White Noise 3: The Sound is a 2014 supernatural horror thriller film, directed by Steven Quale. It is a stand-alone sequel to the 2005 film, White Noise and 2007 film, White Noise 2: The Light. This films stars


A trouble detective has a problem of he own after the death of his 27 years old sister who was shot dead by her unhappy pupil that he witnesses his own sister's murder at his own house. He visits his therapist, Dr. Molly Tyler and tell her what happening to him after his sister's death. Molly's teenager daughter, Rachel who help him by the hear the sound of his sister but supernatural turn deadly.



  • TBA as Detetive Neil Andrews
  • TBA as Rachel Tyler
  • TBA as Molly Tyler/Rachel's mother and Neil's therapist
  • TBA as Helen Andrews/Neil's sister who was shot and died


Helen's death


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