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Both original and ultimate Spider-Man characters watch Spider-Man films.

X-Men 4 (2010)

(they meet Weapon XI (2000 movie), who is fooling around)

  • Weapon XI (2000 movie): (smirking) "Logan, I missed you. Hey, I got an afro girlfriend named Domino. She has luck on her side but what me and her have in common is that we hate mutants like you. Spidey here. (he looks at Spider-Man (2000 movie)) Can I call you Spidey? (he then looks back at Wolverine (2000 movie)) Seems to be the only one who is a non-mutant enemy and he is a special guest star just like you and the X-Men. I welcome you to Pain Factor. You guys get to help him get past my people. You need his help to escape from me. Ever since you left me to die in Stryker's facility, I have been forced to wear this costume. Now, I'm gonna make you pay."

(the audience (2000 reaction) wanted to know this guy but feel annoyed by him)

  • Wolverine (2000 reaction): (explaining) "Wade Wilson was part of a team I was on and our first and last mission was in Africa. When we got to an enemy floor, he was able to cut bullets with his katanas but worst part is that he's annoying and talks too much. After I left the team, they killed him and turned him into a half-human half-mutant named Weapon XI. Me and Sabretooth fought him but I defeated him by cutting his head off and pushed down into a furnace where he was thought to be dead. Apparently he survived and became the leader of these new villains. (however, he sighs in annoyance before adding) Also, he's a pain in my ass."

Spider-Man 5 (2014)

(they see Max Dillon (2000 movie) waking up in a alley but he looks different. He somehow has a green suit with a yellow lightning mask. This makes everyone (2000 reaction) sad)

  • Sally (2000 reaction): (crying) "Max."

(Mary Jane (2000 reaction) comforts her while Ben Reiley (2000 reaction) is also upset)

  • Ben (2000 reaction): (upset) "Now we know how he became Electro. (he then glares at Spencer Smythe (2000 reaction)) This is why we had you arrested. You turned him into that."

(they all agree and glare)

  • Sally (2000 reaction): (angry) "You murderer. How could you."

(later, they see Max (2000 reaction) staring at screens of himself)

  • Max (2000 reaction): (shocked) "All I ever wanted was for me to recognized me. (he continues staring until he detects snipers and becomes afraid) No please, help me. It's not my fault. I need some help."

(some of the people (2000 movie) look sad with sympathy)

  • Civilian #1 (2000 movie): (showing sympathy) "Poor guy."
  • Civilian #2 (2000 movie): (agreeing) "What happened to him?"
  • Civilian #3 (2000 movie): (worried) "I don't know but he needs help."

(however, Sally (2000 movie) comes to the crowd and looks worried)

  • Sally (2000 movie): (worried) "Hey everybody, don't be scared. That's my brother. He's just scared and confused."

(then Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie) shows up)

  • Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie): (serious) "Hey Electro, give up?"
  • Max (2000 movie): (scared) "No, you don't understand. I'm just a victim. My name is Max Dillon and I know your friend Scarlet Spider. He's a friend of mine. You need to get me to a hospital."
  • Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie): (serious) "Stand down, okay. Just stand down."

(Ben Reiley (2000 reaction) looks at a remorseful Miles Morales (2000 reaction) in shock)

  • Ben Reiley (2000 reaction): (shocked) "I can't believe you."
  • Miles Morales (2000 reaction): (remorseful) "I'm sorry. I didn't know him that well."

(however when Max (2000 movie) moves, Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie) attacks him but this causes the snipers to shoot at Max (2000 movie), much to Sally (2000 movie)'s horror)

  • Sally (2000 movie): (scared) "No. Stop. That's my brother."

(however, Max (2000 movie) gets angry and shoots a large electrical ball around the area, causing everyone (2000 movie) to duck for cover. When that is done, Kid Arachnid (2000 movie) now understands)

  • Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie): (understanding) "Oh my gosh, he does need help. What happened to him?"

(however, he sees screen videos of himself while everybody (2000 movie) cheers for Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie) and insults Max (2000 movie), looks at the screens in shock, heartbreak, and betrayal. Everyone (2000 reaction) realizes what's going on)

  • Flint Marko (2000 reaction): (worried) "He feels betrayed."
  • Otto Octavius (2000 reaction): (also worried) "Poor guy. Nobody helped him."

(Max (2000 movie) than glares at the rude crowd)

  • Rude civilian #1 (2000 movie): (smirking) "Nobody wants you, sparky."
  • Rude civilian #2 (2000 movie): (snickering) "You electro dummy."
  • Rude civilian #3 (2000 movie): (shouting) "Yeah, get out of here you freak."

(everyone (2000 reaction) frown at this)

  • Peter Parker (2000 reaction): (frowning) "They're not being nice."
  • Miles Morales (2000 reaction): (also frowning) "They weren't."

