Winter's Soil are an Australian doom metal band formed in 1995. The band has released ten albums, two EPs, two DVDs and one compilation. The band currently consists of Kaleb Jovanovich, Lisa Evans, Nick Hale, Benjamin Jacobson, Hamish Glencroy, and Aaron Starkley as of 2005. The band released their latest album In Umbra in early 2009, followed by their compilation The Dread Father: Chronicles of Sorrow on June 5th 2009.


Early years and formation (1995-1997)

Kaleb Jovanovich had begun his career in doom metal back in 1993 during his time in Sweden, when he met Yggdrasill Burning frontman Michael Tägtgren. Tägtgren and he jammed together, and formed a funeral doom band between them, aptly titled Decaying Sorrows. They released a demo in 1994, but Kaleb's VISA expired and he had to return to Australia.

In 1995 he formed a new band, Winter's Soil with Kristopher DelSanta (bass) and Nick Hale (guitar), then recruited Adrian Gardner on drums. This line-up lasted until 1997, and the band only produced on song, "The Wine In Silence", which would find it's way onto the Winter's Soil EP Hail To The Darkness twelve years later. DelSanta and Gardner had lost interest in the project and departed, leaving a void with just Kaleb and Nick Hale remaining. Shortly after the departure of DelSanta and Gardner; William Devish (rhythm guitar), Benjamin Jacobson (bass), and Hamish Glencroy (drums), along with Lisa Evans on violin all joined the band.

Las Canciones De Dolor and To Seek Death (1998-2000)

Winter's Soil, in its then incarnation of Kaleb Jovanovich on vocals, Nick Hale on lead guitar, Lise Evans on violin, Benjamin Jacobson on bass, William Devish on rhythm guitar and Hamish Glencroy on drums, began playing together at several Melbourne metal concerts, particularly the annual Mournfest, which was managed by William Devish. The band generated enough attention and income to record an album, and Kaleb contacted a friend he had made in Sweden, Karl Lichpen. Lichpen had worked under the guidance of iconic metal producer Hans Skökog (Nocturna, Yggdrasill Burning).

Lichpen flew over from Sweden, and moved to Melbourne at the behest of Jovanovich and the other members. The band recorded with Lichpen through early 1998, and a title for the record, Las Canciones De Dolor (Songs of Pain) was recommended by guitarist Nick Hale. The album, Las Canciones De Dolor was released globally on August 13th on Mournful Records, a local recording company formed by Karl Lichpen upon his arrival in Melbourne. The band made their third appearance at Mournfest IV in the December of 1998, gaining much attention from local fans who had become acquainted with their new songs. The band in turn were extremely welcoming to their fans, and often met with everyone who had attended the show afterwards. Hans Skökog learnt of the band via Michael Tägtgren, who Kaleb Jovanovich had played with in Decaying Sorrows, and urged Karl Lichpen to continue working with the band. Tägtgren flew over from Sweden while on break to return to working with Decaying Sorrows, with he and Kaleb Jovanovich briefly recording a new album in that year, Through the Fog and Tombs, before Michael returned home.

By the end of that year Karl Jovanovich urged the rest of the band to record another album, and they entered the studio in January 1999. They recorded extensively through the year, although appearing at Mournfest V in June. The band finally finished their second album, To Seek Death and released it on November 19th 1999.

Arise My Sons and stylistic change (2000-2001)

After touring for To Seek Death throughout 2000, Kaleb began to write new songs and material that was of a darker tone. He decided to take the band back to their death metal roots, albeit remaining melancholic and retaining elements of doom. Kaleb wrote much more darker and brutal lyrics, detailing death and warfare, and by the time the band entered the studio in December 2000 he had written over ten songs for the band. They recorded from December-February 2001, and began a tour across Australia and New Zealand to prepare for the album. The band returned home to play Mournfest VI and opened for Adelaide funeral doom legends Mournful Congregation, as well as several other local doom metal bands. Arise My Sons was released on October 13th 2001 to mixed reception, mainly due to the band's change of style and sound. Some critics praised the change, calling it an experimental phase, while others and many fans disliked the harsher sound. Ironically the band would later announce their disliking of the album too, calling it their least favourite record.

Eleventh studio album (2009-2011)

Shortly after the release of their tenth record In Umbra on August 13th 2009, the band announced plans for two albums in 2011 and 2012, tentatively called As The Crows Fly (2011) and For All That Is Lost (2012). After touring for most of 2010 the band announced in October that they would begin recording for As The Crows Fly before the year ended, and that the 2012 album had been renamed Beyond the Light.

Kaleb Jovanovich said of the two albums that they are both lyrically and stylistically different, saying As The Crows Fly will be a darker more mourning album whereas Beyond the Light will reflect a light but also sorrowful feel. The band have said that As The Crows Fly will be released on January 13th 2011, although this is not yet entirely confirmed. This was proven false as the album has been delayed to March 1st 2011, with its following album slated for January 2nd 2012. The album has yet to be released, and is slated for June 10th 2011.


Current members

  • Kaleb Jovanovich - vocals, lyrics (1995-present)
  • Nick Hale - lead guitar (1995-present)
  • Lisa Evans - violin (1997-present)
  • Benjamin Jacobson - bass (1997-present)
  • Aaron Starkley - rhythm guitar (2005-present)
  • Hamish Glencroy - drums (1997-present)

Former members

  • William Devish - rhythm guitar (1997-2002)
  • Adriana Cassidy - rhythm guitar (2002-2006)
  • Kristopher DelSanta - bass (1995-1997)
  • Adrian Gardner - drums (1995-1997)



Released Title Label
1998 Las Canciones De Dolor Mournful Records
1999 To Seek Death Mournful Records
2001 Arise My Sons Mournful Records
2002 Children of the Night Mournful Records
2004 Sinfonía de Sangre Mournful Records
2005 The Day of the Devourer Mournful Records
2006 Amor, Muerte, Lujuria Mournful Records
2007 Of Queens of Lost Salvation Mournful Records
2008 Into The Inferno Cirion Records
2009 In Umbra Cirion Records
2011 As The Crows Fly Un-released, set for 2011
2012 Beyond the Light Un-released, set for 2012

DVDs and EPs

Released Title Label
2000 Hail To The Darkness Mournful Records
2007 Songs of Blood and Flesh Mournful Records
2002 Winter’s Soil: Live In Auckland Mournful Records
2004 Inside Winter’s Soil: The Sinfonía de Sangre Tour Mournful Records
2010 An Ocean of Sorrows: Winter's Soil Live At Metal Oceania 2010 Cirion Records


Released Title Label
2009 The Dread Father: Chronicles of Sorrow Self-released
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