remember me......the way I was before.

Kayla: Well.....I want to remember all three of us.

Logan: For now.....but I swear.....I will find you both in the next life. And I'll be clawing through the window, just to yell out your name.

Kayla: Hey.....*grasps his hand*.....No one is clawing s__t. We can fight this. Besides....I can you from experience....the next life is just....waaaay more f__ked up than this.

Logan: *Chuckles* I love you.

Kayla smiled lightly again as she wrapped her arms tightly around her lover, burying her face into plaid shirt.....not wanting to let go.....EVER.

Kayla: Love you too

Logan: Lets go get some shuteye.

Kayla: Mhm-hmm.

As the two picked themselves up and went back inside the cabin, they were unaware that a certain somebody, obstructed by the pitch black of night, was watching them. But it wasn't a actual enemy.

The figure moves out from the shadowy from the forest and it turns out that it was actually......

Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo).

And apparently, he brought Betty (Liv Tyler) with him.

Bruce: Is that---?

Betty: Bruce? Is there anybody home in there?

Bruce: Well....uh...yeah but they're not awake.

(He's avoiding the other subject)

Betty: Well, how we gonna call the tows for our car?

Bruce: We'll have to set up camp somewhere. We'll call them tomorrow.

At that moment, Bruce and Betty had to walk back through the dark realms of the forest and set up camp not far from the cottage in hopes they'd call for help for their car the day after.....

....and that very next day, the two managed to find their way back to the cottage cabin they ran across as we see Logan grabbing his axe and chainsaw from the inside of his house and had opened the door, just when Bruce was about to knock

Logan: The hell?

Bruce: uh....remember me huh?

Logan: Yeah, you' of those Avenger geeks. What the hell you doing here?

Betty: Hello, sir. Our car broke down and we hope we can use your phone to call the tow man?

Logan:'s in the kitchen. Come on in and make yourself at home.

Even though he let them in, he couldn't help but wonder what the hell they were doing here.

While Logan led the two inside to the kitchen, Laura had just woken up to hear them entering and got confused.

She shimmied her way out of bed, feeling a little woozy before making her way into the living room, and seeing Logan with his face buried deep into his hands.

Laura: Hey.

He hears her voice, but it took a while for him to acknowledge it.

Logan: Laura?

Laura: You had another nightmare?

Logan: *chuckles* Mom told you that?

Laura just nodded.

Logan: Hmph. Come here. I gotta tell you something.

Laura made her way towards Logan and he sat her in his lap. As he spoke onwards, Betty called the tow-man wrong their phone as Bruce looked down onto the counter-table to see, to his surprise, medical records and unpaid hospital bills combined with other fees; some of which weren't made due on time. As if the mere fact that Logan was sick wasn't enough to surprise Banner, what had him stunned was..... he scurried through those papers in order, it became apparent and clear that Logan's name was on all of them.


Bruce: *whispers to himself* Logan?

He KNEW that he had excessive healing abilities, but I guess he wasn't aware of his most recent condition and he almost instantly became worried as he looked over, seeing Logan talking to Laura in the living room.

That's when Kayla came in.

Kayla: Oh!

Bruce: Hey. Sorry....we're friends of Logan. O-our car broke down.

Kayla: It's ok. You just startled me is all. Are you both ok?

Betty: Yeah, we just needed to use the phone. Thank you.

Kayla: Sure thing. Well.....just make yourselves at home. I was just about to bake muffins.

Betty: Really? That's a treat I could use.

It then cuts back to outside HYDRAS base of operations where we see a security high personal vehicle is seen getting clearance into their ground level. Pretty soon, the SUV makes its way inside and as officers step out, one of those people were......Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt)

(That's right. He got out.....or should I say escaped.......)

Only thing is since he was fired from Secretary of State, he was now in normal attire and still somewhat pissed at his failed attempt for getting his hands on the Hulk. As he walked through the realms of the ground level, he sighed heavily and made his way up to the elevator, and then a short cut later, he ended up on the top level.

That is where he ran into the Head member who just so happened to be exiting another meeting.

As soon as he turned around.....

Ross: Sir.

Head member: Secretary Ross.

The two shook hands.

Ross: Actually, I'm no longer appointed as the Secretary of State. Certain events didn't really prolong in my favor......which is why your Derek Tommy had specifically invited me down here.

Head member: I don't recall him saying that.

Ross: Well, from what I heard, there's a lot of things Derek didn't, or doesn't, tell you. But now's not the appropriate time. Where is he?

Head member: He's tying up....a few loose ends.

It then swiftly cuts to where Derek was driving on the highway during the worst time to get stuck in traffic: the RUSH HOUR. The more cars he abruptly passed by, the more irritated he and the other drivers got. It even escalated more as he started talking on his cell phone when he makes a call.

Derek: Mac, it's Derek. I have few others about to proceed on the first phase on our operation. Yeah, I know. Have you found Barnes yet? No? Damn. What about the woman? You sure? Uh... hang on a second. I got the file on her somewhere. Just me a fe--AHHH!

He looked back up in front of him and realized that he wasn't watching the road as barely avoided a car coming in the opposite direction. the key word, as it skimmed his car resulting in paint transfer.

And as he turned towards the raging car......

Driver: Asshole!


Derek: You too! Ugh! You still there? Good. Hold on.....

He scuffles through his glove compartment on the other side of the car, quickly yanking something out......which turned out to be the file he said he had......while once again turning away from the damn road in front of him. By the time he got up to a stoplight, he finally calmed himself and read through it.

Derek: Yeah, I got it. It's....Rita Desjardin. She's a former gym teacher at Chamberlain High. Start your search there. I'll have the translations for the descriptions of the journal by in a few, ok?

He hangs up and as soon as the light turned green again, Derek continues to drive through borrows of traffic filled with drivers who have no idea what the heck they're doing......until he suddenly hits a closed off unfinished road as he gets stuck.

With all that happening, it suddenly cuts down to Tampa, Florida where Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) was seen as a postman, dropping off packages and envelopes to house by house by house.....

.....until he stopped by a particular one.....and that caused him to smirk. He took his sweet time approaching the doorstep and by the time he got up there, you would expect him to ring the doorbell?

He would've......but since this particular one was his own address, he knew who was inside.

So he knocked on the door....and it opened a few seconds later as Rita Desjardin (Judy Greer) saw Bucky on the other side.

Desjardin: Oh my...*flirty*...Bucky.....

Bucky: Package for you, miss.

(Talk about staying in character)

As soon as he said that, Desjardin immediately pulled him inside as she slammed the door behind them and quickly starts latching on and kissing him, endless......while completely unaware that a certain vehicle was parking outside.....

.....and the person who stepped out was Mac (Romany Malco) (the same one who was talking to Derek through the phone)

He scurried towards the side of the house and starts eavesdropping.....sort of.....

Desjardin: You're the only package I need.

Bucky: Why, thank you. I'm aware of that but this, I think you're gonna like this too.

She smiled and chilled lightly as she took the package from his hands and when she opened it, she gasped.

Desjardin: Oh my god....

Bucky: With this new job you had me fill in, I took advantage and had this prepared for year anniversary.

What it was....was a heart shaped music box with a mirror underneath the opener.

Desjardin: Buck, I love it.

He smiled and she pulled him for another kiss, unaware that Mac was still "eavesdropping", only this time looking through his binoculars at them. It quickly zooms out to where (Mac) was watching and when he sees Bucky, his eyes bulge up and he nearly drops his binoculars in astonishment. He then reaches for the radio and contacted Toomy to update him.

Mac: Derek, I got him.

Derek: Is Buck with her?

Mac: Winter Solider is in there and....uh....he's having his few seconds of fame.

Derek: What?

Mac: It looked like he was about to--Holy....he's coming out!

Mac quickly hides himself in the bushes as Buck exits out the door and then gets back in his post-vehicle.

But ever being the opportunist, Mac took out his phone, quickly snapped a photo of Buck inside the van as he was driving off and then got in his car to tail him back to where he worked.

By the time he actually caught up with Bucky, he saw him parking outside the post office and enter through the doors inside.

But again, he didn't want to give himself away.....which is why he contacted Derek again.

Mac: He just went in the post office.

Derek: in that case, he's all yours. Just be sure you get him back here.

As Mac just nodded onwards and immediately scampered off, we go inside the office as Buck was loading up more and more boxes up, just minding his own business along. Apparently, he was working for FedEx, and he had yet a few more deliveries 📦 on schedule to deliver. That's when he got upheld by a voice behind him.

FedEx deliverer: Hey, Buck?

Bucky: Hmm?

FedEx deliverer: Just something that's been on my mind: what made you decide you wanted to do this?

Bucky: Just needed a way out of the violence we all cause. I was a solider in the army with a few old friends. But it needed up costing me more then I realized. As soon as I got out.....*loads another box in*......I had to make an impact somewhere else.

FedEx deliverer: Guess I can understand that.

Bucky just had to smile on at that point......until....

Another FedEx mail truck came bursting in through the walls, disrupting everything and everyone in the area and looked like it was heading straight for the poor defenseless deliverer

But Bucky saw it coming and immediately pushed the deliverer out of harms way as the truck hits HIM and pinned him to the wall.

People panicked and ran as Buck struggled to get himself free, but his metal arm was pinned in the metal ligaments stick out from the front of the truck. So basically, he couldn't move it

It didn't take long for Mac to stepped out of the truck and he just smirked at Bucky as it seemed like he recognized him almost immediately.

Mac: Hello, Sgt.

Bucky: Who the hell are you?! And are you out of your mind? You could've hit someone else.

Mac: I made sure you made quite he fool outta yourself, so I could grasp you tight. Plus, you're very hard to find these days. But then again, I stand corrected. Because a lovely gym teacher isn't hard to search up though.

The moment Mac brought up "gym teacher", Bucky struggled even more to free himself. He was pissed the hell off.

Bucky: You leave Rita out of this and deal with me!

Mac: Oh, but of course. It's just....the OTHER YOU my employers want.

Bucky: What....

Mac: Tell me......*Pulls out description papers from his jacket*.......Does this sound familiar?


Mac: Longing

Buck: No.....

Mac: Rusted

Bucky: I-it's not possible....

Mac: Seventeen

Bucky tried to struggle again, but the angle that he was pinned in was too tight for him to squeeze out of.

Mac: Daybreak.

Buck's cell even vibrated at that very moment because Desjardin was trying to call him. And what kisses off Buck even more is that Mac took the phone out of his pocket and answered, just so she could hear what was happening on speaker.

Desjardin: Buck....where are you?

Mac: Furnace

Bucky: don't have to do this.

Mac: Nine.

Bucky: This isn't happening....

Mac: Benign

Bucky: Stop!

Mac: Homecoming

Bucky: You don't understand!

Mac: One

Bucky: RITA!!

Mac: Freight car

At that point over on the phone, Desjardin heard nothing but silence. Just static. It was already a red flag that gave her a bad feeling that something just happened.

Back at the office, Mac just ended up staring straight at Buck as he just looked back at him with a completely emotionless face bestowed on his face. No attempt at moving at all.

Mac slowly and methodically removed all the items that pinned Bucky to the wall and he once again stood still like a cyborg, completely emotionless as HYDRA had once again regained their Winter Solider for their sole purposes.

Mac: Solider?

Bucky: Ready to comply

Mac face closes him down as he firmly stated.....

Mac: Mission report......December 16th......1991.....

It suddenly cuts BACK to the open road where Derek finally managed to get off of the broken road, but since he didn't have a GPS and got completely distracted, he got lost. And if that wasn't bad enough, he caught a flat tire.

Derek: kidding me?

As he got out the car and went into the trunk to get spare tires and a pelmatic cylinder to pump gas in that spare tire, he looked over to his right and saw a cabin (the one with Logan and the others in it). But he didn't pay any mind.


It cuts over to that same cabin as Bruce and Betty where saying their goodbyes to Logan and Kayla. But when Bruce catches Laura out of the corner of his eye again, he can't help but to ask--

Bruce: Umm....h-how did she catch your mutant abilities? Like did she get your adamantium?

Logan:'s difficult to explain, but......

Bruce: No biggie. Just something that crossed my mind. But that does leave me to ask: does she have....Kayla's abilities to control people's minds?

Logan: Kayla's not really her biological mother. Then again, I don't even know who it is.....I don't even know who I AM now, really.....cause a lot of s__t has happened to the both of us. I'd figured the only way to go out quietly.....was to hang up my boots.....for the ones I love.

Bruce: I see.....I'm pretty sure if I had to do the same thing one day......*eyes at Betty*......

Betty:.....things would still work itself out.....*kisses him*.......Well, see ya around, Logan.

Logan: Yeah.....maybe....

As Logan gave each Bruce and Bet a hug and watched them drive off in their newly repaired car, he couldn't help but to feel another grip on his humanity or sanity slip away from them. He knew that it wouldn't be long before he would have to be on his way, but for now, his family was all he left.

Logan: *sighs* Guys......

At same instant, a voice yelled out to him from behind, while holding the phone

Kayla: Logan!

He turns towards her.

Kayla: It's Carrie.

He made his way back in and took the phone, gripping it tightly yet placing it tightly to his eardrum so he can hear everything.

Logan: Hey, kid. How's it going? Yeah? Hmm....oh yeah, I'm fine....just...enjoying the parent life too much......Say what? No damn way.....well....congratulations. Guess the two of us will be in the same position very soon. Yeah. We will.....if we can make it. You know how hard it is being me. Uh-huh. Alright, Carrie. Take care and....good luck.

He ends he conversations and hangs up as he couldn't help but to smile lightly.

Kayla: What was that all about?

Logan: Carrie's pregnant.

Kayla: What??

Logan: Yeah. Her and Kurt are gonna be parents. She even invited us to the baby shower.

Kayla: That's wonderful!

Logan: Yeah......

Kayla: Hey.....*grasped his shoulder*......Carrie's always looked up to you. It would mean a lot to her.

Logan: I know.

As he pondered on to his thoughts, Bruce and Betty were on the road again after their car was fixed yet just as they got close to the intersection, a bike zoomed past them so fast that it caused Bruce to lose focus and that's when they crashed into a tree.

(When they had JUST fixed it)

But luckily, nobody was hurt.

Bruce: Argh.....Y--you....ok?

