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Western American Mammoth (New Pleistocene)
Epoch New Miocene - New Pleistocene
Diet Plants Berries Fruit
Predators American Plains Lion New Barbourofelis Polar bear
Extinct No
Related to Elephants
Scientific name Neomammuthus westernus americanum
Fur color Dark indigo (male) Blue (female) Purple (calf)

Western American Mammoth (or The Western American False Elephant) is a future species of mammoth that lives in North America during the New Miocene to New Pleistocene epoch. It is also the largest species of elephant in the Alliasian Era. They are descended from African elephants. They are also the largest four legged animals to walk on earth.


Western American Mammoths are larger than the ancient Deinotherium making it the largest four legged animal on land. In Alaska, they have thick fur to protect themselves from the cold. Despite their name, they mostly live in the western parts of North America and Canada, they also live in Alaska.


When most humans left earth, after a few days many animals from zoos and safari parks (including ones that were brought back from extinction), became neglected. Most animals died, due to their exhibits security, but animals that were kept in with electric fences and were large, managed to knock down their prisons or have their exhibits destroyed. Woolly mammoths (along with elephants) managed to knock the fences and cages down. After escape, they migrate to North America by getting to the land bridge from Africa, Russia to America. Some groups of mammoths evolved into Western American mammoths.

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