This is about everyone watching My Hero Academia.


  • The cuss words will not be censored for this so children shall not watch this.
  • Bakugo, Kamakiri, and Shindo get character development.


  • A - Dressed as Connor from Detroit: Become Human.
  • B - Dressed in a trench coat and a red ski mask.
  • C - Dressed as Minato Namikaze without the blond hair and headband.
  • D - Dressed in military body armor


(Izuku is sitting in the dorm's common room where he's watching T.V. with the girls. When they were done, they hear an announcement)

  • Nezu (on the radio): (announcing) "Will Izuku and the girls please report to this movie theater immediately?"

(they got up and got ready for the theater. Izuku and Ochaco got into the backseat of Iida's blue 80's car from that video game Friday The 13th with Eri in the middle of them. After getting to the theater and making peace with rivals, Izuku was blushing at seeing his ex-girlfriend Setsuna again. The said ex smiled and gave him a wink)

  • Izuku: (nervous) "Setsuna?"
  • Setsuna: (smirking) "Long time no see Izu-kun."
  • Izuku: (confused) "What're you doing here?"
  • Setsuna: (explaining) "I'm here to watch the adventures and origins of my favorite ex-boyfriend and s*x toy. (she kisses him on the lips and smirks. Everyone was shocked) That's right, me and Izuku were a couple once and our love was very sincere and genuine. Here's a picture of our date. (she shows them the picture and they all wolf-whistle, making him blush. She then smirks at Ochaco) You take good care of him."
  • Ochaco: (teasing) "Yes ma'am."

(then they see Inko and Mitsuki, who both smile and hug Izuku)

  • Izuku: (smiling) "Mom and auntie Mitsuki."
  • Inko: (happy) "Hi honey, I missed you."
  • Mitsuki: (smirking) "You're becoming a big boy. I heard you're a lady killer now."

(all the ladies in the room smile at this and show photos of their dates with Izuku, who was blushing at seeing his ex-girlfriends. He even dated the villain Himiko Toga, much to everyone's shock, but she waves at him and he waves back)

  • A: (smiling) "Greetings, my name is not gonna important right now but call me A. I'll be your host. Anyway, Class 1-A will be an all girls class room but thanks to my perverted partner here, (he glares at a laughing B) Izuku will be with the girls and he will be seated with them. (Izuku blushed while the girls smirked. They drag him over) Class 1-B will be an all boys class room. Mineta is not here because I don't want him near the girls and Izuku complained to me about that because he doesn't want the girls to be harassed. (the girls smile at Izuku for that) Class 1-C will be the villains but Toga will be in Class 1-A. (Toga grinned and sat with Izuku) You'll be given civilian clothes. That's all for now. Get changed."

(they get changed into civilian outfits and all the girls were staring Izuku because he wore a white t-shirt, black sweat pants, and green shoes. Toga checked him out and Best Jeanist just gave a shrug to him for having that outfit)

  • Toga: (grinning) "Nice outfit, Deku. Check out my mind. (she wore a sexy school girl outfit, which made him blush. He became redder when she hugged him) Aw, my adorable Deku loves me."

(she starts rubbing her head into him while he looks at the villains)

  • Izuku: (curious) "Is she always like this?"
  • Dabi: (serious) "Just go with it."
  • Twice: (agreeing) "She's been like this since the training camp."

(then Class 1-B go up and hug Izuku. Monoma rolled his eyes but still smiled, showing he was happy to see Izuku)

My Hero Academia Season 1

(after seeing the teacher (show) doing nothing about Bakugo (show)'s bullying, everyone (reaction) got annoyed)

  • Aizawa (reaction): (annoyed) "Why isn't the teacher doing anything about this?"
  • Vlad King (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, he's just seeing this and letting it happen."
  • Kurosensei (reaction): (also agreeing) "Very uncommon trait for a teacher."

(later they're about to hear Bakugo (show) cross the line)

  • Bakugo (show): (smirking) "You know if you really want to be a hero that badly there might actually be another way. Just pray you'll be born with a quirk in your next life and take a swan dive off the roof of the building."