Betty: Y-yeah.

As Bruce became suspicious and looked at his rearview mirror to spectate, what it WHO he saw surprised him. What stepped off the bike was the emotionless Bucky and as the seconds ticked down for each footstep pressed, he pulled Bruce out of the car and....stung a taser at his neck, causing Betty to scream and get out of the car. Unfortunately, that mistake made his condition....trigger......

The dose drove Bruce crazy to the point where he wasn't trying to hide it anymore. He forcefully pushed Bucky back behind him as Bruce cracked the ground as hard as he could before his eyes shot green.....and in a quick change of pace, he turned into the Hulk!

Betty: BRUCE!!

Hulk roared on just as the Winter Soldier had noticed Betty's presence. Betty immediately tried to get out of the way, but Bucky grabbed her by the neck a few seconds quicker as he ATTEMPTED to choke her to death soon as Hulk saw it, he grabbed Buck by the leg and.....

(I'm sorry, but I can't get enough of this)

.....SLAMMED him around EXACTLY like how he did Loki.

As the emotionless Bucky looked back up at him, petrified, Hulk just kicked him further away with no effort.

Hulk: Puny Soldier.


Betty coughed for air as she looked up at Hulk, for he looked a bit emotional for he hated for her to see him like this each time. As Betty reached up and touched his ginormous head, Hulk eventually backs up and jumped off.

Betty: BRUCE!!

Betty started breathing heavily as she looked down at Bucky, who SOMEHOW, was still moving slightly after being slammed around like a ragdoll......and it seems the effects of the slamming seemed to knock Bucky out of his trance

Bucky: *breathing heavily* wha-?

Before he could even get up, Betty socked him back down.

Betty: Think you're pretty slick, cyborg


She keeps kicking him down every time he tries to get back up until he flat out grabs her foot and stops her.

Bucky: I can explain.

Betty: Yeah, no s__t.

Bucky: Seriously, you wouldn't believe me if I just told you, but--

Right before he could finish, the sound of tires screeches hard onto the pavement as he sees more HYDRA keeps and vans gang up behind him.

Bucky: Get down.

Betty: What?

Bucky: GET DOWN!

He immediately takes out and throws two flag grenades and sets them both off as the vehicles get blown to kingdom come.

The two eventually run off of the road and make it through the woods once again as they make it to the cabin (Logans) again.....only to realize that something was amiss.

Bucky: I don't like this. We have to do something about this. Like.....get those people out there.

Betty: Logan!

He turns to his side and sees Logan with his axe in hand, about to enter his pickup truck before Bucky stops him.

Logan looked over with a cigar in his mouth and it fell out when he saw Buck in shock

Logan: Buck...

Buck: No time to explain; we need to....

Suddenly, there was gunfire blasting at them for the rest of HYDRA had finally tracked them down and were prepared to capture and take back what was "theirs".


Logan led them both inside as Bucky shot back at the gunnen as more came tailing behind. They ran just as Kayla and Laura were in the kitchen and as the two looked over......


......more of the gunshots came ringing in through the windows, causingh Kayla to pul Laura down on the flour to dodge the bullets as well as the others to get down for cover.

The barrage of bullets seemed almost endless for a brief period of time. As more came ringing in and ringing in, it became apparent this was a planned attack, of sorts. But eventually, they stop.

Kayla: *breathes heavily*

Outside, the shooters were moving in closer to the cabin prepared to take fire, thinking nowlse besides their intended targets were in there. They kept reloading and re-aiming, determined to get their shot.....


Hulk came out of absolutely nowhere as he commenced squishing and crushing more half of the shooters, until he let out a huge roar......which was pretty much the calling card for the others to come out. Cause it was "safe" the moment.

As he kept demolishing each of the men, Logan and the others couldn't help but to stay far back from the action and just see Hulk do his work.

Logan: He really can't control that thing, can he?

Laura: Wh-what-is he?

Betty: I'll tell you later.

As soon as she said that, more HYDRA vans and vehicles came up out of nowhere and aimed their guns at all four of them. They backed them up towards Hulk who was also surrounded by other HYDRA.

Out of nowhere then, ANOTHER van pulls up from behind and tells the men to....

Stand down

The voice was familiar in its own right, at least to Betty, but I wasn't until they actually saw who said it that she became PISSED OFF.

Ross: Hello, Bucky

Betty: DAD?!

Ross: Sorry to have you thrown into this AGAIN, Bet. But it's just that they need these three (Logan, Laura, Bucky) for a few. And as for Bruce.....

The two end up staring deep at each other before Ross says....

Ross: Meh, I guess he'll do too.

At that point, Logan suddenly steps forward to the surprise of many, even as the gunmen kept their weapons aimed clearly at him. But he remained unafraid.

Ross: Have something to say, Wolverine?

Logan: You don't wanna do this.....

He slowly brought his claws out to his side, but noticed that, again, one of his claws were shorter then the other.

Laura, on the other hand, didn't hesitate......

She let out hers and attacked and yelled as she sliced up some of the few men while the others turned their attention and chased after her.

Kayla: LAURA!!

Logan: Wait here!

Logan had no time to worry about his condition yet again, with his daughter out there fighting, so he had to go and follow.

But it didn't take long for Bucky to join the fray as he grabbed one of the guns on the ground, reloaded and joined in the fight by shooting some of the men. He lets the gun down and knocks out some more by hand until he was knocked down from behind by Ross

But that is when......

.......Betty pointed his gun at her own dad.

Betty: That's enough, Ross!

(Whoa...a daughter calling her dad his last name might get ya)

Ross: Pumpkin, why can't you understand....

Betty didn't let him finish and just knocked him out by hitting him on the head.

Betty: Understand that.

Further down into the woods, Logan and Laura soon stood together with more of Ross's men pointing their guns at both of them.

Laura:'re should leave this to me.

Logan: No way, baby. I have a few fights left in me.

Laura smirked then they both charged and went on to attack

The two turned out to be a pretty good team as with each progressive wave, the two refused to stand down.

Logan quickly cuts off one of the gunmens hands as it fires the gun by accident, shooting one of the other men in its leg. He then throws him into that specific gunmen before Laura notices another one on his right

Laura: On your right!

Without need into a second guess, Logan gives Laura a boost as she pierces that other gunmen and hacks 'em up.

Unfortunately, she gets pierced with an arrow from behind and then gets pierced with another arrow. But she takes both of them out of her, grabs both of the arrows by the ropes, swings them around and throws both of the last two guys into Logan. He jumps up in the air and then decapitates both of them, as their heads roll around, soaking the leaves with blood.

Father and daughter breathe heavily and try to catch their breath while staring deep at each other.

But then.....


A bullet smacks Laura through her back as she falls to a knee.

Logan: LAURA!

He goes to her aid, but then.....


He gets a bullet through his shoulder and another one through his leg, causing him to lose his balance and fall.

Voice: I didn't want it to come to this......

The voice once again boomed out from behind Logan as he angrily looks up and stares deadly at.....

Derek Toomy.

Derek:....but your daughter is desperately needed.

He kicks Logan in the head, almost knocking him out as he trudged over to Laura and grabs her by the hair. The pain of that pulling aggravated her to no end as she let out her claws and slashed up his hand. As he cries out in agony, Laura then brought out her foot claw, jumped up and stabbed him in the back of his left quad.


Seeing Toomy vulnerable would've seemed like the perfect chance to take him out, but to Laura, it wasn't enough. Knowing more would be after her soon, she ran further more into the woods.

But Derek was able to catch a glimpse of Laura escaping while trying to catch his balance from that stab.

Derek: Get your asses up, c'mon! We can't let the girl get away again!

Man: What about Barnes and Banner?

Derek: Never mind them for now! The girl's our main priority! Hurry up, damn it!

More of HYDRA's men were deployed in a very pitiful attempt in tracking Laura down, unaware that Laura was already long gone and deep in the woods, far away fro the action and her cabin. As she finally slowed down and stopped near the bridge of the road, Laura looked back behind her, worried for her family, but.....

Laura knew that as long as HYDRA was up and running, she'd always be on the run and they'd never stop chasing meaning she'd be a danger to her family, even her father....given his condition......even though they were always there for her.

She couldn't help but to get a small tear in her eyes as she looked back again in-between both anger and sadness at the same time. Her choice has become even clear to her at this point. As much as she hated to do this, she decided that.....

Laura: I'm taking HYDRA down myself. Mommy, Daddy......forgive me. I have to do this. In the end, I can hope you can understand why this is up to me. I have to end it....for dad's sake.

Laura finally walked out onto the street and jumped onto the back of a upcoming truck as she hid in the back, waiting for where it would take her next.

As the truck moves further through the night, and the headlights start for fade, the screen cuts to black we sit in complete silence.

But all of a sudden, we hear a vibrating sound as the screen comes into focus and we realize that it was Logan yelling his heart out in his chair, aggravated and frustrated as all hell, with Kayla, Buck and Betty looking down upon him.

At that point, he began to focus on where he was as he found himself shirtless and his shoulder bandaged up from earlier.

Logan: *growls* LAURA!

Bucky: No ones seen her, Man.

Betty: Now that I think about it, Bruce is gone too. dad will pay for this!

Logan: Never mind HIM. I gotta find HER.

He immediately tries to sit up, but the forces from the bullets and his adamantium didn't help him get any further as he once again, yelled out in pain.

Kayla: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. Logan, you're not strong enough yet. The bullet must've hit you somewhere in your spine. If I'm not mistaken, you move anymore and it could fracture you in someplace even worse then before.

Logan: I....don'

Kayla: *Nods* I know.....

At that point, a sudden idea or point crossed Logans mind, for it was one of, If not the only option for helping him find her.

Logan: Hey, bub.


Logan: Yes, you. You know where to find them, don't ya?

Bucky: That's the problem. I don't remember much after I get brainwashed. But there's a s__load of bases all over the damn planet, and from what I know, their HQ could be anywhere.

Logan once again just groaned to himself as the effects of the adamantium bullets (yes, that's what they were) once again began to eat away at him.

He stumbled down onto his knees and quickly tries to recover, but he falls flat on his back as he starts exasperating.

Kayla: LOGAN! *kneels next to her* No, no, no, no, no.....CALL AN AMBULANCE!

Bucky quickly complies and heads to the phone while Betty quickly administers CPR.

Betty: Alright, I'm gonna try CPR, you tilt his head up like this and you breath into him, ok? Now breathe.

She did as Betty pumped onto his chest.

Betty: Come on, Logan. Stay with me.

Kayla: Logan, please.

Little did they know Logan was already lost in his own world, his own dark the screen cut down to black and it pictures Logan......all his own head.

Logan: Uhh......hello?

His own voice echoes through the dark, empty realm of his head, unable to shake off what he can't see.

Logan: Anyone?

Pretty soon, he heard some type of laughter from the corner of his ear and looked back just to see an image of Victor, just staring at him.

Logan: Victor....

Without even expecting a reaction, Victor roared and quickly tackled him and causing the floor beneath them to shatter like glass. Victor's image fade as Logan fell through the gloomy dark void as his memories began rushing back to him, from all his trials to misfortunes, to small moments of peace and prosperity.......

.....everything passed him by so quickly.


We're brothers, Jimmy.

I love you. You're not an animal, Logan.

Give me forty-eight hours to find out what Magneto wants with you.

Save me......


He wants to say thank you for saving his life all those years ago.

Eternity can be a curse.....Kurzri......

I know what I signed up for.

Welcome to the X-Men.






So this is what it feels like......

Pretty soon.....everything blacks out.

One cut later, his vision soon began to come into focus as Logan soon heard his breathing irregular and a methodical beeping sound from beside him. It soon clicked to him......he just woke up in a hospital.

+Jeronimo McArthur

He couldn't help but to wonder why he needed all this medical attention. But, it didn't bother him at the slightest least now he was getting help.

Doctor: *faintly* For some reason, his skin is barely able to keep regeneration going. Whatever's been placed inside of him is killing him, slowly.

Kayla: *faintly* And there's no cure for whatever it is? There's nothing you can offer us?

Doctor: *faintly* I can offer a few procedures and precautions, but so far.....nothing's gonna cut it.

Logan: You know I'm right here, right?

Both of them turned towards him, acknowledging his presence despite being SO close to deaths doorstep ok a hospital bed (which is one of the last places Logan wanted to end up at)

Kayla: Just a minute.

Doctor: 7 minutes. Take your time.

The doctor eventually exited the room as Kayla held tightly onto Logans hand, not wanting to let go.

Kayla: Hey.....

Logan: Hey.....

Kayla: I asked Buck for a favor. There's someone here to see you.

Logan: Hmm?

Eventually, the door swung open very slowly as if time and space had melted between those few moments as the camera revolves up to Buck as he was guiding......Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz) into Logans room.

Carrie: Logan......

Logan: *chuckles weakly* I'll be damned.....y-you really don't have to come, Carrie.

Carrie: You kidding me? In your condition, you're better off in our care then in your lonesome.

Logan: How'd you even....ugh......find me?

Carrie: I had a call from Ms Desjardin; said she was worried about Buck. It wasn't until we saw the news that Bruce turned "Green" again and heard the gun shots at your place that we got concerned. Logan, what happened?

Logan: I--I don't know....some guys from HYDRA came at us and shot all over the place. Toomy and Ross were there and.....I think they took Laura.

Carrie: Actually, they didn't.

Logan: What??

Carrie: When Desjardin and I were on our way to you, the Professor called me? saying he saw her the on surebro and.....

Kayla: What?


Logan: Come on kid, you're scaring us. What did Charles say?

Carrie: Laura's going to find HYDRA herself.

Logan: What?! What the hell is she thinking?!

Carrie: The Professor said.....that Laura thinks as long as HYDRA's operational, they'll never stop chasing her. And with your..... *Sighs*......condition, she knows you'll be easy for them to pick up the bones. So, she's basically doing what she thinks is right to protect you guys.

Logan: What if that's what they want her to do? It could be a trap!

Carrie: Calm down, ok? The Professor said he'll keep track of her and will call the minute she stops somewhere.

Logan: Well.....dammit....I still need to get out of here. I gotta....

Kayla: Logan....first, you need to be at full strength.

