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We're Here: A Reptile Story is a 1992 American animated film, produced by Omnitrans Animation Studios and distributed by Omnitrans Pictures. It was released in theaters in the United States on October 30, 1992. It features the voices of Tim Allen, Danny DeVito, Nathan Lane, James Earl Jones and Glenn Close.


4 Reptiles, lead by Mighty Rock, save their kind from being extinct and invaded by clowns.

Voice Cast:

  • Tim Allen as Mighty Rock
  • John Kevin as Whiff
  • Theresa Nelson as Elsie
  • Samuel E. Wright as Stuck-Up
  • Danny DeVito as Steve the Clown
  • Nathan Lane as Vance
  • James Earl Jones as Captain Newsman
  • Glenn Close as Dr. Judy Benson
  • Jeremy Irons as Professor Spielberg
  • Yeardley Smith as Claire
  • Nancy Cartwright as Lewis
  • Bradley Pierce as Bert
  • Kimmy Robertson as Bert's Mother
  • Larry King as Himself


  • The animated is produced by Mook Animation and Dai Won Animation Co.