Wesley is an character from Dinolandia , the new world , the sequel of Dinolandia X , he is an opening to


many other plant characters, including Joseph and Gizmo , he resembles an plant and he is alive , he may be one of Eve's weird NMC's creation , since he may be an evolved infected venus flytrap. He lives in a pot and he can go out of his pot sometime, different from Joseph or Gizmo , he has no eyes ( but can see via echolocation ) and prefers to be sedentary , he alsos like bread and steak. He has no religion because he says "I dont like it baby , its so hard and you have to go to churches or temples."


Spectral space pirates arc

Wesley appears in the NMC discovery center , and he is discovered to be an plant , then later he eats Coelo's bread and drinks all of the chocolate milk , then he wants water and drinks it up , later on at the resturant , when Yakumo Oomori puts the steak on wesley's plate , he pours many liters of butters of the steak and slurps it , then cames at thursday and he eats a very big breakfeast , then Coelo convites him to lunch , that is when he goes inside the kitchen and he eats the Smorg's blueberry pancake and Common lunch , he also then starts to eat many things , untill he grows the size of Audrey from Little shop of horrors , then as coelo eats the last bite, wesley says "Is there any dessert?" later , Yakumo Oomori confronts Coelo because he let him go to the team , then Wesley says "Hey knock it off" before the EVILbook comes , then it opens and Joseph tries to get out , Joseph then actually gets out when the Tai-chi-long comes out and starts to attack Gizmo before he explodes Tai-chi-long , making him turn into the microscopic style , wesley then says "SON OF A BITCH!" , later on at the wedding , Wesley almost melts , then after it , at the shopping , he finds the sushi store and he also finds that his friends ( and relatives along with other of his species ) are getting eaten , he then eats all of the sushi and grows , he also eats the managers in there.

New years eve arc

Wesley goes to the beach , then he says "No dishmas dinner?" coelo respond saying "Yes" Wesley screams as he starts to goes to the airplane cafeteria , until he sees the world delayed , Wesley screams as he picks the passage on the airplane , he then sees the view on the airplane , then it flies , flying so big that he gets scared a little bit , then he finds the pancake , eating it. When he is at the beach , he eats sand and spews out as a sand castle , then at the new year party , he find out that deino is on a bot , then he goes there and he tries to save him , along with his friends , then at the end they miss the new year party , and they all go home , sad. So sad.


  • He was inspired in Audrey in little shop of horrors
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