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Daenerys Targaryen and her khalsar go pillage the lands of the Lhazareen people, killing everyone. The entire nation is quickly decimated. The Dothraki wanted blood and their Khaleesi got them as much they wanted. One of them, Qyboro, is named commander of the Dothraki army.
Daenerys Targaryen and her khalsar go pillage the lands of the Lhazareen people, killing everyone. The entire nation is quickly decimated. The Dothraki wanted blood and their Khaleesi got them as much they wanted. One of them, Qyboro, is named commander of the Dothraki army.
"''Blood of my blood.", she tells them,'' "This is what you get when you fight for me. What we did here, we will do it again. The whole continent will be ours! We will burn every cities and claim everything for us. We will embark on the wooden horses and  when we will be in my lands, we will kill everyone. We will destroy their stone houses and reclaim what is mine, my iron chair! I promise you everything and together, we will get what we deserve!"
"''Blood of my blood.", s''he tells them'','' "''This is what you get when you fight for me. What we did here, we will do it again. The whole continent will be ours! We will burn every cities and claim everything for us. We will embark on the wooden horses and  when we will be in my lands, we will kill everyone. We will destroy their stone houses and reclaim what is mine, my iron chair! I promise you everything and together, we will get what we deserve''!"
The rebels arrive at Winterfell, “Arrival at Winterfell” can be heard in the background, reminiscent of the arrivals of King Robert or the allied forces of jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Ned and Cat go to meet their brother Ben before the battle begins. 
The rebels arrive at Winterfell, “Arrival at Winterfell” can be heard in the background, reminiscent of the arrivals of King Robert or the allied forces of jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Ned and Cat go to meet their brother Ben before the battle begins. 

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Wheel of Power is fanfic Game of Thrones sequel by Ni201, setted in 336 AC, 31 years after Game of Thrones' Season 8 finale. King Bran the Broken just died and a new king has to be elected, making the stage for a new series of conflicts all over Westeros, and beyond...


1.1 : "The first spin"

Bran the Broken is dead. In the fully rebuilt Sept of Baelor, his funerals are celebrated. Many are attending, among them are: Robb Baratheon, Steffon Payne, Lothar and Hoster Tully, Robin Aryn, Asha Greyjoy, Elia Martell and Lord Astor Caswell. The Lord Commander of the King's Guard, Ser Brienne, and her most trusted knight, Ser Podrick and Grand Maester Sam Tarly, Hand of the King and Protector of the Realm until a new king is elected, are also there with all the other royal guards.

At Winterfell, Jon Stark, heir of the Queen Sansa Stark, is sparring with his young Brother, Ben. Alongside watching are Catelyn Stark, youngest child of the Queen, and Ned, son of Serah, Sansa's closest friend, and himself a longtime friend of the Stark children. As Jon beats Ben, Ned teases Cat and jokingly challenges her to a duel. She accepts, determined to fight her small, frail opponent. Ben gives his sword to Ned, the poor boy doesn't even have one, and he and Jon watches her sister easily putting Ned into the ground.

"You should have thrown her books", Ben said.

"Your family doesn't have that many books", Ned replied.

Cat helps Ned to get up and their eyes meet, both staring at each other for a few awkward seconds.

In Highgarden, Viola and Willem Blackwater are eating in front of each other.

“Why are you here?", Viola asks harshly.

“Well… eating, why would I be anywhere else?”, Willem responds.

“Maybe at a funeral, you prick!”

“For fuck sake! Not this again? The cripple’s dead, get over it.”

“You’re an imbecile. Every lords and ladies of every fucking house and lands are all in the same, plotting with each other and you, you’re eating, drinking yourself to death and possibly whoring later in the night, am I wrong? Refusing the Master of coins job after our father died was a full shit pile of stupidity!”

“We’re already rich. Why in the Seven Hells would I sit all day long in this stinking city?

“I should be Warden of the Reach, not you. Your only concerns are dirty whores after all…”

“Expensive as they are, they’re not dirty at all. Why should I freaking do then?”

In her throne room, Queen Sansa announces to her children she received a letter from Grand Maester Sam Tarly, announcing that the lost king's corpse will be brought to Winterfell, buried in the crypt.

In King’s Landing, Sam Tarly announces to all the major lords and ladies the election for a new king will be held in the Dragon pit in a few months. Robb Baratheon looks satisfied…

1.2 :"Child's play

In  King's Landing, Robb reunites in secret Elia, Asha, Steffon Payne, Robin Arryn and Hoster Tully. 

" Your brother Hoster is not with us?", asks Payne.

" He already left back home. He's more useful un Riverrun than here.", Lothar Tully responds.

" Only the high lords and ladies had to be there anyway. This talk never happened, what's said in this room stay in this room.", says Robb.

"Then what's so important that even our closest advisers can't hear?", questions the Princess of Dorne.

"Like you know, I've been Master of Laws for 2 years before King Bran unfortunately dies. I know politics, I've been in game, I also know how to rule. The people at court are all fond of me and so the people of this city. I'm young and if I'm given the chance, like my grandfather before me, I could rule Westeros for a long and prosper reign. All I ask of you is your support when the time comes for the election. Can I count on you?", asks Robb.

Everyone seems to agree and all return back home, away from the capital.

In the crypt of Winterfell, Queen Sansa, Jon, Ben and Cat, all attend Bran's final ceremony. In the library, Ned asks Wolkan, the Maester, about a word in High Valyrian he doesn't recognize. 

" Well, it's Valyrian, but it's low, not High Valyrian. Zaldrizes buzdari iksos daor… A dragon is not a slave… a common saying in what was Old Valyria. Buzdari means slave, but is not the proper word. In High Valyrian, the word for slave is dohaeriros. Buzdari is used today by commoners in former valyrian colonies like Astapor and Meereen.", answers the Maester.

" I still need to work on it then…", says Ned.

" But you're improving fast.", responds Wolkan.

Hoster Tully is back at Riverrun, finally home. As is brother instructed him, he calls all the bannermans and the generals for a meeting when the Warden of the Riverlands will be back.

In Winterfell, the Queen, Jon, Ben, Cat, Serah  and Maester Wolkan are all meeting in the throne room.

" Lord Glover has requested food supplies for the next 2 months. Harvest has been difficult for them lately", says Wolkan.

" Give him what he needs. Lord Glover is a powerful ally. No need of frustrated lords around us right now …", responds the Queen.

" Also, there is a group of bandits causing a lot of trouble near White Harbor. Commoners are scared…"

" He can track them down, mom", says Jon

" Oh please Jon, don't steal all the fun!", says Cat.

" Yeah, I mean, it has been a while since I shot my arrow at something…", responds Ben.

" Alright alright, children. You wanna play? Then go play with your toys. But come safe home as soon possible.", orders Sansa

" Alright, thank you mom", says Jon.

Serah and Sansa looks at each other, smiling with complicity. 

Outside, Ned watches the Stark children ride for White Harbor. Serah comes from behind him.

" You love her, do you?"

" Whom?", asks Ned.

" Please, I know love when I see it…"

" Ok fine, yes. But it's all for nothing. Why would her girl like her would be interested in someone like me?"

" You'd be surprised. There's a lot of things you have to learn about women. Love is not always logical…"

" If you say so…"

In Highgarden, Viola sees Will walking to his chamber with 2 "professionals". She looks at them with disgust.

1.3 : "Back Home"

Asha Greyjoy and Olivar Botley sail back to Pyke.

" So, you haven't told me yet : What was this secret meeting about?", asks Olivar.

" Robb Baratheon claiming his crown, mostly.", answers back Asha.

" I see… maybe it's time then to you, know, claiming what us yours…"

" Independence, you mean."

" Mostly, yes."

" No. Robb Baratheon's gonna be king soon. We'll be stuck here we are."

" Indeed. Haven't I told you about what your mother was promised once…?"

" Yes you did. The Dragon Queen promised her Iron Island's freedom but then, she went mad and we know the story… a cripple boy became king and we got stuck, just like right now…"

" Maybe it's time for you to claim what is yours…"

" No. I'd I do that now, everyone would be at our throat. I'm not my grandfather Balon, I'm not an idiot."

" Perhaps you should wait and consider it later."

" Maybe..."

Robin Arryn returns to the Eyries, greeted by his daughter, Alys. The Lord Paramount of the Vale public announces he will side with Robb Baratheon, "the one true king". Alys is furious.

"Not this prick!? Are you mad?", she asks him.

"My father was his grandfather's Hand. Any man who follows honor follows him", Robin answers.

The Stark children arrive in White Harbor. The bandits already left. Jon questions the civilians and the group learn the bandits are now near Oldcastle, terrorizing the population. The 3 Starks continue their track.

Elia Martell and her personal guard, Guryn Uller, are back in Sunspear. 

" What did I missed?", he asks.

" Nothing important. Prepare the Dornish army, fun is coming.", only says the Princess of Dorne.

In Highgarden, Will goes for hunting. Viola disapproves.

"What's the problem again?", he says.

"You can't go now, you have important matters that require your attention", Viola responds.

"For fuck sake! Nothing that you can't do yourself."

"Could you please be Warden of the Reach for once in your life?"

"Only when it's really important. You said it yourself, only one matter really deserves my "attention", like you call it."

"Then you know what to do?"

"Yes, and you know it's not for now, we have plenty of time. Can I go now?"

"Yes. Go kill your little beasts, if that amuses you so much."

Lothar Tully arrives at Riverrun, greeted by his bannermen and Hoster. They hold a war council.

"If we are all here today, it's not for my amusement. Aaron is coming. I don't know who's gonna fight, but one thing is sure, it'll happen soon or later.", he says.

"And...on which side are we going to be?"  Hoster asks.

"Well, Robb Baratheon might be king soon. For our own sake, we'll probably fight with him, but everything is possible. Hoster, I name you Lord of the Twins. Go there and wait. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for me, you'll not be far of my sight for long. When the time comes, I'll need you by my side. It's all for today, get out."

In King's Landing, Grand Maester Sam, Ser Brienne and Ser Podrick are all in the throne room. 

"So, how are the preparations for the election?", asks Sam.

"Everything is fine.", answers Brienne.

"We might have to make changes to the throne room. We're looking for a new chair for the new king to sit on since you know, King Bran already got his own…", says Pod.

"Well, keep looking.", responds Sam.

At Storm's end, a triumphant Robb Baratheon arrives, greeted by his mother, Melissa Caron.

"Lady Melissa, I'm happy to tell you you'll be queen mother soon.", Robb tells her.

Jon, Ben and Cat finally find the bandits, attacking farmers. Ben shoots one, Jon slays 2 of them and Cat saves many or the farmers an kills 3 bandits. One of the bandits escapes with his horse.

"It seems the hunt's not over yet.", says Ben.

"Let get on with it quickly.", responds Jon.

"Then what are we waiting for?", replies Cat.

1.4 : "The letters"

In Winterfell, Sansa and Serah are drinking wine in the Queen's chamber. 

"They've been out there for a while now…", Sansa complains.

"Don't worry, they'll come back. You worry to much…", says Serah. 

"The Grand Maester wrote me. Sam is worried…"

"About what?"

"Their election is coming soon. It's seems Gendry's son will be king…"

"Good news isn't it? Robb Baratheon's sympathetic to us, am I right?"

"Probably. Even though Arya broke his father's heart. I'm pretty the poor Gendry never recovered fully." Serah, I need you by my side now more than ever."

"Of course, your grace." Both laugh. "Where else could I go anyway?"

"How about the boy?"

"Ned? He's fine… reading as always."

"Good. He might be useful someday…"

The young wolves finally find the last bandit. Ben tries to shoot him, but Jon decides to give him a clean death.

"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword", he says.

"This is shit. He doesn't deserve it", replies Ben.

"I agree with Jon. We should give him a proper death. We are Starks, we should act like Starks.", responds Cat.

"Alright, do as you want.", says Ben.

Jon executes the bandit and all 3 return home.

Hoster Tully arrives at the Twins. The castle has been abandoned for years. Hoster begins to plan it's restoration.

In Storm's end, Robb and Melissa discuss strategy.

"No need to plan anything, mother, everyone is at my side.", says Robb.

"Everyone?", Melissa responds.

"Everyone. I've met with Lothar Tully, Steffon Payne, Elia Martell, Asha Greyjoy, even Robin Arryn. Everyone."

"Sweet Robin Arryn… what a mighty ally you've got… I'm impressed. But that's not everyone. What about the Reach?"

"Willem Blackwater was nowhere to be found. Anyway, he won't be a problem."

"Not a problem? Are you sure? He's probably the only real rich guy around here. He's a piece of shit like his father before him, but If he wants to, he could be a major concern."

"Oh mother, you worry too much."

In the Vale, Alys Arryn is sparring with her knights, defeating them all. 

“You’re way too strong my lady!”, says one knight.

“Well, with my weak father,someone had to carry the balls... Alys responds.

On the road to Winterfell, the young Starks stay a night at a inn. As they're eating, a young woman is eyeing Jon. Ben notices it and says :

"Seems you might have some company tonight, big brother. You looks like she wants it hard…"

"Ben! You know I'm there right?", replies Cat.

"I don't want her. We need to focus on our duty", responds Jon.

"Why not? Why are you always so boring?", asks Ben.

"I'm not boring, I follow honor. You should do the same.", answers Jon.

In Pyke, Olivar Botley goes to see Asha. He wants to know if she'll declare the Ironborns' independence.

"No. I won't risk it. I don't want to be everyone's enemy." She answers back.

"But what If weren't alone? What if whe had allies?", asks again Olivar.

"Then it'll be different…"

In King's Landing, Grand Maester Sam writes to all the lords and ladies of Westeros, including Queen Sansa. This is it, the election for a new king will be hold in the Dragon pit...

1.5 : "Long live the King"

In King's Landing, Lord Astor Caswell, Master of Whisperers, visits Sam.

"You wanted to see me, Grand Maester?', he asks.

"Yes, my lord. The council is in a few hours. Your reputation precedes you, I need to know what you know. What have your spies told you about the high lords and ladies. Who wants the crown?", Sam responds.

"My reputation is all I have, Grand Maester. Yes, some of my spies had some informations for me. Robb wants it, that's certain. No one else seems to claim it. No news from Willem Blackwater, mysterious man... I heard some troubling things tough..."

"What kind of troubling things?"

"Only rumors. Elia Martell may be preparing her army right now. But like I said, it's only a rumor..."

"I don't like that... we might have an eye on her... anything else?"

"Nothing important, Grand Maester."

The Great Council of the Dragon pit finally happens. Presided by Grand Maester Sam, it reunites all the major houses, but someone is missing, Willem Blackwater.   

"Shall we begin?", says Elia Martell.

"I'm afraid  we can't, there's a seat still unoccupied.", responds Sam.

After long minutes of waiting, Willem Blackwater enters the pit.

"Sorry, I'm late, the travel  from Highgarden was shit. Lot of cocksuckers down the road."

And by so, the council begins. Robb rises from his seat, calling himself, Robert the second of House Baratheon, the one true king the 6 Kingdoms need.

"Anyone else who would want the crown?", asks Sam.

"I do, and anyone who doesn't get me a vote would lose all the food I gently give them. You want that little prick right as king? Then you'll starve.", answers Will.

Of course, the lords and ladies are furious and after long deliberations, Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully both vote for Willem Blackwater, Robin Aryn  lets the Vale starve by voting for Robb, Elia Martell proclaims the independence of Dorne and Asha Greyjoy, shocked by the situation, follows Elia's lead and just like that, the Iron Islands becomes another independent Kingdom. Robb returns to Storm's end, reuniting his bannermen. The war has started. Willem the first of House Blackwater is crowned, long may he reign.

Jon, Ben and Cat are finally home at Winterfell. Sansa was waiting for them. Just by looking at their mother's face, they know something went wrong...

1.6 "Dusty books"

In Winterfell, Jon, Ben, Cat, Serah, Wolkan and Sansa are debating in the throne room. Jon wants to help Robb Baratheon but the queen disagrees.

"I will not risk any northman’s life in a foreign war. This is not our conflict", she says.

"But mother, Willem Blackwater is not sympathetic to the North. We should consider him as our enemy.", Jon replies.

"Perhaps your grace we should be vigilant about this new king. He's a sellsword's son, not the kind of man worth our trust…", says Wolkan.

"I do not trust Willem Blackwater. This is why I name you, Jon, officially Commander of the northern army. If the North is in danger, you'd be in charge. For now, all I ask of you is to trust me and hold back. We will not intervene until I say so. Patience is required", responds Sansa.

In King's Landing, the coronation ceremony is held in the throne room. Sam, Brienne, Podrick and the other King's guards are there, as so Astor Caswell, Steffon Payne and Viola Blackwater, now a princess. The High septon officially declares Willem the first of House Blackwater, Lord of the 6 Kingdoms, King of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Realm. King Willem names Sam Hand of the King, Caswell stays Master of Whisperers and Steffon Payne is Master of War once again. 

"Lord Payne, prepare your men. Lord Tully is coming and when he's there, we'll all going for a stag hunt.", says the king.

In Storm's end, Robb is furious. He's preparing for the war.

"I told you.", only says Melissa.

"This is treason. They all stabbed me in the back. Even the North won't help us!", Robb says back.

"So we're alone…"

"We still have the Vale in our side."

"Yes, the knights of the Vale are probably the best in Westeros. Is Sweet Robin doesn't lead his magnificent army himself, we might have a chance…"

In Pyke, Olivar and Asha are discussing strategies.

"I'm glad you changed your mind.", says Botley.

"My hands we forced. The Ironborn will never kneel for a Blackwater.", Asha responds.

"Do we have a plan. Pillaging as we always do?"

"I have a plan, you won't like it but it's our best chance."

At the Eyries, Robin Arryn comes back from the capital. Alys was waiting for him. She is not happy about her father joining the Stormlands in a rebellion. 

"This war is something we can't win by Robb's side, if we even have any food to fight it!", she says.

Robin doesn't listen and he prepares to send his troops south.

In the North, Catelyn visits Ned, reading books as always in the library. She announces him the bad news, but he already knew.                                      

"How could people have forgot about the madness and violence of the past?", she asks. "Because they don't know their past. If they have red what I'm reading right now, they would know. Unfortunately, most people doesn't care about what's inside those dusty books.", answers Ned.

At the Twins, Hoster Tully receives a letter from his brother.

"The new king is fighting the storm. Come back to Riverrun.", only wrote the Warden of the Riverlands.

Sitting on his throne, Viola by his side, King Willem questions Astor Caswell.

"What are the news, Caswell?", he says.

"My sources are telling me Robb Baratheon requested help form the North. Queen Sansa Stark decided to stay neutral.", answers the Master of Whisperers.

"That's sad. The northern fools are great fighters. A good scrap with them would have been fun.", says Will.

"What about the Vale, my lord?", asks Viola.

"Robin Arryn is siding with the Baratheons, my lady.", answers Caswell.

"The knights of the Vale are very effective, people say. At least we still outnumber them.", says the princess.

"Indeed, my lady.", replies Caswell.

In Winterfell, Maester Wolkan suffers from sickness and can't leave his bed...

1.7 "Lady of the Vale"

In Riverrun, Hoster goes to see his brother. Lothar tells him war has started, House Tully will fight for King Willem.

