Westside Waylon is an Indian-American Musical Traditional Animated Movie. Shires made the English dub as a Mike Nestle Movie that aired on Shires Channel on March 17th, 2006.


A Stray Dog Who is Part of a Gang of Musical Dogs named Waylon falls in love with a Movie Star named Laika.

Voice Cast


  1. Top Dog Waylon - Waylon
  2. Let’s Go - Waylon, Snulu, Hero, Inerval, and Minnie
  3. Touch Me - Laika, Chopin Arena, Waylon, and Dogs
  4. Perfectly - Waylon and Laika
  5. Cool But Nice - Waylon and Chopin Arena
  6. No More Loving on Anyone - Laika
  7. Top Dog Waylon (Reprise) - Waylon, Laika, Chopin Arena, Snulu, Hero, Inerval, and Minnie


In 2002, Jugal Hasraj announced that he was making his first and only animated film teaming up with Shires for the international distribution rollout.

The English dub was made in the Mike Nestle studio and took a shorter time then it did in India, but still released it in that country first.

The movie took 3 years to make and came in Indian Theatres in February 10, 2006. But due to the fact that the movie bombed the box office in India, Shires decided to make the movie exclusive to Shires Channel internationally.

When the movie aired on Shires Channel in March 17 of the same year as its theatrical release in India, it got millions of views.

In May, the film aired on Shires Channels Worldwide, except for China, where it was banned. Later, in September, after its Shires Channel Success, Waylon and Laika Fursuits came to Shires Parks.

In 2008, a Broadway Play based off the film opened with extra songs that weren’t in the film.

In June 28, 2019, it reaired on Shires Channel to celebrate the 50th SCOM, Guys Who Are Spies.

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