Wilfred is a 2011 American Australian film starring Jason Gann as the titular character. It also stars James McAvoy, Brendan Fraser, Allison Mack, Fiona Gubelmann, J.P. Manoux, Rob Riggle, and Dorian Brown. It is rated R.


After a failed suicide attempt, Ryan Newman (James McAvoy) has the ability to interact with his neighbor's dog Wilfred (Jason Gann), who he sees as an Australian man in a dog costume. Ryan decides to be the counselor for a camp made for animals that also look like people in costumes. However, the camp is in bankruptcy but is bought by a fitness guru named Spencer Douglas (Brendan Fraser), who puts the animals through cruel sessions. They team up with their some of their friends to get rid of this fitness guru.


  • Jason Gann as Wilfred - The Titular Character of the film and Ryan's best-friend.
  • James McAvoy as Ryan Newman - The Main Protagonist of the film and Wilfred's best-friend.
  • Brendan Fraser as Spencer Douglas - A fitness guru who hates animals including Wilfred. He is the Main Antagonist of the film and is hated by Wilfred and Ryan. Fraser also plays Adam Douglas, Spencer Douglas' kind-hearted and favored younger brother. The difference is while Spencer has long hair and speaks with a arrogant accent, Adam has normal hair and speaks with their actor's real accent.
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