(everyone (reaction) gasped and they glare)

  • Kirishima (reaction): (horrified) "Dude, what the hell?"
  • Ashido (reaction): (angry) "That gone too far."
  • Shoto and Ochaco (both reaction): (both angry): "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM?!"
  • Monoma (reaction): (disgusted) "I'm so glad that he's not in my class and also glad he got expelled. They told me that he said that and now there's proof. I may be arrogant but I would never said that. It's low, even for me."
  • Iida (reaction): (disappointed) "He shouldn't ever say such a dreaded thing to an innocent young man."

(the adults (reaction) were more angered and plan on talking with Bakugo (reaction))

  • Mount Lady (reaction): (angry) "THAT LITTLE BASTARD! PEOPLE LIKE HIM ARE SCUM!"
  • Aizawa (reaction): (also angry) "Who is he to decide to tell problem child to do that?!"
  • Present Mic (reaction): (also angry) "Why did we let him in?!"

(the villains (reaction) were also disgusted, that was way too far even for them)

  • Toga (reaction): (angry) "I'M GONNA KILL HIM!"
  • Dabi (reaction): (growling) "I'd burn him if I ever come across him."
  • Twice (reaction): (disgusted) "That was way too far."

(in the other row, Bakugo (reaction) shows a little regret for saying that. Later after seeing Izuku (show) as a child, all the girls (reaction) found him cute, making him blush)

  • Ochaco (reaction): (smiling) "He's so adorable."
  • Setsuna (reaction): (also smiling) "He is U.A.'s little brother."
  • Toga (reaction): (also smiling) "Oh my god, my sweet Dekkon was so cute."
  • Camie (reaction): (also smiling) "I just want to adopt him."

(later after seeing Izuku (show) announce his goals, everyone (reaction) smiled at this and respected him)

  • All Might (reaction): (smiling) "His goals are very heroic."

(later after seeing Izuku (show) crying as a child, they a little bit cry too. Even the villains (reaction) were crying. Izuku (reaction) is shedding tears at this but is luckily hugged by Setsuna (reaction) and is given sympathy looks from others)

  • Setsuna (reaction): (serious) "Yes you can be. You're the greatest hero I've ever met. You helped save me and Class 1-B from the League of Villains. And for that, I give you this reward. (she bents down and gives him a kiss on the forehead, making him blush and the others were shocked. She then smiles) Promise me that you won't lose faith in yourself. Please promise?"

(she gives the pout and Izuku (reaction) just smiles before putting his forehead on her forehead)

  • Izuku (reaction): (smiling) "Yeah, I promise."

(she smiles at this and then she gets back to her seat where she is thanked by Kendo (reaction) for helping their friend out. Still, everyone (reaction) was still sad to see this moment)

  • Yuu (reaction): (crying) "Poor Izuku, he just wanted to be a hero."

(she went to Izuku (reaction) and with his permission, comforted him. Later after hearing about Izuku (show) being scolded and Katsuki (show) being praised, Setsuna (reaction) was angrily calling BS to that and called them out for their ungratefulness)

  • A (reaction): (annoyed) "Oh come on. Bakugo's the one bullying people for being quirkless."
  • B (reaction): (adding) "Yet, Midoriya's the one getting scolded for doing the right thing?"
  • C (reaction): (angered) "You ungrateful a**holes should learn to accept a quirkless hero. He risked his life to save someone who bullied him and he should be praised for that. You owe him an apology."

(D (reaction) agreed. Toga (reaction) was on a cussing storm)


(everyone (reaction) was stunned but Izuku (reaction) was smiling and shedding tears of joy. Toga (reaction) smiled while hugging him and licking the tears. Yuu (reaction) was glaring at Kamui Woods (reaction) and Death Arms (reaction))

  • Yuu (reaction): (glaring) "Nice going, you ungrateful jerks."
  • Kamui (reaction): (ashamed) "We're sorry. We just didn't want him getting hurt."
  • Death Arms (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, we should've thanked him."
  • A (reaction): (angry) "You Pro-Heroes has no right to call him out like that. He saved an ungrateful bully's life and you decide to reward him by scolding him. That shows ungratefulness for doing your job. Also, you relied too much on your quirks while he doesn't. He knows that you can still help people with out one."

(later after Izuku (show)'s chest is revealed, Setsuna (reaction) and Pony (reaction) were grinning while the females (reaction) were blushing)

  • Setsuna (reaction): (whistling) "That's some fine abs he's got there. Hey Pony, wanna grind them later?"
  • Pony (reaction): (grinning) "FUCK YEAH!"