(then Max (2000 movie) snaps)

  • Max (2000 movie): (annoyed) "SHUT UP! (then he glares at the screen) My own heroes are so selfish."
  • Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie): (worried) "Stay with me, Max."
  • Max (2000 movie): (angry) "You set me up."
  • Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie): (worried) "No, I didn't set you up."
  • Max (2000 movie): (enraged) "You lied to me."
  • Kid-Arachnid (2000 movie): (worried) "No, I want to help. Let me help you."

(however, Max (2000 movie) doesn't listen and attacks him with electricity)

  • Miles Morales (2000 reaction): (sighs in sympathy) "I deserve that."

Spider-Man: Ultimate Origins (2013 short film)

(they see an 11-year-old Peter Parker (ultimate movie) waking up with a yawn and turning off his alarm clock off. Female audience (ultimate reaction) couldn't help but say "aww" at the younger version of their well known hero)

  • Gwen (ultimate reaction): (smiling) "I know right, he was so cute."
  • Anya (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, I just wanna eat him up."

(later after Peter (ultimate movie)'s head is hit on his locker with a basketball, Sally (ultimate movie), Rand (ultimate movie), Gloria (ultimate movie), and Liz (ultimate movie) were worried)

  • Sally (ultimate movie): (worried) "Oh my god, are you okay?"

(Peter (ultimate movie) groaned in pain as Liz (ultimate movie) checked on him. The Avengers (ultimate reaction) and other superheroes (ultimate reaction) were also worried)

  • Carol (ultimate reaction): (worried) "Oh my god, were you okay?"
  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (sighing) "I was okay but more irritated at who threw that basketball."
  • Wanda (ultimate reaction): (angry) "Who the h**l threw that anyway?"
  • Pietro (ultimate reaction): (also angry) "He could've gotten seriously hurt from that."

(the question was answered when the five students (ultimate movie) heard laughter and saw it come from Flash Thompson (ultimate movie), the school and town's most hated bully. Them and all the students (ultimate movie) glare at him for that stunt. Everyone (ultimate reaction) groaned in annoyance)

  • Tony (ultimate reaction): (annoyed) "I hate that a**hole."
  • Steve (ultimate reaction): (also annoyed) "Everyone does."
  • Bruce (ultimate reaction): (angry) "That guy thinks it's funny to do that?"
  • Thor (ultimate reaction): (also angry) "He is a coward for praying on the weak."
  • Kamala (ultimate reaction): (enraged) "I'm just first seeing him and I already hate him."
  • Amadeus (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "He is really hateable."

(everyone (ultimate reaction) also felt bad for Peter (ultimate reaction). Even the former villains (ultimate reaction) feel bad for him)

  • Callaghan (ultimate reaction): (sympathetic) "Poor kid."
  • Max (ultimate reaction): (also sympathetic) "And I thought that I was bullied."

(pretty much, everyone (ultimate reaction) hates the bully. Later after the Campus Cop (ultimate movie)'s behavior, they were all frowning at this)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (frowning) "I hate those guys. They are corrupt."

(later when Peter (ultimate movie) and Menace (ultimate movie) get exhausted from fighting, she unmasks herself to reveal she's a beautiful teenager and she smiles at him)

  • Menace (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Well, you're alright kid. (she stands and neals towards him) I can't believe you were that good enough. You're still coming with me. Let's go."

(she grabs him but she is suddenly shot in the head, causing her to collapse on her back. The camera shows Yuri Watanabe (ultimate movie), making everyone (ultimate reaction) cheer for her)

  • Yuri (ultimate reaction): (smiling) "It was no problem."

(later when the Goblin King (ultimate movie) is unmasked, Spider-Man (ultimate movie) was shocked and horrified that it's Paul (ultimate movie), who just glares at him. George (ultimate reaction) and Gwen Stacy (ultimate reaction) gasped at this)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (explaining) "His hatred for mutants pushed him too far and he became a remorseless sociopath. That's why I hate him."

(the Stacy's now understand)

X-Men Evolution (2013)

(they see Peter (ultimate movie) first appear getting home from school. When he enters his room, he sees Jamie Madrox (ultimate movie) in it)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (waving) "Hey, what's up? (the visitor turns to the kid) A fellow kid. Look, I'll allow in my room. Anyway, my name is Peter Parker."
  • Jamie (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Jamie Madrox."
  • Peter (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "Welcome to my home. (however, his costume falls out and he uses web to get it back in. Jamie (ultimate movie) looks shocked) It's a long story."

(a few people (ultimate reaction) laugh at that. Later, Spider-Man (ultimate movie) and Multiple Man (ultimate movie), and Agent Venom (ultimate movie) surround William Stryker (ultimate movie), who is crawling out of a truck)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (smiling) "It's over Stryker, time to- (however, he stops when Juggernaut (ultimate movie) comes out) Holy s**t, Juggernaut."

(everyone (ultimate reaction) else are also scared)

  • Hiro (ultimate reaction): (scared) "I'm go glad I didn't fight that guy."

