Wayside is an American CGI-animated comedy and reboot of the Wayside TV series made by Teletoon and Nickelodeon, which in itself was based on a series of books by Louis Sachar, who co-created the reboot with Dipper (The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, Stuffy Quests). 52 episodes aired from May 1, 2015 throughout March 29, 2017 on The CC (Cartoon Comedy). A marathon of the show started at 9:00 AM on March 29, 2017, until 6:10 PM, when the last episode aired. The marathon was hosted by Louis Sachar himself.


Wayside School is a school that was supposed to be 1 story high with 30 classrooms. However, it was accidentally build 30 stories high with each classroom in it. The series involves wacky stuff happening in the 30th story of the school.


Following the cancellation of the original Wayside animated series in 2008, it was rumored that Teletoon was still in the talks for more Wayside animated content in the future sometime around 2010. However, nothing else was said on the matter until 2014, when the channel announced that a reboot in computer-generated imagery, or CGI, would air, and be co-produced, on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), in cooperation with Teletoon.


  • Todd (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Maurecia (voiced by Kristen Schaal)
  • Dana (voiced by Tara Strong)
  • Myron (voiced by Greg Cipes)
  • Mrs. Jewls (voiced by Jackie Buscarino)
  • The 3 Erics (voiced by Tom Kenny, Dee Bradley Baker and Jeff Bennett, respectively)
  • Terrence (voiced by Jeffrey Tambor)
  • Ron (voiced by Nika Futterman)
  • Allison (voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Rondi (voiced by DeLisle)
  • Jason (voiced by Bennett)
  • D.J. (voiced by Johnny Pemberton)
  • Benjamin Nushmutt (voiced by Matty Cardarople)
  • Paul (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Leslie (voiced by Catherine Disher)
  • Stephen (voiced by Billy West)
  • Dameon (voiced by Jason Marsden)
  • Calvin (voiced by Kenny)
  • Bebe (voiced by Alison Brie)
  • Joy (voiced by April Winchell)
  • Jenny (voiced by Winchell)
  • Joe (voiced by Jason Ritter)
  • John (voiced by West)
  • Mac (voiced by Pemberton)
  • Kathy (voiced by Kari Wahlgren)
  • Sharie (voiced by Eden Sher)
  • Deedee (voiced by Ivy Shepard)
  • Louis (voiced by Jess Harnell)
  • Mrs. Zarves (voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gorf (voiced by Fred Tatasciore and Mae Flanagan, respectively)

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 52 May 1, 2015 March 29, 2017

Season 1 (2015-17)

No. Title Original airdate Prod.
"The New Teacher" May 1, 2015 104-001
After the kids of the 30th floor at Wayside School get rid of their mean teacher, Mrs. Gorf (Grey DeLisle), the kids are afraid of their new teacher, Mrs. Jewls.

Based on Mrs. Gorf and Mrs. Jewls.

3 "Don't Count of Joe
Sleep Falling"
May 15, 2015 104-003
Joe can't count so Mrs. Jewls helps him.
While sleeping during class, Sharie falls out of the window but is saved by Louis the Yard Man.
Based on Joe and Sharie.
4 Todd The Trouble Maker Hero
Bebe: Portrait of an Artist"
May 29, 2015 104-004
Todd is a kid who gets in trouble unintentionally until he saves the class from a robbery.
Bebe is a girl who draws fast until Mrs. Jewls tells her that what matters to art is quality, not quantity.
Based on Todd and Bebe.
5 "Calvin's Mission
Vote for Myron"
May 1, 2015 104-005
Calvin has to send a note to the nonexistent Mrs. Zarves who teaches in the nonexistent 19th floor.
Myron is class president.
Based on Calvin and Myron.
6 "The Maurecia-Flavored Ice Cream Experiment
Pulling Paul"
June 26, 2015 104-006
When Maurecia gets tired of all ice-cream flavors, Mrs. Jewls makes ice-creams flavors based on the students. Maurecia likes Todd-flavored ice-cream the best.
Paul pulls Leslie's pigtails and gets in trouble, but the last time it wasn't Paul.
Based on Maurecia and Paul.
7 "Math Mosquito Bites
Jason's Sticky Situation"
July 10, 2015 104-007
When Dana suffers from mosquito bites, Mrs. Jewls turns them into arithmetic problems so they don't itch.
Jason is stuck in the chair from Joy's gum.
Based on Dana and Jason.
8 "Rondi's Teeth
Sammy the Rat"
July 24, 2015 104-008
Rondi doesn't have her 2 front teeth and is confused when people comment on her "two front teeth".
A new student, Sammy, is not who he seems, as he is wearing tons of trenchcoats. It is then revealed that Sammy is a dead rat, and only Kathy ever liked him.
Based on Rondi and Sammy.
9 "Gettin' a Ball
Doctor Jolly"
August 7, 2015 104-009
Deedee tries to get a ball during recess.
D.J. is unexplainably happy.
Based on Deedee and D.J..
10 "Upside Down John
Leslie's Toes, Only for 5¢!"
August 21, 2015 104-010
John can only see upside down, until he bumps his head and now can see things right-side.
Leslie sells her toes to Louis for 5¢, but he wants the last three little toes for only 3¢, so Leslie turns down the deal.
Based on John and Leslie.
11 "Kathy Hates
The Team-Up"
September 4, 2015 104-011

Based on Kathy and Ron.