"Are we not loyal to Robb Baratheon?", asks Hoster.

"Not anymore. Listen, you killed our mother when you  came into this world and I'll never forget you. But you're my brother and it's the boy reason I tolerate you. Now, you will lead my army south, fight Robb Baratheon and represent House Tully on the battlefield. Am I clear?", answers Lothar.

"Yes, brother."

In Sunspear, Elia Martell and Guryn Uller are sparring in the gardens. Elia is quick and precised with her spear, she's a very skilled fighter. They're interrupted by a guard.

"Your grace, someone demands to speak with you. She said it was an urgent matter.", he says.

"Who?", asks Elia.

"She didn't tell."

"Alright I'm coming."

Asha Greyjoy and Olivar Botley are waiting for her. Elia enters the room and hides her surprise.

"The Ironborn in Dorne? That's a first… what brings you here? But wait, are we not technically at war? Should I consider you as my enemy?", she asks.

"That depends on you.", says Asha.

"Perhaps you may want to hear what we have to propose before making a choice, don't you think?", adds Olivar.

The Iron Islands seek an alliance with Dorne, fighting together for each's independence. First, Dorne will sack the Reach and the Iron Fleet will pillage the Westerlands.

In the Vale, an handmaiden finds Lord Robin Arryn dead in his bed. He presumably does in his sleep.

In Winterfell, Maester Wolkan is still sick. Serah visits him and then goes to see Sansa un her chamber.

"It's bad, Sansa. He won't be able to assume his charges for a long time, if he manages to even survive.", she says.

"Can't you heal him?, asks Sansa.

"No, definitely not. The only one in the North who knows enough to help would be… himself..."

"I see…"

"We should report that to the Citadel. "

"Maybe… but not yet."

In King's Landing, Grand Maester Sam, Hand of the King, holds the Small council. Around the table are Ser Brienne, Ser Podrick, Astor Caswell and Steffon Payne. Viola enters the room.

"My lady, I'm sorry, but this is a Small council meeting, your presence is not allowed.", says Sam.

"Maybe, but my brother will not attend this meeting, he ordered me to represent him here in this room.", Viola replies.

"Why is the king not with us?", asks Ser Brienne.

"My brother is quite busy at the moment.", answers Viola.

"He sure is…", says Caswell, smiling."

"What about the troops, Lord Payne? Are your forces coming soon?", asks Sam.

"Yes, my lord Hand. They are near the city, few days before they arrive. Reinforcements from the Riverlands are also joining us soon enough", answers Payne.

"I heard Lothar Tully is staying home. His little brother will lead his men in the battlefield", replies Caswell.

"Did you know that, my lord?", Sam asks Payne.

"I didn't.", only says Payne.

In Winterfell, Jon and Ben are drinking ale together. Jon seems worried.

"What's the matter?", asks Ben.

"What matter?", responds Jon.

"Come on… I know you. What's your concern?"

"The war, Ben, the war. I'm Commander of our army but I can't do anything. We should be already on the battlefield with the Robb Baratheon."

" Maybe doing nothing is the right thing to do…"

"No, we need to fight. This is our duty, it's what honor means."

"Honor? Because you think it's honorable to get thousands of northern men killed?"

"Still, we can't be alone in this, we need allies."

"We don't need anyone Jon, except ourselves. We are wolves and only the pack survives. "

"You sound like mother."

"Maybe because she's right."

At the Eyries, after her father's funerals, Alys Arryn, now Lady of the Vale, orders are troops not to go south to help Robb. They will remain neutral in this conflict. She names Ser Hory Hunter as her personal guard.

1.8 "Flamming arrows"

In Storm's end, Robb is still reassembling his bannermen. He's soon ready for war, but still waiting for the knights of the Vale.

"Still no news of Robin Arry?", asks Lady Melissa.

"Not a word…", Robb says back.

In Winterfell, Serah and Sansa are discussing about Maester Wolkan's health. He is still very ill, but stable.

"No need to panic for now then...Is it that me or there's something about Ned and Cat?", asks the queen.

"Only feelings for now, I think.", answers Serah.

"Do I need to explain it can't go further…", says Sansa.

"Of course it can't. I'm working on it."

"Don't worry, I might have an idea…"

In Storm's end, the news of Robin Arryn's death finally reach Robb. Learning that he lost his only ally, he is furious, but still decides to attack King's Landing, leaving his fortress.

In King's Landing, Steffon Payne announces to the Small council his troops are finally there, ready to fight. Hoster Tully will could arrive at any moment now.

In Sunspear, Elia, Asha, Guryn Uller and Olivar are planning their next moves. Elia is visibly flirting with Asha, Guryn and Olivar look at each other, confused. 

Queen Sansa goes to visit Wolkan in his chambers. The old man is still very sick.

"I assure you, your grace, that I'll be well enough to serve you as sooner as possible.", says Wolkan.

"I know that. You're a loyal and devoted man. Take your time to heal well, no need to worry for me. But, something concerns me at the moment and I need your opinion…", Sansa tells him.

Still in Winterfell, Cat is shooting arrows outside, practicing her skills. Ned is observing her.

"Wanna try?", she asks him.

"I don't think bows and arrows suits me very well…", Ned responds.

"And what could possibly suits you? Let me guess… books…?"

"Well… I'm just trying to be useful… I think…"

" reading makes you useful?"

"Perhaps… knowing things? I don't know. The North has so many soldiers, people who knows how to fight, like you. Maybe it also needs someone who knows who to fight and if fighting is the right thing to do…"

"Like you?"

"Me? No. I only know things someone before me wrote. But maybe whith that knowledge I could help someone else to make decisions."

"Like Jon and Ben."

"That's not a bad comparison …"

Hoster Tully and his troops finally arrive to King's Landing. Hoster goes to see Will in the throne room, kneeling before his king.

"Your grace, the Riverlands are yours.", he says.

"That was about time. Finally I can kick Robb Baratheon's ass. Caswell, where is the stag prick?", Will asks.

"He's leaving Storm's end, your grace. I heard he's coming to us.", answers Caswell.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go meet this son of a bitch!"

1.9 "Kingswood"

King Willem Blackwater and Robb Baratheon meet in the Kingswood, facing each other and ready for battle. During this meeting before battle, Robb is alone while Will has Steffon Payne and Hoster Tully behind him.

"We outnumber you.", says the king.

"My men are fierce and fight for me. Yours are scared of you and are only there for food.", Robb says back.

"Men still need food to fight.", Will responds.

"About that, how long could you stand anyway? Few months? Harvest hasn't been good in your lands I heard…", says Payne.

"My lord, don't do it. I beg you, don't get your men killed for nothing. Kneel before the new king and your life will be spared.", Hoster tells Robb.

"Tomorrow, House Baratheon will reign over Westeros once again. Ours is the fury.", says Robb. He returns back to his camps.

Will and Steffon Payne look at each other, amused. Hoster looks concerned.

"What a fool.", says Payne.

"One ball and no brains. Still, he has guts. This shit battle might be fun after all…", responds Will.

In King's Landing, another Small council meeting is held, reuniting Grand Maester Sam, Astor Caswell, Ser Podrick, Ser Brienne and Viola. 

"I should be on the battlefield. I am the Lord Commander of the King's guard, I should be protecting the king by now", says Brienne.

"Don't worry for the king, Ser Brienne. All the other kingsguards are at his side. Ans my brother can hold a sword on his own pretty well… We still need you and Ser Podrick in the capital. ", Viola says back.

"What about the other rebellions, Dorne and the Ironborn?", asks Sam.

"They're quiet for now, my lord Hand. But ot won't last. As I heard, Asha Greyjoy made an alliance with Elia Martell. They'll probably cause damage south and in the west.", answers Caswell.

"Nothing important then. Let these two have their fun. Even my mother could keep the Reach safe, which I already instructed her to do. We kill the stag, then we crush them and after that, we could concern ourselves with real serious issues.", says Viola.

"Real issues my lady? Like what?", asks Sam.

"The wolves…", she answers.

"The wolves? You mean the Starks?", Sam's asks again.

"You'll see, lord Hand…", Viola only answers.

Sam, Brienne and Pod look at each other, very, very concerned.

On their ship, Olivar and Asha are planning their attacks on the Westerlands' coast.

"Maybe we should wait before attacking Lannisport. Begin small, finish big.", says Olivar.

"Agreed. Small villages for now.", answers Asha.

"Oh, and we have to talk about the princess of Dorne."

"Elia? What's the matter?"

"She definitely has an eye for you…"

"An eye on me? Nonsense. Your imagination is beyond limits, uncle."

"I'm not the only who noticed. Her personal guard looked concerned."

"Guryn Martell is just doing his doing his job, which is to be concerned all the time."

"If you say so, if you say so…"

The Battle of the King's Wood is on. The royalists largely outnumber the stag rebel, who still charges without any sorts of strategy. The royalists circles Storm troops easily. Will leads his men with fierce and tenacity. He is indeed very good with a sort, like his father before him. But the real hero of this battle is Hoster Tully, another great swordsman, who breaches Robb's personal defenses, coming close with him. They fight each other and Hoster wounds Robb but can't kill him, as he retreat back with his men. The battle is quickly over, a great victory for the king.

"That's a shame. I thought this Baratheon fool would give us better than that. What kind of strategy was that anyway?", says a disappointed Will.

"Your grace, I tried to kill him, I couldn't. I failed you.", says Hoster.

"Payne, where is Robb Baratheon going?", asks Will.

"Probably back to Storm's end, your grace.", answers Payne. 

"Good. Well, Tully boy, have you ever went for a hunt?", asks the king.

"Indeed, your grace."

"Good. We've got a wounded stag on the run, let's finish him."

1.10 "Riding south"

Robb Baratheon goes back to Storm's end, Melissa.

"I lost mother, I lost. But it's not over yet. Whatever it takes, whatever we lose, House Baratheon will stand.", he says.

"Hope we have a better plan now…", Melissa only responds.

In King's Landing, Sam, Pod and Brienne secretly meet. They worry about Willem and Viola and mostly, about the North.

"We have to do something.", says Pod.

"We pledged our loyalty to the crown, whoever has it. You both made an oath when we joined the Kingsguard.", Sam tells Pod and Brienne.

"Yes, I made it. I also made an oath to Catelyn Stark Catelyn and her daughters. I'm also loyal to Sansa and I'll do whatever I must to protect her.", Brienn responds.

"But you can't. Anyway I am the only who could possibly help her.", Sam says back.

"Then, what are you waiting for? Help her!", Pod says.

"I'll think about it, but I promise you nothing.", Sam says.

In Winterfell, another council is held in the throne room, reuniting Queen Sansa, Jon, Ben, Cat and Serah. Only Wolkan is missing, still very ill. 

"I've reconsidered our position. We have to help Robb Baratheon, but I won't risk any of our men in this war. This is why I send you, Jon, Ben, to Storm's end. Since Robb showed how he doesn't have any sense of strategy, you both will provide it to him…", Sansa orders.

"Yes, mother", says Ben.

"Yes, mother. I'll represent you on the battlefield.", also  says Jon.

"I hope you won't have yo fight…", tells the queen.

"What about me? I can fight too. I want to go with them.", says Cat.

"No. I need you here.", responds Sansa.

"Please mother, how could I be useful here anyway?", asks Cat.

"Cat, don't be silly. I need you here. If something happens to your brothers, I'd have by my side. In fact, you'd be Commander of the Northern army. Now, everyone get out. It's over for today. Serah, tell Ned I want to speak to him.", says Sansa.

Ned enters the throne room, the queen was waiting for him.

"My Queen, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Ned. After all these years, we've never had the opportunity to speak. I've seen you're pretty close with my children, especially Catelyn."

"Yes, my Queen."

"Then is my pleasure to recognize you as a true friend of House Stark. Also, as you could have known, Maester Wolkan is getting old. He's been really sick recently and we have to work on his replacement when the time comes. I've been speaking to him on this matter and we both agree : you should be the next Maester of Winterfell."

"I'm honored, your grace.

"Then grab this letter and go to the Citadel immediately."

"Yes your grace. May I say my goodbyes before leaving?"

"Indeed you can."

"Also, how would I go to Oldtown?"

"Don't be foolish, boy. You'll get a horse."

In the Vale, Lady Alys Arryn deals with some frustrated lords. While they're not participating in the war, they still don't receive food from the Reach. She tells them to eat their boots if they have to and be patient. “It won’t last, I know what I’m doing…”, as she says.

In Winterfell, Ned says goodbye to Serah and then goes outside, Cat was waiting for him.

“I’ve been told you’re leaving”, Cat says to him.

“I do. Your mother ordered me so. I’ll be back, as Maester of Winterfell, well, I hope…”, he responds.

“Then it’s not farewell. If my mother wants you as a maester here, that’s what you will be. She’s a queen, she always gets what she wants.”

Cat and Ned stares awkwardly at each other and after a long waiting, they kiss. Ned then gets on his horse and goes south. He is joined by Jon and Ben. They’ll ride down the King’s road until they’ll split to seperate ways. 

Will Blackwater, Steffon Payne, Hoster Tully and their forces arrive at Storm’s end. This is a blockade. The siege has begun...

End of Season 1.

Season 2

2.1 "Maesters"

Ned arrives at Oldtown and goes directly to the Citadel. There, he speaks to a maester who’s job is visibly to receive the visitors. 

“I have letter, from the Queen in the North. I am to be the Maester at Winterfell.”, he says.

“According to our records, Wolkan is Winterfell’s maester.”, the maester responds.

“Yes, but he’s severely sick and…”

“We’ve not been informed.”

“Now you are.”

“This is irregular. The archamasters will discuss those irregularities with you. In meantime, you’re permitted to use the library."

Ned enters the library and he is shocked. He’s like a child discovering mountains of toys at once. 

At Storm’s end, Jon and Ben Stark sneak to the fortress, unnoticed by the royalist army. Robb Baratheon was informed they were coming by Queen Sansa. 

“Welcome, my lords. I’m glad the North finally decides to support to rightful king the Six Kingdoms need.”, says the Warden of the Stormlands.

“We came only here to help on strategic matters, Lord Robert. It’s our duty to be at your side when you’ll lead your men out of this castle.”, Jon responds.

“You can call me Robb.”, the Barathon says.

“About strategic matters, do you have a plan?”, asks Ben.

“It’s quite simple. We wait and we run out of food..”, says Melissa while she enters the room.

“It’s an honor to meet you, my lady.”, says Jon.

“Don’t be too formal, Jon Stark. I believe we’ll spent a lot of time with each other soon…”, she responds.

At the Citadel. Ned is met by three archmaesters : Arthur, Mors and Konrad.

“If I understand well, Maester Wolkan will dies soon and Queen Sansa sent you to take his place, am I right?", asks Arthur to Ned.

"Indeed, archmaester.", answers Ned.

"She has no right to do so. We are loyal to King Willem and the Six Kingdoms, not to the North or the Starks.", says Mors.

"Ned, could you excuse us a moment?", asks Arthur.

"Of course, archmaester.", Ned replies.

Ned leaves.

"Still, are we not supposed to accept anyone who wishes to find true knowledge? If the Queen in the North wants him as her Maester, why should we refuse her? If I'm not mistaken, she's good friend with the Grand Maester…", says Konrad.

"I don't like it but the decision is yours.", says Mors to Arthur.

Ned comes back.

"Well, Ned, if you really want to become one us, you're welcome here, but I can't guarantee you you'd return to Winterfell. Konrad, you seems to care a lot about the boy's education, so you'll do it yourself. That's my final word on the matter.", responds Arthur.

In King's Landing, Grand Maester Sam, Hand of the King, summons Ser Brienne and Ser Podrick to his chambers. He has decided he will help Robb Baratheon, the Ironborn and Dorne, "to protect the North". He has a plan…

Near the Westerlands' coast, Asha Greyjoy receives a raven from the Grand Maester. She shows Olivar the letter.

" What do we do. You go there or I'll go?", he asks.

"You will. You're a great sailor, I'll give the men you need.", answers Asha.

In the Reach, Elia Martell also receives a raven.

"So, we won't sack Highgarden after all?", asks Guryn Uller.

"No, Lady Aura might keep her head after all… If the lonely stag accepts the plan…", Elia responds.

In King's Landing, another Small council meeting is held, reuniting Sam, Brienne, Podrick, Caswell and Viola.

"The Iron Fleet is causing more damage than expected, we might have to name a Master of Ships.", says the Grand Maester.

"Alistor Redwyne is probably the best we can hope for. I heard he built himself a very large armada that could maybe rival the Iron Fleet.", says Caswel.

"Than we should summon him here.", responds Sam.

"I've already done. He's on his way.", says Viola.

"I beg your pardon, did you summon to the Small council without telling anyone? This is not the kind of decision you have the right to make.", Sam tells her.

"We don't have much time to lose. I took the initiative, you should thank me for it.", she responds.

"We'll talk about it later… Caswell, what about the siege?", asks Sam. 

"Nothing new, my Lord Hand. Robb Baratheon hasn't done anything yet.", answers the Master of Whisperers.

"I need to know everything about it.", orders Sam.

"Indeed, my lord.", Caswell responds.

Olivar takes a small ship, a few men and sails to the Stormlands.

2.2 "Smarter than them"

Alistor Rewyne arrives to the capital and attends the Small council meeting. Sam, but mostly Viola, orders him to go west and track down the Iron Fleet. Lothar Tully will take some of his remaining men to help him.

Olivar Botley arrives at Storm's end. He's arrested by some Baratheon guards and taken to Robb. Jon, Ben and Melissa are also in the room.

"I've come in peace, my lord. My name is Olivar Botley and I represent Asha Greyjoy.", he says to Robb.

"Your visit was unannounced.", says Robb.

"We had to be very discreet. I have to admit, even I struggled passing this blockade.", responds Olivar.

"So, why are you here?", asks Robb.

"To seek an alliance with you. The Ironborn already sides with Dorne. We're fighting against the crown and it's allies at this very moment. Since we all have the same enemies, perhaps you should join us.", answers Botley.

"And in exchange of your help, your want your "freedom", as you call it, I suppose?", Robb asks.

"Yes, my lord. The Iron Islands and Dorne both want their independence, this is what we fight for.", answers Olivar.

"It's unacceptable.", only says Robb.

"You should accept.", intervines Ben.

"Lord Botley, could you give us moment?", asks Melissa.

"Of course, my lady.", he responds.

Olivar exists the room.

"Robb, you have to accept this proposal, it's our best chance, if not the only we've got.", says Melissa.

"I am the be the King of the Six Kingdoms, all of those six. If the Ironborn and Dornish don't accept me as their king, they are my enemies.", responds Robb.

"We need allies!", Jon says.

"For once, I have to agree with my brother. We needs allies, Robb.", adds Ben.

"My decision if final.", responds Robb.

"Even if I tell you we received a raven, from the Hand if the King himself?", asks Melissa.

"The Grand Maester? What does he want?", Robb asks.

"I have some crucial informations for us", Melissa replies.

"This is a trick. We shouldn't trust him.", says Robb.

"You're making a mistake.", says Jon.

Everyone exits the room, except Ben who grabs Sam's letter.

Learning the proposition failed, Olivar goes back to his ship. Ben was waiting for him.

"You should read this. This new Master of Ships might cause you sine problems.", says Ben.