(later Spider-Man (ultimate movie) meets X-23 (ultimate movie), who smiles at him)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Hello, I'm Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man."
  • X-23 (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23. Wanna partner up."
  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (nodding) "Sure thing. (they both hold arms and spin around, taking down bad guys. They stop and he gets excited) That was awesome."
  • X-23 (ultimate movie): (chuckling) "Have fun working with a girl? (Peter (movie) stops cheering and starts blushing) I think you're my sidekick because aren't you too short to be a hero?"

(he then sighs in embarrassment. Everyone (ultimate reaction) was a little bit snickering, making Peter (ultimate reaction) frown at a smirking X-23 (ultimate reaction))

  • X-23 (ultimate reaction): (smirking) "Peter, you're my little protégé for life."

(Peter (ultimate reaction) groans in embarrassment)

Marvel Super Hero Squad (2016)

(they see Peter (ultimate movie) sleeping on a bus)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (explaining) "I was on a field trip. The whole bus ride was boring so I fell asleep."

(however, he wakes up because his spider-sense is dangling. He looks out the window and sees an evil alien war ship. He pats Eddie (ultimate movie) on the face, getting his attention)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (serious) "Eddie, I need you make a distraction."

(Eddie (ultimate movie) raised his eyebrow but sees the alien warship and is stunned)

  • Eddie (ultimate movie): (stunned) "Holy s**t."
  • Peter (ultimate movie): (serious) "Eddie, please."

(he nods. Later when the heroes (ultimate movie) are together, Spider-Man (ultimate movie) and Black Widow (ultimate movie) glare at each other, much to the others (ultimate movie)'s concern)

  • Doctor Strange (ultimate movie): (concerned) "Spider-Man, do you know Romanoff?"
  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (glaring) "Yes I do. Me and her hate each other."
  • Black Widow (ultimate movie): (also glaring) "Because you webbed me to a brick wall and webbed my mouth shut."

(they look at him)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (explaining) "We were falling in a alleyway and I used my webs to make us land safely but I ended up webbing her to a wall on accident. She got angry and almost exposed my secret but I webbed her mouth to prevent it and passed out. When I woke up, she was going to get free and I decided to run before she kills me. Since then, she swore to kill me."

(she nods and walks towards him but is blocked by Hawkeye (ultimate movie), who tries to bring order. Peter (ultimate reaction) and Natasha (ultimate reaction) glare at each other)

  • Natasha (ultimate reaction): (glaring) "I hate you (saying idiot in Russian)."
  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (also glaring and speaking in Russian) 'I hate you too and don't call me an idiot.'

(everyone (ultimate reaction) were stunned by his ability to speak a different language. Natasha (ultimate reaction) smirks)

  • Natasha (ultimate reaction): (smirking and speaking in Russian) 'Not bad. Since when do you speak Russian?'
  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (blushing and explaining in Russian) 'I know more then one language.'
  • Natasha (ultimate reaction): (smirking and speaking in Russian) 'Well then, how about I make you my student and start being with you. You're never leaving my sight.'

(Peter (ultimate reaction) gulps nervously while the others (ultimate reaction) wonder what's going on. Natasha (ultimate reaction) explains everything and they can't help but be amused by this. Natasha (ultimate reaction) smiles and sits down by Peter (ultimate reaction), who smiles at realizing she doesn't hate him anymore. More heroes (ultimate movie) arrive)

  • Loki (ultimate movie): (sad) "I heard about Thor."
  • Golden Jaguar (ultimate movie): (also sad) "And T'Challa."
  • Doctor Strange (ultimate movie): (explaining) "They're not the only ones. Captain America, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Wasp, and Hulk are gone too. Kang managed to eliminate them. He also had Herr Klesier murder T'Chakka after the victim had killed the traitorous N'Jobu."

(they were all saddened by the deaths of their allies while Golden Jaguar (ultimate movie) was angry about his father being mentioned. Later when Spider-Man (ultimate movie), Wolverine (ultimate movie), Black Widow (ultimate movie), and Hawkeye (ultimate movie) fall into an alleyway, he tries webbing a safe landing but webs Black Widow (ultimate movie) to a wooden fence while he lands on a mattress, Hawkeye (ultimate movie) land in a dumpster, and Wolverine (ultimate movie) lands on the ground. Black Widow (ultimate movie) glares at Spider-Man (ultimate movie))

  • Black Widow (ultimate movie): (glaring) "You did it again, Pet-"

(she was interrupted when Spider-Man (ultimate movie) webs her mouth in annoyance)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (annoyed) "Do you ever shut up?"

(she angrily grumbles as he starts laying down in pain. Natasha (ultimate reaction) frowned at Peter (ultimate reaction))

  • Natasha (ultimate reaction): (frowning and speaking in Russian) 'You're getting double training for that.'

(Peter (ultimate reaction) gulps and tries to hide. However, they start wincing at Wolverine (ultimate movie) face down on the ground)

  • Wolverine (ultimate movie): (in pain) "No problem. Admantium skeleton remember."

