Despite resembling a mythical werewolf in size, appearance, and locomotion, it is actually a species of carnivorous mammal indigenous to Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and California, but were also introduced to Europe (including England) by humans, where these carnivorous mammals are terrorizing people. It does not transform people into wolfmen by biting people, that's only a myth, real wolfmen actually reproduce by giving birth to about 4-7 pups in one gestation period. Real wolfmen are not allergic to silver, and are not immortal since the person who described them in myths made it up, they are, however, super strong carnivores that weigh about 700 pounds and can pick up objects about more than 400 pounds, and can stand over 7 feet tall. This animal can walk fully on its hind legs, giving it an anthropomorphic appearance. It can kill its prey, including deer, goat, young/old/sick bison, rabbits, giant ground squirrels, capybaras, mesorons, pandas, tapirs, wild boars, pig-hippos, false bears, RatDog, weseras, llamas, lemurs, and monkeys, using its sharp teeth in its snout and razor sharp claws on its hands. Just like its relatives, gray wolves, it communicates with a growl, snarl, hiss, grumble, and a howl (even though its howl is more bloodcurdling than gray wolves).

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