Wave of the Dead is an American horror zombie apocalypse film which is going to be released on 2013 and stars Chris Evans and Jane Fonda.


A Group of Strangers must band together to escape an terrible "Zombie Apocalypse"


The film opens with a Sherriff named Josh Steelman who wakes up after a car crash was occured killing off his co-worker. Sherriff Josh looks around and founds a zombie. The Zombie chases Josh and Josh founds an ax and slams the ax on the zombie which kills off the zombie. Josh hide on the basement and encounters a zombie and he fights with the zombie and kills it.


Chris Evans as Sherriff Josh Steelman

Jane Fonda as Madison Himbry

Jennifer Holland as Melissa Burge

Steven Yeun as Travis

Jensen Ackles as Trevor

Sean Faris as Jordan

Chelan Simmons as Cindy

Amanda Bynes as Megan

Clips and Quotes

Quote #1: Josh and Madison Fight

(A Group of Zombies attacked the group)

Quote # 2: Trevor, Travis and Jordan was trapped outside with the Zombies

(The group escape)

(The rocks fell on the door trapping Trevor, Travis and Jordan outside)

Clip # 1: Cindy escapes to her house and gets bitten on her arm

(Cindy was watching a horror film)

Quote # 3: Josh escapes his car and founds Melissa, Madison, Travis, Trevor and Jordan

(Josh wakes up bleeding)

Clip # 2: Megan was on the beach and encounters a zombie

(Megan was on the beach)

Cast Gallery

Character's Current Status


Madison Himbry

Melissa Burge


Sherriff Josh Steelman Travis






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