Wild (film series)
Genre Animation
Created by Conrad Vernon
Pierre Coffin
Voices of Robert Downey, Jr.
Keegan-Michael Key
Winona Ryder
Ricky Gervais
Jay Baruchel
Hank Azaria
Phil LaMarr
Ashly Burch
Conrad Vernon
Aron Warner
Cody Cameron
Pierre Coffin
Mark Walton
Lino DiSalvo
Keith David
Angela Bassett
Neil Patrick Harris
Benedict Cumberbatch
Nathan Lane
Theme music composer Hans Zimmer
Composer(s) Hans Zimmer
Heitor Pereira
Lorne Balfe
Country of origin United States
Producer(s) Aron Warner
Clark Spencer
Production company(s) Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor Warner Bros.

Wild is a computer-animated franchise produced by 20th Century Fox and created by Pierre Coffin, starring the voices of Robert Downey, Jr., Keegan-Michael Key, Winona Ryder, Ricky Gervais, and Jay Baruchel. The series started in 2016 with Wild, which was followed by three sequels: Wild 2, Wild 3: Road to Madness, Wild 3: Road to Madness, and Wild 4: The Great Escape. A spin-off film, Wild Penguins, was released in 2022.

The films follows the misadventures of Alex, Marty, Bridgette, Nigel and Larry, five animal friends from the Central Park Zoo, who are shipped to Africa while trying to rescue Marty. They then find themselves surviving in nature with the aid their fellow Zoo colleagues, the penguins, among other characters.


List of characters

Main characters

The friends

Alex (voiced by Robert Downey, Jr.) is a male African lion and self-proclaimed leader of the group, despite the fact no one ever listens to him. He is good-natured, mild-mannered, sarcastic, and the best friend of Marty. He initially is opposed to living in the wild as he loved living in the zoo, but he eventually learns how to adapt.





The Penguins





The Lemurs

King Julien



Serge and Deni

Serge (voiced by Andrew McKaige) and Deni are two platypuses. Serge speaks with a stereotypical Australian accent, while Deni does not speak at all. They were zoo animals in the Central Park Zoo and escaped alongside the main animals, participating into their many subsequent adventures.

Secondary characters


Character Wild Wild 2 Wild 3: Road to Madness Wild 4: The Great Escape Wild Penguins
Alex Robert Downey, Jr.
Marty Keegan-Michael Key
Bridget Winona Ryder
Nigel Ricky Gervais
Larry Jay Baruchel
King Julien Hank Azaria
Maurice Phil LaMarr
Mort Ashly Burch
Skipper Conrad Vernon
Kowalski Aron Warner
Private Cody Cameron
Rico Pierre Coffin
Serge Mark Walton
Deni Lino DiSalvo
Nana Georgia Engel
Fergus Flamingo Tim Booth
Eze Jack DeSena
Chimp MC Don Cherry
Stan Lenny Venito
Carmine Chick Vennera
King Zuba Keith David
Queen Florrie Angela Basset
Mike Neil Patrick Harris
Makunga Giancarlo Esposito
Xixi Nika Futterman
Scab Jonathan Kimmel
Scraw Eddie Gossling
Mamma Hippo Miss Coco Peru
Fifi Benedict Cumberbatch
Roberto Nathan Lane
Rufus Walt Dohrn
Charlene Olivia Hack
Stanley Robert Smigel
Roger Clark Spencer
Rodriguez Brian George
Lisa Sarah Vowell
Gia Isla Fisher
Alistair Jason Mantzoukas
Dimitri Jeff Bennett
Classified Dwayne Johnson
Short Fuse Benjamin Bratt
Eva Karen Gillan
Corporal Stephen Lang
Dr. Blowhole Jeff Goldblum
Queen Elizabeth II Tress MacNeille
Narrator Patrick Stewart
Walter Nelson Tom McGrath
Madge Nelson Kath Soucie
Tina Nelson Abby Ryder Fortson
Professor Flux Corey Burton
Dumo James Sie
Fabrice Paul Thornley
Frankie Fishlips Andy Nyman
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