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Wing Saber is a Heroic Autobot that has participated in many Cybertronian Wars. He once quit temporarly from serving in the Autobot cause until he joins the Autobots again to end the Transformers Wars. He combined with Optimus Prime to form the Sonic Wing mode which makes Optimus Prime flies at the speed of light and makes Optimus Prime armed with more weapons than before. During the war he was beaten up and shot down by an upgraded Starscream. After Optimus Prime was repaired Wing Saber combined with Optimus to attack Darth Grievous but Darth Grievous's sith magic separated the two and badly injured Wing Saber. After the deaths of Nemesis Prime and Darth Grievous Optimus Prime load Wing Saber into his trailer and escaped the crumbling Sith fortress alive. He survived the end of the war and was hailed as a hero on Cybertron and later on sets off to do more solo adventures into the cosmos.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Wing saber was shot down and defeated by the Sith Starfighters and was killed the second he crashed.

Powers and Abilities

Wing Saber is armed with many missiles, guns, lasers and also has a lightsaber proof sword for many uses. He was a formidable opponent to all enemies and his skills rival all of the Seekers. He can combine with Optimus Prime to form the formidable Sonic Wing Mode.

Personality and traits

Wing Saber isn't well at obeying orders and often never stop having fun on breaking the rules. He did tried to attack Optimus Prime in the past and also often shoots at his Autobot friends just because of various words said to him.



Wing Saber Toy

Cybertron Wing Saber transforms into a heavily armed military plane based on an A-10 Thunderbolt. Pressing the button behind his cockpit canopy causes a machine gun sound to emit from a speaker on the bottom of the nosecone. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into the key slot behind his canopy splits the nosecone fuselage in half and exposes a cannon with a red LED. Pressing the button activates the same machine gun sound effect, this time with the red LED flashing.
Wing Saber's wing-flaps detach to form swords; for Wing Saber to use them, they need to be inserted into sword-handles that plug into 5mm holes in his forearms, as his hands are incompatible with the standard weapon-pegs. His removable spring-loaded missile launchers, mounted under his wings, can also be attached to those ports. Wing Saber can also form a backpack for Leader class Optimus Prime's super mode, forming their Sonic Wing Mode.

Wing Saber comes with a silver-bordered Cybertron planet Autobot Cyber Key with the key code uya7 printed on the back.
The vast majority of Takara's Galaxy Force GC-22 Sonic Bomber figures have a misaligned "nose guard" that can obscure the eyes in some cases. This problem was fixed for the Hasbro Wing Saber figure. The Sonic Bomber figure preceded Hasbro's Wing Saber by several months and has a slightly different deco. Differences include silver chromed saber blades and a gold chromed chest shield. Minor changes were also made to graphics on the plane, such as an entirely red nosecone as opposed to Sonic Bomber's red striped, and smaller Autobot insignias on the wings.
This mold was redecoed to make Wingblade.
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