White Angel: Blood Evolution is 2017 American psychological horror thriller film who is sequel to 2013 film, White Angel, 2015 film, White Angel: Dark Blood and 2016 film, White Angel: The Next Chapter. It is the fourth installment in Len Wiseman's White Angel series.


One years after NYPD goes war with Nick Hooper and his killer gang. But a new gang start to terrorist the NYPD for their revenge. Then the revenge getting to dangerous, when Danny and Lauren found out a most wanted killer, Nick Hooper is alive after he escape death again.



  • Tom Cruise as Danny Gibson
  • Eliza Bennett as Lauren Roberts
  • Gerard Butler as Nick Hooper
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Nathan Roberts
  • Kate Beckinsale as Sandra Roberts
  • Eva Green as Deborah Matthews
  • Hayden Panettiere as Jennifer "Jenny" Lovato
  • Diane Kruger as Emma Stewart
  • Ving Rhames as Captain Randy Vera
  • Chelsea Tavares as Violet Vera/Captain Vera's daughter
  • Amber Stevens as Gemma Vera/Captain Vera's older daughter
  • Amandla Stenberg as Zoey Vera/Captain Vera's youngest daughter
  • Mia Talerico as Chloe Roberts
  • TBA as Michael Roberts


The Opening Scene

Danny, Lauren and Captain Vera take cover for clue

  • (Danny, Randy and Lauren getting out of the car)
  • (Danny, Randy and Lauren walk)
  • Lauren: Why we got the Captain?
  • Danny: I had no choice.
  • Danny: Captain wanted to come.
  • Lauren: Can you say no to him?
  • (Randy look at Lauren)
  • Lauren: What?
  • Randy: Listen to me, Lauren.
  • Randy: I always like yes.
  • Randy: No is bad thing that some time people got bad luck after saying no.
  • Lauren: No can't be that bad.
  • Randy: Watch your mouth, Roberts.
  • (Danny stop walk)
  • Lauren: What?
  • Danny: Something is odd.
  • Lauren: What you mean?
  • Danny: I felt something inside of the house.
  • Randy: What we are going to do, Gibson?
  • Danny: Let crash into this house.
  • (Serious music in the background)
  • (Danny, Lauren and Randy holds their guns)
  • (Randy broke the door with kicking it and serious music stops playing in the background)
  • (Danny and Lauren in their shocked faces)
  • (Danny and Lauren in serious faces look at Randy)
  • Randy: What?! 
  • (Lauren and Danny look at each other)
  • Lauren and Danny: Nothing.
  • (Serious music)
  • (Danny walks slowly to the house)
  • (Lauren and Randy walks behind Danny)
  • (Randy going upstairs)
  • (Randy walk upstairs with his gun)
  • (Randy saw a door)
  • (Randy open the door)
  • (Randy gasp)
  • (Room cover in blood)
  • (Randy pants)
  • (Randy turn round)
  • Randy: GIBSON!!!!!!
  • (Scene change when Danny and Lauren in downstairs)


  • 165 minutes long. 
  • Strong language, very strong graphic violence, strong sexual nuture/content, nudity, some drug use and flashing images.
  • 18 certificate
  • It will be distributed by Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment
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