(Itsuka (reaction) was shocked that the innocent girl in her class knows the f word but glared at Monoma (reaction) because she could tell that he had something to do with it. However, she was still blushing as well and Izuku (reaction) covered his face with his hands but Yuu (reaction) comforted him and was giggling)

  • Yuu (reaction): (giggling) "Just be glad Midnight's not here, she would've stared at that for long."

(Aizawa (reaction) agreed, he does not want that woman near his problem child. Later after seeing Momo (reaction)'s exposed chest, Izuku (reaction) was shocked)

  • Izuku (reaction): (shocked) "What the? (then he realizes what's going on) Oh. OHHH NOOOOOOO!"

(being the innocent kid that he is, he covers his eyes and starts whimpering. Melissa (reaction) comforts him while Mirio (reaction) and Mandalay (reaction) were covering Eri (reaction) and Kota (reaction)'s eyes. They glare at Momo (reaction), who flinches)

  • Melissa (reaction): (angry) "You scared my baby cousin for life, you rich snob. (Momo (reaction) winced in guilt. Then Melissa (reaction) was soothing Izuku (reaction)) There, there, I'm here for you. (she gave a kiss on the head) We'll get a memory hero to wipe that whole thing from your mind, okay?"

(Izuku (reaction) nods. Kaminari (reaction) lighten the mood up)

  • Kaminari (reaction): (serious) "Just be glad Mineta's not here, he would continued staring at that for so long until it un paused. Also, don't worry. I was in my stunned state to even notice it. (Jiro (reaction) sighs in relief that her boyfriend didn't notice it. She started liking him and feels jealous) Besides, I can't break Jiro's heart by doing that."

(Jiro (reaction) smiled. Later after the season's over, the Todoroki family (reaction) have a reunion chat and Izuku (reaction) has a sleepover with Ochaco (reaction), Tsuyu (reaction), Ashido (reaction), Hakagure (reaction), Momo (reaction), Jiro (reaction), Toga (reaction), Camie (reaction), Mei (reaction), and Nejire (reaction) but he ended up having them fall for him and wearing skimpy pajamas. However, he felt happy and comfy but is unaware that Setsuna (reaction) is seeing this in jealousy and tears until she becomes determined)

  • Setsuna (reaction): (determined) "Soon my dear Izu-kun, very soon."

(Sen (reaction) heard that but didn't get involved and stayed out of this for his own good, knowing how she felt about Izuku (reaction))

My Hero Academia Season 2

(when hearing Bakugo (show)'s speech at the Sports Festival, everyone (reaction) booed him)

  • Izuku (reaction): (annoyed) "Get off the stage."
  • Setsuna (reaction): (angry) "Who you calling extras, you jackass?"
  • Toga (reaction): (irritated) "I knew that was coming."
  • Camie (reaction): (glaring) "This is why no one should make him the pledge."

(the pro-heroes (reaction) and teachers (reaction) have to calm them down, despite also being annoyed. When they see the culprits of the cheerleading prank, they glare at a sheepish Kaminari (reaction))

  • Kaminari (reaction): (explaining) "He promised me that I would see Jiro wearing that. Anyway, what's my punishment?"
  • Aizawa (reaction): (glaring) "Glad you asked. You got 1 week of detention."
  • Nezu (reaction): (also glaring) "You also have In School Suspension for 2 weeks."
  • Jiro (reaction): (also glaring) "You're also sleeping on the couch for 5 nights."

(Kaminari (reaction) took this without resistance. This is what happens when he plans schemes with that pervert)

  • Izuku (reaction): (serious) "I assume he was the ring leader in this."
  • Kaminari (reaction): (nodding) "Yeah, he was."

(when Mineta (reaction) gets back, they will have a talk with him. Later they see Shoto (show)'s past, his younger self is seen on the floor and throwing up as Endeavor (show) glares at him)

  • Endeavor (show): (glaring) "Get up, if you get hurt that easily you can forget about defeating All Might or even a small time villain."

(all the students (reaction) were horrified at this)

  • Momo (reaction): (horrified) "Oh my god."

(Shoto (reaction) cries at this memory but Momo (reaction) hugs him in comfort. Izuku (reaction) asks him)

  • Izuku (reaction): (sad) "Why didn't you tell us?"
  • Shoto (reaction): (explaining) "Because I might never see my mother again."