(they sigh in relief. However, they see Hawkeye (ultimate movie) coming out of the dumpster with some white things on him, causing a laughing Spider-Man (ultimate movie) to take a picture of it)

  • Hawkeye (ultimate movie): (confused) "What's so funny? (then he notices what's on him and it's revealed to be spoiled diapers) Oh gross."

(the three heroes laugh at this after Natasha (ultimate movie) managed to get the web off. Everyone (ultimate reaction) also laugh but Peter (ultimate reaction) was confused by something)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (confused and speaking Russian) 'How'd you get the web off?'
  • Natasha (ultimate reaction): (smirking and speaking Russian) 'I have my ways.'
  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (suspicious and speaking Russian) 'Like what? (however, he then goes eye wide) Never mind, I don't really wanna know.'

(however, Black Widow (ultimate movie) glares at Spider-Man (ultimate movie))

  • Black Widow (ultimate movie): (glaring) "You are so dead, bug kid."
  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (in pain) "I don't really care right now. This hurts."
  • Wolverine (ultimate movie): (in pain) "Tell me about it."

(however, Scarlet Witch (ultimate movie) lands on Spider-Man (ultimate movie)'s lap. She's tied up in wire)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (curious) "Hey Wanda. (she mumbles a hi. He rips the wire off) There."
  • Scarlet Witch (ultimate movie): (relieved) "Thanks. So how've you been doing since we last met?"
  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Not much but I do miss you and the X-Men. So how's Deadpool?"
  • Scarlet Witch (ultimate movie): (giggling) "He's fine but I do miss you. You're all grown up. (then he unmasks himself to show her his face) Wow, you still have the cute face."

(they a little bit giggle. However, they see Deadpool (ultimate movie) and Domino (ultimate movie) landing on boxes)

Fantastic Spider-Man (2017)

(they see Spider-Man (ultimate movie) fighting the show's first villain)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (serious) "Who are you?"
  • Trapster (ultimate movie): (smirking) "You're worse nightmare but you can call me 'Paste Pot Pete'."

(Spider-Man (ultimate movie) starts laughing along with Deadpool (ultimate movie) and Domino (ultimate movie). Everyone (ultimate reaction) else also laugh)

  • Nick Fury (ultimate reaction): (laughing) "That was his name?"
  • Adrian Toomes (ultimate reaction): (also laughing) "Paste. Pot. Pete. Yeah, that actually doesn't strike fear into the hearts of people everywhere. And neither dogs too."
  • Maria Hill (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "Now I know why he changed his name."

(later when the Parker house has a door bell being rung, Peter (ultimate movie) starts to shiver)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (shivering) "Well, I'm off with miss sweet personality."

(then when he opens the door, he is shocked to see that Mary Jane (ultimate movie) is a beautiful red head)

  • Mary Jane (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot."

(Peter (ultimate movie) just smiles. Everyone (ultimate reaction) laugh at Peter (ultimate reaction) for his reaction)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (embarrassed) "How was I supposed to know what she looks like?"

(later, Peter (ultimate movie) is looking for Mary Jane (ultimate movie)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (worried) "Where is she?"

(while he was searching, Mary Jane (ultimate movie) sees Peter (ultimate movie) and is about to go to him but is grabbed by Flash (ultimate movie))

  • Mary Jane (ultimate movie): (nervous) "Hey, what're you doing?"
  • Flash (ultimate movie): (smirking) "You'll see, b***h."

(he then kisses the eye wide girl as Peter (ultimate movie) watches in shock and heartbreak. This makes everyone (ultimate reaction) glare at Flash (ultimate reaction) who is nervous from the glares. Later, the T.V. screen has an episode of "Mad Money", a rude, stupid, annoying, sick, offensive, and infuriating show that criticizes rich guys and rich companies. This makes everyone (ultimate reaction) groan while Steve (ultimate reaction), Bucky (ultimate reaction), and others (ultimate reaction) look concerned)

  • Clint (ultimate reaction): (groaning) "Oh god."
  • Ned (ultimate reaction): (also groaning) "Oh h**l no."
  • Natasha (ultimate reaction): (scowling) "That show?"
  • Steve (ultimate reaction): (concerned) "What's wrong with it?"
  • Logan (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, what the h**l is Mad Money?"
  • Clint (ultimate reaction): (angry) "THAT S**T IS THE WORST F**KING TV PROGRAM IN AMERICA! AND PROBABLY THE WHOLE WORLD! (he sits down and calms down but is still upset) Don't tell me that we have to watch this s**t."
  • Natashia (ultimate reaction): (annoyed) "I hate that show."
  • Nick (ultimate reaction): (irritated) "Everyone hates that show."

(the host (ultimate movie) looks at the camera)

  • The host (ultimate movie): (being annoying) "Stark Industries, I've got one recommendation. Ready? Ready? (he then pushed a button that said, "Sell-sell-sell!") Abandon ship! Does the Hindenberg ring any bells?"