As Kayla did her best to tend to Logan, Carrie left out of the room and took out her cell phone to name a speed dial......for assistance was definitely needed this time around.

(Guess who she's calling)


Carrie: I need your help. I've heard. I'm already on my way.

It then cuts back to Banner who finally reverted back to normal just in time, to realize that Betty was missing along with the others.

Bruce: Uhh.....guys?

He got up in only his shorts and quickly realized what had transpired.

Bruce: Oh my god.....not again.

At that point, he quickly gets a phone call as his cell starts vibrating and once he picks it, he sees it's from.....who else......

Bruce: Betty.

Betty: Hospital.

Bruce: You're at the hospital. Is it Logan?

Betty: Yeah, who else?

Bruce: Alright, I'll be there in a few.....just gotta get out of what's left of these dead clothes.

Banner came running out of the woods and came across a backyard where some laundry was hanging outside, in which his presence alerted the owner

Bruce: Sorry for this. Can't walk into a hospital with just ripped pants

Man: Wh-HEY!

He quickly took some of the clothes off, made a beeline for the nearest car, rewired it and the tires screeched against the pavement as he headed straight for the hospital

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Desjardin had also just arrived there, and as soon as she did, Bucky sat her down in the lobby and informed her of what happened before and after the post office.

Desjardin: And he said the goddamn words?!

Bucky: Right out of his mouth.

Desjardin: I thought we burnt the book.

Bucky: We did. But obviously, some people at HYDRA know the Ross well enough by heart, yet they somehow managed to rewrite the inscriptions......EXACTLY what I thought they do. Now that they have the girl, Banner and I are the last two targets.

Desjardin: Then we take HYDRA down. Once. And. For. All.

Carrie: It won't be that simple, Ms. Desjardin.

She turns beside to see Carrie walking back in the lobby, with a worried look stuck in her face

Carrie: HYDRA has some of the top personal armor and weaponry, almost as much as S.H.I.E.L.D. If we just make a full head-on'll get us deep into the stone age.

Desjardin: But you said yourself that child is going to attack HYDRA herself.

Carrie: But she won't be enough. She doesn't know that's what they want.

Logan: I just said that.

Carrie: Rest, Logan.

He lays his head back down.

Carrie: *sighs* Look, I called an old friend of his to help with the situation. They have us all at deaths doorstep. We mess up, they'll do us in.

Desjardin: So what do we do?

Bucky: I'm....uh.....I'm no scientist or intelligent being, but......we need the files.

Desjardin: What files?

Bucky: The files of Alexander Pierce.

Carrie: What for?

Bucky: He was a traitor of S.H.E.I.L.D and one of the few people who turned me into this thing.....looks at his arm......but I can't help but wonder......if his files said anything about HYDRA's weakness.

Carrie: There aren't any left.

Bucky: What?

Carrie: You know the event with you and Cap about a few years back? After Pierce died, most of, if not all of his files weren't burned and discarded. So whatever you need, is probably no longer there.

Bucky: Damn it.

Betty: Does Dad know about this?

Carrie: Dad?

Betty: "Thunderbolt" Ross. I'm his daughter.....or WAS before he went loco and tried to-

Carrie:--kill Bruce.

Betty: Wha-how did-

Carrie: I read minds.

Everyone couldn't help but to look oddly at her

Carrie: What??


Later, in the far side of the state, that truck Laura hitched a ride on stopped at a gas station for fuel. She finally jumped out and looked around, for what she saw she was an urban part of the city that she had never really seen before.

Laura: Hmm....

She eventually started walking towards the 7/11 connected to the gas station, but at that same moment, she heard commotion. Faint. Barely audible. It was barely there. But she heard it. So she followed them noise.

Apparently, as she kept on going, she turned towards down an alleyway and went to check it out......only to find out that a older man was about to put the screws in a much younger boy, for seemingly no reason.

And it really pissed her off.

Man: You steal from me, you little bastard?!

Boy: I'm sorry I was hungry.

Man: Well I got sandwich for ya. A knuckle sandwich!

Suddenly, they heard sheering of blades from somewhere and Laura, all of a sudden, came out with her claws and at the last minute, she cuts the mans hand off completely, resulting in him screaming like a manic.

At that point, the mans see Laura unsheathed with her claws out, intended on protecting the boy from any harm done. Unwilling to get involved with this girl again, he cowered up and ran away.

The boy was shocked at first, seeing the utter gore and grotesque of what he just saw, but as soon as he took a good look at Laura, he was....fascinated. And it calmed him down.

Boy: Wow....thanks.

Laura: It's what my father would do.

Boy: You mean HE can make claws come out of his hands too?

Laura: *Sighs* Not like he used to.....Anyways, just.....stay out of these alleys, ok? They're not safe.

She was about to leave till.....

Boy: W-wait! I'd like to repay you for saving me.....mind if I offer you some of my food?

Laura: Thanks, but....I don't want to be a bother.....

Boy:'s the least I can do.

Laura smiled slowly and felt a little bit....flattered as he insisted.

Later on, the two managed to make it to some abandoned shelter as Laura led them both over there. Once they arrived, they ate little bit of the snacks the boy got and Laura couldn't help, but to have HYDRA on her mind again......on the possibility that they could be watching her......until....

Boy: By the name's Lonny.

Laura: Hmm?

Lonny: Lonny. Lonny's my name.

Laura: Ohh.....I'm Laura.

The two shake hands.

Lonny: Laura....that's a pretty name.

Laura for some reason.....couldn't help, but to giggle when he said that. She didn't know where this feeling came from, but it made her feel really bubbly on the inside......

.....which she had never experienced until now.


Lonny: So, umm.....where are you from, Laura?

Laura: Uhh....Canada. I'm.....kinda traveling on my own.

Lonny: How come?

Laura: It's complicated. Where exactly are you from, Lonny?

A slight pause in the air made its presence felt as Lonny didn't speak out right away. But once he did......he let it out.

Lonny: Maine. life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows now. It NEVER WAS. At times, it felt like I was invisible to the naked eye, as almost no one seemed to notice me, or even acknowledging me. It only made matters worse.....when my parents died. Same with my sister.......But I'd rather not say anything about that.

Laura: Oh....I'm sorry to hear that.

Lonny: No need. It's's been two years.

Laura: have you been surviving the streets for two years?

Lonny: That complicated.

Laura: Hmm.....I guess we DO have a lot in common then.....

The two kids both slowly smile each other for the moment, but then.....a bright light shines over at Lonny as the two back up only to see......


As soon as the HYDRA officer showed itself, both Laura and Lonny stood up with their hands high up in the air, as if they were anticipating surrender.

Both (Lonny and Laura): They're after me! Wait! They're after you too?!


Both Laura and Lonny look deep INTO each other and since both of them knew they were probably caught "red-handed" (if you will), they both dropped down to their knees.

At that point, however, the guard just knocked both of them out as the screen erodes to black yet AGAIN.

It takes few seconds for the screen to clear up as we see Laura regaining consciousness, just as Lonny was doing the same and the first thirty saw when they looked up was.....

Ross: I take it you had a good rest.

Laura: I barely get any.

Ross: Surely positive that none is strictly needed in terms of what we had to do just to track you down. You do know that, right?

Laura: Your heartbeat says you're lying.


Lonny: *wakes up* Egh.....wh-where am I?

Derek: Look at you, Lonny. Man, do you look ridiculous.

Laura: Leave him out of this.

Ross: Says who?

Laura: Says me. It's ME you want, isn't it?

Derek: Oooh......I see your little friend hasn't told you about his little secret yet. No matter. Why spoil the surprise now....when we can save it for your father?

Laura growled softly and struggled again to get out 'till one of the men stunned her with a shock stick, knocking her out and soon did the same to Lonny.

Ross: Now....all that leaves us is Barnes and Banner.

Derek: Leave Barnes to me. You focus on Banner. And if I know the Wolverine....despite his weakened condition......nothing will stop him from coming to save his daughter.

We cut back at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning as they strolled Logan out into a wheelchair. But he and Laura couldn't help but notice Carrie just got off her cell again.

Carrie: The Professor found Laura.

Kayla: Where is she?

Carrie: Toomy and Ross have her.

Logan: Then they're dead men walking.

He did his best to stand up, but almost immediately, he groaned in pain for the adamantium was still giving him more problems then it was worth.

Carrie: Logan....Logan! You have to rest. I know you're worried for Laura. We all are. But you're no help to her while you're like this.

Logan: The hell you expect me to do? Just sit here?!

Familiar voice: Not likely....with a bodyguard that is.

The voice reflected towards the entrance as they all look over to see both Bruce and Yukio (Rila Fukushima) standing together.

Logan: Yukio.....*turns to Carrie*......did you-

Carrie: Thank me later.

Yukio: Woah.....

It became obvious that Yukio wasn't expecting Logan to look this bad from what she heard. But......this is what she saw.

Yukio: This definitely isn't like you.

Bruce: The adamantium is killing him. It might've made him indestructible,'s making him deteriorate faster.

Yukio: Hmmm.....I think I have something that'll work for that.

She digs into her jacket and take out a needle and a bottle of......

Kayla: The hell is that?

Yukio: It's supposed to be medicine. Nobody's explained how this is supposed to help, but apparently.....

Bruce: Apparently, the theory is that it doesn't necessarily get rid of the infection, but once it enters the bloodstream, it neutralizes the-

Carrie: Can we get on with this, please?

Bruce: Uhh....yeah. I got this.

Yukio hands Bruce the needle and the medicine (from Logan) as he approached Logan from behind. As he nods at Betty, Bucky and Desjardin, he fills the needle up.....

Bruce: This is gonna sting a little, ok?

Logan: Please, I've dealt with worse.

Bruce: Point taken.

.....and then injects it into Logan. But only by a little bit.

As soon as the injection stops, all was silent.

Bruce: Well?

Kayla: How do you feel?

To actually answer that question, Logan decided, ONCE AGAIN, to stand up. But surprisingly, the medicine seemed to do the trick. He stood up with only half of his pain gone and his injuries healing.....a little bit at a time.

Carrie: That was the same stuff from Smythe's lab? Just before Minion attacked us.

Yukio: Yes. But as you may know.....the effects are temporary. They'll only last less than 48 hours.

(I can't really remember how long they last in the movie)

Kayla:'ll keep him stable?

Yukio: Just temporary like I said. I'm sorry about that.

Kayla just shed a tear as Logan twitched his wrist around.

Logan: It'll have to do. Laura needs our help. Carrie? What else did Charles say?

As Carrie spoke on to his question, Kayla's brain was full of thoughts and fear.....she was starting to get really.....desperate at this point. But can you really blame her after what Logans been through?

At that point, that's when she turned to Yukio, for she remembered when Logan told her the last time Logan lost his healing. She thought that maybe....just maybe......Japan holds an answer to Logan's REAL cure.

Kayla: Yukio. I want you to take me to Japan.

All: What?!

Logan: Kayla......Laura....

Kayla: I know....but this is for both of you. For all three of us.

Yukio: But why must you go to Japan when your daughter's in danger?

It didn't take long for Carrie to be on top of that as she quickly read her mind and found Kayla's reasoning for doing so. She looked over at Logan with a mild sad look, but then came to a feeling of an understanding:

Carrie: I believe she knows what she's doing.

They all turned to her.

Desjardin: Honey, what'd you talking about?

Carrie: Just trust me.

She looked at Kayla nodding at her, who smiled at her briefly and then both looked at Yukio

Yukio: Alright. We'll go.

Logan: Kayla....what is this about?

Kayla: Just focus on saving our daughter. I'll be back as soon as I can.

She kissed him, for one last time.

Kayla: I love you.

Logan looked on in despair until a beeping got his attention as Carrie looked down at her cell again.

The news was good.

Carrie: I'll be damned. The professor found her.

Everyone just looked at her as it cuts back to HYDRA, as we hear faint lighted gurgling sounds from one of the cell rooms as we see some of the guards drowning or trying to drown Lonny in buckets of water because......well......that's kinda his weakness.

Eventually, they brought him out of the bucket of water as he started breathing heavily as he nearly choked on how much they've already took out of him.

Derek: Had a nice drink?

Lonny: *breathing heavily* I know my rights.

Derek: Well, your rights don't coexist with the rights of you mutants, am I right? We both knew that you had this coming. Then again, I don't think your family would've given a rats ass about your concern either way.

Lonny: Leave them out of this. W-where's....where Laura?

For some reason, Derek could somehow sense the spark that Lonny somewhat had going on there.

Derek: Are you--*snickers*.....are you kidding me?

Lonny: What?

Derek: you and X-23....That's.......*chuckles'*......that's actually kinda funny.

Lonny: I'll show just how fu-

Before another word could be spoken, the guards once again stuffed him back in the bucket of water, preventing him from talking. And Derek was actually liking what he saw, that is until a certain someone interrupted.

Ross: Derek.

Derek: Hol' on. Guys, Lonnys yours. Just don't have too much fun with him, a'ight?

Derek walked out of the room with Ross, as the guards once again continued to stuff Lonny's head in the water. As soon as Derek stepped outside, Ross just had to ask--

Ross: How'd you know?

Derek: Know about what?

Ross: The boy......

Derek: Let's just say you have your ways. And I have mine.

We cut later when guards prepared to come into Laura's cell with her "dinner"

Guard: You first.

Guard #2: No, no, no. You.

Guard: Roshambo?

Guard #2: The only fair way.

They finally muster up and go in.....only to find.....there was a hole cut open on her cell, which meant only one thing.

Guard: The hell? She's loose!

They ran out and soon enough, the alarm went off, turned out Laura was hiding underneath her bed the entire time to lead them off her trail. So, the hole was just a diversion.

As soon as the coat was clear, she ran out the room where her empty cell was and after some trIal and error, she soon came across the weak Lonny, whom she saw through the window.

Inside of the room, he heard sheering and backed up fearing the worst. But he then saw the door being torn off with a sideways "X" as Laura burst in and rushed to his aid

Laura: Lonny.

Lonny: L-Laura??

Laura: Let's get out of here.

He nodded with no hesitation as they made a run for it as guards ran around, gathering weapons. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Derek to notice what the hell was happening.

Derek: What's going on?

Man: The prisoners escaped, sir. We're locking down the building.

