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Welcome to Die, U.S.A. is an American adult animated web television series. The series has a spin off titled Nightmare America, featuring the notorious cult, Nightmare. In a group of dysfunctional friends strive to cope with everyday life as they are thrown from one scenario to another. The series is inspired by Family Guy, Ugly Americans, Hazbin Hotel, Neighbors from Hell, Gary and His Demons, and Metalocalypse.


Welcome to Die: a town that is to die for.


Set in an alternate universe where humans and supernatural beings such as angels, demons, vampires, and zombies co exist with one another

Unaware that there are evil forces that could become the harbinger of the end of the world.


  • Regan: (demonically) Your mother smokes pot in hell.

Crackers: Well, your mother sucks cocks in hell.

Chris MacNeil: That was a summer job. I mean, I don't know what you are talking about.

  • Barbara Leggero:This is our my Eddie.

Eddie Leggero:I'm the result of a broken condom.


The series take place in an alternate world which is inhabited by humans and a variety of supernatural and demonic creatures.


Main Characters

Barbara Pearlstein- Kurt's human wife. She once had a childhood fear of zombies because of her brother Johnny teases her mercilessly by chanting "They're coming to get you, Barbara". She hails from an anti zombie community called Romero in rural Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. She believes that zombies and non zombies are the same. Her character is based on Barbara from The Night of the Living Dead.

Kurt Pearlstein- Barbara's husband. Like the other zombies, He has strong cravings for human flesh.

Raphael-An Archangel who secretly plots to kill God.


Cibil Farrow- Beelzebub's ex wife and Andrew's mother. She is inspired by Rosemary Woodhouse from Rosemary's Baby.

Adrian "Andrew"- Inspired by Damien Thorn from the 1976 horror film The Omen, Andrew is the 15(later 16) year old half human/half demon son of Mia and Beelzebub and is the prince of Hell. He is shown to be close friends with Eddie.

Eddie Pearlstein- Barbara and Kurt's half human/ half zombie teenage son who was initially struggling to accept the fact that he is a zombie- human hybrid and wishes to be normal.

Linda- the twelve year old cousin of Andrew and the daughter of Pazuzu and Ellen who has psychic healing powers. Linda is based on Regan McNeil from The Exorcist. She is considered attractive to other people around her age.

Ellen- the human mother of Linda who is a famous actress. She is based on Chris McNeil from The Exorcist.

Susanne- A cyclops

Asia Simmons- She is the protector of the antichrist, who happens to be Andrew. She is based on Delia York.

Cyndey Simmons- Asia's embryonic younger twin brother. He is based on Alexander York

Pazuzu- Linda's demon father and Ellen's husband. He is the older brother of Beelzebub. He was Satan until he dropped down in order to live a life with Ellen on Earth.

A mage

Flynn: An Irish American

Flynn's wife of Israeli descent who hails from a wealthy family.

Flynn's sister


Recurring Characters

An emo woman

David Kessler-

Alex Price- David's human girlfriend.

Scott Howard- David's teenaged cousin

Kurt's father.

Erin-A gothic wiccan who is a huge fan of the occult. She enjoys watching horror movies but finds gore overrated. In Heavy Metal America, it was revealed that she once had a one night stand with Gabriel. She had once dated a vampire named Edward but kills him in horror and disgust because he "sparkles" in broad sunlight.

Melissa- A homosexual Jewish girl. She later enters a relationship with Erin.

Jesus Christ- the son of God and the prince of Heaven.

Johnny- Barbara's brother and Eddie's uncle. His character is based on Johnny from The Night of the Living Dead.

Ben Duane Jones- An African American childhood friend of Barbara. He is a resourceful and rational man He had a dislike towards zombies but after witnessing how happy Barbara was with Kurt, he decided to let go of that hatred. Ben is based on Ben from The Night of the Living Dead.

Lincoln-John's Lithuanian Catholic great uncle who despises Martin because of his vampirc heritage.His character is based on Tateh Cuda from Martin (1978)

Christine- Martin's cousin and Tateh Cuda's orphaned granddaughter.

A British elf who has a crush on Linda.

-A sea goddess and Uriel's ex girlfriend. Uriel broke up with her because she had an affair with SpongeBob SquarePants.

Uriel- An Archangel who initially believed humans and supernatural beings can't have children together until he got Veronica pregnant by kissing, much to his shock, confusion and disappointment.

Lailah- An archangel who is Azrael's long time girlfriend and roommate.

Azrael- An archangel and prince of hell who resembles a grim reaper figure wearing a black cloak. He is Lailah's long time boyfriend and roommate. He is the younger half brother of Beelzebub. His father is an angel and his mother was the former ruler of Hell

Samael- Lailah and Azrael's infant son.

Stolas- A prince of hell and Beelzebub's cousin.

The Duke of hell

God- the ruler of Heaven

Azrael's father.

Lilith-The former ruler of Hell

Beelzebub-Andrew's father and the ruler of hell. Despite being Satan, Satan isn't his true name. Satan seems to be a title that's passed onto a next candidate within Hell's royal family, and one that he'd like to pass down to his own son.

Brendon-The leader of Nightmare.

Raya-A half satyr/half demon member of Nightmare and Brendon's girlfriend. She is affectionately nicknamed "Snipe" by Brendan.

Gabriel-An archangel and a member of Nightmare.

Amber Etheridge- Cracker's older sister

Honey- A Filipino American member of Nightmare

Tommy- An elf member of Nightmare.

Seth Etheridge-A member of Nightmare.

Jason Romaro- A troubled dhampir He is based on Martin from Martin (1978).

Abigail- A member of Nightmare and Seth's wife of Israeli descent. She is affectionately nicknamed "beautiful douchebag" by Seth.

- Amber's girlfriend

10 year old sister who later developed powers.

Malcolm-He began a relationship with Ruby and was later married.

Ruby-Raya's satyr mother and a local hippie. She often attempts to spread the message of peace, joy, and love only to get insulted and laughed at for being a hippie. However, she is shown to have an extremely bad temper when provoked. She was in an abusive marriage with but divorces him. Unlike her ex husband, she is generally friendly and personable, and gets along well with Raya and everyone else. She began a relationship with Malcolm and was later married.

Malcolm and Rubys daughter and Raya's younger half sister.

Lucifer- Beelzebub's nephew and Andrew's cousin. After the events of Armageddon, he eventually became the ruler of Hell.

Lucifer's human husband

Megan- A demon high school cheerleader who enjoys seducing, killing, and eating men for pleasure. She deeply cares about Amanda

Amanda- Jennifer's human best friend and later girlfriend. She is a kind but insecure girl who has to deal with being friends with a demon.

Chip- Anita's boyfriend who openly dislikes Jennifer. He had met his demise when Jennifer tore his neck open.

Karen Cooper- The 11 year old daughter of Harry and Helen.

Harry Cooper- The mayor of Romero. Barbara later finds out that Harry had left Eddie for dead then kills him in a fit a rage.

Helen Cooper- The wife of Harry

Tom Wayne- Judy's boyfriend

Judy Ridley- Tom's girlfriend

Daphne- A Scottish American witch She was once romantically involved with Serena before her death

Duncan- Daphne's twin brother







Serena -


Raya's demon father who had relentlessly abused Raya and Abigail, which caused his daughter to resent him greatly as an adult.

Sonia Rose- A mysterious woman who

Zatavia- the eldest of the trio


Serena- the youngest of the trio.

Botato- Daphne and Duncan's cousin

List of Episodes:

Night of the Living Dad: Kurt's father has payed a visit