Olivar takes him and sails back to the Westerlands.

As he returns back inside the fortress, Ben sees Jon coming to him.

"I saw you. I know you gave the letter to Botley.", says Jon.

"I need what's necessary to help us.", eplies Ben.

"This is treason. I don't agree with Robb either, but we have to respect his decision. You gave crucial informations to the enemy."

"This is not an enemy. If the Ironborn succeed, we succeed too."

"This was not your decision to make."

"Jon, I know this is not honorable. But honestly, I don't care about honor. I'd do anything I must for our family. Edddard Stark, Robb Stark and even Jon Snow were all great men, honorable men, but made serious mistakes because of it. As mother always gold us, we have to be smarter than them."

In the Reach, Elia has been sent another raven. Without an agreed alliance with Robb Baratheon, there's not point to go to the Stormlands now. She decides to go west and help the Iron Fleet.

2.3 "A clash of ships"

Marching west in the Roseroad, the Dornish Army is attacked by Lothar Tully and some Blackwater vassals. Elia and Guryn take their spears and fight alongside their men. The Princess of Dorne shows the violent beauty of her skills, inspiring her troops. Dorne easily wins this one, ready to join Asha Greyjoy in her effort.

Olivar Botley and his small ship comes back to the Iron Fleet. He announces Asha the bad news.

Outside Storm's end, the Royal army is still waiting for Robb to make the first move. King Willem is enjoying, even without some proper whores, a siege would not be a safe place for them after all. Still, the wine is very good. He attends another long war council with Steffon Payne and Hoster Tully.

"So, Payne, what are the news?", asks Willem.

"Your grace, Lothar Tully has been crushed by Elia Martell herself. She's joining Asha Greyjoy west. Alistor Redwyne will circle the Iron Fleet soon enough.", answers the Master of War.

"Well, it seems we just have to wait here…", responds the Blackwater king.

Near Lannisport, the Iron Fleet is also under attack, this time by Alistor Redwyne and some western minor houses. The two greatest fleets clash with one another. The Loyalist fleet respects it's plan and circles the Ironborn, but Asha Greyjoy anticipated it. Redwyne attacked her where she wasn't and just like that, the captain who tried to circle her is outmaneuvered himself. Redwyne, knowing he has lost before it even started, retreats. The Ironborn won this one, but without causing real damage.

In Winterfell, Cat is sparring in the courtyard. Sansa is watching her, she stands exactly where a certain Peter Baelish once stood before. Serah goes beside her, also watching the young wolf. 

"She looks so much like Arya…", says Sansa.

"They definitely have the same temper, but she has always reminded me of a certain statue in the crypt.", Serah responds.

"Which one?"

"Lyanna Stark. She was your aunt, if I'm not mistaken."

"She was. Never knew her. But my father told me a little about her. She was a beauty, but fierce and a great will for adventure."

"Like Arya and Cat…"

"... and Cat…"

The Dornish army joins the Iron Fleet and Elia embarks on Asha's main ship.

"It seems this Lord Redwyne wasn't a real challenge after all…", Elia tells Asha.

"Either Lothar Tully, I heard.", responds Asha.

"Perhaps we eont need that stag fool of Robb Baratheon after all."

"Indeed. Olivar tried his best, but this idiot is very stubborn."

"What's the plan? You're the captain of the ship, you have the lead."

"Maybe it's time to pay our respect to the King."

"I like that plan."

They both stare and quickly fall for each other. They make love in the middle of the night. It was a very intense one.

2.4 "Few links"

Elia and Asha awake, both in the same bed. Olivar enters in the cabine, not knowing what was going on. He sees them and looks surprised and confused.

"Asha, some of our men are causing problems. We need you on the bridge.", he tells her.

"Alright, I'm coming."

In the Vale, food is getting very rare. Alys Arryn receives the recent news of the war.

"My lords, be patient, we might see some action soon..", she tells to her angry vassals

In Storm's end, the fortress is still under siege, out if food. The conditions are very harsh. Jon, Ben and Melissa are getting out of patience, but Robb keeps waiting.

"My grandfather's brother, Stannis Baratheon, stood here for an entire year.", Robb tells them.

"Yes, eating rats. Unfortunately, Stannis Baratheon is not a great example of victory…", replies Melissa.

"He crushed the Iron Fleet. He was a great commander.

"He died in the snow, outside Winterfell. He attacked the castle without any cavalry."

"We can't keep waiting like that.", says Jon.

"Yes, what "great" idea do you have in mind?", adds Ben.

"While all his army is here, Will Blackwater is beated by Dorne and the Ironborn."

"That's your brilliant plan? Letting them face the Royal army while we do nothing? Those we refused to side with? If we had accepted their help, we could've been at King's Landing by now and it's Willem Blackwater who would have been under siege.", replies Ben.

"Waiting is not a strategy.", says Jon.

"Yes it is, and that's what we're going to do", orders Robb.

In King's Landing, another  Small council meeting is held after the news of Redwyne's failure.

"It seems Asha Greyjoy knew you were coming…", says Viola.

"Probably...", Sam replies. 

"They definitely got the information one way or another. This is rather suspicious, don't you think, Grand Master?", asks a Astor Caswell who knows more than he shows to do.

"Indeed, it's suspicious.", responds Sam.

At the Citadel, Ned has already forged few links of his chain, under the teachings of Archmaester Konrad. 

"Since Eddard Stark, Ned is common name in the North. You were no one, you're because something. Be proud of yourself, you'll be a maester very soon.", Konrad tells him.

"Thank you, archmaester. I only try to be useful with the little I have.", Ned responds.

"Well Ned, a very small man like you can cast a very large shadow."

Elia goes to see Asha on the bridge, she was looking at the horizon.

"So, Captain, ready to take the capital?", Elia asks.

"That's where we going, but it won't be that easy. We're just getting started.", Asha responds.

"King's Landing is not that far…"

"It's not. But we just won a battle, not the war. I made Alistor Redwyne look like a fool, but he's still very dangerous. We'll see more of him soon enough."

"Against us, he has no chance. He'll drown one way or another, I assure you. We form quite a team."

"We do…"

2.5 "Last chance for peace"

In Winterfell, Maester Wolkan finally dies after a long agony. In his honor, Sansa orders his body burned outside the castle. Many are attending, as Sansa, Cat and Serah. After the ceremony, Cat goes to see her mother in her chambers.

"Does this mean Ned is coming soon?", she asks.

"Maybe", answers Sansa, "But I know what was going on with you two before he left. I don't want any of it."

"Nothing happened…"

"If you say so. But can't even have feelings for him, do you understand?"

"Why is it so important?"

"Because he'll be maester soon. A maester cannot have that sort of relationship. And you are a lady of Winterfell…"

"So I'll have to marry the who you chose for me…"

"No… well, yes, but I am not talking about marriage. You can't be with that boy, that's my final word."

In King's Landing, Viola Blackwater goes to see Astor Caswell, needing more news from the Master of Whisperers.

"What about the two bitch whores?", she asks him.

"Nothing you don't know yet, my lady. It seems they have insight of our strategy. We definitely have a traitor within us.", he answers.

"And I expect you're trying to find that traitor, aren't you?"

"No need to worry, my lady. My numerous spies are already on that particular matter. Soon, they'll come to me with songs of treachery and villainy, I assure you."

"They better. For your own sake..."

In the North, Queen Sansa and Serah spend time together, drinking wine as always.

"Did you tell the Citadel about Wolkan?", Serah asks.

"Not yet. If I tell them now, Ned might be back sooner than expected.", answers Sansa.

"Why would you delay it?"

"To protect him. War is upon us, Winterfell won't be a safe place for long. If he comes back now, he would be in danger."

"But he will come back?"

"Of course he will. Don't worry about that." Ironic, isn't it? A whole order of people who claims to know everything, and yet unaware that one of their own is dead. Tells a lot about them if you ask me…"

Storm's end is still under siege. On the camps outside the fortress, Hoster Tully goes to see his king.

"Your grace, I come before you to ask to speak to Robb Baratheon.", says Hoster.

"What for?", asks King Willem.

"Peace. We've been here for months, they're running out of food. Maybe he's ready he's willing to settle for peace now."

"He's gonna refuse, but go if you want. I haven't fucked a good whore for long now, I would definitely like to return home."

"Thank you your grace."

Hoster and Robb meet at the gates. Jon and Ben are behind the Baratheon lord.

"So, the Blackwater usurper is surrendering?", Robb asks.

"Well, we're discussing your surrender…", answers Hoster.

"I will not kneel before a sellsword's son, if it's that you want me to do."

"My lord, you can't win. I beg you again, kneel before King Willem Blackwater and save your life. If you die, the Baratheon name would disappear. Don't save yourself, save your house. There's still a chance to settle this peacefully."

"I don't want peace, I want what belongs to me. Never a stag will kneel before a Blackwater."

Robb goes back into his fortress, leaving the Stark brothers with Hoster.

"At least you tried…", only says Ben.

"Convince him, please, change his mind.", Hoster tells them.

"We stand for Robb, we will follow his lead.", Jon responds.

"It was his last chance. I can't do more for him. I'm sorry.", apologizes Hoster.

2.6 "Our is the Fury"

It's the middle of the night, Asha and Elia are sleeping together in the captain's cabin

Olivar rushes into the cabin.

"Asha! We're under attack!", he screams.

Alistor Redwyne is back, ready for a second clash of ships. The main shop is under assault, some Tully men are on the bridge, slaying the Ironborn ons by one. Asha and Elia fight them, side by side. The battle is intense, both armadas face major casualties. Both retreat.

Robb, Jon, Ben and Melissa are planning their next move. Robb insists to charge the enemy.

"We should stay behind our walls.", suggests Jon.

"I'm tired of waiting, as so this unworthy king. This is why he ordered Hoster Tully to make peace with us. This our strike for victory. We charge to win.", Robb tells them.

"Robb, we can't win. We don't have the numbers, their camps are well settled and our men are starving. They're not in condition to fight properly.", Melissa responds.

"Our men are strong, they'll bring us our victory.", Robb says back.

"If we charge, we have to do it well. One giant fist would be annihilated easily, we need to split our forces. Attacking them from two sides.", says Ben.

"Alright, use the strategy you want, but I want a victory.", responds Robb.

"You will get it.", assures Jon.

Before the battle begins, Ben goes to see Jon. He is very preoccupied.

"Jon, we need to leave right now.", he tells him.

"We stay. It's our duty.", Jon responds.

"We've done everything we could, this is a battle we can't win."

"But you've planned it. Robb is going to follow your strategy, how could you say that?"

"It's a good plan, but we still gonna lose."

"Why would you tell Robb it could work? Are saying you outed to him? Why?"

"I told him what he wanted to hear. He's stubborn, he won't change his mind. Anything I could have said to him would have changes nothing. We need to go back home now."

"We're here to help Robb, we have to fight at his side."

"If we stay, we die. Our duty is the North and the North only. How could we protect the North if we are dead?"

"We stay, this is my final word."

"Alright, alright, we stay. But promise that if the battle goes wrong, which it will, we save ourselves and go back home."

"Fine, if it goes wrong, we escape to Winterfell."

"Thank you brother."

The battle begins. Robb splits his forces and leads the half, Jon the other. Ben is in charge of the archers. The battle goes terribly wrong. Robb attacks first, but his forces, weakened and outnumbered, are defeated. Willem and Hoster both fight brilliantly and together capture Robb. Will kills him in single combat.

"Ours is the Fury" are Robb's final words.

Just like that, the Baratheon line goes extinct. Jon falls back and joins Ben. They escape the fortress and go back to the North.

2.7 "Last Words"

King Willem and Hoster Tully enter inside Storm’s end, where they find Melissa, alone in her fortress. 

"It seems you lost, my lady.", says Will.

"My son lost. I knew at the moment he charged it would come to this.", Melissa responds.

"And still, here we are. And you're a prisoner now.", says the King.

"A true Blackwater, no honor as always.", Melissa replies.

"Your grace, we should give her an honorable death, right here, right now. She deserves it.", Hoster says.

"Alright. Do it yourself. Join me and Steffon Payne when it's done. We're heading back to King's Landing.", orders Will.

"Yes, your grace.", Hoster responds.

Will goes back to his camps, leaving Hoster and Melissa alone. Melissa kneels before Hoster, who has his sword in hand.

"I'm sorry, my lady."

"Don't. You're a good man. And you show real honor. Maybe you're not on the right side after all… Now let's get over with it."

"Any last words?"

"Stay true to yourself, Hoster Tully. Don't let the world change you, like it did to my son. Those are my last words."

With a swing of his sword, Hoster executes her.

On the main ship, Elia, Asha, Olivar Botley and Guryn Uller discuss their next moves, learning about what happened at Storm’s end. 

"With the Stormlands now unoccupied, this is the perfect place to land our troops.", says Guryn.

"I agree, it's time to split forces"; adds Olivar.

"Agreed.", says Asha.

"King's Landing, here we are. It was about time.", says Elia.

At the Citadel, Archmaester Konrad goes to find Ned in the library. 

"You're probably the easiest boy to find in the known world. You know that being a maester doesn't imply you have to read all the time?", Konrad jokingly says to Ned.

"Well, it's not like there's much to do here…", Ned responds. 

"Can't argue with that. I heard you speak High Valyrian pretty well, don't you?"

"I've studied the language for long now, but I've never got the opportunity to have a conversation in Valyrian."

"But could you?"

"Probably. Why asking?"

"Because I'm heading to Asshaï for my research. I could use a translator…"

"Don't the people in Asshaï have their own language?"

"Yes, but most of them understand Valyrian. "

"Then I would be honored to help you, archmaester."

In the North, Sansa receives the news off Robb Baratheon’s death.

"What a fool, this Robb Baratheon. Stupidity from start to the end.", says the Queen.

"What about Jon and Ben?", asks Cat.

"I don't know. We have no news if them.", answers Sansa.

"They're fine. I'm sure of it.", adds Serah.

"Knowing Ben, he probably convinced Jon to save themselves.", says Cat.

"I hope you're right. We'll need them more then ever…", replies Sansa

In the Vale, Alys Arryn also receives the news or Robb's defeat. She resembles all her bannermen. She's ready for war.

"The lone stag has been hunted for good. Now it's time to show our strength.", she says.

"On which side are we in?", asks Hory Hunter.

"You'll see, you'll see…", only answers Alys.

The Iron Fleet brings the Dornish Army to Storm’s end. They are ready for battle. The spears on the land, the krakens on the sea. 

"I hope it's just a goodbye…", says Asha.

"We'll,see each other, don't worry. Soon, King's Landing will be ours and we're gonna celebrate our victory. You'll see. And we have so much to experiment together…", responds Elia.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

They kiss and go separate ways.

2.8 "Krakens and spears"

Alistor Redwyne returns to King’s Landing, joining another Small council meeting.

“They’re coming. I tried to stop them, but I failed. My armada faced heavy casualties.”, he says to the council.

“Do you have enough ships to protect the city?”, asks Viola.

“Yes, your grace”, Redwyne answers.

“Then this is what you are gonna do, my lord. Protect the city.”, orders the Princess.

“Yes your grace”, responds Redwyne.

“If I may ask, where is the King? If we want to protect King’s Landing, we need an army. All our men were with King Willem.”, asks Ser Brienne.

“This is definitely an issue…”, says Grand Maester Sam.

“My brother is on his way back. He’ll be here soon enough.”, answers Viola.

“My lady, my lords, there’s more. I heard rumors about another incoming force…”, Caswell tells them.

“Who?”, asks Sam.

“Alys Arryn. She’s bringing her knights right to the city.”, answers Caswell.

“Is she a friend or an enemy?”, asks Viola.

“I can’t tell. It appears this is a secret only she knows…”, says Caswell.

“If she’s against us, we’re screwed.” says Podrick.

“Indeed…”, replies Viola.

Back in King’s Landing, King Willem is greeted by Viola. She doesn’t seem very happy.

“Me being King was your idea, what’s the matter?”, he asks.

“Yes, because we had the power to do so, now it’s falling off our hands, the pirate bitch and the princess whore are heavily damaging us and are coming here.”, she responds.

“That’s alright.”

“No it’s not. You don’t seem to care, but you’re the King now, act like one.”

“A Blackwater only cares about two things, gold and women. Where’s our beloved mother, Lady Aura?”

“She stayed in the Reach, keeping an eye on Highgarden.”

“Good. Let’s go kill the pirate bitch and the princess whore.”

Elia and Asha attack King’s Landing. Dorne by the land, the Iron born by the sea. The battle is intense. The rebels are winning. The Royal was not well prepared and their men are still exhausted by the battle at Storm’s end and the quick return to the capital. The Iron Fleet is simply better than the Redwyne one. But, coming out of nowhere are Akys Arryn and the knights of the Vale. The Dornish army mostly has infantry and his on big disadvantage against those knights. Dorne is maybe the specialist of guerilla war, but for full scale frontal battle, the Vale is just on another level. Alys Arryn and Elia Martell are facing each other, ready for single combat. Alys with a sword and shield, Elia with her spear. 

“This is why you waited so long. Arrive at the very end and take all the glory.” Elia mockingly says.

“There’s no point in running if you know to start at the right time.”, responds Alys

The dual is intense. Alys is strong and tall while Elia is quicker. The Princess of Dorne uses well her reach advantage with her spear, but the Lady of the Vale’s strength is overwhelming. After a great single combat to be remembered in history, a wounded Alys Arryn kills Elia Martell, ending House Martell forever. Guryn Uller tries to retreat with what remains of the Dornish army, but he's also killed by Alys Arryn. On the Blackwater bay, following Alys’ orders, Hory Hunter embarks on Alistor Redwyne’s main ship. His mission: take Asha Greyjoy at any cost. This is exactly what he does. He and some Redwyne soldiers directly attacks Asha’s ship and after a brutal fight with her, Hunter captures Asha. She is a great with a sword, but Hory Hunter is a an unbeateble giant, he is just too strong for anybody. 

Watching the Iron Fleet being torn apart after Asha’s capture, Olivar Botley takes his ship and his men, escapes the battle and set sail to Eastwatch by the sea. The Royal army is victorious and Willem Blackwater remains King of the Six Kingdoms, getting back Dorne and the Iron Islands.

2.9 "The Grand Maester"

At Winterfell, Jon and Ben return back home. They are greeted by Cat in the courtyard.

“Mother wants to see you, right now”, she tells them.

The enter the Throne room, where Sansa and Serah were waiting for them.

“We lost, mother, we are deeply sorry.”says Jon.

“I know, I know. I’m not mad at you both, you were right to escape. Dying for Robb Baratheon would have been completely stupid.”, responds Sansa.

“This is what we thought.”, says Ben.

“Now, we have to talk on the real matter…”, says Sansa.

“...which is?”, asks Jon.

“While you were on the road, Elia Martell and Asha Greyjoy attacked King’s Landing. They lost, thanks to Alys Arryn. She joined the King. Now the Six Kingdoms are reunified and the crown is stronger than ever.”, answers the Queen.

“That’s concerning…”, says Ben.

“This is. We need to act quickly. Jon, you’re in command. Assemble all our forces, all our bannermen. We need to be ready as fast as we could.’ orders Sansa.

“They won’t attack, wouldn’t they?”, asks Cat.