(everyone (ultimate reaction) groan, booed, and glared at that stupid racist joke)

  • Kurt (ultimate reaction): (offended) "Oh, that was just cold."
  • Steve (ultimate reaction): (frowning) "That's not funny."
  • Thor (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "Why are we watching this foolishness?"

(later, Peter (ultimate movie) is sitting at a café and watching the news about Spider-Man (ultimate movie). However, Harry (ultimate movie) and Gwen (ultimate movie) were frowning)

  • Harry (ultimate movie): (frowning) "Peter, don't cheer for him. Spider-Man's a menace."
  • Gwen (ultimate movie): (agreeing) "Yeah, little bro. I'm worried that he's using you."
  • Peter (ultimate movie): (sighing) "Guys, Spider-Man is not bad. He took out Kang the Conqueror and resurrected the Avengers."

(Peter (ultimate reaction) sighs in happiness)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (happy) "Good times, good times."

(however, they are still not convinced. Later when Peter (ultimate movie) comes home into his attic and unmasks himself, he turns around to see Gwen (ultimate movie) looking at him in shock)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (scared) "Uh hi Gwen."

(Gwen (ultimate movie) then glares and angrily grabs him by the arm)

  • Gwen (ultimate movie): (angry) "You got a lot of explaining to do, mister."

(Peter (ultimate movie) gulps. A few people (ultimate reaction) laugh at Peter (ultimate reaction), who felt embarrassed while Gwen (ultimate reaction) smirks in triumph)

  • Gwen (ultimate reaction): (smirking) "Sorry Peter but I run the pants in this whole family figure relationship."

(in a window distance, Gwen (ultimate movie) is seen yelling at Peter (ultimate movie) while he explains. Inside the room, Gwen (ultimate movie) takes away the suit)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (nervous) "What's going on?"
  • Gwen (ultimate movie): (glaring) "For now on, I'm grounding you from being Spider-Man. It's gonna be for a week."
  • Peter (ultimate movie): (shocked) "What?"
  • Gwen (ultimate movie): (glaring) "You heard me. For now on, you'll tell me the truth, got it? (Peter (ultimate movie) nods while Gwen (ultimate movie) decides to keep the suit) Also, what were you thinking about other fights? The Notorious Nine almost killed you. Forget them. They are too dangerous."

(Peter (ultimate movie) just grumbles and got worried when Harry (ultimate movie) appeared but received a hug from him)

  • Harry (ultimate movie): (serious) "Don't worry man, I'm not mad at you. It does explain everything. The disappearances and excuses."

(Peter (ultimate movie) facepalmed due to being caught and that it was obvious. Later, the Superior Spider (ultimate movie) decides to reveal himself)

  • Superior Spider (ultimate movie): (smirking) "In every other world, Spider-Man stands for heroism and responsibility. Except a few."

(he unmasks himself and he reveals himself as Jack Warren (ultimate movie) who seems to show a resemblance to Peter Parker (ultimate movie) but with grey skin, black hair, and red dotted black eyes. Everyone (ultimate reaction) gasp in shock and horror at the resemblance)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (upset) "I know, he looks like a evil version of me."
  • Gwen (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, he is your clone after all."

(Peter (ultimate movie) and the others (ultimate movie) gasp in shock and horror)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (horrified) "No."
  • Jack (ultimate movie): (smirking) "In my own world, the name puts fear into the hearts of everyone who hears it. Heroism and responsibility? I would destroy everyone fool or idiot that believes in such pathetic ideals. (he launches one of his mechanical spider legs towards Peter (ultimate movie)'s hand and uses another to grab the Power Stone. He then gets the stone) Until you came along, I thought I would be the only Spider-Man. But now with the power of the infinity stones, I will be."

(he then uses his spider legs to leave)

Ultimate Spider-Man (2018)

(they see Peter Parker (ultimate movie) meeting his friends Harry Osborn (ultimate movie) and Gwen Stacy (ultimate movie) at school)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Hey Harry."
  • Harry (ultimate movie): (waving) "Hey buddy."
  • Gwen (ultimate movie): (smiling) "I think you've been busy."

(she refers to the dirty and scratched up look. However, they get interrupted by a roofless grey car driven by Flash (ultimate movie), who laughs)

  • Flash (ultimate movie): (laughing) "What's up P***s Parker?"

(he then drove away. Peter (ultimate movie) rolled his eyes and went inside of the building while his friends flipped the bully off. Everyone (ultimate reaction) were angry)

  • Wanda (ultimate reaction): (angry) "That little p***k."
  • Bruce (ultimate reaction): (barking) "He nearly ran Peter over!"
  • Scott (ultimate reaction): (shocked) "How could he think that was okay? I hope that Cassie has no bullies like that. At least I could pay them a visit with my little friends."
  • May (ultimate reaction): (angry) "What did he just call you?"
  • Steve (ultimate reaction): (frowning) "How many times do I have to mention my dislike for him."
  • Nick (ultimate reaction): (angry) "Everyone hates him. It's a deep, deep hatred."

