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Wikia The Horror Movie 2: MK Wiki is a 2018 American Horror-Slasher film which is the sequel to the 2016 American Horror-Slasher film, Wikia The Horror Movie.


Somebody is lurking around Wikia to get revenge on Dean, but who is this Psyco killer? Two years after the events of the first film this Psyco killer starts terrorizing Vapereon from the first film along with his MK Wiki friends.


  • Jared Padalecki as Vapereon Thomas Cole
  • Oliver Hudson as Bya Autry
  • Lacey Chabert Jade Colvin
  • Kate Ashfield as Echo Telsa
  • Hayden Panettiere as Casey Williams
  • Miles Fisher as Bog Lawton
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Samantha Colvin
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Judy Ann Smith
  • Joel Edgerton as Sammy Ann Smith
  • Will Smith as Ermac Puke
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Hyper Brian J.
  • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Scarlet Emanuel
  • Patrick Wilson as Metal Lillac Ked
  • Jim Carrey as Riley "Smaug" Kahn
  • Brad Pitt as Smoke Lambert Johnson
  • Rupert Grint as Cake Candle
  • Jack Quaid as Xavier Stone "X"
  • Pitbull as Prince Paladin
  • Liam Hemsworth as Uni Okeni
  • Dane Farwell as The Killer (Brother of Dean)


  • Bya Autry
  • Casey Williams
  • Judy Ann Smith
  • Samantha Colvin
  • Bog Lawton


  • Uni - Thrown off the balcony to his death.
  • Prince - Head is smashed and bashed with a Keyboard
  • Smoke - Shot to death
  • X - Neck snapped
  • Cake - Crushed by flat screen TV
  • Riley - Chucked to death with Keyboard at neck
  • Scarlet - Gets ran over
  • Sammy - Stabbed in the head with a knife
  • Metal - Stabbed in the stomach several times with a knife
  • Hyper - electrocuted to death while taking a shower with turned on portable devices
  • Ermac -Throat is sliced
  • Jade - Stabbed through the mouth with a knife
  • Echo - TV controller shoved up into her left eye socket
  • Vapereon - Brutally stabbed and knocked around the room
  • The Killer - Chocked to death and neck crushed by Bya's bear hands