Derek: Damn it. Hurry up and find them!

Back with Laura and Lonny, she soon found out that the entire facility was being out on lockdown, so that way they wouldn't be able to get out. But that's wasn't gonna stop her. So she kept Lonny behind him as she tore off the wall near the end of the hall by carving another X (Like father like daughter) and she kicked it off.

Laura: Go!

Lonny: What?

Laura: You need to go while you can.

Lonny: I'm not leaving you here.

Laura: You've got to. Listen, I have to end HYDRA once and for all. And the only way I can is that I destroy it's HQ.

Lonny: But....this isn't HYDRA's HQ. Yet....I know where it is.

Laura: You do?

Lonny: Yeah. I was there after my parents died. I can take you there, if you're serious about this.

Laura didn't know what to say, but soon.....she made that smile again as she and Lonny held hands for the first time and jumped out together.....just when the building finished getting but on lockdown.

Later on.......

Derek was pacing around in his office, waiting for any type of response from anybody about Laura and Lonny, and once somebody came by......

Derek: Anything?!

Man: Sorry, sir. They're gone.

Upon hearing this news, Derek was absolutely outraged as he soon began pushing things off of his desk in frustration.

Derek: Son of a b__ch!!!!

He couldn't help but to punch the wall and rip off his tie in complete disarray because he couldn't compensate for what just happened.

Ross: First time feeling beat?

Derek: First time I felt like I lost everything. THEY were all we had left! It's--it's like--ARRGH!

Frustration couldn't help but to sink in yet again for him, and JUST as things COULDN'T have gotten any worse......

.......the alarm went off yet again as Ross went over to check the cameras.

Ross; Toomy, I think we have your Weapon X.

Derek: What?

He immediately thrushes over and saw the security footage and as soon as he saw it was Logan angrily slashing and clawing his way up to the top floor with some assurance from Buck, he couldn't help but to smirk yet again.

They had managed to track them down.

Derek: Call in the Omega.

Ross: Derek.....

He turns towards Ross, behind him.

Ross: You're staring at BOTH the Alpha AND the Omega.

We quickly cut down to the bottom level as Logan was getting through the last of the guards in the way and soon stopped to look up at the cameras.

Bucky, however, quickly shot the cameras down which startled Derek......but barely did squat to intimidate Ross.

Ross: They're coming.

Derek: Uh, yeah. That's PAINFULLY obvious, now ISN'T It?

Ross: Keep your mannerisms to yourself. Track X-23 to where she's going and sent me the coordinates when I'm not kicking ass.

Derek: Whoa whoa whoa. What are you doing?

He stopped near the edge of the doorway.....and then glimpsed back over at Derek with RED EYES.

(You know what that means)

Ross: To lay some hate.

He then walks out the room as Derek lays back conflicted, but he eventually digs through his equipment to bring out a tracking beacon to determine where Laura and Lonny where headed and.....(big surprise).....he found out they were headed to HYDRA's actual JAPAN.

As it cuts down to the middle level, Logan and Bucky were still moving through endless rounds of security until they heard a huge THUMP from the upper level.

Logan: The hell was that?

Bucky: Don't wanna find out.

The thumping gets louder and louder and LOUDER AND LOUDER.....

.....until in crashes the RED HULK!

Logan: I just found out!

The Red Hulk recovered and took a brief look at the two and roared and apparently as we cut to outside, it seemed like Bruce, Betty, Desjardin and Carrie could hear it from outside.

Carrie: What was that?

Bruce: Ross.

Betty: Dad.

Bruce: Girls.....*steps forward*......Might want to stand back. It's about to get "green" around here.

Betty: I'm gonna love this.

The girls all stood back as Banner had...."lost" his temper as his eyes flashed green, he grew buffed up, his skin changed green and his clothes started ripping off.

He had become the Hulk again and with a clear objective on his mind, he bashed through the walls of the facility until he confronted Red Hulk.....just like before.

Logan: What the hell?

Both Hulks roared at each other and this seemed to be a good time for Logan and Buck to....."jiggidy-jack!"


Bucky: We better let the monsters work this out.

Logan: Yep.

The two ran for the hills as the Hulks crashed through floors and walls after another, before finally running up each other and.....BASH!

+Jeronimo McArthur A huge shockwaves leveled out the entire place, causing a blackout and eventually causing the entire building to fall apart. It didn't take long for Derek to figure that out and as soon as the shockwave happened, he had called in a helicopter and he got the hell out of Dodge.

As for Bucky and Logan, they soon realized that they were gonna die trying with the two Behemoths around in the building and eventually came to the conclusion that they had to bail.

But Logan wasn't gonna leave so easily......that is until he got a text from Carrie.

It read......

The Professor says she just escaped. She was with a boy....and they're on their way to Japan.

As soon as it went through, he then remembered that's where Yukio was taking Kayla to. It suddenly made all the sense in the world to him.

Logan: The f__k?

Bucky: What?

Before Logan even had the nerve to say anything else, the ceiling above them burst completely. As they both got out of the way in time, both Hulks fell through. The original Hulk, however fell flat on its back as Red Hulk landed square on his feet, facing Logan and Buck yet again.

Red Hulk: Where do you think you're going?

At that point, the two (Logan, Bucky) awkwardly at him and ten at each other.

Bucky: Uh.....any more bright ideas?

Logan: Just one.......yeah......well, give me your earpiece for a sec.

Bucky quickly tossed it to him and.....

Logan: Hey. Might need you to do a little something.....crazy. Uh....what? Y-yeah, that'll do. You sure? Alright, on my mark.

He then tosses the earpiece back to Buck as he stepped forward towards his foe, rather calmly as Red Hulk growled softly.

Logan: You know somethin', Ross? I still think Wade is just a sun dried tomato, even WITHOUT that spandex. But YOU, on the other hand, measure up bigger.

Bucky: What'd you trying to do? Piss him off.

(I was about to say the same thing)

Logan: If you really ask me.....tomatoes aren't my favorite appetizer.....far from it. And.....that'd would probably make you....not the most attractive one out there.

If he was trying to piss him off, it worked to perfection because Red Hulk got pissed the hell off as he roared and charged.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as Logan and Buck got out the way before Red Hulk smashed into them and then......

Logan: NOW!

Upon hearing his command, Carrie, from the outside, carefully yet effectively caused a continuous shaking effect that eventually lifted the entire building up on end as it caused Logan, Bucky and the original Hulk to lose its balance and fall through one of the windows. Luckily, all three of them caught themselves just in time as the others watched Carrie get serious.

The Red Hulk barely managed to escape the floating building, and eventually fell out as well, while watching this amazing feat of power and strength LITERALLY float inch by inch over him. but the Force needed to exert that much power was taking its toll on Carrie.

Carrie: Come on......come on.......AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

She used whatever strength she had stored left and with all her might, she telepathically DROPPED the building onto the Red Hulk, causing another shockwave, pushing the three men (Logan, Bucky, Hulk) back.

As they slowly recovered, all five saw the entire building in ruins with no sign of the Red Hulk in sight.

Bucky: Woah......

Logan: *sighs* Gotta hand it to ya, Carrie. You scared the bejesus out of me right there.

Carrie: If you didn't think I could handle something like that, you should be ashamed.

Logan: Of asking you that?

Betty: *sighs*......Bruce.

The Hulk snapped his head up and over to Betty and once again.....started to calm down. Betty performed the hand movements Romanoff would do and successfully did the "lullaby" as Hulk backed up and reverted back to normal form.

Bruce: Ugh.....

Betty quickly went to his aid and hugged him tightly as they all looked towards the fallen building......before turning back towards Carrie, who was completely drained of energy and exhausted.

Desjardin: Good god, Carrie....

She turned towards her.

Desjardin: I--H-how did you manage to lift an entire building?

Carrie: Don't know. I guess since our battle with Apocalypse, his powers.... made me more stronger somehow.

Desjardin: I don't see how that's good for the baby.

Logan: Took the words out my mouth.

Carrie: Relax, guys. I'm just seven weeks. I....Ugh.....

Guess Carrie spoke too soon as she suddenly felt a weird urge from her stomach and gripped it tightly. But it was expected for it was one of the terms, during pregnancy.

Desjardin: You ok, honey?

Carrie: Ugh.....

Bucky: I think she--

Carrie: Just give me a sec....

Feeling nauseous suddenly, she ran in the opposite direction until she got to a entranceway to the woods and threw up in a near by bush.

And she kept throwing up to the point where Desjardin had to go to her aid, as Buck and Logan just look at each other.

Bucky: Guess we still have something to worry about afterwards?

Logan: Let's talk about it later. Soon as everyone's feeling better.....we're taking a trip to Tokyo.

He then looks up at the sky as it crossfades to night as we see a international plane making its way to Tokyo, and as we go down a long line of passengers, we see Laura and Lonny on the right side of the plane (I don't wanna know how they got on) and as Laura was looking deep out through the window thinking about how much this opportunity meant to her, she couldn't help but to be taken aback by Lonny's snoring.

Laura: *chuckles mildly*

Something inside her wanted to wake him up, but she didn't want to bother. So she cozied up next to him, as she held onto his hand and intertwined it (Whoa......) as she fell asleep with him.

What she DIDN'T know was that, by some strange twist of fate, Logan, Carrie, Buck and the others just so happened to be on the EXACT SAME PLACE they were, except all the way on the back of the plane.

(How convenient is THAT?!)

Apart from Logan and Carrie, everyone else was sleeping. And Yukio and Kayla were stuck on ANOTHER plan heading in the same direction. Yet Logan had another question in mind that....he got curious about

Logan: How do you see it now?

Carrie: You mean--

Logan: What does it mean, being a mom and all.....after the crazy s__t that you've been through?

The response was slow, and it took a while for her to respond. But she did.

Carrie: be honest with you....I had to ask myself the same question when....I took my test. I-I mean....after my parents....mishap. I don't know how either of them could do the same for Rach and me. But then....I think of when you and everyone back at the mansion and back home shine a little light in my life. Whether it's Xavier's guidance, your confidence, Kurt's preaches or everyone else's friendship, it--it meant the world to me and it still does. My days might've been dark, but....that's over now.

Logan: I guess....I guess we do feel the same way. I mean....I don't know who Laura's real mother is....but Kayla's been the closest thing she had to a mother. And all of you were the closest thing I had to having an actual being HUMAN.....I--

Carrie: What?

Logan: I don't know.

Carrie: Well....... I think you're a great father.

Logan: *Chuckles mildy* You're just saying that.

Carrie: No. I really mean it. Before I found my father in were the closet I had to a father. Me and Rouge.

They both smirk mildly, but then it disappears, for the two couldn't help but to flashback to Rouges demise.....

....but that's when Logan had to change the subject (taking his mind off of anything at the moment).

Logan: did Kurt react when you told him he was gonna be a daddy?

Carrie: *Giggles* Wow.....You should have seen his face. It was a month or two after you three left. When I told Kurt, he.....

Before Carrie could fill in the last blank, the Captain piloting the plane spoke over the speaker....

Captain: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. I would like to point out that we're currently over Tokyo at this very moment. Remain with your seat-belts on; we'll be landing in ten minutes.

At that point, Logan just looks over at Carrie, awaiting her to finish.

Carrie: I'll let you know later.

Logan couldn't help but to smile mildly and by the ten minutes, they had already landed.

By the time, Logan and the others got off and out of the corner of his eye, he sees Laura's hair flip around and that got him relied up.

Logan: Laura?

Carrie: You see her?

Logan: Stay here. Wait for Buck, ok?

He hands her his shades and immediately makes a run for it, hoping that what he just saw wasn't a figment of his imagination.

And wasn't.

Logan: Laura? Laura!

Laura, for some reason, could hear the voice as she immediately turned behind her with Lonny wondering what that was. And that's when she saw him.

Laura: Dad?

Logan: Laura!

Laura: Daddy!

He immediately made a run through the crowded area and soon picked her up right and hugged her.

Logan: *sniffling* What were you thinking? I could've lost you.

Laura: You STILL CAN. HYDRA will never stop chasing me and they'll do anything to get to me. Even if they have to kill my family. Either you let me do this or I take the chance by force.

Logan: Why must it be you?

Laura: Because I'm the one they want.

Logan: Well, that ain't stopping no one. Cause I'm going with you.

Laura: Not in your condition, Dad. I know what the adamntuim is doing to you, ok? I'm not stupid.

Logan:'re very smart. But who said you and I....had to be alone?

He walked aside just for Laura to see Carrie smiling at her

Laura: *Gasps* Oh my god.....Carrie!

Almost immediately, she ran to up to her and grabbed her in a tight hug.

Carrie: My god....*giggles*'ve actually gotten a little taller since the last time I saw you.

Laura: Are you here to help us?

Carrie: That's what Xavier sent me for. And we have many others along for the ride. They'll be off in a second.

Logan: And is....

He turned towards Lonny and bend down to a knee to look him square in the face, eye to eye.

Logan: Is Lonny this boy's name?

Lonny: Yes. Yes, sir. You must be her father; nice to meet you.

He offered out his hand and it took Logan a little time before he actually shook it, with little to no regret.

Logan: I take it then......

Laura: They want him too. Don't know why, but I can't see the reason behind it.

That's when Carrie started Lonny's mind, and although more complicated then the others, she was able to gather his thoughts as well as his past memories..... and she discovered a rather shocking truth about him......yet, it wasn't the right time or place to discuss it.....for it would've made her sick.....again.

Desjardin: Carrie?

Carrie: Huh?

Desjardin: Which way is ground transportation?

Carrie: Umm....we keep going straight, we make a left.

Bucky: Guess we're all going.

Laura: I guess so.......

As she looks up at Logan & smiles, we cut down to the Yashida household as we see Yukio and Kayla pulling up to that very same address

Kayla: Last I checked, your kind aren't really friendly to us. You're positive that she can help?

Yukio: I've known Mariko since we were younger. She's never let me down before. I doubt she'll start now.

Kayla: Well.....that sounds formatted enough.

Yukio: Stay behind me. I know my around.

The two eventually get out of the car and soon got confronted by local guards. They looked like intruders at first......but then they recognized it was just Yukio with another guest.

They let both of them in, and after wandering the place for a few minutes......

Yukio: Mariko?