“It seems this is already planned. I’ve been in touch with the Hand of the King, Grand Maester Sam. He’s a true friend of the North for many years now. He provided us many vital informations.”, Sansa answers.

“Then we have to be ready.”, says Ben.

“I won’t disappoint you, mother.”, assures Jon.

“I expect no less of you.”, responds Sansa. 

Now the situation under control, Lord Astor Caswell, Master of Whisperers, goes to see King Willem.

“Your grace, while you were fighting Robb Baratheon, your sister ordered me to find the traitor in your Small council. I found him.”, tells Caswell to Will.

“I wasn’t informed about this. Who’s it?”, asks the King.

“Your Hand, your grace. It seems Grand Maester Sam is a friend of the North. He tried to arrange an alliance between Robb Baratheon and the rebels from Dorne and the Iron Islands. He also informed the Grejoys about Alistor Redwyne attack on them. This is why he was defeated so easily.”

“Let’s pay a visit to my Hand. Tell Alys Arryn and her giant knight to join us.”

“Of course, your grace.

Will, Alys, Hory Hunter and Astor Caswell enter Sam’s chambers.

“Grand Maester, you’re under arrest.”, says the King.

“Wait… what..? But… your grace… on what crime?”, asks Sam.

“Please, Grand Master. You know why. You’re a traitor. You’ve helped our enemies, your true loyalty belongs to the North, not the realm.”, Caswell tells him.

“Jon Snow was best friend, Caswell. Yes, I’m a friend of the North, but I would have never betray the crown if you didn’t conspire against the northerners.”, replies Sam.

“What conspiracy?”, asks Will.

“It’s your sister, your grace. In a Small council meeting, right in my face, she talked about “the wolves issue”, if a remember well. Caswell, you were there”, answers Sam.

“I do not remember any of this, Grand Maester.”, says Caswell.

“What a liar! You were there!”, screams Sam.

“Sorry Grand Maester, it’s your word against Caswell’s, and I don’t trust you.”, says Will.

Ser Brienne and Ser Podrick enter the room.

“What’s the meaning of this?”, asks Brienne.

“The Grand Maester has been charged with treason, Ser Brienne. He’s to be executed.”, answers Caswell.

“Nonsense. You won’t kill him, I won’t let you.”, Brienne responds.

“I demand a trial.”, says Sam.

“Why not a trial by combat? That could be fun.”, replies Will.

“Then I will be his champion.”, says Podrick.

“Stay out of this Pod.”, orders Brienne.

“Please, you’re too old for this. You are outnumbered, there’s no point to kill you.”, says Alys.

“We will die with honor.”, replies Brienne.

Brienne and Pod faces Will, Alys and Hory Hunter. They were way too old for this and easily defeated. Sam is then executed. Here rest in peace three heroes of the Long night. It’s the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one.

2.10 "The Shadow lands"

In King’s Landing, a special council is held in the Throne room. Many official announces are to be made. The King is not there and by so, it’s Viola who is in charge. First announces of the day concern to nomination of new wardens of the kingdoms who rebelled against the crown.Joren Connington is named Warden of the Stormlands and Duncan Dayne Prince of Dorne. The Ironborn may chose their own leader by themselves. 

“Hoster Tully…”, says Viola.

“Yes your grace?”, Hoster asks while kneeling before her.

“You proved your bravery and your loyalty on the battlefield on many occasions. Because of this, the King names you Lord Commander of the City watch. You are granted a seat on the Small council.”

“Thank you, your grace. It’s an honor, I won’t disappoint the King.”

“Now, let’s discuss the real matter of the day. Astor Caswell provided the crown serious information about the North. It is reported they helped Robb Baratheon in his rebellion against us. This is why we have to consider them as our enemies and we need to attack them. The war is not over yet. This is why the King orders Alys Arryn and Steffon Payne, Master of War, to join Lothar Tully in the Riverlands and invade the north immediately.”

“Your grace, you can’t tell the King I will take the North for him. I will bring Queen Sansa to her knees myself. Barely an inconvenience.”, responds Alys.

“I will fight for the King.”, says Payne.

“Perfect. Now, it’s time to make the final announcement of the day. Lord Astor Caswell, because of your crucial informations about the war and the previous Hand’s treason, the King names you as his new Hand, while you keep your title of Master of Whisperers.”

“Thank you, your grace. You can tell the King I will serve him with honor.”, tells Caswell to Viola.

Konrad and Ned arrive in Asshaï. They discover a strange and dark city. It’s habitants are all dressed in black, most of slaves. Many priests are walking in the streets. A dense fog covers the city. Konrad and Ned finds a inn to sleep for the night.

“Sorry Ned, I lied to you. My researches are not actually based in Asshaï, but in the Shadow lands.”, Konrad tells Ned.

“So we’re heading there now?”, Ned asks.

“Only tomorrow, we stay in the city for the night. We need to rest.”

“Yes, archmaester.”

In King’s Landing, Alys Arryn and Hory Hunter are getting prepared for the long road far north. 

“What about Asha Greyjoy. Still our prisoner?”, asks Alys.

“Yes, my lady. We keep in Maegor’s keep.”, answers Hunter.

“She’s no longer useful. She’s yours.”

“As you wish, my lady.”

Ser Hory Hunter enters in Maegor’s keep, where Asha is still imprisoned. Hunter tortures her brutally, rapes her and lets her die slowly in her blood. The Greyjoy line goes extinct. 

Konrad and Ned explore the Shadow lands near Asshaï and finds a cavern. There, they find something they did not expect at all. They are facing a huge black dragon, visibly protecting a corpse…

End of Season 2.

Season 3

3.1 "First pile of snow"

Ned and Konrad are still looking at the black dragon. They hide behind a rock before it sees them.

“Is that really a dragon? How is that possible?”, asks Ned.

“It is. There is only one explanation…”, says Konrad

“... which is?”

“This is Drogon, Ned. The biggest dragon of Daenerys Targaryen and the only one who survives the last Long Night and the War of the Two Queens.”

“But that’s more than thirty years ago! Do you think the corpse is...”

“It could only be her.”

“Tell me this is not what your were trying to find here.”

“Of course not! How you I expect that?”

“What do we do with this?”

“First we return to Asshai. With Drogon around, this place is definitely not safe.”

In King’s Landing, Hoster Tully officially takes the command of the City watch. 

“My lord, we are glad to have you now. There’s many serious matter to deal with.”, says one of his lieutenant. 

“Serious matters? Like what?”, asks Hoster.

“The food supplies, my lord. They have been sacked multiple time now.”

“By whom?”

“We don’t know, that’s the problem.”

“Alright, let’s begin with that.”

Olivar Botley and his men arrive by ship at Eastwatch by the sea. They enter the castle and decide to hide there.

Cley Cerwyn, older brother of Rickard Cerwyn, now deceased husband of Queen Sansa, and uncle of the Stark children, arrives at Winterfell. He enters the Throne room, where the Stark family and Serah are waiting for him.

"Uncle, I'm glad to see you again. It's been a while.", says Jon.

"I'm thankful of the invitation.", Cerwyn responds.

"This is not for courtesy, lord Cerwyn. The Grand Maester is dead. Which means the Blackwaters know what we've done. They'll soon at our doors.", says Sansa.

"We need you, uncle. House Cerwyn had been one the most loyal bannermen of House Stark for generations and one of the biggest northern houses since the last Long Night. You have large army and we'll need it.", says Jon.

"It will be my honor to fight for your, my Queen.", tells Cerwyn to Sansa.

"You're a man of honor, Cley.", replies the Queen.

Konrad and Ned returns to Asshai, still terrified of what they've seen.

"Ned, you're a good lad. When we'll be back at the Citadel, I promise I'll vouch for you. You will be a maester and at Winterfell, I assure.", says Konrad.

"Thank you, archmaester. Now, what do we do?", asks Ned.

"Konrad has no time to answer then both he and Ned have a knife at their throat. They are surrendered by seems to be armed priestesses.

"Archmaester, it seems we're gonna stay in this city a bit more than expected …."

"Ned, I couldn't agree more."

3.2 "Priestesses"

Alys Arryn and Steffon Payne arrive at the Twins, joining Lothar Tully.

"Welcome my lords, my lady. Here we are, preparing a war in my halfwit brother's castle.", Lothar tells them.

"You don't seem to like your brother that much…", says Alys.

"Why would I? Incapable of anything, except swinging his damn sword."

"He fought with honor besides King Willem. This is why he was named Lird Commander of the City watch after all…", replies Payne.

"Good. If it makes him stay in King's Landing, I'm fine with it. As far as he could be makes me happy."

"Well, it's time to plan this war, don't you think my lords? Less time we spend talking, the fastest we can get on with it.", replies Alys.

"Indeed, I don't like stupid wars either.", says Lothar.

"It's not war, it's just sports. Wolves are easier to behead than you think.", responds Alys.

At Winterfell, Queen Sansa, her children, Serah and Clew Cerwyn are holding a special war council in the Throne room.

"We need to counter them on the Kingsroad. Make the first move.", says Ben.

"Yes, but we also need a castle…", replies Cerwyn.

"What about Moat Caillin?", asks Jon.

"They would expect it.", responds Ben.

"What about the Neck?", asks Cat.

"That would do fine. House Reed would definitely provide great defense. ", answers Cerwyn.

"I agree.", says Ben.

"Agreed.", says Jon.

"I approve. Jon, you will lead the Northern army to Greywater watch. This will be our first line of defense. Ben, you go with him. Cley, we'll need your men.", orders Sansa.

"They're yours, your grace.", responds Cerwyn.

"Mother, I want to fight this time. I won't satu behind and do nothing.", says Cat.

"Alright. You're good with your sword, Jon will need it.", responds Sansa.

"I won't disappoint you.", replies Cat.

"My neither, mother.", says Jon.

"Protect yourselves.", only responds Sansa.

At the Red Keep, Will an Viola are drinking a lot of wine.

"We need to talk about strategy.", Viola tells Will.

"Strategy? Alys Arryn is taking care of everything up North.", responds Will.

"I wasn't talking about that kind of strategy. I don't like Alys Arryn."

"Why not? She's our best ally?"

"She's not. Why do you think she's been waiting so long to help. Why is she with us anyway? Definitely not just for food."

"How could I know. She's at our side, that's the oy thing that matters."

"She could join the other two rebel bitches. A all-women coalition just to put our heads on spikes."

"We would have won anyway."

"No, they would have crushed us. Her strategy made no sense, unless she's up to something."

"Sister, you worry too much."

"And you brother, you don't care at all."

"A Blackwater only cares about two things…"

"Don't say it, don't fucking say it."

In Asshai, Konrad and still being captured by the mysterious priestesses.

"What are they saying?", Konrad asks Ned.

"I don't know, it's not Valyrian.", answers Ned.

"Try to talk to them."

"I'll try. (In a rusty High Valyrian) Could we...please... know... what's going on?"

Their leader answers Ned.

"So?", asks Konrad.

"They know what we've found. They want us to lead them to Drogon."

"Are they crazy? Of course not! Who are they?"

Ned speaks a bit more which their leader.

"So, I'm certain everything, but seems they're a kind of sect or something. Like a darker cult of R'hollor. Oh, and their leader is called Myshara. She's not that bad for someone who's threatening our lives.", says Ned.

"And they still need us to find the dragon?"

"Yes. We should accept. We would have better chances of surviving than now. They don't look like they have a gift for patience..."

"Alright, we'll lead them. But I don't know what they think they could do with that dragon."

They walk outside the city. While the priestesses are not looking, Konrad gives secretly a huge bag of gold to Ned.

"Hide it.", Konrad orders Ned.

"I don't like that. I don't think this about the dragon…", says Ned.

"Then what what is it all for?"

"The corpse…"

3.3 "Perzys se Ānogrī"

Newly elected Grand Maester Arthur arrives at King’s Landing, ready to join the Small council. He come before the King in the Throne room.

“Your grace, I am humbled and honored to take my new position. I am at your disposal.”, he says.

“Where belongs your loyalty, Grand Maester? I gotta ask, since your predecessor was executed for treason.”, intervenes Viola.

“To the crown, my lady. Of course, for the crown. Samwell Tarly never was fully part of our organisation. He was not elected Grand Maester as he should have been, he was named without the approval of the Citadel.”, answers Arthur.

“Come on sister, he’s fine.”, says Will.

“If you say so, brother."

Still hiding at Eastwatch by the sea, Olivar and his men are quickly out food, water… and wine. They decide to move to Castle Black, leaving their ships there.

Still at the Twins, the Royal army is ready to head to the North. Before leaving, Alys Arryn, Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully hold another meeting.

“So, what’s our plan?”, asks Lothar.

“The Starks will make the first move. They need a first line of defense and they know it. This why they’ll meet us on the Kingsroad. They’ll hold one of the castles they have there and try to stop with it.”, answers Alys.

“Moat Caillin?”, asks Payne.

“That’s what a thought. But I’ve sent scouts and the castle is not preparing to receive us.”, answers again Alys.

“Then were?”, asks Payne.

“Greywater watch.”, answers Lothar.

“Yes. My lords, it’s time to choke the Neck…”, says Alys.

In King’s Landing, Hoster Tully and his guards patrol Flee Bottom, searching for the stealers.

“My lord”, tells a guard to Hoster, “We’ve captured one of them.”

“Good. I want to question him. Where is he?”, says Hoster.

The guard leads Hoster to the stealer, but they find him dead.

“Well, that’s a bigger case than expected.”, says Hoster.

Konrad and Ned lead the cult to the cave. There, the priestesses are revealed to be necromancers. Myshara approaches the corpse, still protected by Drogon. The black dragon, who’s now 2 times bigger than 30 years ago, does not trust the priestess at first, but she then speaks to it, few words in Valyrian, and the dragon lets her touch it’s mother’s body.

“I don’t like this…”, says Konrad.

Then, Myshara takes out a knife made of dragonglass and stabs the body right in the hearth. A zombified Daenerys Targaryen rises, back from the dead, and gets on Drogon.

Myshara gives a ruby necklace and the Dragon Queen now looks exactly as she was before she died.

“Dracarys”, orders Daenerys to Drogon.

With her dragon child, she burns everyone in the cave. Myshara, the other necromancers and Konrad are all reduced to ashes. Ned save himself by hiding behind a rock. Horrified, he runs out of the cave. Daenerys orders Drogon and together, they fly above the clouds. Daenrys Stormborn of House Targaryen is back, more fierce and powerful than ever. Fire and Blood, or as they would say in High Valyarian : Perzys se Ānogrī.

3.4 "The Neck"

Ned returns to Asshai, but only finds ashes of what was a city. Daenerys Targaryen was there before him and he is horrified of what she has done. Still wearing his master clothes, Ned finds a long black cape and takes it. He then heads to the port and finds a ship leaving for Volantis.

Jon, Ben, Cat and Cley Cerwyn arrive at Greywater watch. Meera Reed, lady of the castle and her house, was waiting for them.

“My lords, my lady, welcome to the Neck.”, she says to them.

“My lady, it’s an honor to meet you”, responds Jon.

“The honor is mine, my lord.”, she replies.

“I’m Jon Stark, this is Ben…”, says Jon.

“I know who you are, all of you.”, interrupts Meera.

“I’m sorry, my lady, the road was long and I’m not as young as I once was…”, says Cerwyn.

“Not a problem, lord Cerwyn. My maester will show you where you’ll rest.”, she responds.

“I think I’m gonna head to mine too.”, says Ben.

“I’ll see my men before, some problems may require my attention.”, says Jon.

All leave except Cat who walks with Meera.

“Glad you’re here, I’m not the only lady in this castle for once…”, says Meera.

“A lady of a House is unusual…”, Cat tells her.

“You’re right, but there’s more than before. I knew your uncle, long time ago...”

“Which one? Jon Snow.”

“Bran Stark.”

“You knew the King?”

“Bran Stark died in cave north the Wall. What replaced him became king. Not that he actually ruled…”

“How did you know him?”

“My brother and I helped him go past the Wall.”

“And where is your brother?’

“He died there, protecting us…”

“What do you mean my uncle didn’t rule?”

“What became king was not human. Bran the Broken might have held the titles, but those who made the decisions and rebuilt the Realm were the members of the Small council. The true ruler of Westeros was the Hand of the King, Tyrion Lannister. Well, when he was still alive. That’s a known fact.”

“Then the Grand Maester replaced him…”

“I met Sam Tarly once. A good man. It’s sad he died like that. Still, I’m not surprised he felt loyal to the North.”

“It will be my honor to fight alongside you, my lady.”

“Just try to survive, little one.”

In King’s Landing, King Willem surprisingly attends a Small council meeting.

“Your grace, we are honored to have you with us.”, says Caswell.

“What about the North?”, Will asks.

“Your troops are heading to the Neck.”, answers Caswell.

“Fighting in a swamp. I’m missing something fun...”, Will responds.

“Other matters?”, asks Viola.

“Yes. I’m on a case of stealers and…”, Hoster tells them.

“Not very concerning. We deal with that all the time. Just do your job, Tully.”, says Viola.

“Your grace, a have large network of spies and I’m always working on improving it. I am asking you if I may go to Essos. It’s in the interest of the crown.”, asks Caswell.

“We are at war. You we need you here.”, replies Viola.

“Alright, you can go. Alys Arryn is there, we don’t need your spies for now.”, says Will.

“Thank you, your grace.”, responds Caswell.

Alys Arryn, Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully arrive in the Neck. They set their camps.

3.5 "Winter from South"

At Winterfell, Serah visits in her chambers Sansa as usual. “They arrive in the Neck. The Royal army will be there soon. Let’s hope it’s not going to end like at Storm’s end.”, Sansa tells her.

“What about Ned?”, Serah asks.

“That’s more concerning. He and an archmaester went to Asshai and never came. The Citadel has no news of them. It’s like they disappeared…”

“Do you think he’s alive?”

“I hope not. But you were right. It’s maybe the time to tell the maesters about Wolkan…”

At Greywater watch, the Stark children, Cley Cerwyn and Meera Reed are planning their defences.

'We need trenches them and us.", says Ben.

"Already done. I made sure the castle was well protected.", assures Meera.

"They have a huge cavalry, I would surely help.", says Jon.

"Yes. The knights of the Vale are formidable soldiers, but cavalry isn't well suited for a siege like this. They're unbeatable on an open field, but would certainly be at our archers's mercy. What worries me is their infantry, it's still large.", responds Ben.

"We're still outnumbered.", says Cerwyn.

"Do you think we have a chance.", asks Jon to Ben.

"We have. But we shouldn't underestimate Alys Arryn. She crushed a rebellion by herself after all...", answers Ben.

"Indeed.", adds Meera.

"Then we know what to do...", says Jon.

Still in the Neck, it's Alys Arry, Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully who have now their own war council.

"We have the numbers, we have the best knights in Westeros, but still, we are in a disadvantage.", Payne tells them.

"Horses against walls, not our best chance...", adds Lothar.

"This is why we won't use horses this time. They've already did dig trenches. The northeners know we have that problem. This is why we need to surprise them.", says Alys.

"What do you propose?", asks Payne.

"I ordered my knights to be used as infantry this time. Risky, I know, be the enemy won't expect it. Our priority is to breach their walls and use everything we have for that. Then we will carve them like cakes.", answers.

