White House is a 2013 Horror film, The film is Directed by Marcus Nispel and Produced by Kevin Williamson.

White House

Theatrical Release Poster

Directed by

Marcus Nispel

Produced by

Kevin Williamson

Marcus Nispel

Don Mancini

Screenplay by

Don Mancini

Eric Heisserer


Josh Hartnett

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Eliza Bennett

Music by Steve Jablonsky


Daniel Pearl
Editing by Glen Scantlebury
Studio Rogue Pictures

Platinum Dunes

Distributed by

Release date(s)

New Line Cinema

September 18th, 2013

Running time 98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $14.8 million
Box office $200,071,655

The Cast features Josh Hartnett, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eliza Bennett,

The Film is about Six Strangers played by Megan Park, Nick Lashaway, Sasha Grey, Emma Stone, Mason Cook and Chris Hemsworth who must stay in a white house to win a 1 Million cash, but their lives were in danger as a man played by Josh Harnett tells them that the house was cursed and a woman in black played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is haunting the house and kidnaps his daughter.


The Film opens with Jet McNeil (Josh Hartnett), a doctor who is going on a vacation with his daughter, Julianne (Isabella Acres) and wife Alice (Jennifer Aniston) were travelling and Jet decided to go inside a white house to pee inside, Julianne follows Jet and Jet was peeing and a Woman in Black (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)


Josh Hartnett as Jet McNeil

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Stella Mitchell

Megan Park as April

Sophia Bush as Jessica Miller

Chris Hemworth as Jake

Chris Colfer as Matt

Sasha Grey as Banks

Mason Cook as David

Emma Stone as Elize

Jennifer Aniston as Alice McNeil

Isabella Acres as Julianne McNeil

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