The two made their way into the medical room as Kayla saw a woman's backside in a lab coat, at least in Kayla'a eyes. Pretty soon, she actually turned around and Mariko (Tao Okamoto) just smiled as she saw her. She quickly went up and hugged her old friend tight as Kayla stood there puzzled, but she still grinned.

Markiko: Where's the fire, Yukio?

Yukio: I'm sorry to drop by unnaounced but we need your help.

Markio: "We"?

Then that's when she got a good look at Kayla.

(This should be interesting.....)

Markio: Who's she?

Yukio: She's uh....she's with Logan.

Markio: Logan??

Seemed Mariko hadn't heard that name in a long while since that he first came to Japan she always looked up to him so she just goes with it shaking Kayla's hand

Markio: I've heard about you.

Kayla: As I've heard about you.

Yukio: Markio we need your help. Logan has been sick for awhile the.....adamatium is killing him. We don't know how long he has. We been dozeing him with some medicine that's been slowing it down. But it won't help him forever.

Kayla: Please tell me if you have a cure. Anything that can save him.....he has a daughter.

All these stories had Mariko stunned, yet she only had......"One" idea 

Markio: My grandfather had studied adamantium for 50 years. I can go through his research see if there's anything that can help.

Kayla: A research?

Yukio: Logan helped her grandfather survive the Nagasaki bombing near the end of World War II. Ever since then, he was obsessed with his healing. So obsessed that he stockpiled all adamantium to his research lab north of here and brought his company to the edge of bankruptcy.

Kayla: He was dying.....and he tried to use his healing to fix himself.....the bastard.

Mariko: If I know him, he'd probably have more up there. I'll see what I can find, ok?

Yukio: Be careful.

Mariko just slightly nodded at her sister and quickly made her way out, getting into her car and drove off.

Kayla: You sure this'll work?

As she waited for a response, it cuts back down to the other side of town where the group had to make break and stop by a hotel.

(The same one from "The Wolverine")

Luckily, Carrie found a book on how to speak Japanese, otherwise the mission would've been a bust either way.

As soon as she got checked them all checked in (into different rooms, however), Carrie had to contact Xavier yet again about Lonny's.....complication......for it bothered her.

Carrie: Professor, I think he's......well, what should I do? Seriously? But, I read his mind. He's been prisoner to HYDRA since his mother bit the dust. Not only that but......*whispers*.....HE'S HER BROTHER. Yes, HER! I know he was leading Laura out when we got here, but what do you expect me to--*sighs*. Really? Uh-huh. Ok. I'll do what I can. I'll check back later.

She hung up and came back in the room just when Betty and Desjardin were making dinner and Bucky and Banner were playing poker

Carrie: I see you're all settling in.

Bruce: It's a bit of a big day tomorrow. Possibly the last.

Desjardin: It's only fair if we provide the goods before we potentially waste ourselves.

Carrie: Aww, that's very sweet of you.

Desjardin just chuckled mildly.

Carrie: Umm, where's Logan?

It then cuts to one of the rooms in that hotel, and it shows Logan lying in he bed, his face looking up at the constellations (yes, it's that same room from the Wolverine), wondering how much longer he would have to deal with this. Looking back at his knuckles and the dried blood on his hands, he gets up from the bed, only to hear the faucet running in the bathroom.

He looks over in that direction to see it's Laura washing her hands, cause she too had bloody knuckles.

Logan: Hey.

She turned over to him.

Logan: How much has he told you? Lonny.

Laura: He only told me that both his parents and his sister died......and that HYDRA's been after him as well.

Logan: He never told you why that is?

Laura: He said it was complicated. But what matter's he's leading us to HYDRA

Logan: And how do you know this isn't what they want? Just for them to get their hands on you again?

Laura: What does it matter? They'll find another way to get to me. They're never EVER gonna stop chasing me until they get me. They have to be destroyed

Both were unaware that Carrie was listening in, feeling somewhat of a heavy burden in her heart

Logan You're not the only one they're after you know. Buck and Banner are on their list too. And your mom's here with.....another friend who lives here for God knows what reason.

Laura: And you?

Logan: Me?

He finally gets up from the bed and mildly walks up to his daughter, as if every time he does it is the last time.

Logan: I'm taking my chances with this. Especially when it comes to you. Family always comes first.

Laura: Well, the X-Men were more of a family to you then me and Mom were.

Logan: Hey, don't say that. They're your family too.

As it cuts to later.....

(Logan reference)

Carrie: Thank you God for this food. And for our friends. Who always came to our aid in great need. Amen.

Everyone: Amen.

They passed around food as they ate and Laura shoved a piece of potato in her mouth but Logan tapped at her and gave her a fork just as Desjardin and Betty looked odd at her

Betty: There's more if she wants.

Logan: She's fine. Thanks.

Lonny however ate faster than her

Carrie: My my you really have been hungry after years on the streets

Lonny: It's delicious Miss Ross.

Betty: Thank you.

Carrie: "Ross".....hmm....

Betty: Something wrong Carrie?

Carrie: No it's just....your last name reminds me of a friend of mine who...... *Remembers* you have a younger relitive name Tommy?


Betty: Uh well....Idk....I mean my brother had a son name Tommy but....I never really knew him.

Carrie: Oh....

Lonny: I haven't had anything this good since.....


Bruce: Since what?

Lonny got emotional for a second but snapped back out of it

Lonny: Never mind. It'll come to me soon....I hope.

Carrie once again looked away with some sort of dispair as the secret about him left her....kinda scared in a way

It didn't take long for Bruce and Logan to notice

Bruce: Carrie?

Logan: You ok?

Carrie: Logan.....I need to talk you. NOW.

The tone in her voice just from saying that made it clear that whatever this issue was was very serious. Bruce & Logan got up and followed Carrie outside as Bruce shut the door.

Bruce: Ok, what's wrong?

Carrie: It''s Lonny. He-he has HER powers.

(You already know who HER is.)

Logan: What?

Carrie: Come on, Logan. You know what I'm talking about. THINK.

Logan thinks about it for a few seconds and then IT CLICKS.

Logan: No.....F__k......F__K!

Bruce: Wait, who's she?

Carrie: Chris......

Logan:.....f__king Hargensen.

Bruce: Wait, what? Who is--

Carrie: Does it matter?

Bruce: Umm, yeah. I need to know what's happening.

Carrie: *sighs* She WAS my arch-rival and the most cynical, annoying, sociopathic and EVIL that I've ever had the pleasure of being around.

Logan: Well, what does this have to do with--

Carrie: HYDRA also had an interest in her mutation, for.....God knows what reason. And I guess you can say that's when it started. Ever since then, it's had an effect on the rest of her family as well as the numoerous amount of people who needed blood transfusions because her mutation went spreading like clockwork.

Bruce: Talk about simultaneous ignition. It must've made it that far if it's as bad as you say.

Carrie: Oh trust me, IT was HELL. The mutation caught its hold on me, but as time went by, I did away with her and condemned her to Hell. But, something tells me the quarantine wasn't the only loose end she left behind.

Logan: So you're saying.....*looks back towards him through the door window*.....the boys infected?

Bruce: No. It think it's worse with him. If what you say is true, he must be a relative of some sort.

Carrie: Unfortunately, you're right on the money there. Sometime after our civil war, HYDRA assassinated Lonny's mother right in front of him and tried to do him in as well. But luckily, he got away. Afterwards, they took in the other Chris infected they already had in their custody. Lonny, however, was adopted about a week after his mom was killed.

Bruce: So, that DOES mean--

At that point, she approached both of them, firmly, determined to get her point across, for it bothered her once again.

Carrie: And one more thing: his real name is.....Larry Pete Hargensen. H-he's....Chris Hargensen's.....b-brother.

Logan: WHAT?!

His yell was so loud that it startled almost everyone back in the room as they turn towards the door. But Logan basically ignored the glares and moved further down the hall along with the other two.

Logan: I-I-I.....

Bruce: Hold your horses, Logan. Something tells me this is just a diversion of some sort.

Carrie: No, it's not. He's really had a clusterf__k time on Earth so far. Even with or without his powers. In fact, despite being related to that b__ch, it didn't take me long to realize he's wanted to rid himself of her mutation for as long as he lived......cause it's hurt him.

Logan: Well, I'm still not convinced. I mean....*Looks back at him through the window*.......he's holding hands with my daughter for Christ sake.

Bruce: This is why we can never have anything nice. I felt the same way towards having kids. I can't do much as Betty and I want. Especially with Ross tagging on. You two have it lucky. I mean you almost you two since you started working yours Carrie.

Carrie: Thanks. We're gonna get through this ok? Bucky and Miss Desjardin are about to tuck in early for tonight. We'll make a first move first thing in the morning.

At that point, Logan's cell rings and he hears a familiar voice

Logan: Mariko?

It cuts later once again to the snowy north side where it holds Yashida's lab up north where Logan Bruce and Carrie just so happen to show up and wandered around for awhile then they finally come across

Logan: Mariko.

Markio: Hello, Logan.

The three looked up at her as Markio came down fallowed by....Kayla and Yukio

Kayla: Logan!

She quickly ran up to him and hugged him tight as if it was only the first time they've seen each other.

As for Carrie, she was absolutely amazed of how huge the place was and just looked around in awe.

Kayla: What's the story upstairs?

Logan: We found HYDRA.

Kayla: As I believe we found you a cure.

Logan: What?

Mariko: Yukio and Kayla told me of your condition. What the adamantium is doing to you. So....I re-opened my grandfather's lab and saw he had many machines....many experiments on adamantium itself. And this.....was just recently uncovered.

Lights flipped themselves on near the back, which revealed some sort of a transfusion machine.

Mariko: Logan? I think this might do it.

Logan: The hell?

Mariko: it's a transfusion machine my grandfather invented before he was ill. It was never properly tested.....but I'm sure it could still help. But....

Logan: There's always a but isn't there?

Yukio: We don't know if you're body will survive it. Or at least we're unsure.

Kayla: But it can help him, can it?

Mariko: We haven't properly tested it like I said. Either it'll remove the adamantium or just the substance that's causing his condition to worsen. But....Logan?

Everyone just looked back towards him, since he was the one with all the problems. He's had to deal with this kinda situation before, so it would make sense if he finally decided it was time.

And remarkably enough.....he nodded silently and said.

Logan: *Sighs* Let's do this.

Kayla: Logan?

Logan: HYDRA is after our daughter, Kay. I'm no help to her while like this. I'm the only chance she's got.

Kayla: You may not make it through this.

Logan: Maybe that's ok.

Kayla sighed and later, Logan was in place gripped tightly into the machine as Mariko began or started to begin forward with the progress

Kayla: You sure you know what you're doing?

Mariko: My grandfather was a well scientist. His projects were's just a shame he went mad.

Yukio: Everything's alright?

Bruce: Yeah, just make sure the reactors don't overheat. Get the stabilizing unit.

Carrie, at that point, felt a disturbance rapidly approaching their area as she gasped and turned her head towards the window.

Carrie: We have company!

Suddenly. the walls were demolished and smashed open and the Red Hulk (Yep....) came crashing 'n roaring

Red Hulk: BANNER!

Banner: Ross. Keep processing. I'll take care of him.

Carrie: I'll back you up.

Mariko puts in a passcode to put the entire lab on lockdown as all the doors stared to close one by one by one. Eventually, every door in the area, including theirs was shut tight, giving her more time to process with Yukio and Kayla.

As for the Duo

Banner: First you were an enemy....then you were a friend.....and now an enemy again? Jeez man just.....MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!

Banners eyes flowed green again and rapidly started changing as Carrie levitated in air ready for battle on the instance she went up to higher grounds to slow the Red Hulk down with her powers

Carrie: You can stop this now, Ross.

Red Hulk: Why would I do that? You help him in on death row already.

Carrie: Story of my life.

Carrie made the flour shake tripping the Red Hulk and original Hulk pinned him down but they rolled around tackeling making the place shake

The others upstairs could feel the shakes

Kayla: Whatever's happening down there Carrie and Bruce won't hold it for long. How is he?

Mariko: Still proceeding.

The effects had finally taken it's place Logan began to struggle

Downstairs Red Hulk and Green Hulk brawled on crashing through everything then Red Hulk slammed his head on a wall knocking Green Hulk out

Carrie gasped then Red Hulk made his way up stairs

Carrie: Oh no you DON'T!!!

Carrie grabbed hold of him with his powers

Red Hulk: Raaahh!! Stupid girl! Let me go!

Carrie: Y-you're.....NOT.....hurting my friends!

He struggled and Carrie held on as long as she could till......

Carrie's juice ran out she fell on the flour passed out and Red Hulk.....approached the door....

(Uh oh)

....and then he started slamming on it pounding away as the hinges slowly (and I mean SLOWLY)

Kayla: S__t! He's found us!

Yukio: Mariko, stay here and guard them with your life.

She then unsheathed her sword out from her hip

Yukio: I'll hold him off.

Logan: That's suicide, Yuk.

Yukio: Hey.....we all signed up for this, Logan. I'm not afraid to die.

Logan just looked at Yukio somewhat in concern as Red Hulk continued to bash onto their door from the outside

That is......

.....until he got shocked by a pulse of electricity and he fell down to his knees. It was no power outage, but the entire facility was glitching and flickering with the lights and equipment going off and on.

It didn't take a while before more pressure was applied and he painfully turned around to see.....Lonny......heavily applying Force through his electricity.

Lonny: LAURA! NOW!

Laura yelled as she jumped over him and stabbed Red Hulk

He roarde in pain but pulled her off and slammed her down

Kayla: LAURA!!

Red Hulk didn't let his wound stop him he continued to proceed as the effects got stronger Logan began yelling in pain

Kayla: LOGAN!!

Lonny blasted electrick shock waves at him again but they only hurt him he turned and slammed him to a wall (Don't worry he lives)

But then.....

Out of nowhere, the pressure from the machine suddenly went haywire as Logan began twitching like crazy and finally, he snapped out of the chair......slashing through the door, roaring with his claws pressing out.....before looking down to realize the adamantium was still there.


Red Hulk barely flinched at the sudden fixed appearance of the Wolverine and grabbed him by the neck and threw across the room.

But all that did was leave a few bruises and scratches on his face.