"How do we do that?", asks Lothar.

"Just follow me, my lords. It's gonna be a quick, you'll see...", only answers Alys.

The battle of the Neck begins. Ben commands the archers, Jon leads his men himself, Cerwyn stays close to his oldest nephew to protect him. Cat and Meera fight side by side. But the North is overwhelmed by the Royal army's superiority numbers. This clash between the two realms of Westeros is brutal and fierce, but the deciding factor is Alys Arryn. Not only does the Royal army have greater numbers, but the lady of the Vale knows how to use them, as much as she does with her sword. She leads the charge herself and breaches the castle's gates, entering inside. There, she fights Ben. Both can't slay the other. Cat also shows her skills and kills numerous enemies. She even saves Meera's life. But the defenders are loosing and Jon has no choice but to call for a retreat. But then comes Hory Hunter, coming for Jon.

"Uncle, take everyone and leave!", orders Jon.

"I won't leave you, Jon! You can't fight this man!", Cerwyn responds.

"I have to stop him. Return to Winterfell, now!", orders again Jon.

Jon goes sword for sword against Hunter, but the giant knight is too strong for him. The heir of the North dies and a thin pile of snow quickly covers his body. All the remaining return to Winterfell. The first battle is maybe lost, but not the war.

3.6 "Wine and women"

In King’s Landing, Will and Viola receive a raven, announcing the Royal army’s victory and Alys Arryn’s triumph.

“Shouldn't we be concerned?”, Viola asks.

“Why? We fucked the Starks, sounds good to me.”, the King answers.

“I don't trust her.”

“Everything’s fine. Now you’ll excuse me, I have important matters to do.”

“You should not bring those whores in the Red Keep, you know that?”

“Why not?”

“You’re really are a piece a shit.”

“And proud to be!”

Olivar and his men finally reach Castle Black by foot and hide there.

“My lord, we can’t hide forever. The sea calls for us, we need to do something.”, says one the men.

“You are right. We won’t hide there forever. We will take the Iron Islands back, but first we need to rebuild ourselves. We are not ready for war, but we will.”, responds Olivar.

In King’s Landing, Hoster Tully is still trying to find the stealers. After many patrols in Flee Bottom, he might have found interesting clues. He then goes before Princess Viola.

“My lady, I’ve interrogated many commoners and I’ve found that these stealers are very well organised. It looks like a vast network and they know what they’re doing.”, says Hoster.

“How vast?”, asks Viola.

“Enough to kill one of them before I could talk to him…”

“How much they steal?”

“A lot. Large stocks of food and wine from the city’s supplies, even from the Red Keep itself.”

“So, they’re even stealing from us?”

“Yes, my lady.”

“They’re arrogant, I give them that. Continue your researches, find them and kill them all.”

‘Yes, my lady. I will.

Ned arrives in Volantis. Before him is an ugly and dirty city. There are 5 slaves for one “free” citizen and the streets are plagued by corruption, depravity and violence. Still shocked of what happened, Ned finds a place where he could drink. Trying to forget the horrors he has seen and the lost of Konrad, Ned gets drunk fast, very fast. A redheaded girl with a tattooed tear on her left cheek near the eye approaches him.

“I see you have a lot of gold. You wanna find a new way to spend it?”, asks the prostitute.

Ned follows her and spends the night with her.

3.7 "Wounded wolves"

Ben, Cat, Cley Cerwyn and Meera Reed head back to Winterfell. Serah and Queen Sansa were waiting for them.

“Where is Jon?”, asks a frustrated Sansa.

“He didn’t make it, mother. He sacrifices himself so why can be here.”, answers Ben, still devastated by what happened.

“Shit…”, says Serah.

“We failed you, mother. I’m sorry.”, says Cat.

“They’re coming. Soon, they’ll be at our gates and we will be trapped here…”, adds Cerwyn.

“Out. All of you out!”, orders Sansa. “Not you.”, she says to Ben.

“What is it for?”, asks Ben.

“I’m disappointed, you know I am, but I name you Commander of the Northern army now. You have a second chance, don’t screw this up again. The fate of the North is on your shoulders now.”, commands Sansa.

“I won’t let you down.”, assures Ben.

Alys Arryn, Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully are at the gates of Winterfell. The Lady of the Vale decides to speak with the Queen in the North.

“There’s no need to fight each other, your highness. Kneel and submit yourself to King Willem of House Blackwater. We have more men and we’re are prepared for siege. You don’t stand a chance.”, says Alys.

“The daughter of Robin Arryn. You don’t scare me, little girl.”, replies Sansa.

“My father was weak and stupid…”

“And you think you’re better than my cousin?”

“I’m not here to exchange words with an old bat like you. I’m giving a chance, the only you’ve got.”

“May I ask what your conditions of surrender would be?”, asks Ben, who was standing at his mother’s side.

“They’re simple: you live.”, answers Alys.

“The North never kneels or surrenders. You don’t have the stomach for battle, girl, but the North does.”

“We’ll meet on the battlefield, then. But when the North will fall, we all know who to blame for.”

Alys leaves.

She returns to her camps. Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully were waiting for her.

“You really thought the Queen would kneel?”, asks Payne.

“Of course not. That wasn’t the point.”, answers Alys.

“Then what is?”, asks Lothar.

“You’ll see…”, only answers Alys.

Ben, Cat Cley Cerwyn and Meera Reed are trying to find out how to defend the castle.

"We don't have enough men to defend Winterfell. Most of them dies with Jon.", says Ben.

"Of course our best chance would be to surrender, but they would kill us anyway...", adds Cerwyn.

"Well Alys Arryn actually offered us terms of surrender...", responds Ben.

"And mother refused, didn't she?", asks Cat.

"Of course she refused. Starks never kneel...", assures Meera.

"Maybe we should...", says Ben.

"Maybe...", Cerwyn tells them.

"No. I would die with a sword in my hand before having to serve a Blackwater, or any other foreign House.", Cat replies.

"Same for me.", says Meera.

Ned awakens, finding the redheaded girl still in the bed. 

“What’s your name?”, he asks.

“Emy.”, she responds.

“What exactly happened? I think I had too much wine last night.”

“You don’t remember? How pity is it not to remember your first time...”

“Wait, how could you possibly know it was my first time?”

“Oh, I know…”

3.8 "Rules of honor"

Hoster finds the network of stealers under the Sept of Baelor. He brings many of his men with him. There, he finds their leader, a septon.

“Well, septon, I have to arrest you.”, says Hoster.

“Do you?”, simply answers the speton.

“Stealing is a crime. Leading a network of stealers for profit is an even worst crime. I didn’t know the Faith of the Seven was about money…”

“Profit? Who do you think we are? This isn’t about money.”

“Then what for?”

“You’re from a noble house, you couldn’t understand. While the riches hide in the Red Keep, eating, drinking and fuck, there’s many who live in the streets, rotting in what they don’t possess. I’m maybe a stealer, my lord, but when I do, it’s to help the poor. When I steal, I serve the gods’ mission.”

“It’s still a crime.”

“It is. But it’s still the right thing to do. You know it. You can arrest me if you want, but deeply in your hearth, you know there’s a better way.”

Hoster hesitates for a long moment, but finally decides to not arrest anyone.

At Winterfell, Ben goes to see Sansa.

“Mother, we should reconsider. I’ve been thinking about it for days now, we can’t beat them.”

“The North doesn’t bow to foreign kings.”

“Our ancestors made stupid decisions and died for honor. You’ve said it yourself!

“Because you think surrender would be a smart decision?”

“Well, we’d live.”

“Do you really believe this Arryn bitch would spare us?”


“If we have to die, we will be standing, not kneeling.”

"I will do everything I must to protect the North, I assure you."


Ned goes to see Emy many times and they develop a true relationship. One night, Ned what happens in Asshai to her.

“And you think she’ll burn the city?”, Emy asks him.

“Probably. She’s back from the dead and certainly wants to restore her power. She fought against slavery and Volantis is all about slaves.”, answers Ned.

“I hope you’re wrong.”

“And so do I…”

Outside Winterfell, Alys Arryn, Steffon Payne and Lothar Tully are planning their next move.

“Now that we offered peace, what’s next?”, asks Lothar.

“I have a plan.”, answers Alys.

“What plan again?”, asks Payne.

“Oh, I only need a raven this time… and 20 good men.”, she replies.

3.9 "The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives"

In Volantis, Ned goes to see Emy once more and this time, declares his love to her.

"I love you too Ned…", responds Emy.

"But?", he asks.

"We can't have that sort of relationship. "

"Why not?"

"You know why. I'm a property. I can't fall in love with anyone, anyone especially a client."

"Because this is what I am for you, just a client?"

"No, but… Ned, we can't see each other again, I'm sorry.  Ladies."

3 "colleagues" of Emy enter the room and "take care" of Ned. Emy leaves.

"No Emy, please don't. Emy!"

But she's gone a Ned spends the night with the other girls.

At Winterfell, Alys Arryn and 20 of her best men attack the Stark’s castle in the middle of the night. They easily breaks into the defences and open the front door, letting the rest of the army enter. The Starks are at their knees, Ben surrenders.

“We had an agreement.”, Ben said to Alys, “Show mercy.”

“Oh but I will show mercy.”, she answered, “I will show mercy, by killing your mother honorably.” 

“No you cannot, please don’t!”

Alys gives the order to execute Sansa.

"The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. It's the same for women.", tells the Queen to Alys.

"As you wish. Any last words?", asks the Lady of the Vale."

"Only this, Arryn girl : The North remembers.", responds Sansa.

Alys kills the Queen in the North. Cley Cerwyn kneels before her but either Serah or Meera do the same. They're both executed alongside their queen. Cat escapes, takes a horse and flees to the Wall.

Back in Volantis, Ned has  already spent all the gold Konrad gave him to see Emy and on many, many drinks. He has no more coins to pay the 3 prostitutes. He is violently expelled from the brothel and thrown outside. His face covered in mud, he sees a mysterious woman hiding in the shadows, dressed in red.

"Welcome to Volantis, Ned. We have to talk.", Kinvara tells him.

3.10 "The Triarchs"

In King's Landing, a new Small council meeting is held on the successful conquest of the North.

"She fucked the Starks with only 20 men. That's effective, I like that woman.", says Will.

"Alys Arryn is good at war, I give her that. Who rules the North now?", asks Alistor Redwyne.

"Ben Stark. He's Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell now.", answers Viola.

"And you think he's gonna be loyal to us?", asks Hoster Tully.

"I have the Stark boy on leash… That's what the Lady of the Vale wrote. After all, Ben Stark helped her.", responds Viola.

"He helped her?", asks a surprised Hoster.

"It seems he letted her and the 20 good men enter the castle unarmed.", answers Viola.

"I should have been there. Should have been fun to watch.", says Will.

"Glad you're back, Lord Caswell. How was your trip to Essos?", asks Viola.

"Pretty well, my lady. Very productive, to say the least", answers Caswell. "How about you, Lord Commander? I heard you had some problems with stealers, didn't you?", he asks.

"Yes, my lord. I took care of it, the case is closed.", answers Hoster.

"It seems you took care of everything in my absence…", says Caswell. 

In the Great Temple of Volantis, the priestesses there give a bath and new clothes to Ned. Kinvara goe story see him.

"Why all of this? What is this about?", asks Ned.

"I know what you've seen, I know what happened in Asshai. You're the only one still alive who not just saw a dragon, but Daenerys Targaryen. You know she's back, you know how a threat she is.", Kivara tells him.

"So, what now?"

"You have to speak to the Triarchs, those who rule the city. You have to testify on what you've seen. Only you could."

"And why would they listen to me?"

"They won't, but I'll be with you. Maybe they would listen to me."

Cat arrives at Castle Black. There, she meets with Olivar and his men. Not knowing of they're friends or enemies draws their swords.

"Everyone, keep your cool, we don't need to kill each other.", orders Olivar.

"Who are you?", asks Cat.

"I could ask you the same question, young one.", replies Olivar.

In Volantis, Ned and Kinvara go before the 3 Triarchs of the city, named Mozdo az Azdeen, Kamara Maegyr and Simyon Paenymion. 

(In Valyrian) " Great masters of Volantis, I have terrible news for you. Daenerys Targaryen is back from the death. Soon or later, she will turn this city into ashes of we are not well prepared. This young man was in Asshai and has seen everything", says Kinvara.

"I'm sorry, but who is this little boy?", asks Maegyr.

"… is Ned, son of Serah. I come from Westeros... from the North. I saw the… Dragon Queen, I... know what she is… capable of.", answers Ned.

"But the Red Priestess just said you come from Asshai.", intervenes Paeynemion.

"I was in Asshai. I… was… studying… to become a…"

"... maester.", helps Kinvara.

"Yes, a maester. I saw what I saw. She is back and… we are … in danger."

"We speak the common tongue.", says Azdeen,"But even if it's true, what do expect from us anyway?", he asks.

"To prepare. Many innocents would die if you don't.", answers Kinvara.

"If a dragon attacks the city, many would die, no matter what we do.", says Paenymion.

"Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Those are just bedtime stories for kids.", says Maegyr.

"Those are real. If you don't care about innocent people, at least protect your investments. Many of your slaves would die.", says Ned.

"And what do you propose exactly?", asks Azdeen.

"Give me shelter, take me to one of your palaces.", answers Ned.

"This is a joke.", responds Paenymion.

"He's wasting our time.", says Maegyr.

"I'm not. I'm the only one still alive who saw her. You could use my experience to take her down. If I'm right, you protect your investments, if I'm wrong, you could just execute right away. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.", says Ned.

"Clever. I like this one. I'm not sure to believe you, but i'll still give you a chamber in my palace.", says Azdeen.

"You can't be serious!", says Paenymion.

"It's your problem now, Mozdo.", adds Maegyr.

Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon go to Qarth and turn the city into ashes. She kills the masters and liberates the slaves. They join her in her quest of vengeance and power.

End of Season 3.

Season 4

4.1 "The North is yours"

At Castle Black, Cat sits with Olivar.

"So, you are the one my brothers met in the Stormlands?", she asks.

"Yes, I met them. How are they doing?", says Olivar.

"Jon died and Ben stabbed my mother in the back. This is basically why I'm here."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I lost my niece, I know what it feels."

"Let me guess, Alys Arryn killed her?"

"Her giant knight."

"The same man who killed Jon."

"Then we have something in common."

"I'll kill that woman, one way or another."

"Lucky for you, we were trying to reclaim the Iron Islands. With Sansa's daughter at our side, we would have enough influence to organize a full-scale rebellion."

"For that, we would need many allies."

"I'm sure you still have many friends in the North."

"Probably. There's maybe more we could get.. I have an idea,but I need to go past the Wall."


"I have some folks to meet."

"Right. Where would you join us when you'll come back? If we want to take the Iron Islands, we need a new outpost, somewhere on the west coast."

"What about Flint's Finger? It's abandoned anyway."

"Flint's Finger it is."

Lothar Tully returned to Riverrun, Alys Arryn and Steffon Payne are now back in King's Landing. They go before the King.

"Your grace, we have successful take Winterfell. The North is yours now.", says Payne.

"I told you, your highness. Barely an inconvenience.", adds Alys.

Still at the Red Keep, Astor Caswell, Hand of the King and Master of Whisperers, also goes to visit the King.

"Your grace, may I disturb your for a moment?", Caswell asks.

"Of course suit yourself. Wine?", responds Will.

"No thank you. I'm afraid drunkenness doesn't suit me well."

"What are you here for? Sharing fucking rumors?"

"Not this time, your grace. I'm only there to praise the intelligence of your sister. She is a great ruler, your administrator is quite effective because of her."

"My sister plays the game of those cocksucking lords. I think she likes their cocksucking ways."

"Perhaps. She plays the game very well, even  if it undermines your position."

"What do you mean?"

"She is ambitious. The more she plays the game the more she gains influence. Unfortunately, it's at your expense. People don't look up to you on delicate matters, they go to her, which is always a problem for a king."

"And what so you propose?"

"First, I suggest you to get yourself a queen. A strong and powerful one to securitize your power."

"You have a name in mind?"

"It's rather obvious. Alys Arryn would be a perfect for the position."

"I see. Let me think about it."

"Of course, your grace."

In Volantis, Emy’s master accepts a lucrative contract from a mysterious client. Guards bring her in the most beautiful palace she’s ever seen and when she enters the chamber where the clients is waiting, she surprisingly finds Ned. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?”, she asks.

“Well, this is Mozdo az Azdeen’s palace…”, answers Ned.

“And how did you find a way in Mozdo az Azdeen’s palace?”

“Simple. I told him the same story that I told you.”

“And I suppose I’m just here to be fucked?”

“No… I just wanted to see you.”


“I’m trying to buy you and…”

“Buy me? I’m just a property to you?”

“Of course not! I love you, I just wanna be with you.”

“And I love you too, but I’m not your property!”

“Alright, alright. No buying.”

“Fine. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

4.2 "Established order"

Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, first of her name, comes from the sky and burns the city of Meereen. She executes the masters and liberates the slaves who survived the destruction. She proclaims herself Queen of the city. For her, this is just the beginning.

Cat arrives at Hardhome, fully rebuilt after the Long night. She’s escorted by distrustful free folks to their leader, the old and respected Tormund Giantsbane. 

“Who do you bring here?”, asks Tormund

“I’m Catelyn Stark, daughter of Sansa Stark. I come before you to ask your help.”, Cat answers.

“You’re Jon Snow’s nice! Jon’s niece is also my nice! Come on, sit. Fols, calm down, she’s our friend, get her something to drink. So, young one, what are you here for?”

“My mother was murdered, the North as been enslaved once again by the South. I need your help.”

“And you expect us to join you on the battlefield?”

“I ask a lot of you, I know. But you fight for the Starks once, you helped us reclaim the North and you were there to defend it during the Long night. The Starks need you once again, you are the only help we can hope for.”

“This is madness. You, Southerners, you never did anything for us. Why would we fight for you?”, intervenes a free folk.

“Yes. You’re not one of us.”, adds another one.

“I understand. But if you don’t wanna fight for us, fight for Jon Snow.”, responds Cat.

“I like that one. Jon Snow was one of us and that girl is his niece. That makes her one of us. You remind me of him, I will fight with you.”, annonces Tormund.

“Thank you.”, says Cat.

In King’s Landing, King Willem proposes Alys Arryn. She accepts without a doubt.

“I thought you would never ask, your grace.”, she tells him.

Still in King’s Landing, another Small council meeting is held, reuniting Astor Caswell, Hand of the King, Grand Maester Arthur, Alistor Redwyne, Steffon Payne, Hoster Tully, Princess Viola, Alys Arryn and Ser Hory Hunter, now Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. 

“Why is she here?”, asks Viola about Alys.

“She’s been invited, my lady.”, answers Caswell.

“Plus, I am to bee Queen soon, so it’s rather appropriate.”, adds Alys.

“Wait. What you mean?”, asks Viola.

“Your brother proposed Lady Alys, your highness.”, answers Caswell.

“I haven’t been told about this!”, says Viola.

“Now you are.”, Alys tells her.

“But for now, we have more important matters to discuss. Disturbing news came to us.”, says Caswell.

“Yes, it seems the High Septon is organizing an uprising against the King, accusing him of depravity and immorality.”, informs Arthur.

