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We Know was an American/British/African Short-Lived Shires Junior show that only lasted for a year, and the only Shires Junior Original Series to only last for 18 episodes, going through 2011 - 2012. In 2013, We Know: The Complete Series was released on DVD.



  • Marty (voiced by Geoffrey Curtin): A Red Monkey with Yellow Eyes who wanders off a lot.
  • TomTom (voiced by Ben Spybey): A Young Tortoise with A Rainbow Shell.
  • Elo (voiced by The Late Cameron Boyce): A Blue Elephant Calf.
  • Ruby (voiced by Bhumi Patel, singing by Maddison Pettis): A Pink Rhino Calf who is Marty’s Best Friend.
  • Linus (voiced by Paul Shearer): An Elderly Lion who often teaches Marty, TomTom, Elo, and Ruby lessons.
  • The Ranger (voiced by Maureen Lipman): A Faceless Human Lady who protects the animals.


  • Boo: A Baby Bird who makes Squeaky Noises.
  • Zana/Mom Zebra (voiced by Elizabeth Curtin): A Zebra with Lavender Stripes who has a lot of kids, meaning that she has to protect a lot of kids from hyenas. She used to be friends with Mom Hyena when She was a kid, but not anymore.
  • Zayne/Dad Zebra (voiced by Eric Wainana): Zana’s Husband who never gets sleep because of the zebra kids except for Zoe.
  • Zoe (voiced by Ariel Winter): The Only Female Zebra Kid who is the 50th born out of the 100 and the only one who can speak without interruptions.
  • Lina (voiced by Lindiwe Brown Mkhize): A Leopard who used to have no spots, until in “We Can Do Anything” The Young Animals used a Flower Pattern to give her spots.
  • Sunni (voiced by Akiya Henry): A Slotu who is never in a hurry.
  • Wecka (voiced by Akiya Henry): A Nervous Woodpecker.


  • The Hyenas
    • Harriet/Mom Hyena (voiced by Sophie Okonendo): A Purple Hyena who leads the hyenas. She is kind to her children, but sometimes gets mad at them when they fail their tasks.
    • Hugo/Dad Hyena (voiced by Rhashan Stone): A Fat Dark Blue Hyena who eats a lot of meat and leads the Hyena Food Searchers.
    • Hobart (voiced by Andy Dick): A Teenage Hyena who acts simular to his Dad, but has little to no intelligence, yet he is jealous of Helen because He wants to be the leader.
    • Helen (voiced by Jules De Jough): A Hyena and Leader in training who acts like her mom who hates Ruby the most.
    • Henry (voiced by Faraaz Meghani): The Youngest out of the three hyena kids who thinks his family is a little too villainous and territorial.
  • Cracker (voiced by Kerry Shale): A Crocodile who has no friends and works alone, even The Hyenas are terrified of him.


  1. How We Got Together - A Zoo gets destroyed and causes 4 Young Animals to meet each other in the savanna.
  2. Are We Afraid of The Dark? - The Moon and Stars don’t show up at night, and The 4 Young Animals stay up past their bedtime to figure out why.
  3. We Share - Marty refuses to Share His Bananas with Bibi the Bushbaby.
  4. We Love Surprises - The Ranger plans a Surprise for the Young Animals.
  5. We Can’t Sleep - The Hyenas’ Annual Nightly Hunting keeps The Animals awake.
  6. Can We Win a Race? - Ruby gets challenged by Chess the Cheetah to win a race.
  7. We Work Together - The 4 Young Animals must work together to win a boat race against the hyenas.
  8. We Are Unstoppable
  9. How Can We Get Home on Time?
  10. We Can Do It
  11. We Forgive
  12. Why Do We Hate Hyenas?
  13. We Are Thankful
  14. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  15. We Can Do Anything
  16. Are We OK?
  17. We Love Valentines’ Day
  18. We Can Solve Any Problem
  19. We Love Flowers
  20. Can We All Get Along?


Note: Most of the songs are short, and there were only a few songs since this show didn’t last long.

  1. We Know Theme Song - Performed by The Full Cast
  2. Lost in Light - Performed by The Young Animals and Linus
  3. We Can Solve Any Issue - Performed by The Young Animals
  4. A Glorious Day for Trouble - Performed by Mom Hyena
  5. Christmas has Meaning - Performed by Henry
  6. Lina’s Transformation Song - Performed by Lina
  7. A New Twist in Time - Performed by Helen and Ruby