We're Not Ordinary is a 2017 film directed by Mark Waters.


A group of kids lead up to discover the true meaning of being bullied.



  • Genea Charpentier as Amelia Jordan
  • Chloe Guymer as Phoebe Knight
  • TBA as Emersyn Winters
  • TBA as Liberty Nieves
  • Sterling Jerins as Julia Lane
  • TBA as Megan Baxter
  • TBA as JoJo Baxter
  • TBA as Arthur Mills
  • TBA as Reginald Welch
  • TBA as Ali Lewis
  • TBA as Faith Saunders
  • TBA as Sienna Newman
  • TBA as Ethan Clark
  • TBA as Thomas Chapman
  • Gage Golightly as Lilith Jordan
  • TBA as Stephen Jordan
  • TBA as Mrs. Jordan
  • TBA as Mr. Jordan



  • It will be distributed by .
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