Winston Buckley is a recurring character in The Void. He was co-runner of a website Ghostslayer with his best friend and partner Travis Venkman.


Early Life

Winston Buckley had an adopted sister named Brittany.


In 2011, Winston Buckley and Travis Venkman are paranormal investigators who run a website Ghostslayers. The two investigate and track down Shane who relates the legend of farmer Nick told to him by his cousin. Buckley and Travis later visited the house which had symbols of different origins fleshy painted on the walls and floor. They do more research but can't find anything to support Nick's legend. They prepared to leave when they heard that the previous night, a girl died in the house hung from the rafters. They returned to the house but were chased out by the spirit of farmer Nick, noticing Nick had slit wrists, something not previously part of his legend. They confronted Shane who admited he made the legend up as a prank. Travis suggested Nick is a Tulpa, a manifestation of a thought as one of the symbols painted is a Tibetan spirit sigil, which assist in concentrating mental energy. In order to kill Nick, Buckley and Travis said on their website that shooting him with iron rounds would kill him. They returned to the house to kill Nick but the iron rounds wouldn't work. Travis checked the website to find the server crashed so the new legend didn't manifest. As Nick attacked them, Buckley set the house on fire, figuring that without that part of the legend, Nick won't exist.


In 2013, Travis and Winston decided to turn their website into a reality TV series. They recruited Austin, Brittany and Dustin. Their jobs were flexible enough for them to start ghost hunting at 6:00. The group's strategy meeting was held in Buckley's parent's garage. They reviewed a legend of a ghost appears at a house every four years.

The Ghostslayers broke into the house and recorded a ghost reliving his horrible death. They worked out its a death echo and not the real threat. Travis and Dustin disappeared and the group failed to get out the house before midnight, trapping them in the house for the evening. They searced the house for Dustin. Buckley figured that the ghost (a known survivalist) would keep a bomb shelter and went to the basement but the door shut behind him, separating him from Austin.

Buckley found the bomb shelter before John killed Travis. John attacked them both. Austin got Dustin out of his death echo. Dustin fought John, killing him and moving on.

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