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Who Are the Johnsons? is an upcoming American comedy film which is a remake of the 2013 film We're the Millers. The film stars Jack Black, Sandra Bullock, Logan Lerman and Ariana Grande.


Miles Anderton is a low level drug dealer who is robbed by a couple of junkies. His boss, drug lord Tony Gonzales, tells Miles that he will let him off if he smuggles marjiuana into the US from Mexico. Fearing that going only may arouse suspicion, Miles decides to put together a fake family to get across the border. He hires a stripper who's stage name is Candy to act as his wife, his teenage neighbour Jesse to be his son, and a teenage runaway named Maggie to be his daughter.

The group, going by the alias of the Johnsons, head to Mexico in an RV and pick up the two tons of weed from a compound. Unfortunately, the RV's radiator hose breaks and they break down. They are rescued by another family called the Conways, who tow them to a repair shop. Miles looks in the Conway's glove compartment and learns that the patriarch, Nick, is a DEA agent after finding his badge and gun.

The Johnsons and the Conways check into a motel that night, and part ways the following morning. The Johnsons return to the shop to retrieve the RV, but are confronted by an armed man named Mike, who reveals himself to be an enforcer for cartel drug lord Victor Velez. The family are escorted to Velez, who reveals that the weed belongs to him and they stole it. Miles admits that their not a real family, which Candy tries to show by performing a striptease. When she gets close enough to Velez, she turns a steam vent on him and kills him.

Mike pursues the Johnsons, who escape in the RV. Nick gets a call from his partner, Rodriguez, informing him of a drug related car chase near to him. Nick follows and is soon joined by more DEA agents. They cut Mike off while the Johnsons escape, and in the ensuing shootout Mike is killed. The Johnsons finally arrive at the local carnival, where Miles slows down to give them a second to gather their thoughts. When he accidentally reveals that he is getting paid more by Gonzales than the rest of them, they kick him out, so he walks the rest of the way to Gonzales' den.

When he arrives, Gonzales tells him that he is late, and decides to kill him. Miles begs for his life, when someone else arrives at the warehouse, allowing Miles to hide while Gonzales is distracted. The person is revealed to Rodriguez, who is actually a corrupt agent. He shoots and kills Gonzales for not paying him up and then orders his henchmen to head down to the carnival and take care of the Johnsons. Miles follows them, hoping to rescue his fake family.

Meanwhile, the Conways also arrive at the carnival, where Nick confronts the Johnsons and is ready to arrest them. The enforcers arrive and force everyone into the RV, planning to shoot them. Rodriguez reveals himself to Nick, but the latter manages to escape and her runs off. While trying to figure out what to do, he meets Miles, and they decide to rescue their families together. They assault the RV, while Jesse leads something of a revolt inside and fights the villains off. Rodriguez shoots and wounds Nick then tries to set the RV on fire, but everyone gets out in time. Miles chases after Rodriguez, who gains the upper hand, only to be distracted by the Fourth of July fireworks. Miles shoves him into a warehouse full of fireworks and they go off, killing Rodriguez.

Thankful for his help, Nick decides to let Miles and the others go, and the film ends with the Johnsons having a family dinner together at a diner.


  • Jack Black - Miles Anderton
  • Sandra Bullock - Candy
  • Logan Lerman - Jesse
  • Ariana Grande - Maggie
  • Miguel Ferrer - Rodriguez