(they all agree and glare at the bully. Later when Peter (ultimate movie) is listening to some music, his spider sense tingles and he listens to the news)

  • Anchor man ((ultimate movie) voice): (serious) "We repeat: an unknown criminal in a mechanized Rhino suit is on the loose and causing a rampage."

(Peter (ultimate movie) gets excited)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (excited) "Even though he's a bad guy, that sounds awesome. A hi-tech suit. (then he acts serious) Anyway, I'm on my way."

(then he changes in his new spider suit which happens to be the 2018 PS4 spider suit. He then goes to the roof to jump off. He then swings towards a crowd of people)

  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Sorry but I think I'm late for work. (he then slow motions which makes his new suit be shown then he continues swinging past a smiling Wanda (ultimate movie)) Coming through."
  • Wanda (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Looking good, Spidey."
  • Spider-Man (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Hello New York. New suit, same old me."

(in the middle of the city near the Daily Bugle, the Mecha Rhino (ultimate movie) reveals himself and seems to enjoy crashing cars)

  • Rhino (ultimate movie): (serious) "I am here for Peter Parker. He's the one that takes pictures of Spider-Man. If him or Spider-Man don't show up, people will get hurt."

(everyone (ultimate reaction) else are afraid of him)

  • Ned (ultimate reaction): (afraid) "I'm really glad that I didn't have to fight him."
  • Eddie (ultimate reaction): (agreeing) "Me too buddy, me too."

(later, Liz (ultimate movie) meets Peter (ultimate movie) and Eddie (ultimate movie) at Doctor Connors (ultimate movie)' lab)

  • Liz (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Hi Petey."

(Peter (ultimate movie) looks surprised but Eddie (ultimate movie) is resisting the urge to laugh, much to Peter (ultimate movie)'s annoyance)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (annoyed) "Don't even."
  • Eddie (ultimate movie): (chuckling) "What? She calls you Petey. That sounds like a good nickname."
  • Peter (ultimate movie): (smiling) "So Lizzie, what're you doing here?"
  • Rogue (ultimate movie): (smirking) "Oh pet names, huh?"

(Rogue (ultimate reaction) and Eddie (ultimate reaction) fist-bump at their double-team teasing on Peter (ultimate reaction) and Liz (ultimate reaction), who blush at each other. Later, they see Adrian (ultimate movie) but he's angry)

  • Adrian (ultimate movie): (angry) "Idiots, idiots, IDIOTS!"

(he throws his helmet towards something, making the audience (ultimate reaction) flinch)

  • Liz (ultimate reaction): (nervous) "Dad no offense but you need anger management."
  • Adrian (ultimate reaction): (sighs) "I know honey, I know."

(Tinkerer (ultimate movie) looks nervous)

  • Tinkerer (ultimate movie): (nervous) "Boss, your wife keeps texting you. Something about a break light."
  • Adrian (ultimate movie): (annoyed) "What did I tell you about looking at my phone?"
  • Tinkerer (ultimate movie): (shrugging) "Oh sorry, you left it out. You know I'm a curious person by nature. (Adrian (ultimate movie) just grabbed his phone in annoyance and texted his wife back) I finished designing that high-altitude vacuum seal. In case, you wanna go for the big one."
  • Adrian (ultimate movie): (surprised) "You're still on that? I told you. No, forget it."

(then the van comes in and Jackson (ultimate movie) jumps out excited)

  • Jackson (ultimate movie): (excited) "Hey boss, that was some crazy s**t."

(however, Adrian (ultimate movie) glares at him. Later after the final fight, everyone (ultimate movie) looks for Peter (ultimate movie) but find no sign of him. However, they see him coming out of flames with a bloody katana and a Goblin helmet. They are happy to see him)

  • Harry (ultimate movie): (smiling) "You're alive."
  • Gwen (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "Yeah, way to go little bro."

(he holds up the helmet as evidence of what happened)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (serious) "The Goblin is finished."

(he then drops the helmet and holds his katana in the air as everyone (both ultimate movie and reaction) cheer. Later when a press conference is on T.V., Peter (ultimate movie) goes on stage, not noticing Tony (ultimate movie) going eye wide)

  • Tony (ultimate movie): (eye wide) "Uh oh."

(everyone (ultimate reaction) knows what's going to happen. Peter (ultimate movie) smiles at the crowd (ultimate movie))

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Hello, I'm Peter Parker and I am Spider-Man. It all started with field trip to OSCORP when I was like 11 years old. A spider came on the back of my neck and bit me but it was radioactive and gave me spider powers. At first, I had went into wrestling to get money but when my uncle died at the hands of Clifton Shallot, I decided to for now on learn that with great power comes great responsibility."

(the crowd (ultimate movie) cheer and clap for him. However, he notices what's going on and goes eye wide. At Liz (ultimate movie)'s house, she starts packing but sees the news and was shocked)

  • Liz (ultimate movie): (shocked) "Petey, you're Spider-Man? (then she frowns) I'm so gonna talk with him but he's lucky that he saved my father from a horrible mistake. Very lucky. Although I should hate him and blame him for my father's arrest, he did stop a terrible mistake. However, I'm so in charge of him from now on."

