We Are is a song performed by Keke Palmer. It was used in Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift.

The song was used in Ryan and Dory’s Family at the end credits of the film. It was sung by Keke Palmer, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx, Saoirse Ronan, Common, Tamsin Egerton, Julie Walters, Olivia Williams, Will.i.am, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah and Drake.


Lyrics (End Credits)

Lyrics (Ryan and Dory’s Family) (End Credits)

Cat and Keke Palmer:

We Are, we are

Not your ordinary fami-mily

But we can all agree that

We are, we are...

Closes as close can be


We Are, we are
Not your ordinary fami-mily

But we can all agree that..

Talia, Blucher and Lara: We Are, we are
Close as close can be...

Nico: So it don’t matter what it looks like, we look perfect to me, we got every kind of a love that feel so lucky indeeed.

Roberto: They can keep on talking it don’t matter than me cause

Ryan and Dory: We are, we are Family

Cat: We are-are-are-are-are (3x)

Horse: We are, we are

Rapping Cat: Family


  • The end credits was sung by the cast, but in the soundtrack version, Keke Palmer sing it all by herself.
  • Like Ice Age 4, the credits was sung by the characters and the cast.
  • In the actual film, the cast and characters sing the song. The runtime of the song were 2:23, but in the soundtrack, the cast from the film singing, its actually 3:24. The soundtrack in which the extended film version of the song were 5:07.
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