Wigglytuff's group are the name given to a group of villains who antagonize the protagonists in Super Mystery Dungeon:The Lost World. They are aligned with the Chaos Men and relish the Chaos they are told to cause.

When Wigglytuff told Danos she could find the most ruthless pokemon to take down the protagonists,this pleased Danos and he gave her the mission to take out what he referred to as the tyrant enablers. Wigglytuff then said she could find the most ruthless individuals and thus she formed her group.


The most skilled and charismatic leader of the group. She is able to manipulate pokemon in to doing what she wants them to do. She also does not tolerate bossy people and is quick to shut any of her goons up if they get snooty.


Vanilluxe was the first of three thugs to be recruited by Wigglytuff. He feigns defeat and then draws his opponents in before brutally stabbing them to death with a knife.


Snover was the second of four thugs hired by Wigglytuff. Although he has a voice like Elmo from Sesame Street. He is a cruel ruthless pitiless thug who kills his opponent by freezing them then powerbombing them on the ground and shattering them.


Jumpluff is the third of four thugs and is 1 one of 2 females of the group. She is capable of crushing an opponent's skull with her bare hands and was first found alone in the Purifying Cave,she was then recruited into Wigglytuff's gang.


Slurpuff is the final thug to join Wigglytuff's gang. He enjoys chaos and killed the Herdier and Furfrou who were guarding his prison cell. He is then recruited by Wigglytuff,the two bonding over their Fairy typing. He looks up to her as a mother figure.

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