(she then continues packing. Everyone (ultimate reaction) could see Liz (ultimate reaction) frowning at a nervous Peter (ultimate reaction). At Ned (ultimate movie)'s house, he is building a Lego X-Wing fighter but sees the news and drops his toy in shock)

  • Ned (ultimate movie): (shocked) "Peter, what did you do?"

(at Flash (ultimate movie)'s house, he is doing chores while wearing a tracker on his ankle)

  • Flash (ultimate movie): (grumbling) "I can't believe I'm under house arrest. (then he starts smirking) At least, P***s Parker didn't get to score with my ex. She deserves better than a loser. (then he sees the news and frowns) Aw man, he's a superhero and I p****d him off by bullying him and kissing Mary Jane right in front of him. Even worst, I got carjacked by him."

(everyone (ultimate reaction) laughs at the bully's reaction. At Aunt May (ultimate movie)'s house, she stares in shock at the T.V.)

  • Aunt May (ultimate movie): (shocked) "WHAT THE F**K?! (then she gets angry) I'm gonna kill those two when I find them."

(Peter (ultimate reaction) and Tony (ultimate reaction) are nervous and not ready to deal with an angry aunt. At a beach, Keemia Marko (ultimate movie) and Janice Frye (ultimate movie) are relaxing but they watch the news. Keemia (ultimate movie) smirks at a frowning Janice (ultimate movie))

  • Keemia (ultimate movie): (smirking) "I was right so you owe me $50."

(Janice (ultimate movie) angrily pays and they go back to relaxing. At Miles (ultimate movie)'s house, him and Anya (ultimate movie) saw the news and he facepalms while she chuckles)

  • Miles (ultimate movie): (facepalming) "Dude, seriously."
  • Anya (ultimate movie): (chuckling) "Silly little spider."

(at Stan (ultimate movie)'s house, he smiles at the news)

  • Stan (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Excelsior. I knew you were special, true believer."

(they smile at the cameo. At school, Michelle (ultimate movie), Kong (ultimate movie), Glory (ultimate movie), and Randy (ultimate movie) saw the news and smirked)

  • Michelle (ultimate movie): (smirking) "I knew it."

(at Ben (ultimate movie) and Peni (ultimate movie)'s apartment, they were amused by identity reveal. Later in the post-credits scene, the Infinity Gauntlet is taken out of a secure room by Thanos (ultimate movie), who looks annoyed)

  • Thanos (ultimate movie): (annoyed) "Since others have failed to get the stones for me then fine. (he puts on the Gauntlet) I'll do it myself. (then he takes out the Orb) Good thing we got the Orb. (he opens the Orb and takes the Power Stone. He puts it on the index finger knuckle of his Gauntlet and let's out a sigh as he is given it's power. He then smirks at it) One down, five to go. Look out universe, Thanos is coming."

(everyone (ultimate reaction) are afraid of this)

  • Peter (ultimate reaction): (worried) "Oh no, it's Thanos. The most toughest and powerful bad guy ever. He's even the bigger bad villain of our whole series of these films."

Avengers: Ultimate War (2019)

(Peter (ultimate movie) is meditating on the top of his house)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (singing in a Christian tone) "Lord have mercy, god have mercy, lord have mercy. (however, his spider-sense tingles, making him pause his music and look annoyed) What now? (he turns his head but gets wide eyed to see one of Thanos (ultimate movie)'s ship) Oh no, that can't be who I think it is. (he looks at the aliens and gasp) It is. It's Thanos. (then he turns serious) This looks like a job for a different suit. (he goes into a secret lair and a suit container where it reveals the new Iron Spider suit. He then suits up in it Arkham style and the suit is introduced) The Iron Spider MK II suit. Designed by Tony Stark and owned by me. I knew that it would come in handy."

(the audience (ultimate reaction) couldn't help but cheer at the outfit)

  • Deadpool (ultimate reaction): (complimenting) "Aw yes, this is defiantly good to have for the war."
  • Wanda (ultimate reaction): (blushing) "Peter looks so great in his outfit."

(later when Thanos (ultimate movie) is about to snap his fingers, he looks confused)

  • Thanos (ultimate movie): (confused) "Wait, has this been played before?"

(Thor (ultimate movie) also looks confused but then they see an unmasked Peter (ultimate movie) smiling while holding the Eye of Agamotto, much to everyone (both ultimate movie and reaction)'s shock)

  • Doctor Strange (ultimate movie): (shocked) "It's not possible."

(then the unmasked hero uses his web line to take the Infinity Gauntlet off. He then puts it on)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (serious) "I'm gonna make some wishes: I wish for this invasion's innocent casualties to be brought back to life, I wish for the Infinity Stones to be back to back to where they belong and for them to remain there, and I wish for you and your army to disappear forever."