12 "Three's Erics
The Borrowers"
September 18, 2015 104-012

Based on The Three Erics and Allison.

13 "Dameon and Luis' Turtle Movie Q&A
Jenny's Late"
October 2, 2015 104-013

Based on Dameon and Jenny.

14 "Kickin It' With Terrence
Hungry for Joy"
October 16, 2015 104-014

Based on Terrence and Joy.

15 "The Name Game
Stephen and Mrs. Gorf"
October 30, 2015 104-015

Based on Nancy and Stephen.

"Right-Wayside School" November 13, 2015 104-016

Based on Louis.

18 "Mrs. Jewls' Package
Benjamin Nushmutt as Mark Miller"
November 27, 2015 104-018

Based on A Package for Mrs. Jewls and Mark Miller.

19 "Imaginary Ray
Socks and Dinosaurs"
December 11, 2015 104-019

Based on Bebe's Baby Brother and Homework.

20 "Hobo-and-Tell
December 25, 2015 104-020

Based on Another Story About Socks and Pigtails.

21 "Free
Best Part"
January 8, 2016 104-021

Based on Freedom and The Best Part.

22 "Mushroom Surprise
Louder and Louder"
January 22, 2016 104-022

Based on Mush and Music.

23 "DJ in the Dumps
Chews Penciled"
February 5, 2016 104-023

Based on Kathy and D.J. and Pencils.

24 "Giggle Box
Calvin's Birthday Tattoo"
February 19, 2016 104-024

Based on The Giggle Box, The Leaky Faucet and the Foghorn and Calvin's Big Decision.

25 "Return of the Gorf
A Dead Rat for the Jewls"
March 4, 2016 104-025

Based on She's Back! and Love and a Dead Rat.

26 "Backwards
Miss Franklin"
March 18, 2016 104-026

Based on What? and The Substitute.

"Allison on the 19th Story" April 1, 2016 104-027

Based on A Bad Case of the Sillies, A Wonderful Teacher and Forever Is Never.

30 "The 3 Erics" April 15, 2016 104-030

Based on Eric, Eric and Eric.

31 "Rondi's 2-Front Teeth
Revenge of the Gorf in Potatoes"
April 29, 2016 104-031

Based on Teeth and Another Story About Potatoes.

32 "Class Picture Day
Mean Jewls Unleashed"
May 13, 2016 104-032

Based on A Story That Is Not About Potatoes and The Mean Mrs. Jewls.

33 "Lunch Money
May 27, 2016 104-033

Based on Lost and Found and Valoosh.

34 "The Hippie Who Lost His Ear
Wayside School is Mooed Down"
June 10, 2016 104-034

Based on The Lost Ear and Wayside School is Falling Down.

35 "Wayside School is Mooed Down: The After Math
Message from Mr. Kidswatter"
June 24, 2016 104-035

Based on Explanation and A Message From The Principal.

36 "It's a Colorful Poetry
Dr. Pickle"
July 7, 2016 104-036

Based on Poetry and Doctor Pickle.

37 "Paul and Dr. Pickle
Classroom Pets"
July 21, 2016 104-037

Based on A Story With a Disappointing Ending and Pet Day.

38 "Door Is a Bad Word
Do You Believe?"
August 4, 2016 104-038

Based on A Bad Word and Santa Claus.

"Son of the Gorf" August 25, 2016 104-039

Based on Mr. Gorf, Voices, and Nose.

42 "Ms. Drazil
Light Bulb"
September 15, 2016 104-042

Based on The New Teacher and A Light Bulb, a Pencil Sharpener, a Coffeepot and a Sack of Potatoes.

43 "Elephant
October 13, 2016 104-043

Based on An Elephant In Wayside School and Mr. Poop.

44 "Reassons To Get Rid of the Drazil
Blue Notebook"
October 27, 2016 104-044

Based on Why the Class Must Get Rid of Mrs. Drazil and The Blue Notebook.

45 "Cow in the Class
The Elevators"
November 10, 2016 104-045

Based on Time Out and Elevators.

"Jane Smith, or Dr. Payne" November 24, 2016 104-046

Based on Open Wide and Jane Smith.

48 "Extra Ear" December 22, 2016 104-048

Based on Ears.

49 "Distress in the Class
Guilty as Dictionary"
January 5, 2017 104-049

Based on Glum and Blah and Guilty.

50 "Shoelace Story
Way-Up-High Ball"
January 26, 2017 104-050

Based on Never Laugh at a Shoelace and the story of the same name.

51 "Flowers for Nogard
Ron Is Stupid"
February 23, 2017 104-051

Based on Flowers for a Very Special Person and Stupid.

52 "Baby in the Class" March 29, 2017 104-052

Based on The Little Stranger.


The series was widely praised by critics from animation websites, such as Cartoon Brew and Toonzone, for its faithfulness to the source material. It does not have a percent rating, but currently holds an 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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