(the adults (reaction) were angered)

  • Aizawa (reaction): (glaring) "Harsh training my a**, this is child abuse."

(Back to the flashback, Rei (show) came to his defense)

  • Rei (show): (begging) "Please stop pushing him, he's only 5 years old."
  • Endeavor (show): (snarling) "He can take it, get out of my way!"

(he angrily smacks her (off-screen), much to Shoto (show)'s horror)

  • Shoto (show): (horrified) "Mama?!"

(everyone (reaction) were shocked and horrified by what they heard. They didn't realize that the so-called pro hero had also abused his own wife. They glare)

  • Hisashi (reaction): (enraged) "THAT SON OF A BITCH!"
  • Yuu (reaction): (also enraged) "THAT DOMESTIC ABUSING BASTARD!"
  • Kamui (reaction): (also enraged) "HOW THE HELL DID HE BECOME NUMBER TWO?!"
  • Death Arms (reaction): (also enraged) "WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF A F**KED UP PRO HERO ABUSES HIS OWN FAMILY!"

(Shoto (reaction) was crying at the abuse from his past. Later in another flashback, a crying Shoto (show) is being hugged by Rei (show))

  • Shoto (show): (crying) "I don't want to mom. Please, I, I don't want to be the kind of guy he is! I don't want to be someone who bullies you and hurts people, mama!"

(everyone (reaction) was crying at this, even the villains (reaction))

  • Aizawa (reaction): (crying) "How come I didn't notice this beforehand?"
  • Yuu (reaction): (also crying) "We all didn't."

(Izuku (reaction) went over to his friend and hugged him. Back to the flashback, Rei (show) cheers her son up)

  • Rei (show): (smiling) "Honey, you do still wish to be a hero, don't you? Just remember, stay true to yourself. You can be the kind of hero you want to be when you grow up."

(everyone (reaction) smiles at this. Hisashi (reaction), Inko (reaction) and every parent (reaction) smile at the woman for supporting her son. Later in another flashback, a younger Shoto (show) was smiling at his siblings playing but is pulled away by Endeavor (show))

  • Endeavor (show): (stern) "Ignore them Shoto. They live in a different world than the one I'm training you for."

(everyone (reaction) was angered by this)

  • Kirishima (reaction): (angry) "Even his own siblings?!"
  • Tetsu (reaction): (also angry) "I hate that man!"

(Dabi (reaction), Fuyumi (reaction), and Natsu (reaction) were glaring and now know why they barely interact with their brother. Later in another flashback and after Shoto (show) gets a scar, he is sitting with a bandage over his face)

  • Shoto (show): (sad) "Where did momma go?"
  • Endeavor (show): (serious) "Oh, she hurt my masterpiece so I put her in a hospital to keep you safe."
  • Shoto (show): (angrily crying) "That was your fault. You're the one who made her hurt me."

(everyone (reaction) agreed with that)

  • Momo (reaction): (angry) "That monster! How dare he lock up an innocent woman when he was the one who made her do that?!"
  • Nezu (reaction): (also angry) "Toshinori, you and Detective Tsukauchi are to investigate this so-called pro-hero! He will not get away with this!"

(All Might (reaction) and the police (reaction) nodded at this, now hating the flame using hero with every fiber of their being. Later when the hole in the locker room is introduced, all the girls (reaction) were glaring but Yuu (reaction) was intrigued)

  • Yuu (reaction): (intrigued) "How the hell did he find my hole?"
  • Izuku (reaction): (glaring) "What do you mean your hole? (then his eyes widen) Hey, wait a minute, didn't the girls say they've seen me naked before?"

(then he glared at them, making them nervous)

  • Nezu (reaction): (also glaring) "Yuu, if you were still my student, you would be suspended for 2 weeks for being a creep and damaging school property. (then he glares at the girls (reaction)) That applies to you girls too. Peeping is a very inappropriate thing to do."
  • Itsuka (reaction): (shocked) "Wait, we use that locker room too."
  • Setsuna (reaction): (glaring) "Izuku and those boys better not have took a peek."

(Izuku (reaction) and the boys (reaction) shook their heads, denying ever doing that)

  • A (reaction): (serious) "Izuku, I know you want to close up that hole so I'm gonna ask Momo to create some tools for that."
  • Izuku (reaction): (nodding) "Thanks and you're right, I was actually planning on covering that hole up. So don't worry girls, there'll be no peeping toms."

