Sgt. William "Will" Hunterson
William Hunterson
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Vital statistics
Birthplace: Simi Valley, California
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 1997
Position: Ex-Mariner (formerly)

Untied States Army Forces Corps. (currently)

Rank: Lieutenant
Mother: Yolanda Garber Hunterson (biological mother, deceased)

Jennifer Kervil (stepmother)

Father: Tanker Williams (Stepfather)

Winston Hunterson (father)

Brother(s): Travis Hunterson

(Younger Brother; deceased)

Lucas Erik (Step-Brother)

Maternal Grandmother: Anne Hunterson (maternal-grandmother)
Maternal Grandfather: Unnamed maternal grandfather (deceased)
Paternal Grandmother:
Children: Lincoln Hunterson (youngest son)

Unnamed Step-son (Stepson)

Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: Jimmy Barrett (friend, Relative)
Enemies: Noah Carter (enemy)

Kevin Roberts (enemy/ally)

Will Hunterson
Alias(es) John Tyler (legal-name, joking name)
Date of Death 2017 (faked death)
Alter ego John Tyler (alter ego/secret indentity) Father of  L.J..,,
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