Welcome to Crowfield is the first episode of season 1 of Crowfield. It premiered August 13, 2012.


It starts off with Deputy Eric Wilson (Travis Van Winkle) walking into the station and asks Deputy Andrea "Andy" Martinez (Meghan Markle) if Sheriff Wilkins (Adrian Pasdar) is in his office and she says yes and he goes inside his office. Deputy Wilson asks Sheriff Wilkins if he wants to grab something to eat and he says he'll be out in a minute and Deputy Wilson walks out of his office. He gets in his car and hears a gunshot and Deputy Martinez screaming. He runs inside only to find Sheriff Wilkins dead on the floor and a gun in his hand. He then looks in fright with his eyes wide.

It then shows Tom Roberts (Eion Bailey) driving to Crowfield with his daughter Maggie (Shanley Caswell). Tom says that they can start over again and Maggie tells him that nothing will be the same and that he should have let her be with her mom. Tom stops the car and tells her that he loves her and wouldn't let her go so easy and that he misses her to and her mother wouldn't want him to let Maggie go because it would hurt him too. Maggie tells her she's old enough to make her own decisions and Tom tells her that her mother didn't raise a coward and Tom says to her that he loves her so much and doesn't want to risk losing her and he keeps driving.

Tom and Maggie then arrive in Crowfield and unpacks their stuff. Tom and Maggie is then welcomed by their neighbor Diana (Kelly Rowan) and her daughter Amber (Kay Panabaker). Diana says that they will love it here and Amber mumbles "yea right" and Diana bumps Amber's arm. Diana tells Amber to show Maggie around and Maggie and Amber leave together. Tom asks Diana what happened to Sheriff Wilkins and she tells him that he committed suicide. Tom asks why and Diana tells him that no one knows why he did it. Tom asks her if she knows where the station is and she says she'll show him and they leave together.

Maggie and Amber are walking and Maggie asks what do they do for fun. Amber says that she just hangs out with her friend Tyler (Devon Werkheiser) at the mall and she points to him and they walk up to him. Amber introduces Tyler to Maggie and he says hi. Maggie asks if they have any available jobs open and Amber tells her that their is a music store that she works at with Tyler. Tyler says they can get her a job there and she thanks them. Maggie asks what kind of music do they listen to and they answer mostly rock and Maggie tells them that they'll get along quick.

Tom and Diana arrive at the station and meet Deputies Wilsons and Martinez. Tom apologizes for their lost and they accept. Deputy Eric Wilson asks that if he's the new sheriff and Tom says yes. Deputy Eric Wilson shows him his office and Tom tells him that this reminds him of his dad's old office and Deputy Eric Wilson says that it was Sheriff Wilkins' office. Tom says to Eric that he must've been close to Sheriff Wilkins and Eric says that he was a father figure to him and Tom apologizes.

Tom then runs into a woman named Alice Campbell (Gina Holden) and apologizes for running into her and she says that it's okay. She asks him that he must be the new sheriff and asks how she knew that she then responds it's a small town. Tom asks her what she does and she says she is a doctor. Tom says to her that he digs that and they both laugh. Tom asks if she would like to get coffee sometime and she says that she would love that. She then gives him her phone number and leaves.

Maggie, Tyler and Amber then go to Tyler's house and find Lilly (Sara Paxton) home. Tyler introduces Maggie to Lilly and Lilly tells her that it's very nice to meet her. Tyler, Maggie and Amber then go upstairs. Maggie asks Tyler who Lilly was and he says it's his aunt. Maggie asks where his parents are and he says that they past away in a car crash which he survived and Lilly took him in. Maggie apologizes for his lost and Tyler tells her that it was a long time ago and Amber asks if they want to go to a party.

Tom calls Alice and asks if she wants to have a cup of coffee tonight and she accepts. Meanwhile, Maggie, Tyler and Amber arrive at the party and Amber leaves Maggie and Tyler alone to go get beer. Maggie asks Tyler if he likes Amber and he says no and that they're just friends. Tyler tells her that he does like someone in this town and she asks him who it is but he won't tell. Maggie asks Tyler if there is a bathroom and he points to a porter potty. Maggie says she's not going in there and that she'll take her chances in the woods.

Maggie is walking in the woods and hears a girl crying. Maggie sees a girl from a bush and sees a person holding a knife and the girl is begging for her life. The girl looks over at Maggie and asks for her help but the killer slits her throat and Maggie runs back to the party. Maggie tells Tyler and Amber that she saw someone slit a girl's throat. Someone screams and a boy is set on fire and everyone runs away. Maggie sees the killer and she runs away with Amber and Tyler. She then calls her father and tells him that two people are dead and he tells her that they'll be there soon. Tom tells Eric, Andy and Wayne and they leave.

Tom tries to call Alice but she is in the shower and it goes to voicemail he then leaves her a voicemail. Alice gets dress and hears someone ring her doorbell and thinks it's Tom. Alice opens the door only to find a girl at the door. Alice says Marissa and Marissa says "Hi sis".

Main Cast

Eion Bailey as Tom Roberts

Gina Holden as Dr. Alice Campbell

Shanley Caswell as Maggie Roberts

Travis Van Winkle as Deputy Eric Wilson

Devon Werkheiser as Tyler Reese

Arielle Kebbel as Marissa Campbell

Sara Paxton as Lilly Reese

Recurring Cast

Meghan Markle as Deputy Andrea "Andy" Martinez

Adrian Pasdar as Sheriff Wilkins

Kelly Rowan as Diana Johnson

Kay Panabaker as Amber Johnson

Jesse Moss as Deputy Wayne Wilson

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