Witness Legal is 2014 crime drama film.


After watching a officer attack and murder, a 17 years old teenager become a witress but she told she found the body, a big lie. But she try to hide it, somebody try to blow her sceret out.




Officer Kate Myers' attack

  • (Tamera walk to the bin)
  • (Tamera gasp and hide)
  • (Kate walk)
  • Ralph: Kate, Kate, what the fuck you are doing.
  • Kate: Ralph, stay away.
  • (Ralph shot Kate in the neck)
  • (Tamera gasp)
  • Kate: No, no, Ralph, don't.
  • (Ralph stab Kate in the stomach 13 time)
  • (Kate scream)
  • (Ralph grab Kate and Tamera hide)
  • (Tamera walk)
  • (Ralph stab Kate 98 time and blood)
  • (Tamera gasp)
  • (Ralph stab Kate 19 time and walk away)
  • (Tamera move and gasp)
  • (Ralph stop walk)
  • (Tamera hide the box)
  • (Fox move the box)
  • (Ralph open the bin)
  • (Ralph shot fox 7 time)
  • (Tamera whimper)
  • (Ralph close the bin)
  • (Ralph walk away)
  • (Ralph shot Kate in the shoulder)
  • (Tamera gasp)
  • (Tamera open the bin)
  • (Tamera walk to Kate's body)
  • (Kate gasp)
  • Tamera: Oh my god, oh my god.
  • Tamera: Holy shit.
  • (Tamera saw the camera cut off)
  • Kate: Help me.
  • (Tamera grab her car key)

Tamera found Officer Myers is dead

  • Tamera: I found her body, I found her body.
  • Tamera: OK, I found her body.
  • Tamera: Doctor.
  • Tamera: Are you Doctor Smith.
  • Doctor Smith: Mary Louise Smith.
  • Tamera: How is she.
  • Doctor Smith: It was too much bleeding, miss.
  • Tamera: Tamera, I found her body when I going home.


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