Red Hulk just chuckled along until he suddenly bolted his eyes open as he saw Logan slowly and methodically picks himself back up and turns his head around......

And it was......healing???

Red Hulk: What....kind of monster are you?

Logan: The Wolverine........And personally......the monster here is you.

Red Hulk once again got angry and charged, but Logan stabs him clean through with his claws and threw him down all the way down to the bottom floor as he crash-landed.


And as soon as he got up, the original Hulk had grabbed a support beam and slammed him around with it, as it eventually rendered him woozy.

Logan jumped down all the way down to where he was as he saw Carries body barely recovering from wasting her energy and slowly helped her up as Banner continued dishing out fists.

But Red Hulk still wasn't down for the count yet. He kicked Banner off of him and ushered a thunderclap, pushing him back. But that's when Logan leaped up and stabbed him through his shoulder.

Laura: Daddy!

She then leaped down and stabbed him through the same shoulder as he actually started leaking blood. At that point, Carrie finally got up, still drained from her powers and saw them.

Carrie: Guys!

Carrie was still drained of her powers but.....somehow she felt them coming back to her in seconds and wasn't sure how this was possible

Either her increased powers from her battle with Apocalypse or......or maybe her unborn child's powers were flowing from her too

Carrie: The hell? I feel.....

She looked towards the fights and this time turning black Carrie's eyes turned white and unleashed full force trapping Red Hulk he could not move then.....

Both Logan and Laura PIERCED Red Hulk in his chest back

He howled loud echoing through the lab and....

Red Hulk fell.....dead

Everyone took a minute to breath just when Carrie took a good look at Logan's claws and read his mind......and gasped

Carrie: Y-you're cured.

Logan: I feel a hell of a lot better, that's for sure.

After he unsheathes his claws, Lonny came down at the same time and stood before him.....feeling somewhat......nervous and anxious over what he just saw.

Lonny: Mr....Sir, I....

Logan: Save it. Come here.

He brought him close to him and he.....gave him a hug?

Logan: You're alright, man. You're alright.

Laura: Daddy.....

Logan just smiled and looked back at her and said.....

Logan: I know he'll make you a proud woman one day.

Both Laura and Carrie were pleasantly surprised, but Carrie couldn't help but to give off a straight gaze at him because from what she just saw was outstanding. Lonny was NOTHING like what his sister was to her and she really couldn't help but to be proud herself.

Carrie: I'll be damned.

As it cuts over to Japan's HYDRA HQ, Derek and Mac had just arrived there on "official business" as they call it as they made it to the top floor. A few minutes later, we see Derek in his office, sitting there, brooding and frustrated for he already knew what had transpired down at Yashidas lab.

Derek: Dammit, Ross. You.....

At that point, a bang in the outside of his office startled him.

Derek: *sighs* Yes?

Man: We might have a problem, sir.

Derek: Yes. I am. Aware of that problem. Ross failed to accomplish what he said he would do. We just CAN'T find good help nowadays, can't we? *sighs* Perhaps it was a mistake trying to bring Banner back with us.

Man: Sir, I am willing to take charge in neutering these eyesores. Just say the word and I'll--

Before he could finish the sentence, Derek quickly pulled out his gun and shot him twice in the chest and once through the head, killing him instantly. He took a quick puff outta the smoke from the gun and then places it down beside him on his desk.

Derek: Hmph. You know what they what something done right, you gotta do it yourself......MAC! Begin Phase 3.

We cut later back to the Hotel where everyone was sleeping for the big fight against HYDRA till....Carrie in a pink robe came out for a glass of water till.....she saw Lonny standing out in the balcony just staring out to the city

Carrie was puzzled and couldn't help but to go to him

(I wonder how this will turn out)

She stood next to him by his side and as much as she wanted to avoid it, she just had to say it.

Carrie: She wasn't good.

Lonny: What?

Carrie: Your sister.....Chris......she wasn't the brightest person in the room. From firsthand, I caught a glimpse of the true Chris Hargensen for 6 years straight......and each day just got worse and worse for it did with whoever she decided to pick a fight against.

Lonny: You don't say.

The response STARTLED Carrie for a brief second......cause that was NOT the response she was expecting at ALL.

Carrie: You know? Y-you know about--

Lonny: She couldn't hide it from me, I could see the reality behind that smug smile on her face: she was nothing but trouble. Detention, prom, her boyfriend.....Dad threatening to sue over EVERYTHING......I-I felt like Malcolm In The Middle. Cause I was the only normal one in that family......if you can even call it that.

Carrie: But it--it still makes no sense. Why didn't you just leave?

Lonny: When someone like me doesn't get love, they'll do anything for it. In fact.....there was this one time.....I though of lighting myself on fire.....just so Chris or Dad would've comforted me.

Carrie: That-that's horrible. But....everyone has a heart in their own way. I'm pretty sure they still loved you either way.

Lonny: You'll never know that until you're on fire.


The fact that Carrie was actually hearing this made her realize that despite being related to the ONE person she hated more then anyone else, he was NOTHING like her or her father. And she couldn't help but to squeal from her inside.

But she had to know one other thing.

Carrie: *sighs* are you and Laura?

Lonny: Oh....Umm....I-

Carrie: Come on, you don't have to hide it from me. I know what it's like to be around someone you like. I really do. First there was my friend Tommy.......and then.....Kurt.

Lonny: You.....liked them?

Carrie: Yes. I mean.....Tommy was a high school crush who took me to prom one time.....till a disaster happen.....but then I met Kurt. He was so wonderful to me I fell hard for him. So.....tell me what you think of Laura.

Lonny: Sh-she saved me. After I escaped from HYDRA I you heard from head I was on the streets for two years After my dad and sissy died mom and I been on our own. Till those soliders broke in. They shot my mom and abducted me.

Carrie: I'm did you get free?

Lonny: They put me in a quarantine of....people that my sister. I don't know how long had gone by but.....this old man with.....magnetic energy broke in and took all the others.

Carrie: *Sighs* Magneto.

Lonny: Yeah. He would've took me too but.....he let me go.

Carrie: Why?

Lonny: Maybe because......I wasn't really inffected I was mutated. Like Sissy. But then I wondered the world for a long time steeling food I needed to survive. Then one night I got caught by a man that almost hit me. But Laura came out of no where and saved me.

Carrie: So why didn't you use your powers to escape?

Lonny: Because.....the people at HYDRA told me what my sister was doing with her powers. Plotting. Scheming. And worse killing innocent people. I didn't use my powers cause I didn't want to be like her.

Carrie: You are 100% NOTHING like her. You're kind. And sweet. And I think you and Laura got a little cute connection.

Lonny: She's only a friend. I mean....she's strong and.....beautiful. And.....

Carrie: *Giggles* Well listen....the people I work with can offer you a home at our school.

Lonny: Really??

Carrie: We run an origination for gifted youngsters. They teach train and support people like us run by the most powerful mutant on Earth with the worlds greatest brain: Charles Xavier. He and Laura's dad trained me, guided me and everyone else offered me their friendship and love when I had nothing left. See.....we can help you how to use your gifts for a higher purpose. And then can become one of.....the X-men.

Lonny: The X-Men? From the comics?

Carrie: *chuckles* Yeah. It's the name of our team. See.....there are WAY more mutants out there that do horrible things like your sister, Lonny. And most of them, they are worse then you may realize. We're the only ones that stand between them and the worlds destruction. We're trained and organized to serve and protect the world.

Lonny: You mean.....You're all like a team of superheroes? Like Justice Leaugue?

Carrie: Something like that. There's another team of heroes called the Avengers. But I'll tell you about them later. Here. Take this.

She scuffles through her back pocket and what she hands him was basically a guide booklet on Xaviers school and the most important people there. Lonny couldn't help but to stare at the cover as if it was his first time picking up or even reading a book.....but he admired it.

Lonny: Y-you letting me have this?

Carrie: Of course. But, seriously.....just take your time and think over while you go through it. And in the end, whatever you choose, me and the other X-Men will take time out of schedule to support your decision.

Lonny: You serious?

Carrie just nodded happily as she slowly backed up from him and left him in his thoughts as he once again stared at the booklet and looked out the window...... it cuts back to the HYDRA HQ in Tokyo where we see Derek head down to his detention level, for he had a very special, if not suicidal, tactic planned, for when the others were to arrive.

He made his way down to the detention level using the elevator, and use certified clearance to get into a specific room. He eventually took a few briefcases and opened it up to reveal a somewhat familiar weapon.

Derek: Gotta give you props, James Cameron. Wouldn't have come up with this idea either way.

(Remember when SHIELD used the Tesserect to make WMD's?)

It cuts back to the hotel as Desjardin was seen rubbing her eyes, for it was early in the morning (5:00 a.m to be exact), and just when she was about to knock on the other door, it swung open on its own.

Bucky: Rita.

Desjardin: You don't have to hide from me, Buck. I understand.

Bucky: Chip or no chip, book or no book, I can't live like this knowing I'm that puppet of someone else's talent show. Nobody's meant to be controlled. Nobody's meant to-to-to......

Desjardin: To what?

Bucky: Do you know what it's like to be unmade?

The statement caught Desjardin in a state of being confused for a few seconds, but then she ushered.....

Desjardin: Come here.

She pulled him to a kiss then....

Bucky: Rita....

Desjardin: Trust's ok.

Bucky sighed as Desjardin snuggled him tightly.

Desjardin: I DO know what it like. When I was Carrie's dad was SO controlling my high school years. My mom was sick all the time. There were times when I even had to work after school. Now, I may not have had a chip in my brain or some Russian words turn me into a super assassin, but.....I know exactly what it's like. I guess that's why I felt related to Carrie more than anyone else. Her life was more screwed up than mine, but......still.

Bucky: I know, I know. Steve told me all about it.

Desjardin: And if we succeed....the Winter Solider will be dead. And you'll be free.

Bucky: Maybe. But not with any HYDRA followers that just know the words without the book or any description. With that, the Winter Solider will live on.

Desjardin: Not unless we get the damn chip out. Can't we just do a surgery?

Bucky: Not happening. The chips protected by some kind of intense counter electromagnetic field. Anyone messes with it, they're brain fried.

At that point, Desjardin just sighs heavily and looks up at him, deep in the eyes, clearly seeing the type of situation that he's gone through.

Desjardin: What are we supposed to do then?

That's when.....Carrie walks by.

Carrie: Hey.

They both turn towards her.

Carrie: I might have something for that.

As we cut towards early the next morning, Logan was filling Desjardins van with an extra gallon of gas to make sure it was full. But that's when he took a moment to look at his hand as he pressed out his see them all aligned again. Determined that it was no longer a problem, he unsheathed from his other hand and quickly slashes his wrist......only to see it heal up again.

Logan: Good to see you again.

He unsheathed his claws and continued packing stuff in the van as he then saw Bruce packing his stuff in with him.

Logan: What are you doing?

Bruce: I'm going with you, Logan. From all I know, HYDRA's still lurking around, waiting for the perfect moment to strike a global catastrophe around the world. This is my mission as much as it is yours.

Logan: Bub, we got this, ok? You and and Betty don't have to fight anymore.

Bucky: I don't think that's your choice, Logan.

Logan turned behind him to see Bucky appear with Desjardin around his arm along with Carrie, Yukio, Lonny, Betty, Kayla.....and Laura.

Laura just held his hand tightly and looked at him with.....puppy dog eyes.


Logan: Seriously? You kidding me with those eyes?

Laura: We're going with you, Dad.

Kayla: We wouldn't have it any other way.

Logan: *chuckles* You're both just plain stubborn.

They looked at him silently until he ushered......

Logan: Just like me. *Smirks* They all smiled and they all packed everything up and were soon on the road to storm HYDRA

Logan: So what's the plan?

Carrie: The professor sent me the whole plan. The facility is gonna be heavily guarded with tight security and heavy armory......and last I heard they had some WMD's up there.

Bruce: Same ones from SHIELD? Of course. In that case we'll need to devide and conquer. Betty? Since your dad worked there for a brief time you should be able to crack his codes.

Betty: Codes for what?

Bruce: The elevator. It has a 4 digit button interface. You press it in, and it takes you down to the bottom level. The weapons should be down there.

Bucky: What about us?

Carrie: Already got that covered......Kayla and Ms. Desjardin will infiltrate the main security to shut the defenses down while Yukio provides as their.....bodyguard. I'll be able to walk you through that.

Kayla: Wha--*Sighs*.....Ok.

Carrie: Bucky, you'll take a sniping postion to have us covered from any pontential danger. Logan and Laura will track down Toomy. Bruce you'll have to provide additional info from afar. Unless......we need to access Code:.....Green.

Bruce: Figures.

Logan: No problem. We got this.

Lonny: B--but what's my role?

Carrie: I think it's safe to have the most important role of all.

It once again cuts back to HYDRA HQ where everyone (guards, staff members, etc) where putting everything on lockdown, and Tony was getting his Tesserect WMDS ready for use.....

....unfortunately, this dumbass didn't even bother testing them out first.

(Really, Derek?)

Derek: Desperate times calls for desperate measures, isn't that right?

We immediately cut outside a little less than a minute later as the whole group had just arrived and were unloading their supplies from the van. They knew this wasn't gonna be their only chance to shut them down for good, so it really was ALL or NOTHING.

Carrie: Ok. Everyone remember their assignments?

Everyone: Yes.

Bucky: I'll get to higher ground and find a position. Send me the signal and I'll Ben right there.

Desjardin: Careful, Buck.

Bucky: You too.

Carrie: Alright. Betty, you're up.

Betty: *sighs* Alright.

Bruce: Be careful, Bet.

Betty: I can handle myself, ya know?

Bruce: I know. I just wanted to say it.

Carrie: Again, I'll walk you through where you need to go with this earpiece. Everyone, grab one.

They did.

Bruce: You should be able to hear the two of us as well as each other at the same time cause it's through the same channel.

Logan: No, backfiring, right?

Carrie: Yeah. No backfiring. *to Betty* Follow Yukio. She's leading Kayla and Ms. Desjardin in. Once inside, I'll make sure to--Argh.....

Her stomach began to kick in once again.

Bucky: You ok?

Carrie: Yeah, I'll be alright. Go on and finish this.

