Welcone to Die, U.S.A. is an American animated web television series.


Welcome to Die: a town that is to die for.


Die, a town which is served as a gateway between heaven, earth, and hell, is inhabited by humans and a variety of supernatural and demonic creatures.


  • I heard you have a roach infestation.

No, we just had a problem with overpopulation.

What's the difference?

  • What?

The man rolled down the window and immediately jumped in fright at the reaper before him.

Death:It's okay, I'm not here for you. I'm here for someone named Carly. I was told she died here.

Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.

Death: Hey I was told specii- Hey, what were you doing in here, anyways?

Uh, nothing. Nothing sexually or anything.

Death:Wait, what's that over- Oh there's Carly. Wait a minute... Oh.. OH GOD! THAT'S FUCKING DISGUSTING! YOU'RE SICK!

I can't help myself! Dead bodies always turn me on, I swear!

Death:Okay, you know what? Keep it. (Walks away in disgust) I'm just gonna skip this damn job.

  • And nine months later, you were born. And that's pretty much how I met your father.

Remember when I tied you to the bed and you were begging me to stop.


Oh, you were such a bad boy.

  • Death (shouted)You fucking maniacs! Oh, now that's just fucking great! I have two deaths already and i'm gonna be late!

Life:I know what it feels. I forget about that day that succubus would give birth and well now it's a bit awkward when we see each other.

Death:(in a seductive tone)Well...It seems like we're going to be here for a while. Wanna go to the back seat and...?


Death:Come on, you had sex with me last weekend!

Life:I was drunk, okay! Now let it go already!

Death: (screams)NO! about seven minutes of pity sex in exchange of cleaning the house for a whole month?


Both Life and Death jumped

Life:Death, is that a spy camera on the ceiling?

Death:Well, my mom is always asking for proof that i'm not gay or some shit.


Main Characters

a young zombie boy.

Recurring Characters

Life- A supernatural being who takes the form of a beautiful young woman.She brings the souls to newborns when they are born. She is Death's long time girlfriend and roommate.

Death- A grim reaper figure who takes the form of a skeleton in a black cloak who rarely removes his hood. He is Life's long time boyfriend and roommate.


Whispers In The Dark-

Ding Dong, I'm Not Dead-

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