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What If I Still Love You? is a 2008 teen drama that was a follow-up to 2005's "What if i like you?" The story follows up a year after when Alina (Katina) is now on the senior year of high school. Just like its predecessor Lukas Moodysson is the film's director, and Lena Katina plays the protagonist.

The film recieved 2 nominations for Best Film and Best Actress at the 21st European Film Awards.

Plot Summary

A year later Alina's mother came to the school and requested to pull her out after hearing the incident that happened to her daughter. Upon hearing the news Alina was happy about it, and joyfully told her friend Joan who was also happy for the move. That night while Alina was sleeping, Denise knocked on their door just to check on her, but Joan answered and told her that Alina is pulling out and is moving to another school in Yekaterinburg. Shocked, Denise asked Alina about it the next day, and Alina happily announced to the whole class that she was moving back to Russia.

At lunch Veronika approaches Alina asking her about moving to Yekaterinburg after hearing the news from her girlfriend Kelly (Rachel McAdams), who was Alina's classmate, and was also present when Alina announced the move. Alina replied saying that everything that Kelly told her was true, and she needs to 'shut up' and never talk to her again, since she doesn't care about her like she used to, before lending a seat and moving to another empty table.

The next day Alina was taunted again by one of Oliver's friend named Drew after his friend got expelled from the school because of the incident. But before he leaves her, he was knocked down by Axel (Måns Zelmerlöw). Axel tries to befriend Alina, but ended up running away out of shock. At night Alina and Joan talked about Axel, who was a part of the school men's Water Polo team and also has a VIP status just like Joan, but this time Joan didn't warn her about him since he abandoned his VIP status for a Win status, a rank high up the school hierarchy that consisted of self-made students.

A week has passed and Alina decided to join the Water Polo club to get in touch with Axel, at her first meeting she unexpectedly saw Denise, whom Alina thought was on the tennis team, but when Alina saw Axel, she strikes up a conversation with him, and decided to become friends.

One day at class, Alina got excused to be interviewed by Mark Shannons (Jude Law) who was a journalist doing a documentary about the case her Father worked on.

When Axel stumbles across the room seeing Alina getting interviewed, he told his friend Norman (Topher Grace), who opens up about Alina's father; and why she was getting interviewed. Axel asked for any information about Alina, but Norman disclosed that its all he knows about her, Axel then requested him to look for further information about her, before being verbally escorted out of the area by the principal.

That night Norman looked further into Alina's YouTube channel, and made a four-page report about it and her past, he then gave the report to Axel, who read and stated that she will be a perfect candidate for a Win rank.

At Waterpolo training, the team's coach introduced Serena Myers (Mila Kunis), who struck a conversation with Alina after the training.

Nothing much has happen to Alina, until a month later when she finally watched the documentary along with Joan, but in the middle of of the documentary, she refused to keep on watching as Alina said 'the documentary was full of b*lls*it'

The next morning, Alina was approached by Axel, who gave her an envelope which was a confirmation letter for a Win status. The same night Alina, Axel, and a couple of his friends went outside the school for to party at a nearby bar.

After the weekends, Alina was the center of the school's attention. With a new status Alina also grabbed Veronika's affection. Veronika even invited Alina to her dorm room, and stated that her and Kelly were gone. But when Alina noticed that Kelly's clothes were still in Veronika's room, Veronika confirmed that she was still with Kelly, but when asked about If she loved her because of her high ranking status, the answer from Veronika was unclear. That afternoon Serena happens to see Alina walking alone, Serena approached her, accompanying Alina to her dorm room. The two hanged-out talking, with Serena showing interest in Alina.

Denise on the other hand was shocked about Alina's changes, and was shaken when she was approached by Kelly asking her were Veronika is. Denise didn't answer saying; she don't know before walking pass her.

At school, Alina sees Matt Erwins (Tim Maddren) being harassed, and chimes in. She then strikes up a friendship with him.

The next day Alina recieved the news that her mother is not going to pull her out of the school as for the request of the principal. Enraged, Alina asked the principal why, but he asked Alina to talk with Joan, about it. A week later Alina confronted Joan about the matter and Joan admitted that she has feelings for Alina before proceeding to kiss her. Alina, who was still apperently angry walked out on Joan before she caught Matt hiding behind a wall. Matt asked if Alina was interested in only girls, but Alina clarified that she was bisexual. Then Matt disclosed to her that he is a closeted homosexual, who was being bullied not only for his outsider status, but also his sexual orientation. That night the two began having a conversation, especially about forgiving Joan, if she ever apologizes.