“Then we have to crush them, don’t you think my lords?”, says Alys.

In Volantis, Emy and Ned has spent a lot of time together. One day, Emy asks Ned for something.

“Ned, I need your help.”

“What for? Is this your master? You want me to free you?”

“Kind of… it’s more than that. I’m not the only one who needs your help.”

“Then whom?”

“There’s something big coming. It’s getting bigger every day. More and more slaves are joining the cause.”

“A cause? You mean, there’s a revolt coming or something?”

“Exactly. The slaves have to gain their freedom, Ned. We have to fight.”

“And what do you want me for?”

“You kidding? You’re in a triarch’s palace, you’d make a perfect spy.”

“A spy? Why would I do that?”

“You’re joking, right?”

“No I’m not. You know that my main focus is Daenerys Targaryen. That’s the one I have to take down, not the masters.

“And you really think you have a chance with Mozdo az Azdeen?”

“Better than in a city on brink of civil war. If we fight among ourselves right now, the Dragon Queen would consume us all. You probably don’t believe me anyway. You don’t believe she came back....”

“I do believe you. If the slaves take their freedom themselves, they would fight against her, I promise you. Do you trust me?”

“I do.”

“Then at least you have to meet Moqoro.”

“Who is Moqoro?”

“A captain of the City guard. A slave, just like me. He’s the leader of the revolt.”

“And how well do you know him?”

“I’m not with him, if that’s your question. I love you, stop doubting it.”

“Alright, I’ll meet Moqoro. But I guarantee you nothing.”

4.3 "Divide and rule"

In King’s Landing, Viola is furious over Will.

“You gonna marry that bitch and you didn’t even tell me? What the fuck are you doing!”, she tells him.

“I was going to. Why is this a bad thing? You wanted me to act like a king, that’s exactly what I’m doing!”, the King responds.

“Yes, you’re a king and you need a queen, but Seven Hells! You could’ve marry anyone, why fuckuing Alys Arryn?”

“I don’t know, it was logical I guess. What is wrong with her anyway?”

“ I don’t like her. She’s dangerous. She’s too ambitious. She’s gonna separate us and take all the glory and the power that comes with it.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing. I mean, to separate us a bit…”

“What did you just say?!”

“You are the ambitious woman out here. All you want is power and influence, all of this on my expense. Maybe you are the dangerous one after all.”

“You fucking little prick!”

“Careful now, you’re talking to a king.”

“Oh fuck you!”

“Fuck you too, sister.”

In Volantis, Kinvara seeks the opportunity to visit Ned.

“Am I interrupting something?”, the priestess asks him.

“No, no. I’m surprised to see you again.”, answers Ned.

“We have unfinished business. Daenerys Targaryen is still out there and you have to take her down.”

“I can’t take her down by myself! Why me anyway?”

“I saw it the flammes. Her rise from the dead is not the Lord of light’s work. This abomination is from evil forces. You are the one who will taker down.”

“I can’t save a whole city, this is madness!

“You are not just here to save one city. Your destiny is far greater. You have a strong power hidden in you, Ned. The day will come.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll see, son of the North.”

Kinvara leaves the room. Ned stays there, a lot of unanswered questions on his mind.

Still at Hardhome, Cat asks for Tormund if they ravens around here.

“We can find you some, what for?”, he asks her.

“Oh, I just need to write some letters before we go past the Wall…”, Cat responds.

“Southerners…”, says Tormund.

Still in Volantis, Ned goes to meet Moqoro, Emy at his side.

“This is Ned. He’s the Westerosi I told you about.”, tells  Emy to the slave leader.

“Ah! The boy who found his way into Mozdo az Azeen’s palace! So, this is how our spy looks!”, says Moqoro.

“I haven’t agreed not anything. Not yet.”, responds Ned.

“Why would you? It’s not like you care about slavery after all. Why would you? You live in a palace, you don’t only work for a master, but for a triarch. You’re just Azdeen’s new plaything.”, says Moqoro to Ned.

“Moqoro, please don’t.”, intervenes Emy.

“Give me one reason to not execute this little worm right now!”, asks Moqoro to Emy in Valyrian.

“Maybe because the worm can fuck you real hard.”, responds Ned.

“Impressive.”, says Moqoro.

“I have your attention now? Good. If I’m not into your spying things, it’s because I don’t trust you. I have a far more important matter to deal with than a revolution.”, says Ned.

“That’s what I thought. He just doesn’t care about us. What’s that important matter anyway?”, asks Moqoro.

“Daenerys Targaryen. The Dragon Queen.”, answers Emy.

“Yes. And she’s coming for all of us.”, adds Ned.

“You kidding?”, responds Moqoro.

“I’m not. I saw her coming back from the dead. I was there. I assure you, if this city fights against itself, we’re all gonna die.”, answers Ned.

“And what do you suggest?”, asks Emy.

“If a revolution goes on, it has to be quick and with the fewest casualties possible. I stood before the Triarchs, all the three. They are as eager to fight themselves than to fight you.”, answers Ned.

“And how could you know that?”, Moqoro tells him.

“I’ve been reading  a lot of books by now. History always repeats itself. These three masters, they’re powerful and rich. And when there’s power and wealth, there’s always ego. If you attack them openly, they’re gonna unite and crush you. If you let them fight one another, you’d need only one small strike to take them out.”, responds Ned.

“So your plan is…?”, asks Moqoro.

“Divide and rule, as simple as that.”, answers Ned.

“And how do we achieve that?”, Emy asks.

“I have my idea…”, only answers Ned.

4.4 "Something in mind"

In Volantis, Ned goes to see Mozdo az Azdeen.

"What do you want?", Azdeen asks him.

"Just to talk. I don't have that much company around here.", answers Ned.

"Only the company you buy yourself with my gold, I seem to understand."

"And still, my life is yours. But now that we talk about it, I'm still very suprised you Agreed to it. What convinced you I was saying the truth, that Daenerys Targaryen is back?"

"I wouldn't say I believe you, but you don't seem like a mad man and I respect the red priestess' authority."

"And still, you're the only one who cared to listen."

"I have the feeling you're about to ask me something."

"Not quite. I'm not asking you anything, but I've been thinking of something."

"Which is?"

"Why would a city need three different rulers? Why not just one, like in Westeros?"

"And you're about to suggest I should be the one, don't you?"

"Quite right."


"That would make you the richest and most powerful master in Essos."

"And why would you care about my power?"

"I told, Daenerys Targaryen is my only concern. Thses two triarchs, Kamara Maegyr and Simyon Paenymion, they don't believe she's coming, but or you, it's a different story. I can count on you."

"You're a sharp little thing, aren't you? Alright, what do you suggest?"

"I have something in mind…"

At Winterfell, Cley Cerwyn goes to see Ben Stark and informs him about concerning news.

"It's your sister.", Cerwyn tells him, "She's sent ravens to all the northern lords."

"What is this about?", Ben asks.

"It seems she's preparing a rebellion. She asked them to join her."

"And they all refused, right?"

"I don't know. You're quite unpopular right now, the other lords didn't appreciate what you did with Alys Arryn."

"She betrayed me. I was trying to save everyone. The North, my mother, even Cat. Now everyone is mad at me."

"I know, but the North is different, you know that. In the South, people would have understood, but we are not in the South. I don't approve of what you did, but you are my nephew and a Stark, I'llbe loyal to you no matter what."

"And appreciate your loyalty, uncle."

Back in Volantis, Mozdo az Azdeen goes to visit Kamara Maegyr and Simyon Paenymion, respectively. The two scenes parallel with each other, like when Tyrion talked to Pycelle, Baelish and Varys. It's all in Valyrian. 

"So, Mozdo, what is this about?", asks Maegyr.

"It's Simyon.", answers Azdeen. 

"What did he do again?"

"Nothing, yet. You uses to call him the smiling rat, if I remember well."

"Stupid boy. Elected to rule this city by smiling and showing is young pretty face everywhere. He is not one of us."

"You are right, he is not. His family was disgraced after one of them got massacred by the Queen of Meereen."

"I remember that. What a shame it was."

"Which brings us to Simyon. I think I know what to dto with him."

"I'm listening."

"Why not just get rid of him? Us two could definitely manage this city without him, we are two experienced people after all. We get him away, we share the gold and power and we replace him with a little pun easy to control. We would just have to rig the election, that wouldn't be a first…"

"You are a clever man, Mozdo. "

"And you're too kind, Kamara."

"So, Mozdo, what brings you here?", asks Paenymion.

"It's Kamara Maegyr again.", answers Azdeen.

"That old woman. She'll never give up, wouldn't  she? What is it again?"

"Nothing important, just another arsh conversation that led nowhere."

"I know what you mean. Talking to that old frog face is always a pain in the ass. If only we could get rid of her."

"Speaking of that, that's what I was going to suggest."


"It's time for the youth to take over, don't you think?"

"So we get rid of her?"

"Precisely. We share the gold and power, plus a rigged election to get a nea pun to control.  What do you think?"

"I like it. What are we waiting for?"

Daenerys Targaryen and her army of freed slaves go to Yunkai. The Dragon Queen comes from the sky and burns the city, killing the masters once again and liberating new slaves for her army.

4.5 "A change of balance"

At Winterfell, all the major houses of the North form an assembly in the throne from. Most of them are furious against Ben.

"The North is an independent kingdom. We don't bow to southerners. You should be ashamed of yourself, boy.", tells Lord Manderly to Ben.

"Alys Arryn went behind our back and…”. Ben responds.

“Behind your back, you mean. Because you let her do so.”, interrupts Manderly.

“I did what I must to protect the North.”

“Then it wasn’t enough. What kind of dishonorable fool would follow you anyway?”

“I will. Lord Stark, my loyalty to you still remains.”, intervenes Lord Glover.

“And I thank you for it, my lord.”, responds Ben.

“I won’t bow for you or anyone. The North never kneels. If you have enough of this, my lords, follow me.”, says Manderly.

He leaves and half the lords go with him while the other half stays. The North has never been that divided before.

In Volantis, the conflict between Kamara Maegyr and Simyon Paenymion escalates into an open brawl inside the city, half the city consuming the other. The young and charismatic Paenymion finds more support from the other masters than the old Maegyr and executes her. Mozdo az Azdeen remained neutral for most the conflict and only came for the last strike against Maegyr. Azdeen goes to congratulate Paenymion for his triumph, but poisonnes him, he is the last triarch, the one and only ruler of the city, but he faced heavy casualties and the slave revolution knows it.

“Now it’s your time, Moqoro, don’t waste it.”, says Ned to the slave leader.

“You were right about this, thank you.”, Moqoro tells him.

“Well, it’s all on you, you chose to listen to me.”

“You were very persuasive.”

“It’s because he has a sharp tongue, I say that as first witness…”, says Emy.

“I shouldn’t have heard that…”, responds Moqoro.

“I thought I was just a little boy with no experience.”, asks Ned.

“You improved…”, answers Emy.

Moqoro and few of his men infiltrate Azdeen’s palace thanks to Ned, defeat the guards and find Azdeen. The powerful master submits himself to them.

How did you manage to take my palace?”, asks Azdeen to Moqoro.

It seems you had… a security… breach, Mozdo.”, says Ned while entering the room.

“You? How did you?”, says a shocked Azdeen.

“Let’s just say I found someone who believed me more than you. Oh, and instead of you, Mozdo, I do care about innocent people. I’m sorry, really, but it’s not personal.”

“Look at me, I’m the ruler of this city now. We are not longer slaves, we are free now!”, tells Moqoro to Azdeen.

He then executes the remaining triarch. Slaves aren’t slaves anymore.

In the North, Cat, Tormund and the Freek folks arrive at Flint’s finger, joining Olivar who was waiting for them.

“Those are the folks you were trying to reach, I suppose?”, tells Olivar to Cat.

“I’m Tormund Giantsbane, I fought for Jon Snow and I’ll do it for her.”, says Tormund.

“Alright. While you were meeting past the Wall, I came to Pyke. The Iroborn are still fighting each other for the damn Salt Throne. Some minor houses there joined our cause. We are building a new fleet as we speak. We’ll be ready to take the Iron Islands pretty soon.”, informs Olivar.

“Well done. That gives us more time to recruit new allies. I wrote to the northern lords, some of them might join us.”, Cat responds.

“I haven’t had a fight in a long time. Don’t let the Free folks hanging to long”, Tormund tells them.

In King’s Landing, the royal wedding ceremony is held in the Sept of Baelor. Will and Alys finally get to marry each other, which makes the Lady of the Vale officially Queen consort of the Seven Kingdoms.

Daenerys Targaryen arrives at Yunkai and once again, turns the city into ashes. The masters are burned alive, the slaves are freed and the Dragon Queen is ready to fly further west. 

4.6 "Conflicting tides"

In King’s Landing, the revolt led by the High septon is stronger than ever. The situation is not under control. An emergency Small council meeting is held, but without the king.

“It seems the royal wedding didn’t calm them at all…”, suggest Caswell.

“I thought it was the City watch’s job the prevent this type of uprising.”, tells Alys to Hoster.

“It is, my queen, we tried the best we could, but we needed more men.”, answers Hoster.

“You’ll get them, Tully.”, assures Caswell.

“Why not just end it now. I’ll get my armor and sword, follow me, Tully boy.

Outside the Red keep, thousands of commoners are marching against the crown. Alys Arryn leads herself the guards with Ser Hory Hunter and massacres  the population with unparalleled cruelty. Hoster stands down, horrified by the spectacle. He has enough of this and decides to leave the city and head to the Twins.

The rebellion attacks Pyke. The invasion is quick and easy for the rebels, due to the lack of preparation and unity of the defenders, who were were too busy fighting themselves for the Salt Throne. After their defeat, many of those lords accept to join Olivar and the other rebels. Botley is later crowned King of the Iron Islands.

Back in King’s Landing, peace as been restored to the city after the revolt being crushed by the queen. Viola goes to confront Alys.

“You may fool my brother, but not me. I know who you are.”, tells the princess to the queen.

“And what am I exactly?”, only questions Alys.

“I know what you’re trying to do. But you can’t control Will, I won’t let you.”

“You really expect me to care about what you might think?”

“You’re just a queen consort, you are not in charge. You should know your place. My brother is the king, not you.”

“If a queen consort is not important, what does it make of you? You’re just a princess, you should know your place. And don’t talk about who’s in charge, you are the one controlling the king, not me.”

“I assure the interests of my family. You can’t say the same for you, don’t you?”

“Nonsense. Don’t try to sell my your bullshit, save it for the other lords. I see you a mile away. And don’t presume what I fight for, little princess, you don’t know me.”

“I’m his sister.”

“And I’m his wife.”

“Don’t stand between me and my brother, you’d regret it.”

“Yes, you are his sister. Which gives you power, for now. But you only have your family name and your tits, they’re doing their job, it won’t last. And when this day comes, I’ll be there to crush you myself.”

“If I don’t crush you first.”

“We'll see, little princess. We’ll see."

In Volantis, Moqoro officially takes the charge of leader and liberates all the slaves. The celebrations go on and Ned comes to see the new man in charge.

“Well done. That’s what I would call I triumph.”, says Ned.

“You had your part in it. You made that possible.”, responds Moqoro.

“Perhaps. Now than the slaves are freed, you know what’s coming for us…”

“Yes, and I’ll respect my promise. Don’t worry, Volantis will be well defended. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you already have a plan.”

“I have some ideas. But I’ve gotta admit I don’t have any experience in welfare. That’s your expertise.”

“Together, Ned, we will figure it out, I assure you.”

“I admire your optimism.”

At the Red Keep, Astor Caswell goes to visit Alys.

“Thank you for letting me in, your grace. You handled the situation with this treacherous High Septon pretty well. Impressive.”, the Hand tells her.

“I suppose you’re here for a reason. What do you want?”, asks the queen.

“Well, we might have a new situation to handle. Princess Viola has taken many of her brother’s responsibilities. Her powers has grown substantially.”

“And you want to take her out, I suppose?”

“Maybe. It is for the realm’s stability. Since King Willem has taken the crown, we’ve faced many problems, but they proved our governments lack of efficiency.”

“And you suggest?”

“Perhaps it is time to take her out of the Small council and take the control ourselves.”

“So you want an alliance between us two. You really expect me to trust you?”

“Not to trust me, my queen, only our self interest.”

“Maybe you’re not like the other lords, after all. You’re wiser than I thought.”

“You’re too kind, your grace.”

“But I reject your proposition. I don’t need you to handle Viola Blackwater, I can to it myself.”

“As you wish. But my proposition will stay on the table. If you need me...”

4.7 "The strenght of many"

At Pyke, the rebels celebrate their victory. Many people enter the fortress unexpectedly. They come before Cat and Olivar. The first of them is Lord Manderly.

“Lady Stark.”, he says to Cat, “I heard about your triumphs and came to offer you my sword.”

“Mine is also yours, my lady.”, adds Lord Hornwood.

“Many Houses of the North came to join you. Your brother is a traitor and a disgrace. If you plan to retake Winterfell, we will fight for you.”, Manderley tells her.

“Thank you, my lords. Honor and strength will reign once more, I promise you.”, responds Cat.

“I see you you didn’t come alone. Who are you, my lady?”, asks Olivar.

“My name is Kyra of House Uller. My brother fought for Elia Martell. I believe you knew him, didn’t you Lord Botley?”, asks the dornish lady.

“I did. A great man. What brings you here?”, asks Olivar.

“Dorne is more divided than ever. The Blackwaters massacred our princess and now Duncan Dayne serves them. We fought for independence once, we are ready to do it again. My house and many others from Dorne will fight with for what is ours!”, answers Kyra.

“Then your help is welcomed, Kyra of House Uller. Well, we are many to fight against the same enemy, we have everything we need, except one thing : a leader. And who better to show us the way than Catelyn of House Stark?”, proclaims Olivar.

“She’s my choice!”, says Tormund.

“The North remembers. We will follow a Stark, as we always did!”, replies Lord Manderly.

“A lady can only support another lady. She’s the leader we need.”, Kyra tells them.

“Than it is said. Catelyn Stark, our fate is in your hands.”, says Olivar.

“I’m honored. My lords, my lady, I promise you this : We will avenge those we lost and get what is ours. Our first step will be WInterfell. Let’s reclaim the North!”, announces Cat.

In Volantis, Moqoro, Emy and Ned receive a surprising visit from Kinvara.

“The High priestess herself, what brings you here this time?”, asks Ned.

“Wait, you know her?”, Emy asks.

“She kinda helped get my way into the palace…”, answers Ned.

“Oh, you did this yourself, young Ned. I just showed the way.”, Kinvara tells him.

“If you say so…”, Ned responds.

“I told you, there’s a great power inside you. You’ve showed it, and it’s only the beginning.”, replies Kinvara.

“You didn’t answer his question. What brings you here?”, asks Emy.

“All three, you did a great job around here. Liberating the slaves, getting rid of the masters. Volantis has now a fine leader to cheer for. Even I didn’t foresee it. But the real enemy is upon you. She’s coming, the Dragon Queen has turned Slaver’s bay into ashes, now is our turn.”, answers the red priestess.

“And you are offering your help, aren’t you?”, asks Ned.

“What kind could she bring us anyway?”, intereves Moqoro.

