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What's Your Worth? is a 2013 American Teenage Drama film written by Margaret Bechard and directed by Lynne Ramsay starring Liam Neeson, Susan Dey, Jeff Goldblum, Christine Baranski, Darren Criss, Lyndsy Fonseca, Alex Russell, Candica Accola, Freddie Stroma, Zac Efron, AnnaLynne McCord, Mandy Patinkin, Genesis Rodriquez, William Moseley, Jake Abel, Mary McDonnell and Miriam Flynn.

The film is set at Washington State High School and concerns the interweaving exploits of 10 Characters.

The film deals mostly with heartbreak and loss as well as the troubles of what it is to be a student at high school.

The film however also possesses violence as the bully character Deacon severely beats the centre protagonist Colbin for getting close to the centre deuteragonist Linda.

There is also a sequence in which the character Jack Gottfried's love interest India overdoses and has to be transported to the hospital by not only Jack but centre protagonist Colbin demonstrating that the love interests weave together.

The film is written by acclaimed author Margaret Bechard who was responsible for the award winning book Hanging On To Max which concerned the struggles of a teenage father.

The film is slated for theatrical release on Valentine's Day on 2013, February 14th.

The film is told through the narrative of three 18 year old boys who are all a year off graduating high school and the trials and tribulations that come with acquiring the women they are interested in.

The film's tagline on the to come Theatrical Poster reads "To Shock You, Like You Won't Believe," which is taken from the chorus line of the featured song Electric Feel by MGMT which appears in the film.


Colbin Getty (Alex Russell) is an intelligent, nerdy bullied teenager at Washington State who possesses only three friends: Bestfriend Brendan Crane (William Moseley), Joker Jack Gottfried (Zac Efron) and ADHD Passive Aggressive Lars Ernest (Jake Abel).

The four are constantly bullied by school head jock and Varsity Football Captain Sam Luketon (Darren Criss) and his followers including bestfriend Deacon (Freddie Stroma).

After Colbin is horribly humiliated at a school assembly whilest delivering a poem he wrote for his Literature class he comes to meet his new beautiful neighbour Linda Hamilton (Lyndsy Fonseca) and as he refuses to return to school he finds himself spending alot of time with Linda until that is she settles into Washington State.

He then works up the courage to return back due to this and getting back in contact with his three friends tells he may have fallen in love with his gorgeous new neighbour.

However she on her first day before he gets his chance of declaring his love watches in horror as head bully Sam Luketon askes out Linda and she responds with a gleeful yes.

She however welcomes Colbin to hang around her and Sam as she tells how being her first friend of this area and her bestfriend she doesn't want to lose his company, Sam begins to be nice to Colbin and his bullying towards Colbin ceases despite Colbin's attempts to sabotage their relationship so he can claim Linda.

We are then taken onto the story of Colbin's bestfriend Brendan and his love for the school's most popular girl/head cheerleader India Barthemelow who is already in a relationship with Sam's bestfriend Deacon who cheats on her and possesses the father who abuses her.

Third romance story we are chronicled through is prankster friend Jack and his love for Carly Kimball the school's former popular girl who became a heroin addict.

The fourth and final romance story before the film comes back to protagonist Colbin and the conclusion on his story with Linda is the troubled ADHD youth Lars love for tough girl Harley Flowers.

The film when it comes back to Colbin sees him expose Luke has cheated to Linda which breaks her heart and makes her take a day off school ceasing all contact from others.

She however that night comes during a rainstorm to Colbin's doorstep and kisses him out in the gazebo behind his house.

After kissing she starts to undress preparing to have sexual intercourse.

He however confesses to trying to break apart her and Luke's relationship from the beginning even before he knew of his affair.

Linda tells him she doesn't understand him and that's what stopped her from falling in love with him, she couldn't connect with him fully and she lies in his lap and thanks him for his honesty.

The next day at school Colbin meets up with his friends and their now girlfriends and sees that Linda has entered a relationship with a new guy Rick.

She however asks Colbin to the prom and the film ends as the whole group attend the prom and dance with their respective partners, who also are their love interests.

The finishing line is said by Linda who asks Colbin whether things will change to which he just smiles at and she comes to lay her head on his shoulder.


  • Liam Neeson as Harrison Getty
  • Susan Dey as Julia Getty
  • Jeff Goldblum as Principal Albert Dixon
  • Christine Baranski as Miss Pettis
  • Darren Criss as Samuel Luketon
  • Lyndsy Fonseca as Linda Hamilton
  • Alex Russell as Colbin Getty
  • Candica Accola as India Barthmelow
  • Freddie Stroma as Deacon Lynch
  • Zac Efron as Jack Gottfried
  • AnnaLynn McCord as Carly Kimball
  • Mandy Patinkin as Drubin Luketon
  • Genesis Rodriquez as Harley Flowers
  • William Moseley as Brendan Crane
  • Jake Abel as Lars Ernest


  1. Don't You Worry Child- Swedish House Mafia
  2. She Wolf- Shakira
  3. We Are Young- Fun featuring Janelle Monae
  4. Ass Back Home- Gym Class Heroes featuring Neon Hitch
  5. The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
  6. We Found Love- Rihanna
  7. Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall- Coldplay
  8. Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People
  9. Just Can't Enough- The Black Eyed Peas
  10. Fast Lane- Bad Meets Evil
  11. Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna
  12. Beautiful People- Chris Brown
  13. Good Feeling- Flo Rida
  14. I Love It- Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX
  15. Bom Bom- Sam and the Womp
  16. Time To Pretend- MGMT
  17. Electric Feel- MGMT

End Credits Songs

  1. Walking On A Dream- Empire Of The Sun
  2. Miracle- The Temper Trap
  3. The Sea Is Calling- The Temper Trap