(however, when he sees heroes losing, he snaps his right fingers. Then he sees Thanos (ultimate movie) coming towards him and decides to snap his left hand's fingers but this causes a blind light to appear. Everyone (ultimate reaction) realizes what's going on)

  • Thor (ultimate reaction): (nodding) "Yep, he did it."

(in a subconscious, Peter (ultimate movie) doesn't have the Gauntlet on and sees his Uncle Ben (ultimate movie) smiling at him)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Uncle Ben. (they hugged) Before you died, I have been breaking curfew and now I want to say that I'm sorry."
  • Uncle Ben (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "It's okay, I forgive you. Instead, you have made me proud by saving the world with great power and great responsibility."

(Peter (ultimate movie) smiles sadly with teary eyes and they hug. Everyone (ultimate reaction) sheds a few tears at this moment)

  • May (ultimate reaction): (crying) "Ben."

(Mrs. Toomes (ultimate reaction) comforts her. When Peter (ultimate movie) wakes up, the Gauntlet is scorched and the Stones are missing, much to Thanos (ultimate movie)'s anger)

  • Thanos (ultimate movie): (angry) "What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!"
  • Peter (ultimate movie): (smiling) "I saved the universe."

(then out of nowhere, Vision (ultimate movie) appears to be alive while Gamora (ultimate movie) and Loki (ultimate movie) also appear, much to the others (ultimate movie)'s happiness)

  • Scarlet Witch (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Vision."
  • Star-Lord (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "Gamora."
  • Thor (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "Loki."

(they all smile but they see that Ronan the Accuser (ultimate movie), The Other (ultimate movie), the Outriders (ultimate movie), and the Chitauri (ultimate movie) are disappearing. Adam Warlock (ultimate movie) is also dying but decides to smile at Gamora (ultimate movie), who sees him)

  • Adam (ultimate movie): (smiling) "You heroes have freed me from my immortal torment. Thank you. I'm finally mortal."

(everyone (ultimate movie) can't help but smile as he mercifully disappears into gold ashes and is turned into the sun. Thanos (ultimate movie) is also dying)

  • Thanos (ultimate movie): (dying) "Earthlings. (they look at him) I don't feel so good. (then he realizes what's going on) No, please no. (then he falls on Peter (ultimate movie), who holds him) Please, I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go."

(then Peter (ultimate movie) sets him down)

  • Peter (ultimate movie): (being merciful) "You're alright. Everything's okay. The universe is saved. Now be with your adopted family and people."
  • Thanos (ultimate movie): (dying) "Thank you."

(then he passes out and disappears into dust, that flies away. Peter (ultimate movie) takes off the Gauntlet and throws it on the ground, where it disappears. Then he gets hugged by the others (ultimate movie))

  • Scarlet Witch (ultimate movie): (smiling) "Thank you."
  • Gamora (ultimate movie): (also smiling) "You saved our lives."

(however, they encounter Secretary Ross (ultimate movie), who doesn't look happy)

  • Secretary Ross (ultimate movie): (angry) "Spider-Man, you are gonna be sent to juvie for vigilantism. Guardians of the Galaxy, you are gonna be questioned for trespassing on our planet. Bruce Banner, you are gonna be strapped to a lab table where you belong. The rest of you will all be punished for doing this without the government's permission and disobeying the accords."

(Peter (ultimate movie) looks nervous about going to juvie but the others (ultimate movie) stand in front of him and glare at Ross (ultimate movie) while everyone (ultimate movie) else also protects him. The audience (ultimate reaction) were also mad)

  • Thor (ultimate reaction): (angry) "He dares disrespect an honorable warrior?"
  • Bruce (ultimate reaction): (annoyed) "This is Ross we're talking about."

(they all nod in agreement. Bruce (ultimate movie) marches up to him)

  • Bruce (ultimate movie): (annoyed) "News flash: Spider-Man just saved the universe and innocent lives. You should be thanking him."
  • Secretary Ross (ultimate movie): (being arrogant) "He is a menace. He takes the law into his own hands, originally refused to reveal his identity, and also is responsible for creating super villains."

(however, Bruce (ultimate movie) stands up to Ross (ultimate movie) and punches him in the face, knocking him out. He then receives cheers from everyone (both ultimate movie and reaction) else. Later in the mid-credits scene, Deadpool (2000 movie) teleports in the world and is looking for Spider-Man (ultimate movie). He then gets a beep and smirks)

  • Deadpool (2000 movie): (smirking) "There you are."

(however, Deadpool (ultimate movie) appears behind him, winks at the audience (both ultimate movie and ultimate reaction), jumps on his counterpart's shoulders, presses two blades towards his neck, and swing jumps, decapitating and killing the evil counterpart. The audience (both ultimate movie and ultimate reaction) are heard cheering while Deadpool (ultimate movie) bows at the audience and waves)

  • Deadpool (ultimate movie): (smiling) "You're welcome Earth-1."

(he then walks away as the screen turns black and some titles say "Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool". They all smile at Deadpool (ultimate reaction), who is happy about his credited appearance)