“What about the Fiery Hand?”, responds Kinvara.

“You kidding!”, replies Moqoro.

“Wait, what are we talking about?”, asks Ned.

“Ah! Finally something he doesn’t know!”, jokingly says Emy.

“Ah shut up…”, responds Ned.

“You're mad because I’m right?”, questions Emy as a joke.

“Precisely.”, replies Ned, laughing.

“The Fiery Hand is the sacred army of soldiers sworn to R’hollor. They are the guards of the great temples, the warriors of the light. A great army for those worthy to lead it.”, answers the High priestess.

“And you think I am. I mean, worthy?”, asks Moqoro.

“The three of you is. Those warriors will serve you well. I told you, Ned. This is not about a city, this is a fight between the light and darkness.”, Kinvara tells them.

“Thank you. But we need a plan.”, Ned tells her.

“Me and the other priests and priestesses have powers the Fiery Hand doesn’t have.”, Kinvara tells them.

“You mean magic?”, asks Emy.

“Only what the Lord of light gives us.”, answers Kinvara.

“Magic it would be, then.”, says Ned.

Hoster Tully arrives at the Twins and assembles a group of vassal houses ready to follow him. Lothar quickly goes to confront him.

“You are not my blood. A traitor cannot be my brother.”, says Lothar.

“I have to be true to my honor. I can’t serve these people, it’s against everything our father was teaching us.”, responds Hoster.

“If you leave with these men, you know it’s a point of no return.”

“I know.”

“Then we will see each other again, on the battlefield.”

“I know. Unfortunately, that’s what I expect to happen. Sorry, brother.”

“You’re not my brother. Leave now before I kill you.”

Hoster leaves with his men, knowing precisely where to head next.

4.8 "Truth

 Hoster Tully brings his men to Pyke, where he joins the rebellion.

“Lady Stark, my army is yours.”, tells Hoster to Cat.

“Your army? I thought your brother was Warden of the Riverlands.”, responds Cat.

“Well, half of the Tully forces and some vassal houses.”

“They’ll be useful. Welcome to the rebellion.”, says Cat.

“I believe we will try to take Winterfell?”

“Eventually, when we’ll be ready. We lost some ships while our invasion of the Iron Islands. Anyway, we need way more of those.”, intervenes Olivar.

“But yes, Winterfell it will be.”, adds Cat.

“Alright. I’ll be glad to join you.”, says Hoster.

In Volantis, Ned is having strange visions during his sleep. he awakens in the middle of the night, Emy’s head resting on his chest. A raven comes to his window…

In King’s Landing, Will and Alys are having another intense night together.

“You’re a wild thing, aren’t ya?”, says Will.

“You’re not the only one who enjoys these kind of things.”, Alys responds.

“I need a drink.”

Will then grabs a full goblet of wine and drinks it entirely. He soon starts to choke.

“Oh, poor King Willem. You really thought I would accept to only be your queen and endure feuds with your stupid sister? You really believed in my faithful loyalty to you?”, Alys tells him.

“How could you?”, angrily asks Will.

“I didn’t help you to be a queen, but to be the queen. What I did and what I’m going to do, it’s all for family, for legacy. If we would have had a child together, he would have been named Blackwater. Now that I am the woman in charge, House Arryn will be stronger than ever, no one will mock us anymore. Anyway, I’m not here to talk my plans, just watching you die…”

And just like that, King Willem of House Blackwater dies, crushed by the Wheel that letted him rise.

Still in the capital in the middle of the night, Astor Caswell goes to see Viola.

“Come with me.”, he tells her.

“Why?”, she asks.

“It’s not safe for you here anymore. I don’t think it is for me either.”

The two embarks on a ship. Alys, the kingsguards and many archers  circle them.

“I knew your loyalty was nonexistent, Lord Caswell. Your treason doesn’t surprise me.”, says Alys.

“I came to the conclusion I know too much. My survival would’ve been unsure by your side, am I right?”, Caswell replies.

“You are. I might have underestimated you after all. You hide your cleverness pretty well. Unfortunately for you, I can’t let you go. I know you understand why.”

“Maybe I can offer you something in exchange?”

“What could you possible give me for your freedom?”

“What about this?”

Caswell throws Viola overboard.

“A gift for you, your highness. Long live the Queen.”

He then leaves the city. Viola is captured by Alys.

Back to Volantis, the raven Ned sees is not a simple raven, it is way more. Bran the broken, still the Three-eyed raven, is no longer human, living in this raven's body. He reveals himself to Ned.

"You've come a long way. You became smart and mastered politics.", he says.

"Last thing I expected.", responds Ned.

"There's a strong force in you. You're not the one you think you are."

“Someone else told me that.”

“Let me show you something.”

Bran reveals a secret story to Ned. After Rickard Cerwyn's death, King Bran and his Hand Tyrion went North for the funeral. Tyrion Lannister stayed at Winterfell over a month and secretly married Queen Sansa. They both knew their relationship shouldn't be a threat to the North's independence. Unfortunately, Tyrion died at Winterfell. He then proceeds to show the wedding to Ned.

“ Why are you showing me this?”, Ned asks.

“Because Serah was not your mother Ned. What you see are your parents.”

“Are you telling me I’m the son of Tyrion Lannister and Queen Sansa Stark?”

“Now you understand. Your name, your real name, is Ned Lannister, true heir of Casterly Rock and the West.”

4.9 "Flames from East"

In King's Landing, Viola Blackwater is to be executed for "treason".

"You will pay for this!", Viola screams at Alys.

"If the crown is the reward, I'd say the price is pretty low.", responds Alys.

"I presumed you'll say my brother's death was an accident?"

"Something like that. It work for my father, it will again. Never believe in coincidences, little princess."

"I was right you. You're just an evil bitch!"

"Perhaps. Ser Hunter, end her."

Hory Hunter swings his sword and the last Blackwater is now dead.

Still in King's Landing, Alys Arryn is officially crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. 

"Ser Hory Hunter, I name you Hand of the Queen.", she announces.

"Thank you, your grace.", responds Hunter.

"Lord Alistor Redwyne, you're Warden of the Reach now. I order you and Steffon Payne to terminate that so called rebellion in Pyke. Oh, and Lady Aura still remains at Highgarden. If someone could have the decency to bring me her head, it would be appreciated."

Still hunted by dreams of ravens, lions and wolves, Ned awakens early in the morning. He sees Emy standing by the window, still naked. She looks at him and notices the trouble on his face. He is visibly worried about something.

"What's the matter?", Emy asks him.

"Nothing.", Ned responds, "I'm just admiring the view."

"The city is not that beautiful…"

"I wasn't talking about the city."

"Don't make me blush. You definitely prefer me without clothes, don't you? If only your life was only about that, "admiring the view"."

"It would be a paradise."

"Still, you're worried about something."

"Yes, I mean of course. There's a sadistic queen back from the dead on her dragon coming to burn us to death."

"Still, there's something more, isn't it?"

"Yes. You read me like an open book. There's something else. I'll tell you when all of this is over, if we manage to survive."

"We will. I trust your mind, your plan's gonna work."

"Don't put too much faith on me. You don't know who I really am."

"Who are you then?"

"I don't even know it myself..."

Someone knocks at the door, Emy quickly put on some clothes. A soldier enters.

"It's Moqoro. He ordered me to tell you the Dragon Queen is here.", the soldier tells them.

"Shit!", says Ned. "Thank you. Tell him I'm coming."

The soldier leaves.

"You stay here.", tells Ned to Emy.

"You don't give me orders.", she responds. "I'm one of Moqoro's lieutenants, it's my responsibility to be out there!"

"Alright, alright. But please, stay safe. I just want you alive."

"I promise you that."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Inside the walls, Moqoro and Ned are watching the army of freed slaves approaching and Drogon coming from the sky.

"Oh, fuck me!", says Ned.

The battle begins.  Flames from East turn everything to ashes. Many soldiers die in tremendous pain. Fortunately, the strategy Moqoro and Ned went out shows it's effectiveness. A combination of Kinvara's magic, spears and nets, a lot nets, that Ned have made put on the walls and on the city's tallest buildings. Drogon gets to be trapped by some of them and many soldiers manage to throw spears at him, but it doesn't hurt the dragon.

"Aim the eyes!", commands Ned.

"It doesn't seem to work!", Moqoro tells him.

"Of course not! Those are dragon scales! Aim the fucking eyes!", orders Ned.

Drogon burns most of the soldiers and the nets he was trapped him. Ned and Moqoro mange to protect themselves from the flames. He then flies to the famous Long Bridge, were Emy tries to protect  the civilians. The dragon burns them all.

"Emy! No!!!", Ned screams at her.

But he can only watch the scene, horrified. Emy is burned alive and dies in a painful and terrible way. Daenerys' army is annihilated and Drogon is injured. She has no choice but to retreat. Volantis survives, but is devastated. The episode ends with Ned on his knees, crying on Emy's calcined body.

4.10 "Remains of ashes"

In Volantis, everyone is celebrating their victory over the Dragon Queen. Everyone, except Ned. Moqoro finds him incredibly drunk in a tavern nearby.

"Here you are! I've been searching you for hours!", Moqoro tells him.

"Oh fuck! Leave me alone.", Ned responds.

"I've heard she's dead, I'm very sorry Ned."

"You don't seem to be that sorry."

"Hey, she was my friend, remember that."

"Then why are you not mourning her death?"

"I do, but Ned, we survived! It has been days now! You have to continue living. You can't just sit here and drink forever!"

"I didn't survive. Maybe I'm not dead, but I'm certainly not alive."

"I have great news. Someone very important is coming. You have to meet him."


"You'll see. Come with me."

"I'm fine where I am."

"Please, you have to meet that man."


Ned tries to stand, but falls, breaking his glass of wine.

"Another one.", he orders.

"Don't serve him, he's had enough.", tells Moqoro to the tavenner. "Ned, you will follow me and when you'll be truly yourself again, you're gonna meet that man, it's important. Also, you need a bath, my friend."

"Fine. But don't expect anything from me."

Astor Caswell arrives at Volantis and goes to see Moqoro, who took Mozdo az Azdeen's place as his own.

"Moqoro! I see you found a fine place to live, my dear friend.", says Caswell.

"A gift I gave to myself. What's the situation in the other cities?", Moqoro asks.

"Everything goes as planned. I'll tell you more later. You did a great job here. Volantis is in bad shape, but remains."

"I did my best. But I wouldn't have succeeded without the help of someone."


"His name is Ned, he's from Westeros like you. He's very clever and wise, he reminds me of you. Without his schemes and his strategies, we would have lost."

"Interesting. Can I see him?"

"Eventually, yes of course. He's a bit in a bad mood right now."

"Perfect. I'm very curious about this man."

Ned goes to join Moqoro in his palace, ready to meet the mysterious man.

"Finally, you came! Tell me you're sober.", says Moqoro.

"I am, for now… Tell me, who's that person you wanted me to meet so much?", responds Ned

"It's me.", says Caswell while entering the room, "I'm Astor Caswell and you, you're Ned, the boy from the North closed to the Starks. You knew them pretty well I heard. You see, knowing everything is kind of my thing."

"I see. That makes two of us. I know who you are. The Master of Whisperers who helped a king invade the North. I know what happened, I know what you have done. My mother died and you took part in it.", replies Ned.

"Thank wouldn't be entirely true. I was in Essos when it happened."

"Oh, I understand now. Moqoro is not the only one. You have other friends in other cities doing your biddings."

"A sort of coalition I would say…"

"A coalition! More like an hidden empire ruled by a man working in the shadows. Clever, I give you that."

"And you are a very intelligent young man, I give you that."

"Tank you. You see why I can't collaborate with you."

"Wait!", intervenes Moqoro, "Ned, you can't mean it! He's not an evil man, he helped the slaves. The revolt had been made possible by him."

"I don't fucking care! People killed my family and he participated in it! He might have helped you, but it only serves his own interest. You shouldn't trust him.", tells Ned to Moqoro.

"Unfortunately, young Ned, if you're not with me, you're against me.", says Caswell.

"Alright, if you have to kill me, do it now.", responds Ned.

"Moqoro, give the order.", orders Caswell. 

"Daor! (No!)", says Kinvara while entering the room with some of her soldiers.

"Please, stay out of this.", Moqoro tells her.

"Everyone calm down. We don't need to go at each other.", says Caswell.

"I'm afraid we do.", replies Kinvara.

Fight erupts between the guards and the Fiery Hand. Kinvara helps Ned escape the city, leaving problems of the past behind…

End of Season 4.

Season 5

5.1 "Kēlio"

Steffon Payne and Alistor Redwyne set siege to Pyke, ready to end the rebellion before it gets out of hands. But the rebels were well prepared. Firstly, Redwyne’s fleet is trapped by the Iron Fleet, led by Olivar, and after that, Payne’s forces couldn’t even barely step their feet on the land, due to Cat Stark’s aggressive counterattack. She jumps on Redwyne’s ship and kills him herself. Tormund Giantsbane proves that age is only a number and fights like only he could. His young grandson, Jonmun, shows that the new generation of free folk is as fierce than the old one. The unorthodox methods of combat by the Dornish are as effective than surprising and the rebels obliterate the royal forces, forcing Steffon Payne to retreat at Casterly rock. Another victory for the rebellion that reveals his great potential. The quest for independence was stronger than the fear of a queen…

In the Great Temple of Myr, Ned has been hidden from Caswell’s spies for days now, days he naturally spent drinking and brooding. Daenerys Targaryen and Emy’s death hunts his nightmares and he doesn’t really know who he is anymore. Kinvara goes to see him. 

“I see you’re enjoying yourself…”, she tells him.

“I wouldn’t call it like that. Trying to forget your own existence brings me no joy.”, Ned responds.

“Perhaps. But why forgetting your existence after all you did? You saved a city, you’re a hero.”

“I’m not a hero. I didn’t save Volantis either. Daenerys Targaryen is not defeated, she will come back and stronger than the last time.”

“Precisely. This is not the fate of one city, but the entire known world, remember? Let me show you something.”

The red priestess makes Ned see through the flames. He sees images of lions roaring, dragons and fire, wolves covered in snow. All disappearing into ashes.

“There is a great power inside you. You found it, now it’s time to use it.”

“You knew? All this time, you knew who I really was and told me nothing! Why?”

“It wasn’t the will of the Lord of light. I only serve him and someone had to do it, and he did.”

“You really believe in that, don’t you? I mean, the Lord of light, the Great other, one against the other, all of it. You truly think you serve his purpose?”

“I know I do.”

“Than what does he want from you now?”

“To show you your destiny.”

“Only that. I see…”

“You said it yourself. She will come back stronger than before and we all must be prepared. Westeros is in great danger. The west is consuming itself and someone has to unite it once more.”

“Good luck with that. Seems like an impossible task. “Kēlio jenti arlī issa bēvilza. (A lion must be the leader again). Who else to do so than a man with the right family name who knows the real treat has yet to come, who say it with his own eyes?”

“So, you are suggesting I should sail back to Westeros and assemble all its pieces together? With what army exactly?”

“I can spare you one until you’ll get another yourself. The Fiery Hand will be at your command for as long you won’t have your own men.”

“And now I suppose you’ll suggest I take Casterly rock? Because I’m a Lannister and everything...”

“You are a lion, be a lion. Embrace who you really are and become the man you were destined to be.”

“Do I really have the strength to do so? I’m skeptical.”

“I know you do. You should start by believing in yourself. This where strength always come from.”

“If you says so. Alright, shall we begin?”

From the top of the Great temple, Ned goes to speak to all the soldiers of the Fiery Hand.

My name… is Ned, Ned Lannister… son of Tyrion and… rightful heir of Casterly Rock.”, he begins to say to the soldiers.

“Perhaps I should translate for you.”, Kinvara tells him.

“No.”, Ned replies, “If I wanna lead them, I shall speak their language.”

He then continues.

The Dragon Queen is coming for us, all of us. You saw her, you saw what she's capable of his. She is the darkness against the light and we need to be that light above the dark. The entire known world is endangered by her flames. The West and the East must come together to end that treat for good. But the West is already consumed by its own fire, I am the one who will unite, but I can’t do this alone. I need you all. Don’t fight for me, the riches or the masters of this world, don’t fight for glory becauses you won’t get any of it, fight for the light. If we succeed, the world won’t remember your names or what you did, but I promise you I will and owe you everything. Many brave men are waiting for us at the other side of the sea, let’s go kill them!

All the soldiers cheer him with the sound of their spears. The conquest of Westeros can begin. For the first time in this sequel, “Rains of Castamere” can be heard. This is happening, the lion is roaring again, House Lannister is back.

5.2 "Hear me Roar"

At Pyke, the rebels celebrate their victory. Cat gives them a triumphant speech.

“We came from all around the continent and we fought together. It is the proof we don’t need a queen to get ourselves united. It is the proof that freedom is more powerful than fear. Alys Arryn might have a shining crown on her head, she is nothing against. I am proud of you all, you should feel the same!”, she tells them.

“Yes! For Cat Stark! The Wolf Lady!”, screams Tormund.

“For the Wolf Lady then!”, replies Kyra Uller.

“Tor Dorne, who are weird but fight like nobody else!”, says Olivar.

“To my grandson, Jonmun, who made all the Free Folk proud!”, screams again Tormund. “Someone, get him a drink.”, the old folk adds.

“Vomiting is not celebrating.”, responds Jonmun.

“Yes it is!”, Tormund replies.

“Tonight we celebrate, but tomorrow we retake the North!”, says Cat.

“To the North!”, scream all the northern lords.

“To Winterfell!”, says Hoster Tully.

“To Winterfell!”, repeats everyone.

On his ship sailing to Casterly rock, Ned is planifying the invasion of the castle with Zhyrosh, a high commander of the Fiery Hand.

Do we have a strategy?”, asks Zhyrosh.

Of course we do. My father planned the rebuild of the rock’s sewers. I red that in a book once about all the castles and fortresses of Westeros. Fascinating, by a bit long.”, answers Ned.

How’s that helping us?

That’s where the fun begins. Because in another book about the wars after Robert Baratheon’s death by a certain Archmaester Ebrose, Daenerys Targaryen forces took Casterly rock quite easily, it is still unknown how they did it today. The castle is supposed to be impregnable after all. The thing is that even if he’s never mentioned in that book, everyone knows Tyrion Lannister was hand of the Queen at that time, which means he planned the attack on the rock. So, we have a man who rebuilt the sewers and then took the rock with only few men in a very short period of time. I don’t believe in coincidences…

You mean there’s something with the sewers?

Precisely. There’s definitely a secret passage somewhere. We find it, we win.”

I’ll order my best scouts the search for it

Good. Let’s wait and enjoy the sea then.”

At Winterfell, Ben Stark and Cley Cerwyn receive the latest news on the rebellion.

"Your sister is definitely coming for us.", says Cerwyn.

"At least we've got an advantage. She's ride through the Kingsroad, we can meet her there.", responds Ben.

"You mean at Moat Caillin?"

"Yes, Moat Caillin. This is why I want you to go there and wait for them. Bring me her alive, you can kill the rest of them."

"It will be done, Ben."

"I trust you, uncle."

