Wikia The Horror Reboot aka Wikia The Horror Movie 4 is a 2021 American horror-slasher film that has the same basic plot as Scream 4.


Bog's cousin, Jackie is new to wikia. Shortly after she joins Wikia, murders start occuring! But why are these murders so similar to the original Wikia murders?


  • Miles Fisher as Bog Lawton
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Judy Ann Smith
  • Oliver Hudson as Bya Autry
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Samantha Colvin
  • Emma Stone as Olivia Randall Kunning
  • Emma Bell as Lucy Neve
  • Crystal Lowe as Jackie Sindel
  • Eliza Dushku as Amy Baxter
  • Shenae Grimes as Carla Wallace
  • Anna Paquin as Lauren Jonas
  • Ryan Merriman as Harry Murphan Linch
  • Kris Lemche as Sam Sindel
  • Kathryn Newton as Pixie Rue
  • Katie Featherston as Mrs. Sindel
  • Josh Stewart as Vinnie Tim Cale
  • Athena Karkanis as Patty Roseann
  • Matthew Morrison as Mike Harold
  • Alison Brie as Katie Charms
  • Steven Ogg as Trevor Philips (Cameo)
  • Anna Faris as Tracey "De Santa"
  • Carmen Electra as Elena Teb


Judy Ann Smith

Samantha Colvin

Bog Lawton

Olivia Randall Kunning

Amy Baxter Elena Teb Carla Wallace

Vinnie Tim Cale


"There are certain rules." ~ Judy

"Stupid bitch!" ~ Tracey

"Oh wow, Tracey. You know you should derict horror movies" ~ Katie

"This isn't funny!" ~ Katie

"Yea i'm gonna get on the chat." ~ Mike

"Wait? What" ~ Amy

"HELP! FUCK!" ~ Pixie

"Looks like it's time for someone new to die." ~ Carla

"Users on Glee Wiki can go fuck." ~ Patty

"I'm sorry! Pleas no!" ~ Patty

"Yea i'm using a IPad. Why?" ~ Lauren

"These aren't just random murders." ~ Samantha

"Shit! Harry is next!" ~ Judy

"Tell Jackie that i'm sorry.." ~ Mrs. Ann

"Admins are gay bitches" ~ Harry

"Oh shit. Rather wish to be blocked than this!" ~ Harry

"Surprised? Judy?" ~ Jackie

"Oh shit." ~ Trevor

"What the heck are you talking about, Jackie?" ~ Bya

"No wai-!" - Bya

"Fuck! This isn't how we planned, Jackie!" ~ Sam

"Sorry bro. People want a sole survivor." ~ Jackie

"Please no, please." ~ Lucy

"This isn't about killing you! It's about becoming you!" ~ Jackie

"Your friends, your mom, and all those wikia users how could you have killed them." ~ Judy

"In what world do you live in, Judy? I don't need friends I need fans!" ~ Jackie

"How could you have ju-just sinply killed for fame?" ~ Judy

"Listen, you don't have to achieve anything for fame! You just have to have fucked up shit happen to you and now it's time for you to die!" ~ Jackie

"She's not dead. She's actually in intense therapy" ~ Vinnie

"Wait how did she know I got stabbed in the shoulder?" ~ Olivia

"Your not gonna die huh? Who are you fucking Micheal fucking Myers?" ~ Jackie

"Consider it a alternative ending. You'll never get away" ~ Judy

"Vinnie watch out!" ~ Judy

"Vinnie? Vi- Oh FUCK!" ~ Samantha

"Give me the gun or i'll blow off Vinnie's head!" ~ Jackie

"Don't do anything stupid." ~ Elena

"Clear." ~ Samantha

"She was li-like right behind me." ~ Vinnie

"They always are." ~ Judy

"You frogot the number #1 rule of remakes, Jackie... Never fuck with the original!" ~ Judy

"What the fuck happened here?" ~ Bog

"For god's sake someone get a doctor!" ~ CarlA


  • Tracey - Head slammed against a copy machine
  • Katie - Beated to death with Keyboard
  • Mike - Tounge is gouged out and then stabbed in the neck with a knife
  • Pixie - Stabbed in the stomach with a knife several times
  • Patty - Skull gets broken
  • Lauren - Ipad is shoved through the throat then is stabbed in the neck
  • Mrs. Sindel - Stabbed through mouth with a knife
  • Harry - Chocked to death with AC Power Adapter cable
  • Trevor - Shot in the head
  • Bya - Shot in the penis and then in the head
  • Sam - stabbed in the heart
  • Lucy - Shot in the head
  • Jackie - Shot in the heart
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