What To Do When You're Stuck In Cambodia is a 1972 American Thriller Horror film written by Werner Herzog and directed by Martin Scorcese starring Steve McQueen, Chris Sarandon, Barbara Streisand, Ian McShane, Harrison Ford, Amitabh Bachchan, Susan Sullivan and Britt Eckland.

It concerns a group of 19 year old youths stuck in the Cambodian Jungle pitted against nature which possesses an omnipresent living force of it's own.


A 32 year old famous American British Archeologist Flint Mermeter (Steve McQueen) assembles a young American Youth crew lead by young lovers Able Martin (Chris Sarandon) and Jules Bancroft (Barbara Streisand) into the wilds of the Cambodian Jungle in search of what he calls a priceless treasure.

Indeed it is instead the unearthing of a legendary enviromental curse which causes the jungle enviroment to turn against all the accursed and dispatch them in fairly brutal ways.

As the young explorer teenagers begin to meet their horrible ends the famous Mr. Flint Mermeter must decide what to do and how to escape the jungle which seems to want to take his life and the lives of all the others he doomed.


  • Steve McQueen as Flint Mermeter
  • Chris Sarandon as Able Martin
  • Barbara Streisand as Jules Bancroft
  • Ian McShane as Larry Gorman
  • Harrison Ford as Malcolm Sandross
  • Amitabh Bachchan as Walt Beckett
  • Susan Sullivan as Lindsay Turner-Ross
  • Britt Eckland as Dana Caramby
  • Isaac Hayes as Junebug Larver
  • David Proval as Thornby Tuner-Ross

The Explorer Kids

The following personality description of the poor 19 year old American Youths stuck in the Cambodian Jungle cursed by an ancient enviromental curse which begins to take their lives: one by one.

  1. Able Martin: Compassionate strong willed leader of the kids who is in love with Jules and highly suspicious of Flint Mermeter
  2. Jules Bancroft: Along with friend Lindsay Turner-Ross huge fan of Flint Mermeter and girlfriend to Able Martin to who she is in love with. Strong willed girl who though at times panicky is very hard to knock down
  3. Larry Gorman: Jerk character who bullies Malcolm Sandross and Walt Beckett. He is the ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Turner-Ross and is not highly phased by their leader Flint Mermeter or group leader Able
  4. Malcolm Sandross: Nerdy, shy somewhat pestering character who is a fan of Flint Mermeter and one to get frightened and offput very easily. He is frequently bullied by Larry Gorman and is bestfriends with Walt Beckett and Junebug Larver
  5. Walt Beckett: Rich teen sporting a jungle unsuitbale wardrobe but rather dress party wardrobe. He is bestfriends with Malcom and Junebug and is constantly bullied by Larry Gorman
  6. Lindsay Turner-Ross: Pretty Blonde girl who is the ex-girlfriend of Larry Gorman who she now resents. Bestfriend of Jules Bancroft and huge fan of Flint Mermeter who she sports a minor crush on.
  7. Dana Caramby: Quiet pretty blonde with an interest in Junebug Larver. She is good friends with Jules Bancroft and Lindsay Turner-Ross.
  8. Junebug Larver: African American comedian guy with an interest in Dana Caramby. Bestfriends with Malcolm Sandross and Walt Beckett who he stands up for against Larry Gorman
  9. Thornby Turner-Ross: Twin brother of Lindsay Turner-Brother who is a secret thief.

Methods of Death- The Killings in What To Do When You're Stuck In Cambodia

In the film the enviromental curse acts by deploying creatures to do it's killing bidding.

The characters which meet their grisly demises in the film meet them by animals conjured up by the curse into the jungle:

  1. The Insects: Kill the first victim Thornby
  2. The Spiders: Kill the second victim Dana Caramby
  3. The Monkeys: Kill the third victim Junebug Larver
  4. The Birds: Kill the fourth victim Walt Beckett
  5. The Snakes: Kill the fifth and sixth victims Lindsay and Malcolm
  6. The Alligators: Kill the seventh victim Larry
  7. The Bear: Kills the eighth and final victim Flint
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