Ned and the Fiery Hand arrive at Casterly rock. The scouts Zhyrosh sent have found the secret passage. The commander 30 of his best men find their way into the castle, kill the guards and let the rest of the army enter with Ned. The battle is quick and the Payne forces are easily defeated. Steffon Payne has no choice but to abdicate.

"You lost, kneel.", orders him Ned.

"I don't think I will.", Payne tells him.

"Listen. I know who were the Blackwaters and I know what kind of Queen Alys Arryn is. I know you didn't have true loyalty for them, only fear. Join me and we will defeat her."

"It was fear, but it's still loyalty. Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Ned, son of Tyrion. I am the last Lannister."

"Huge claim for a small man like you. I am unsure I believe you. Perhaps you are a Lannister, perhaps you are not. But I've seen what the Lannisters are capable of. I remember all of them. Tywin, Cersei and Joffrey and I promised myself to never kneel to another one, even the dwarf. Never I would trust you, boy. You can't change my mind."

"Your decision has been made. I'm sorry it has to go this way, but I have to do what I must. At least I give a clean and honorable death. I would have done it myself, but I don't know how to use a sword. Zhyrosh, he's yours. Give him the honor he deserves.

Steffon Payne is executed and Ned Lannister is now Lord of Casterly Rock. The West is his now. Now that he has his own army, the Fiery Hand is ready to return east of the Narrow sea.

"Kirimvose (Thank you)", tells Ned his lieutenant.

5.3 "Khaleesi of the Great grass sea"

In Volantis, the “coalition” formed by Alistor Caswell assembles at Moqoro’s palace. Freed slave leaders like Moqoro or infiltrated members of governments, they each represent one of the Free cities and all answer to Caswell. Through the years, the spy master helped other slave revolutions like in Volantis in other cities and when it failed or just was impossible, he just made sure the government already in place was serving his interests. The network is vast and complex, it allows him one thing : he controls now a major part of Essos.

“You all know the situation.”, Caswell tells them. “I expect we can all agree we have to do something about it?”

“Are you sure about that? A Dragon Queen risen from the death, that’s a bit odd.”, ays one of the representatives.

“I saw what I saw. I fought her, if we don’t fight together, we are screwed.”, replies Moqoro.

“You’ve seen the state of this city, there’s not a better proof than that. Anyway, I’m convinced you are all eager to send your troops here?”, asks Caswell.

Everyone agree.

“That’s what I thought.”, he continues, “And we can add to our army some mercenaries, don’t you think? I am sure the Iron Bank would consent to help us on that matter?”

“Probably. I would have to talk to the right people, but they will agree, I’m certain of that.”, answers the braavosi.

“Good, everything seems fine then.”, says Caswell.

Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon arrive at Vaes Dothrak. There, the former khaleesi claims her title back and burns all the khals, forming a united khalasar once again. They march west, ready to destroy everything in their way. 

In King’s Landing, Alys Arryn, Grand Maester Arthur and Ser Hory Hunter receive the news of Steffon Payne’s death and the incoming treat of the rebellion.

“Who is that supposed Lannister anyway?”, asks the queen.

“I don’t know your grace, never heard of him. What is his name again?”, Arthur tells her.

“Ned, Ned Lannister. Well, that’s what he claims, there’s no way we can know if it’s true or not.”

“I knew someone called Ned once. A young man wanting to become maester. But it can’t be him, he was from the North and died in Essos long ago.”

“I don’t care, for now, we consider him as our enemy. Let’s see what he does next. What about that so called rebellion?”

“It seems they are marching north, your grace. Winterfell might be their objective.”

“It sure is. Why go to the North if not for Winterfell? What about Ben Stark, what is he gonna do about it?”

“His men are moving to Moat Cailin.”

“So the wolves are at each other’s throats. Good. For now, we wait and see how it goes. Hunter, get our troops ready in case we need them.”

“As you wish, your grace.”, responds the giant man.

At Casterly rock, Ned makes rebrand his new army with the Lannister colors and sigil. The armors, the flags and even the castle, everything is now in crimson and gold. He now wears an armor, black and grey, northern style, with a golden lion sigil. He now owns his very first sword, not that he will actually use it. He is then informed about the rebellion.

“Cat? She’s alive? Impossible!”, he says, “They were in Pyke, you said?”, he then asks.

“Yes, my lord. They left few days ago.”, answers a soldier.

“Then I know where they are going. Prepare the troops, we leave as soon we can.”, orders Ned. 

5.4 "Moat Cailin"

Lord Byran of House Hightower arrives at Kings Landing and seeks the attention of Queen Alys.

“What is it for?”, she asks him.

“You asked, I give. You wanted Lady Aura’s head, here it is. Highgarden is yours, your grace.”, Lord Hightower answers.

“A fine gift for your queen. Highgarden is now unoccupied, and we need a new warden of the Reach. Why not you? A good reward well deserved.”

“Thank you, your grace. I’m honored.”

“But, I have the sentiment you want more.”

“No, more another offering for you. You are the queen, no one denies it, but a queen needs a husband, a consort on her side…”

“And now you are asking too much.”

“So it’s a no, I presume?”

“For now, yes. If you want a queen, you need to earn her. You have to prove you truly deserve it. But you will the opportunity to. Stay in the capital for now, I might have plans for you.”

The rebels arrive at Moat Cailin, Cley Cerwyn’s troops are already there defending the fortress. Cat, Olivar, Kyra Uller, Hoster Tully, Tormund and some northern lords all meet for a war council.

“What’s our plan?”, asks Hoster.

“We break bones and kill everyone!”, says Tormund.

“If only it was that simple…”, responds Olivar.

“I know my brother, his strategy will be simple and effective. He's predictable, but he knows how to win. He also has the number. We need everything, everyone we can get.", says Cat, "What can we expect from Dorne?", she asks.

"All my archers are yours. We also have infantry, not much cavalry to spare unfortunately.", answers Kyra.

"They will be well used, I assure you.", responds Cat.

"If the numbers are our main problem, I suggest to sit our forces.", suggests Hoster.

"That's already the plan in mind.", replies Cat.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get on with it!", says Tormund.

"I appreciate your enthusiasm.", Cat tells him.

The battle goes on. But nothing goes as it should. The rebellion is proven to be outnumbered too much and is getting crushed by Cerwyn’s forces. Having successfully climbed the walls, Tormund is unfortunately killed. He dies how he always wanted too, weapon in hand. The rebels face heavy casualties, they are about to lose and forced to retreat, but Ned and his army arrive at  the right moment and change the tide of the battle, helping to defeat the northern loyalists. Cley Cerwyn is executed, cat and Ned finally reunite after years without seeing each other. Cat tries to kiss Ned but he pushes her back.

“No, stop. Don’t.”, he tells her, but she continues, “Cat, Cat, stop, Catelyn Stark!!! STOP IT!!! You're my sister!.", he says. She is shocked.

5.5 "Pack of Wolves"

Daenerys Targaryen and her khalsar go pillage the lands of the Lhazareen people, killing everyone. The entire nation is quickly decimated. The Dothraki wanted blood and their Khaleesi got them as much they wanted. One of them, Qyboro, is named commander of the Dothraki army.

"Blood of my blood.", she tells them, "This is what you get when you fight for me. What we did here, we will do it again. The whole continent will be ours! We will burn every cities and claim everything for us. We will embark on the wooden horses and  when we will be in my lands, we will kill everyone. We will destroy their stone houses and reclaim what is mine, my iron chair! I promise you everything and together, we will get what we deserve!"

The rebels arrive at Winterfell, “Arrival at Winterfell” can be heard in the background, reminiscent of the arrivals of King Robert or the allied forces of jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Ned and Cat go to meet their brother Ben before the battle begins. 

“It’s over Ben, we won.”, Cat tells him.

“You really believe i would give up that easily?”, responds the Warden of the North.

“You should. We have a lot to discuss”, says Ned.

“Like what, Ned? I heard you claim to be a Lannister. Interesting. What are you doing here exactly?” 

“Listen, we can overthrow Alys Arryn. There’s something else coming for us all, something way more dangerous.”

“Are you suggesting we would spare him and let him join us? You know what he has done, Ned. He conspired against his own House, he let Alys Arryn kill our mother!”, intervenes Cat.

“Wait, “our mother”, you said?”, asks Ben.

“Ned is our brother. I know, it’s really confusing.”, answers Cat, “I can’t forgive you. Surrender now and might let you live in a cell.”

“Don’t make me laugh. See you later on the battlefield.”, replies Ben. He then returns into the castle.

Back inside Winterfell, Ben shows what’s really inside his mind. He tried hard to hide it, but he feels enormous grief and truly feels responsible of what he did. He knows he can’t win this fight and he doesn’t even want to fight his own family. Desperate, he jumps from a high window and kills himself, surrounding the North to the rebels.

After returning to their camps, Cat and Ned talk again about the recent events.

“You really believed what you said? I mean, about Daenerys Targaryen and everything?”, asks Cat.

“I fought her. I saw what she’s capable of. I guarantee you, the Dragon Queen is a greater threat to us all than Ben or a simple queen like Alys Arryn.”, answers Ned.

“Tell me you want revenge like me? Promise me we will get Queen Alys’ head.”

“I promise. But you have to understand my priority is elsewhere. I want her head, she killed the two mothers I had. Daenerys Targaryen also killed many people important to me. I have to put my emotions aside and protect the world from her.”

“Who else died?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you one day, but if that day comes, we’ll need more wine than this…”

“I’m so confused by everything right now. I know it’s strange and I shouldn’t, but I think I still love you.”

“We are both confused. I’m not entirely sure about my feelings for you, but you are right, we shouldn’t.”

Hoster Tully enters.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s about Ben Stark.”, he says.

“What is the matter?”, asks Ned.

“Well, he died.”

“What?”, says a shocked Cat.

The rebellion celebrates its victory inside Winterfell. A feast is held in the throne room. Cat and Ned are both sitting at the main table.

“To the North!”, screams Lord Hornwood.

“To the North!”, repeats everyone.

“To Cat Stark, the on who led us into our success!”, says Hoster Tully.

“The one lady who made this possible! I’ll drink to that!”, says Kyra Uller.

“The North is free once again, Which means it needs a new ruler. And who’s more fitting for this than Catelyn of House Stark, the Queen in the North!”, proclaims Olivar.

“The Queen in the North!”, replies Ned.

Everyone kneels before her. And everyone chant :


305 AC - 336 AC

305 AC

The Dothraki came back in their lands. They formed multiple khalasaars. Grey Worm and his Unsullied set sail to the Island of Naath. Bronn makes his own House, House Blackwater. "With gold, we prosper" is the motto.

306 AC

Thousands of Unsullied died from the Butterfly disease in only a year, forcing Grey Worm and the remaining of his forces to sail back in Meereen. In Dragon's bay, revolts quickly erupted after Daenerys' death. Daario Naharis tried to maintain the peace, with the help from the Unsullied.

307 AC

The Masters regained control of the Bay. Daario died and so Grey Worm, the Unsullied no longer exist. Astor Caswell, minor lord from the Crownlands, is made Master of Whisperers. Bronn Blackwater married Aura, a simple prostitute from King's Landing.

308 AC

Arya Stark came back from her exploration, finding new lands west of Westeros.

309 AC

Bronn's son, Willem "Will" Blackwater, was born. Qyeen Sansa Stark married Rickard Cerwyn, a little brother of Lord Cerwyn. Gendry Baratheon married Melissa Caron.

311 AC

Jon Stark, eldest son of Queen Sansa and Rickard Cerwyn, was born. Viola Blackwater was also born that year, as so Robert "Robb" Baratheon, heir of Storm's end.

312 AC

Arya Stark, with Queen Sansa's blessing, goes back to the sea for a second exploration of the lands west of Westeros

314 AC

Queen Sansa's second child, Benjen "Ben" Stark, was born. Yara Greyjoy's daughter and heir, Asha, was also born that year.

315 AC

Alys Aryn, Robin Aryn's only child and heir, was born. Arya Stark came back from her second exploration. It was now clear she found a new continent. Elia Martell, heir of Sunspear, was also born that year.

316 AC

Hoster Tully, Edmure Tully's second son, was born.

318 AC

Queen Sansa gave birth to her third child, Catelyn "Cat" Stark.

319 AC

Rickard Cerwyn, Queen Sansa's husband, died near Winterfell from a horse riding accident. King Bran and lord Tyrion Lannister came for the funerals and stayed few weeks in the North. Unfortunatly, Tyrion died at Winterfell from an heart attack.

320 AC

House Lannister now extinct, Lord Steffon Payne, Master of War, is made Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the Westerlands. Serah, Queen Sansa's handmaiden and closest friend, gave birth to her only child, a son named Ned. Arya Stark came back to the sea a for a third exploration, huge this time, with the North and Iron Island's help. Yara Greyjoy sailed with her, but they never came back. They are presumed dead.

326 AC

Edmure Tully died. His heir, Lothar Tully, took his place as Lord of Riverrun and Warden of the Riverlands.

332 AC

Bronn Blackwater died from a stroke. Will Blackwater was made Lord of Highgarden and Warden of the Reach.

333 AC

Gendry Baratheon died from illness. Robb Baratheon took his place.

334 AC

Jon Snow, King Beyond the Wall, traveled far North, but never came back. Presumed dead. Tormund Giantsbane took his place.

336 AC

King Bran the Broken died while warging. A new king has to be elected...

Characters (After Season 4) * MAJOR SPOILERS*

House Stark

Sansa Stark : Queen of the North, she’s 51 in Season 1. She married Rickard Cerwyn and had 3 children together. She became through the years a just and intelligent monarch and she's known as sassy and very fierce with her words. She's considered as one of the greatest ruler in the North's history.

Jon Stark : Eldest son of Sansa and heir of Winterfell, he looks like his uncles Robb Stark or Jon Snow. Great leader that everyone likes, he’s brave, honorable and the best swordsmen in the North. 25 in Season 1.

Benjen “Ben” Stark : Second son and child of Sansa, he physically looks like his Tully ancestors. Great archer, he’s also good with a sword. As Jon being the leader, Ben assumed the role of the good tactician his brother needed. 22 in Season 1.

Catelyn “Cat” Stark : Youngest child of Sansa, she’s the two sides of the same medal. Great beauty, but also fierce with a sword. She looks like a Lyanna Stark 2.0, both in personality and looks.18 in S1.

House Blackwater

"With gold, we prosper."

House sigil : a flamming arrow.

Willem “Will” Blackwater : Bronn’s eldest child and Lord of the Reach. He is exactly like his father. 27 in S1.

Viola Blackwater : Will’s younger sister. She's concerned about family and legacy and she's the mastermind behind her brother. Also have the looks of her father. 25 in Season 1.

Lady Aura : Mother of willem and Viola, she was only a prostitute in King's Landing when Bronn married her. She doesn't concerns herself with politics. In her 50s.

House Lannister

House Lannister was considered extinct since Tyrion Lannister's death in 319 AC.

Ned : Secret son of Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark and raised by Serah. He grew up in Winterfell and spent most of his time in the library. Blue eyes, small and frail. He's kind, smart and extremely wise for his age. New lord of Casterly rock and ruler of the Westerlands.

House Aryn

Robin Aryn : Lord of the Vale, he was considered a joke around Westeros due to his softness and lack of intelligence. 47 in Season 1.

Alys Aryn :  Robin’s only child, she is smart, cold, calculative and ruthless. She wants to restore her family’s greatness and build her legacy. Tall and strong, she’s a good fighter. She could be compared to a Stannis or a Tywin. 21 in Season 1.

House Tully

Lothar Tully : Lord of Riverrun, he looks more like a Frey than a Tully.  Edmure’s eldest son. 35 in Season 1.

Hoster Tully : Lothar’s younger brother. Looks like Edmure. 20 in Season 1.

House Baratheon

Robert  “Robb” Baratheon : Young, handsome and popular, Robb is Gendry’s only child. Lord of Storm’s end, he was formerly master of laws under King Bran the broken. Looks like Renly. 25 in Season 1.

Melissa Caron : Mother of robb and widow or Gendry, she’s her son’s closest counselor. Blond with brown eyes. Mid 40s.

House Martell

Elia Martell : Young and beautiful, she’s a true dornish beauty. She rules Dorne. Great with spear, she’s also good in scheming and war strategies. 21 in Season 1.

House Greyjoy

Asha Greyjoy : Warden of the Iron Islands, Captain of the Iron Fleet and Master of Ships under King Bran. Only child of Yara Greyjoy, she has her mother’s look. Great captain and good with a sword, she’s also a bit shy and introvert. Still, she has good sense of leadership. 20 in Season 1.


Steffon Payne : Warden of the West. In his 50s.

Serah : Sansa’s closest friend and handmaiden. Brown hair and eyes. Raised Ned herself. In her 50s.

Lord Astor Caswell : Named Master of whisperers by Bran the Broken, he made a vast network of spies with the crown’s resources. Master schemer and great politician. In his 50s.

Olivar Botley : Asha’s uncle, lieutenant and closest counselor. Lord of a loyal vassal house of the Greyjoys, he’s a great captain and a loyal man. 42 in Season 1.

Ser Hory Hunter : Alys Aryn’s personal guard, he is the strongest knight in Westeros. He is gigantic and cruel. 31 in Season 1.

Maester Wolkan : Old Maester of Winterfell. Very wise and knowledgeable. Ned's mentor. In his 80s.

Guryn Uller : Lord of a dornish vassal house and personal guard and advisor to Elia Martell, Princess of Dorne. 46 in Season 1.

Kyra Uller : Lady of her House after the death of Guryn, her brother. A true dornish beauty. 35 in Season 4.

Grand Measter Arthur (formely archmaester) : Became Grand Maester after Sam Tarly's execution for treason. In his 70s.

Archmaester Mors : One of the most respected member of the Conclave. Very loyal to the crown. He doesn't like Ned at all. In his 50s.

Archmaester Konrad : Second to Arthur in the Conclave. Mentor and somewhat father figure to Ned. In his 50s.

Alistor Redwyne : Lord of House Redwyne and named Master of Ships by Grand Maester Sam, Hand of the King, and Princess Viola Blackwater. 45 in Season 2.

Joren Connington : New Warden of the Stormlands. In his 50s.

Duncan Dayne : New Prince of Dorne. 20 in Season 2.

Byran Hightower : New Warden of the Reach, 25 in Season 5.

Myshara : Priestess of R'hollor and leader of a dark cult from Asshai.

Cley Cerwyn : Leader of his house and uncle of the Stark children. One of the most important lords of the North.In his late 50s.

Meera Reed : Lady of House Reed and Greywater watch. 50 in Season 3.

Emy : Sex slave from Volantis who develops a romance with Ned. Long red hair and green eyes, a tattooed tear close to her left one. 22 in Season 3.

Mozdo az Azdeen : Very wealthy master from Volantis and one his triarchs. 37 in Season 3.

Kamara Maegyr : Triarch of Volantis. Cold and calculating old woman. In her 70s.

Simyon Paenemyion : Young and wealthy triarch of Volantis. 23 in Season 3.

Tormund Giantsbane : Leader of the Free Folks, the old man never changed and still ready for a good battle. Late 60s.

Jonmun : Grandson of Tormund and new leader of the Free Folk after his grandfather's death. 20 in Season 5.

Zhyrosh : High ranked commander of the Fiery Hand and Ned's closest lieutenant in his conquest of Casterly rock.

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