Worried but still focused on the task at hand, Yukio led all of them inside as Carrie looked over back at Lonny.

Carrie: Lonny, it's time. We can do this, alright?

Lonny: Ye-yeah.....

As it cuts to the others, they managed to find a back entrance that was left unguarded for a short time and they snuck in, seizing the opportunity. All except for Bucky, who got to higher ground and peeped himself for a sniper shot-

Once they got in, they ended up on the main floor, which was basically the conference/control room.

Logan: Holy sh--



Kayla: *whispering* Well.....our jobs just got easier. We already have our Task in front of us.

Desjardin: we just go on?

Yukio: Not yet. I think the elevators down the far end of the stairs down the hall. Betty, you got the codes?

Betty: 50/50.

Logan: Wait. You mean....50 percent you do, 50 percent you don't?

Betty: Well.....50/50.


Logan: Argh.

Betty: I should remember them, but that's only if I have this worked out.

Yukio: Look, you'll be fine. You're a doctor, right? Just stay in character and you should be fine. I'm taking Desjardin and Kayla to the main security hall. Patch us in later.

At that point, Yukio got Desjardin and Kayla up to lead them to their objective as Betty got anxiety. Looking for a solution other then a way out, she turns around to see that Logan and Laura disappeared as well.

(Took something outta Batmans playbook)

Betty: Argh.....COME ON!

Her yell echoed through the hall and as soon as she heard a door opening, she hid herself behind the wall. Turns out it was another head member.

Head member: Who's there........Doctor?

Betty: Ye-yeah?

Head member: *chuckles* I have to say.....almost didn't recognize you for a second. oh can't help but to look like my mother.

Betty: Well, I hear that a lot. Listen, I'm here on behalf on my father. There's this thing that I have to fill in for his patients.

Head member: Oh, but of course.

The Head member let her passed but suddenly he felt himself.....being lifted up above

Head member: The hell? Get me down!

He then was infront of Carrie and Lonny on a balcony for he was being carried by her telekinesis......but not for much longer as she forcefully slammed him down to the ground, shattering his left leg in the process.

As he desperately tends to his leg, he had to look back up at BOTH of them.

Head member: Wh-what in the name of.....

Carrie: We have a few questions in store. And I don't suppose we have to tell you what happens if you don't answer correctly.......or if I don't like what come along out your mouth.

You see

Lonny: Hope you've had your fun while it lasted.

Back with Betty, she gained into a control room and access her father's codes shutting down security

Betty: Oh thank God.

As soon as the elevator opened, she saw no one inside, which was a good thing. She pressed the button on the side which literally said "Detention Level" and the elevator went from slow and mild to going really fast and it caused Betty to lose her balance as she tries her best not to scream.

But as soon as the elevator stopped, she let out a high pitched squeal, in relief, that the "ride" was over. But that was only half the job. Now she has to find the weapons.....

Betty: Ok.....*clicked on earpiece*.....I'm downstairs......if you can say that. I just gotta find the weapons.

Kayla: You do that.

Feedback commission cuts out and then pops up again as Bucky contacted them.

Bucky: Any luck with security?

Desjardin: Not yet, Buck. We're almost there.

Bucky: I'll be watching. Anything happens, just say the word and they're gone.

Bruce: And if it goes wrong?

Bucky: That's where you come in, Mr. Green


Bruce: I was afraid you'd say that.

As the transmission cuts off, it cuts back to the head member as he kept getting shocked at medium voltage by Lonny, causing him to lose his balance and fall over. The more he struggled, the stronger Lonny cranked up the voltage. But boy, was he persistent.

Head member: I sky know what you want, but you'll never get your hands on it.

Carrie: Oh REALLY? Too bad.

She immediately picks him up and slams him around a couple more times before Lonny blasts him over the balcony as he went into free fall.....that was, until Carrie caught him at the last fraction of a second, deliberately taking her time with him as she quickly boosted him back up

Head member: Ahhh!

Carrie: Feeling talkative, now?

Head member: UGH! Alright! Alright. What'd you want to know?

Carrie: Your boss: Toomy. Where is he

Head member: *sighs* He's down in the dentition hall. Ten floors down from here. He's trying to harbor a sample of the Tesseract. He---

That name suddenly stunned Carrie as she suddenly had a memory flashback to when it was FIRST used during the first invasion and it forced her to pull him closer with force.

Carrie: What did you just SAY?!

Head member: The....the Tesseract. It's great power has the potential to create.....such dangerous and strong entities of weapons at our disposal.

Carrie: Well, that's the last time anybody's puts its fate in that Transformers rip off.

(*chuckles* Really?)

She quickly slams him down to the floor again before asking Lonny to....

Carrie: Give me a rope, Lonny. Please.

Almost immediately, he makes an electrical rope and gives it to Carrie as she quickly ties around both the Head members hands and legs, bounding him and rendering him unable to move.

She then drags him by the shirt collar as they get close to the edge.

Head member: Wait, what are you doing?!

Carrie: I did tell you what would happen, right?

Head member: Wait, no! You wanted the truth, I told you the truth!

Before he even got the chance to explain again, Carrie immediately threw off the balcony again, this time unwilling to catch him or save him from what was now structured to be his demise.

Carrie: I didn't like it.

Lonny: Carrie?

Carrie: We're not done yet. Come on.

As Carrie and Lonny immediately dashed off the balcony and back inside, we cut over to Yukio, Kayla and Desjardin, who JUST got into the control room.

Unfortunately, they had no idea what to do.

Desjardin: Jesus.....*taps in*......alright, Carrie, we're in the control room. Think you can walk us through it?

Carrie: Yeah. But first, tell me what you see on the panels and such.

Desjardin: Well...uhh.....uhh.....Carrie, I'm a gym teacher, I don't do engineering.

Kayla: None of us do for that matter.

Carrie: Calm down, ok? I'll walk you through it.

Just as Carrie began to instruct Desjardin on the panels, Derek, still below in the detention hall , brought out the biggest weapons of his possession yet, as he opened a case, gazing..... the Tesseract.

Derek: Ah....When the Avengers assembled for the first time, the powerful mischief norce god Loki wealed it's power to glory......and opened a gate to another world. So much potential, so much creativity, so much.......POWER......

The fact that he even had this thing in his possession actually brought a tear to his eye......before wiping it away, quickly.

Derek: If only you were here to witness this, Dad......

Voice: He can......if you want.

Derek: Hmm? What was that?

Voice: I am he who holds the power of the tasseract. And Loki was one of my pawns. You on the other hand have power and control the army of Jetaria. You could be a king. You could even be a god.

Derek: Where are you? Show yourself!

That's when the Tasseract showed an image of.....Thanos's face

(He's only in this scene)

Thanos: I am Thanos. Master of the Jeteria. For eons I have watched the universe logging to hold it in my hands. Through the powers of the Tasseract I can make you a God like me. Thousands of forces will bow down and serve you and the human race will kneel before you.....Derek Toomy.

Derek: How can you offer me such of that?

Thanos: Think about it. Everything you wanted....can be yours.

Derek: Everything.......everything......

While Derek spoke more with Thanos and pondered in his thoughts, Betty snuck behind a few cabinets, while peeking her head ever so slowly around the he saw Serek.

Betty: Holy-

She taps into the earpiece and contacts Logan and Laura.....who were getting no luck finding Toomy on their own.

Betty: Logan?

Logan: Any progress with the f__king.....disturbance?

Betty: Yeah, I got through. But better yet, I've found who you're looking for.

Logan: Wait. He's--are you f__king kidding me?

Betty: No. Here's down here with me. And.....*gets a little close*......I think he's got that the cube from Transformers?


Logan: What?

Betty: The-the cube from Transformers.....excerpt its sparking and bright blue like it contains......hidden and lost energy from another realm or something.

Logan had no idea what Betty was talking about, but that gave Laura room for concern, cause SHE knew.

Laura:, no, no, no......

Logan: What?

Laura: It's worse than I thought. Come on.......*Taps in*......We're going down there Ms. Ross.

Logan: Laura what the hell is it you're not telling me?

Laura: It's Thanos!

Logan: What??

(Hmm...I wonder how she learned of Thanos)

Outside that's when Bucky saw more men coming

Bucky: Uh...guys better hurry up in there. You're about to have hostiles incoming.

Carrie: How many?

Bucky: An army's worth.

Carrie: S__t.

Logan: Hang on, we're on the way.

Carrie: No, Logan. I need you and Laura focused on Toomy. We're gonna handle the army.

Logan: Well, how the hell you gonna do that?

Carrie: Take a guess.

Logan: Oh.....of course.

Bruce: Carrie?

Carrie: Bruce?! They have backup on the way Code: Green. I repeat. Code: Green. Code: Green!

At the point, the transmission cuts out completely, leaving the others once again with their own tasks to follow.

Bruce: Oh, why me? *sighs* Time to wake up, big guy.

Banner immediately started to groan in frustration as his eyes flashed another color as did his skin growing buff with his clothes ripping and tearing.....and before it became obvious; a HUGE roar echoed throughout the entire landscape, which only meant one thing.

Carrie: Sounds like Bruce is ready. Bucky?

Bucky: Still ready to comply.

Mac: Bet your ass you are.

Buck flinched when he hears the voice and looked up behind him, only to see Mac pin him down and kicking his sniper rifle away.

Carrie: Bucky?? What's going on up there?

Bucky: Carrie! Get Rita out of here!


Mac: Longing.

Bucky: Do it, Carrie!

Carrie: Buck?!

Mac: Seventeen.

As soon as Carrie could hear the words on the radio, she gasped

Carrie: Oh god....

Mac: Daybreak.

Carrie: Bru---I-I mean Hulk!

Hulk: Hmm?

Carrie: If you can understand me.....Smash.

Hulk grinned and roared again and jumped out of the building

Carrie: Hold on Bucky.

Mac: Furnance.

Hulk burst out and the soilders spot him

Commander: There he is! Open fire!

They blasted at the big green man

Mac: Nine.

Hulk roared while fighting through the army

Mac: Benign.

Tanks fired but missed Hulk then tored them apart

Mac: Homecoming.

Half of the soldiers came inside where Carrie and Lonny were standing

Mac: One.

And then.......

Lonny was watching with Carrie from afar and he somehow, sparked with his powers and as he grew angry, his yell let out a huge EMP wave that lasted a mile long. The very impact knocked the guards out, but the very Force inside of the HQ was so intense, it shut all the lights off and knocked everyone back from where they were.

Hell, it even knocked Bucky off his balance before Mac could even say the final word and knocked him off his position and he fell.......only to be caught by Carrie, just in the nick of time.

(Again, that was close)

Carrie: Gotta.

Bucky: I owe you one.

She lets Buck go gently as he brought out his rifle and aided Hulk by shooting the army shooting at him and fought them off.

At one point, though, Hulk actually grabbed one of the few tanks in the air and slammed it around at the other tanks before literally throwing it into the building.

The noise was so colossus that Derek could hear from where he was, and that's when Betty gave herself away.

Betty: Bruce.....

Derek: I heard that, ya know.....

Betty: Oh s__t.......*taps in*......LOGAN!!!!

Immediately hearing her, he and Laura immediately rushed to the elevator, broke their way through and said their way down to the detention level.

By the time they got down there, they couldn't see anybody there.

Laura: TOOMY!

There was no noise that originated at first, cause it was so dark down there and so gloomy. But then......they heard his voice.

Derek: *voice echoing* You think you've figured it out, huh? You think I instigated all of this?'re right.

Logan: Oh my.....*taps in*.....Kayla!

Kayla: Security procedures are kicking our asses, we're still trying to get into the system.

Logan: Hurry up, damn it! *taps out*

And then as he cuts off transmission.....



Two adamantium bullets hit Logan and Laura in their backs as they drop down to their knees. They both turn around, pissed off with their claws out as Derek comes out of the shadows holding Betty hostage......with his gun up against her head.

Betty: Guys.....

Logan: Derek.......let her go......NOW.

Derek: James, James, James.......spare me the bravado roleplay. This is nothing like the wars, nothing like Striker, and you know it. Admit it, even with the healing factor and the adamantium still in you, you know the clock is slowly tick-tick-ticking away for you......

He slowly turns the gun away from her......before holding it up at Logan........

Derek: Especially if you still make it


He turns the gun around at the last minute as another adamantium bullet exits his gun and strikes Laura straight through the chest, once again knocking her off her feet.

Logan: LAURA!

Before he could even react, Derek shot Logan once again in his other leg, causing him to lose balance and fall. Pissed off and aggravated, Betty bit Derek's fingers, causing him to release his grip. But he quickly pushed her down as she fell defenseless.

At that point, Derek slowly and methodically made his way back to the table int eh middle of the room where the Tesseract still laid inside the briefcase.

Derek: My condolences to....all you have lost, Logan. But in spite of everything you've tried, everyone that you know and love goes away in the end.

He then picks up the Tesseract.......without it burning him.....somehow.......

Derek: And now......I shall see to it myself......

At that point, the Tesseract started to spike excessively as it brightens up the screen and starts to change him into something.......horrifying......

Carrie, from outside, could feel the sudden change in presence from where she was standing and that's when she felt her heart beating faster and faster.

Lonny: Carrie?

Bucky: What's going on? us all.

Back on the inside, Laura slowly brought herself back to consciousness as she saw one of the most unthinkable things happen before. Derek was desperately trying to block out the pain that the Tesseract was delivering onto him, but at a great price. Eventually, the bring force of the Tesseract was too much and he was forced to drop it......however enough of its energy was transmitted to him, as his skin spiked and turned crystal blue, his eyes burned a bright redish white and he grew towards the size of the Iron Giant.

Derek: Yes....YES! The power.....The absolute....POWER!

The ground shook excessively with no end as the wind blew hard and rocked the very terrain they all were standing on. Everyone had to hold on to each other as Laura slowly got herself up and aided her injured father who was.....slowly healing

Kayla: What's happening?!

Laura: Mom......He's become the monster he was inside.....


Thanks to Laura's aid, Logan slowly looked up and witnessed the ginormous transformation of this former human being into something.....much more.....sinister.

Logan: Holy s__t.

Betty, at that point, rushed to his aid and saw the Task that lies ahead the two.

Betty: We gotta get outta here.

