What Not To Do While You're In The Middle Ages is an American animated miniseries. It is a prequel to both Welcome to Die, U.S.A., and Heavy Metal America. The series centered on the misadventures of in the surreal but messed up version of the medieval times. The series is a prequel to Welcome to Die, U.S.A.


What could possibly go wrong in the medieval times? Well...everything.


The setting takes place in the during the Middle Ages. It centers on a The show's humor often makes fun of itself as it rarely seems to take itself seriously.


As he huffed from tenseness and fear, he then felt something dripping from his nose and wiped it off with his shirt sleeve. However, it turns out to be blood which gave Daniel a horrified expression on his face

Daniel: Oh crap!

Death: Bring out your dead!


Daniel- a young warlock who is chosen to destroy

Rupert-Daniel's childhood friend and wizard

Emma- Daniel's second friend and a witch who often uses her quick wit to help the group in many situations.


Dove- Penelope's best friend and lady in waiting.

Penelope StormButt- the crown princess of Die. She is the direct ancestor of

King StormButt-the king of Die and Penelope's father.

Queen StormButt-the queen of Die and Penelope's mother.

William-a hobbit who speaks in shakespearean.

Gunter- a mute hobbit who is unable to talk due to his inability to utilize his tongue. He can only communicates with facial expressions, charades and sign language.

who suffers from OCD.

Jacques -Though he can understand English, he always speaks French with subtitles. He spoke English in a few episodes in order for everyone to understand him better.

Recurring Characters


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