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*Alica Keys as Tracey Sanchez
*Alica Keys as Tracey Sanchez
*Peyton List as Lillian Grayson
*Peyton List as Lillian Grayson
*Tobey Maguire as Richard Parker
==Recurring Cast==
*Morgan Freeman as Principal Reed
*TBA as Mr. Antony

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This is the first episode of the Disney Channel series, School House. It was filmed on March 11, 2019.


When Harry first arrives at school, he is made fun of and unwelcomed by Richard.


  • This episode was filmed on March 11, 2019 before a life studio audience.
  • This is the only episode featuring Adam Sandler, who plays Mr. Wyde.


  • Tyler Poelle as Harry Rando
  • Mitchell Hope as Asher Adams
  • Alica Keys as Tracey Sanchez
  • Peyton List as Lillian Grayson
  • Tobey Maguire as Richard Parker

Recurring CastEdit

  • Morgan Freeman as Principal Reed
  • TBA as Mr. Antony
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