Two months has passed and a guy named Caleb Kelsey (Mark Barry) claimed to have written Alina the note. He flirts with her in the hallway but Alina was reluctant after hearing rumors of his numerous relationships. Caleb clarified that he hasn't been with anyone, but Alina rejected him, and insisted to go 'check himself'

Caleb started to spread the rumors in class that him and Alina were dating, and was also planning to spread the rumors around the school, but when Norman heard from Serena that Caleb was lying about it. The two debunked him with a PowerPoint that was presented in class the next day. With Norman hanging out with Serena more often, Norman decided to ask Serena out. She rejected him suggesting that she wasn't interested in him. But Alina also started hanging out with Axel, who also had an interest in her. After a few weeks Axel and Alina started dating, a month later Axel had to leave, because of other opportunities for him outside the school which happend twelve days before prom night. The day after Axel's departure, Joan apolgized to Alina, saying that she finally accepted that what she (Alina) had her had was only a strong friendship, Alina forgave Joan, and reassured her that she'll stay. The next day after class both Denise and Alina decided to talk about their own lives outside the school and by the end of their conversation Denise told Alina that she would wait for her at the prom outside the venue, that would be a testament of her kept promise.

At prom Alina was alone since Serena and Norman had been dating already. During this Caleb approached Alina admitting that he didn't write the letter and the reason why he said it is because he wanted to be with her, but Alina was having none of it with him. Denise, saw Alina walked out, and when she approached her, the two hugged. Alina who was now bothered by the thought of the letter written to her asked if she was the one that wrote her that letter, after being pressured by Alina to tell the truth, Denise admitted she was the one who wrote the letter. Alina then kissed Denise and danced throughout the whole event.

The movie ends on a weekend, when both Denise and Alina hanged out in one of the girl's dorm room talking about how they're going to explain about their relationship to their parents, before Alina places a CD and the two started dancing.


  • Olga Spirkina as Marfa Vasilievskaya (Alina's Mother)
  • Paul Rhys as Theodore Davies (Principal)
  • Lena Katina as Alina Vasilievskaya
  • Claire Keim as Joan Baribeau
  • Agathe de Laboulaye as Denise Aurand
  • Rachel McAdams as Kelly Carson
  • Julia Volkova as Veronika Belyaeva
  • James Franco as Drew Loughlin
  • Måns Zelmerlöw as Axel Liamsson
  • Jude Law as Mark Shannons
  • Topher Grace as Norman Rosengard
  • Mila Kunis as Serena Myers
  • Wilmer Valderrama as Gavin Lewis
  • Liam Hemsworth as Timothy Hoffler
  • Michael B. Jordan as Kevin DeAbler
  • Nick Carter as Anthony McElroy
  • Lizzy Caplan as Evangeline (Eva) Houston
  • Lacey Chabert as Audrey Keller
  • Frederic Pierrot as Bartender
  • Max Minghella as Rick Johnson (Bully #1)
  • Andrew Garfield as Dave Williams (Bully #2)
  • Armie Hammer as Jack Collins (Bully #3)
  • Tim Maddren as Matt Erwins
  • Mark Barry as Caleb Kelsey
  • Denis Shafostarov as Artem (Band Guitarist)
  • Daniel Franzese as Pete (Prom Attendee)


Unlike its previous predecessor, What If I Still Love You had overwhelming positive reviews with a score of 82 on Metacritic and a has a Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Awards & Nominations

Legend: * = Same Year
Year Award Category Nominee Result
2008 European Film Award Best Actress

Best Film

Lena Katina

Sergei Konov (Film Producer)



2009 GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Film – Wide Release What If I Still Love You Nominated
* Dublin Film Critics' Circle Best Film

Best Newcomer

Best Screenplay

Lukas Moodysson

Lena Katina

Lukas Moodysson

2nd Place



* MTV Movie Award Breakthrough Female Performance Agathe De Laboulaye Won
2008 Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie: Chemistry

Choice Movie: Breakout Actress

Choice Movie: Breakout Actor

Mila Kunis and Topher Grace

Julia Volkova

Måns Zelmerlöw




2009 Kids Choice Awards Favorite Movie Actress Lena Katina Won
* Florida Film Critics Circle Best Supporting Actress Claire Keim Won


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