Witch and Wizard is an action-drama-thriller 2016 film based on the book by James Patterson, starring Alex Pettyer, Abigail Breslin, Ellen Wroe, William Moseley, Dylan Minnette, Selena Gomez, Chad Michael Murry, and Michael Sheen


Whit and his sister, Wisty must find the missing amulet and the thief before it's too late.


  • Alex Pettyer as Whit Allgood, the main protangonist
  • Abigail Breslin as Wisty Allgood, Whit's sister
  • Ellen Wroe as Celia, Whit's love interest
  • William Moseley as Byron Swain
  • Dylan Minnette as Pearce
  • Selena Gomez as Janine
  • Chad Michael Murry as Sasha
  • Michael Sheen as The One Who Is The One, a thief who stole Whit's amulet
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