Laura: Not until we shut all this down.

Logan: Your mothers in charge of that and....*taps in*......Kayla! For crying out loud!


Desjardin: Ho-hold in a second!

It was silent on the other end for a moment until......

Desjardin: *gasps* We got it......WE GOT IT!


Desjardin: Whoo.....that took long en-wait.

Feeling something fishy, she looked deep at the control system and realized that Kayla messed something up. And if that wasn't an obvious red flag, the alarms started going off.

Yukio: Not good.

Carrie: I'm hearing a lot of alarms in here; what's going on?

Kayla: Carrie.....*chuckles*.....lets just say.....I did something I probably shouldn't have done. I tried to keep myself checked into the system and....that didn't really work out well.

Bucky: what do you mean?

Kayla: I mean, "How big a bang we talking here?"

Lonny: Big bang?

Carrie: Uhh, it'd probably start a chain reaction that'd crater half of the city. Why you ask----

At that point it clicked to her

Carrie: *To herself* We're all gonna die.


Logan: What was that?

Carrie: Our own self-destructi, that's what it was.

Desjardin: Is there any way to reserse this damn thing?

Bucky: No.

Laura: Now what?


Without knowing what else to do they all did what Carrie said and all regrouped as the monsterous Derek Toomy eyed at them


He zapped them almost hitting them but....missed

Logan: Carr....I don't think running is our best option/

Lonny: So what'd we do?

The Derek God approached them till.....he was somehow caught in force

Derek: What the hell?!

They were surpriseed and turned to Carrie

Carrie: D---don't look at me.

Xavier's voice: It's me, Carrie.

Carrie: Professor??

Logan: Charles??

Xavier's voice: Listen carefully all of you. Derek Toomy has bonded with the tasseract. It feeds him his power. It must be destroyed. Destroy the tasseract and you'll destroy Toomy. I have him caught by surerbro but I'll only hold him for two minutes so you have to hurry!

Carrie: Then that's what we'll do. Logan. Laura. Make a run for it for the Tasseract. Lonny Bucky you're with me encase the Professor looses his grip on him. Hulk?

Hulk: Hmph. Smash?

Carrie: Exactly.

Hulk once again smirked and leaped up high in the air as he went for a strike and once he hit him, it slid him back a few feet.....knocking him out of Xavier's force from the surebro......

.....but it didn't knock him down.

Derek: Better luck next time, bud.

As Hulk embarrassingly tried to PICK HIM UP (A+ for effort), Toomy released an impulse from his entire body as he kicked Hulk right-side up and then launched him back inside on the upper levels with so much force as Hulk inadvertently knocked his head on the concrete. Not only knock him out, but it turned him back to normal.

And it didn't take long for Betty to sense it.

Betty: BRUCE!

She went after him.

Derek: Shame. I would've kept what's left of him.

It once again cuts down to what was left of the detention level as Logan and Laura saw the Tesserect and tried to pick it, but as soon as they did, it burnt them.

Logan: Argh!

Bucky: What was that?

Logan: It burns you!

Bucky: Then try shooting at it.

Laura: Wait!

It was already too late, as Bucky quickly fired a bullet deep at the Tesseract (what was left of it), only to have it deflect the bullet as it went flying everywhere like a pinball. It caused them all to duck and cover until it finally stopped.

Betty: The hell is wrong with you?!



Bucky: Oh, absolutely. Look, I had everything under control till Mac out there nearly turn me into the goddamn Winter Solider. It's not gonna take Toomy long for dispose of us either way.

Laura: Could be worse.

As it rumbles again both inside and outside, Carrie and Lonny got up to high ground as the God-Derek came stomping towards them.

Carrie: *breathing heavily*. Ready?

Lonny: I think so.

Carrie: Ready, Professor?!

Xavier's voice: Ready, Carrie.

Carrie: 5.

Xavier's voice: 4.

Carrie: 3.

Xavier's voice: 2.

Both: 1.


Xavier trapped Toomy on the surerbro again , once again confusing him as he had no idea what was happening.....that was until Carrie and Lonny both used their powers to blast at him......which actually pushed him back with so much force that it ACTUALLY KNOCKED him down.

But it didn't do kick a second they were expecting to a second Toomy got back up almost immediately and began blasting back.

Lonny: Ahh! He's fighting back!

Carrie: C'mon, c'mon.......Don't give up!


Logan: How the hell am I suppose to--

Bucky: Calm the hell down and think it through.

Logan: Easier said than done.

At that point, the elevator beeps again as Betty once comes through dragging the unconscious Bruce with her along with Yukio who manged to reach where they were with Kayla and Desjardin not far behind.

Yukio: What is that?

-Logan: I don't wanna know, but what o do wanna know is.....-*-turns to Laura-* can we get rid of this thing?-

-Laura: I--

Logan: Laura, come on. Give me something to work with! Come on!

At that point, Lonny couldn't help but to see the Tesserect over behind him where they were. He looked down ever so mildly with tears, forming in his eyes as he suddenly zipped through Toomy, finally knocking him off balance, even though it disrupted the process Carrie was in the middle in.

He then zipped down to Logan and the rest as he quickly noticed Bruce still knocked out. Quickly thinking, he woke him up.

Bruce: Argh.....why is it always me?

Lonny: Not always.

Carrie: Guys!

Carrie once again, tries to hold Toomy down, but her powers were weakening and depleting from being in use too much and that gave Toomy the advantage he needed.

Derek: *Outta juice? Outta luck, kid*

He then shot lasers out of his eyes and even though Carrie grabs a chunk of debris to block it, it still hits her and sends her flying down, crashing through their van from earlier.

Upon trying desperately to get back on her feet, she spits up some blood.

Derek: *Hmmm......*

Desjardin: Guys, should we REALLY still be here?! This place is gonna go off any second!

Logan: We have yet to find out what to do with this thing!

Lonny: Only what must be done.

His voice froze everyone in that brief moment as it became clear as to what was about to happen.

At that point, Lonny picked up the Tesserect without injury (then again, he's electric) as he turned towards Logan.

Lonny: You up?

Logan: Yeah, I'm down.

Laura: Wait, what?

Kayla: Logan, this is suicide.

Logan: Like I haven't heard that before. I've just about done my time for all this, ok? There really is no other way I could see myself going out.

Laura: Bu-but Lonny.....*turns to Lonny*......what about you?

Lonny: Nothing to worry about.

Laura: Lonny, please. Whatever it is.....I can do it. I CAN DO IT.

Lonny: It HAS to be me, ok? It's the only way I can make it up to YOU.....and myself. I can save today. But can all save the world if you felt like it......*sighs*......

Laura: But you'll die.

Lonny: I don't mind, Laura......but I wish we had more time.....

Laura: Wh-what are you saying?

He mustered the strength to get his words out and then he whispered it into Laura's ear, slightly.

(Guess what he told her)

Laura just backed up shocked and astonished as Lonny whisked himself forward and actually levitated up in the air to the surprise of everyone.......before (I s__t you not) ABSORBING THE TESSERECT completely as the utter chaos whirled around the environment.

And everyone saw it!

Carrie: Lonny!

Laura: Lonny!

Logan: Come on, kid, come on......

Derek: What-what the hell is this?!

As soon as Lonny finished the rather painful process of absorbing the Tesserect, his body appeared to go frozen in place.

But only a few seconds later, he zipped and zoomed at the speed of sound as he flew straight Toomy's chest not once, but TWICE. Derek screamed in massive agony as he started holding his heart in place, for the energy of the Tesserect became too unstable for him to control.

And that's when Logan made his move.

Logan: Carrie! Give me a boost!

Hearing him loud and clear, she lifted Logan up in the air, yelling ferociously as he pulled off his claws and then.....

.....he WENT INSIDE of Toomy as he pierced through his heart, causing most of the energy from insid of Toomy to spike.

Derek: G-god....the hell....did y'all DO TO ME?!?!?!

Ignoring his outcry, Logan pulled himself out of Toomy and flew back outside the base as he saw Derek lose his balance and upchuck Blood as he fell down onto the base as everyone gathered around to see the light in his eyes dwindle away.

Kayla: Holy--

Bucky: Get out the way!!!

The others reluctantly moved out of harms way as Derek's colossal head smashed hard into the detention level.

But that's when they remembered: the base was about to explode either way.

Bucky: Out! Out!

Carrie: Everyone out! In the van! Come on!

Eventually, Logan, Laura, Carrie, Bucky, Kayla, Bucky, and Desjardin managed to get back in the van, but it wasn't long 'till one of them noticed that Yukio wasn't gonna be getting in.

Carrie: Hey!

She gets out of the van and tries to confront Yukio.

Carrie: C'mon, we gotta go!

Yukio: There's no need to worry. I know my way around here, ok? Besides, this isn't the last we'll see each other. But, for now, you have to go without me.

Carrie: I--you sure?

Yukio: Today is not my day to die.....and neither is yours.

As Carrie eventually nodded towards her and gets back in the van, it immediately drives off as Yukio quickly moves out of the area. Laura, on the other hand, looked out the back rear window of the van as she saw the entire base go KABOOM with Derek along with it as the result of the energy dispersion from the Tesserect limited the blast radius by 1000%, which means half the city would be safe.

HYDRA had finally been shut down permanently.....but for Laura, at what cost?

She lost Lonny.

As everyone just looked over at each other, as emotional as it ever could've been, Laura broke the silence as she backed away from the rear window and started sniffling, causing Logan and Kayla to comfort her as much as they could.

At that point, Bucky had to stop the van and pull over to the side of the road to make sure everyone else gathered their thoughts and feelings together.

Desjardin: That poor boy......

Bucky: I know.......He was just a kid, for Christ's sake.

Carrie: Ending the life of someone who never even had a chance to live it.....and yet....*sniffs*.....he really did better than his sister.

Desjardin: S-sister?

Carrie: He was Chris' little brother.

Kayla: *sighs* My god......

Silence filled up the van again until Logan spoke out.....

Logan: Should've got rid of the damn cube when I had the chance.

Betty: I don't know if you would've. Besides, if it was too much for Derek to handle, the same would've happened to you.

Bruce: As well as the rest of us.

Logan: But, the kid......

Bruce: Logan, trust me. I KNOW.

Logan: Yeah.....well, I don't think you do.

Just before Logan was about to make a smart remark, Laura just flat-out said.....

Laura: He loved me.

The statement froze everyone in its tracks as they all looked back at her.

Carrie: I knew it.

Logan: Are you serious?

Laura: I-I had no idea he felt the way about me. I-I mean, if we--if we had gotten some time to grow up together and learn more about--maybe we'd---we'd.....*sniffs*

She cried harder as Kayla hugged and comforted her more

Carrie: *Sighs* Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death I shall fear no evil. For the Lord shall fallow me all the days of my life.

(I'm crying too myself, it just too sad)

As the remaining group drove on home the camera cuts to the van heading down the high way surrounded by dessert

Later back at Logan, Kayla, and Laura's house Laura carved Lonny's anishles on a tree with her claws as everyone else stood behind her all down she made a circle with rocks giving Lonny a memorial sight and all took their time to thank him for his noble achievement for he did better than his sister


Carrie: You think Laura's gonna be ok?

Logan: I think so. It's more hard on her but she's managing.

Carrie: She's still welcomed at the mansion. There's still kids her age. that you got your healing back....we could use the Wolverine again.

Logan: *Chuckles* I'd love that, really. But even with the adamantium back, I'm still not at my strongest.

Carrie: It was killing you either way.

Logan: I know. Its just....I need more time.

Carrie grinned and hugged Logan one last time

Carrie: Thanks again for everything, Logan. I'll tell everyone back at the mansion you said hi.

Logan: G-good. thanks.

She took time to say goodbye to Kayla and Laura even hugged Laura tighter after everything then Carrie got in Desjardin's van with her Buck Bruce and Betty and they all drove away

Logan then turned around as Kayla stood by the door way and hugged him tight

Laura however just wouldn't leave Lonny's memorial tree

The screen cuts slowly back to the destroyed HYDRA HQ wrecked and smoking

Lonny narrating: Beggars can be choosers but so can our fates. We're born. We live a little while and then die. But most endings.....are beginnings.

The camera slowly zooms at the wrecked and.....slow movement

(End Credits)

Post Credit Scene

In the lab of the mansion Bucky was on a table for they were going to take out the chip out

Desjardin: You sure about this Carrie?

Carrie: Jean knows exactly what she's doing.

Desjardin: I've got to get to know your teachers here. They really are better than the ones in Ewen.

Jean: Calculating now. Powering down to zero-zero nine. And.....

Buck felt a charge coming down he shouted out loud

Desjardin: BUCK!

Carrie: Shh Ms. Desjardin calm down. He's gonna be ok.

Hours went by and they waited like....almost forever

Then....Buck came out with a headache

Desjardin: Buck!

She hugged him tight

Carrie: How do you feel?

Bucky: Light headed, I guess.'s safe to say the Winter Solider just died in battle.

Carrie: Anyone who uses those words are now in for a surprise.

Bucky: Damn right.

Carrie giggled and touched her stomach

Carrie: You're coming to the baby shower aren't you?

Desjardin: We wouldn't miss it.

She gave Carrie one last hug then.....

(Cuts out)


  • Logan
  • Laura
  • Carrie White
  • Kayla Silverfox
  • Bucky Barnes (Winter Solider)
  • Bruce Banner (Hulk)
  • Betty Ross
  • Yukio
  • Rita Desjardin


  • Derek Toomy - pierced twice by Lonny and then punctured by Logan through his heart
  • Lonny - Absorbs the Tesseract and then disparates as he goes through Toomy twice
  • "Thunderbolt" Ross (Red Hulk) - Caught by Carrie's increased powers and stabbed by Logan and Laura
  • Head member - thrown off balcony

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Featured Songs

  • This Is My World ~ Hans Zimmer
  • Dangerous, State Of My Head - Shinedown
  • Hurt (Logan version) - Johnny Cash


  • Avengers: Galaxy At War ~ Part 1 (Coming soon.....)
  • Avengers: Galaxy At War ~ Part 2 (Coming soon.....)


  • X-C 2: Rise Of Sinister
  • Avengers: Fever Of Rage

​MPAA Rating

The film is rated "R" for strong violence and language throughout.