Were-Maverick Hunter

A Were-Maverick Hunter, Bryan Hooton, looking for his helpless victim during the full moon night.

A Were-Maverick Hunter is a were-creature that was originally pure fiction, but was made real by some DeviantArt fans using universe travel and now lives in most of Asia (including Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, all of southeast Asia, India, Siberia, and some other parts of Asia), all parts of mainland Europe, British Isles, and all parts of mainland North America. They resemble a video game character, Megaman X, but with a mechanical-like tail, fangs, sharp talon-like fingernails/claws, darker blue armor color, white fur on parts of their limbs and torso, and also has highly-sensitive robotic-like cat-like ears on top of their heads. They also behave very much like a former fictional werewolf, becoming savages that often attacking deer, domestic livestock, pets, and even humans, wild dylanus, and domestic dylanus, turning humans and dylanuses into Were-Maverick Hunters, if they have bitten dylanuses and/or humans. The bitten dylanuses and humans usually transform into Were-Maverick Hunters when the moon is full. They range in size from about 5'11 feet tall to about 8'3 feet tall, and their weight range from about 400 pounds to about 700 pounds due to their strong heavy armor. They are aggressive, although less aggressive than other were-creatures. They also couldn't talk, unlike real Maverick Hunters, even though they're somewhat sapient (in a similar manner to werewolves), instead, in their Were-Maverick Hunter forms, they communicate by growling, groan, moan, snarling, hissing, and howling (like a werewolf). They are one of the most adaptable were-creatures and can survive extremely well into human settlements.
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