(Momo (reaction) gave him some tools along with a metal plate and Izuku (reaction) is given permission to go to the girls locker room. They hear drilling noises and hammering nails. When it's stopped, a grinning Izuku (reaction) comes back and gives them a thumbs up, making the women (reaction) smile)

  • Kendo (reaction): (smiling) "Thank you, Izu-kun. We're very proud of you. Wanna eat lunch with us?"
  • Izuku (reaction): (blushing) "Uh sure, if you want."

(the adults (reaction) were also proud of him for that, no more peeping toms. However, he got nervous around the girls after realizing they're perverts. Momo (reaction) and Kendo (reaction) see this)

  • Momo (reaction): (serious) "I wasn't in on this."
  • Kendo (reaction): (agreeing) "Me neither. I didn't know there was a hole in there."

(however, a few girls (reaction) were disappointed that the hole is covered up. Later after Snipe (show)'s elbow accidentally touches one of Toru (show)'s breasts, everyone (reaction) went eye-wide)

  • Izuku (reaction): (blushing) "Did he just do that?"
  • Ochaco (reaction): (also blushing) "Yep, I think he did."

(Setsuna (reaction) was laughing her ass off at this, earning glares from Toru (reaction), Snipe (reaction) and the others (reaction))

  • Itsuka (reaction): (annoyed) "Shut up Setsuna, this isn't funny."
  • Setsuna (reaction): (laughing) "Yes it is. His elbow touched her tit."

(Izuku (reaction) sighed and detached Setsuna (reaction)'s mouth)

  • Izuku (reaction): (annoyed) "When I put this back on, you'll stop laughing, understood?"

(she nods and he puts it back on but she still has that mischievous grin on, making Izuku (reaction) roll his eyes at her. Later after the season is over, Endeavor (reaction) is punished for domestic abuse and Izuku (reaction) has another sleepover with the girls but the Class 1-B girls got invited and they're enjoying it. They claim that they love Izuku (reaction). He's happy after hearing this and was also happy to see Setsuna (reaction) smiling at him)

  • Setsuna (reaction): (smiling) "I love you, no matter what happens."
  • Izuku (reaction): (chuckling) "Come on, we're superheroes. What could happen?"

(however, he now knows not to say that because they got scared at something bad about to happen. The next morning, they eat breakfast together but Setsuna (reaction) decided to force Izuku (reaction) to eat in his clothes and he was sitting next to her as she was happily rubbing his hair. After he was done eating, he got tired and laid his head in Setsuna (reaction)'s shoulder, much to her happiness. However, Nezu (reaction)'s radio turned on)

  • Nezu (reaction): (announcing) "Attention students and guests, we will begin the third season at the Wild, Wild Pussycats' headquarters. Please pack up and go to your assigned group."

(they all leave to pack up. Meanwhile, the adults have a meeting)

  • Aizawa (reaction): (serious) "I trust that Mineta's not invited again and we made a deal?"
  • Nezu (reaction): (smiling) "Don't worry, I'm having him removed from the school for being a creep and lying about school staff."

(they all sigh in relief)

  • Mitsuki (reaction): (relieved) "Good, I don't want that pervert anywhere near Izu-kun."
  • Mount Lady (reaction): (commenting) "Izuku has much more restraint than that creep."

My Hero Academia: Season 3

(when Toga (show)'s crush is shown, Izuku (reaction) blushed while Toga (reaction) giggles. The others (reaction) were surprised)

  • Kirishima (reaction): (surprised) "Wow, Midoriya is so manly that he even attracts evil ladies."
  • Tetsu (reaction): (smiling) "But he's so manly at getting even a female villain to crush on him. I respect him."

(they both shout in respect for him. Later when Tomura (show)'s heritage is revealed, everyone (reaction) was shocked and Nana (reaction) glared at a nervous Tomura (reaction))

  • Tomura (reaction): (scared) "Crystal."

(later when they see Shindo (show), everyone (reaction) looked at Izuku (reaction), who just rolled his eyes)

  • A (reaction): (annoyed) "No, Shindo is not Izuku's brother. They are not related."
  • Inko (reaction): (nodding) "I only have one son and it's Izuku right here. He doesn't have any brothers."
  • Eri (reaction): (confused) "But uncle Shindo has Izuku's hair style?"
  • Shindo (reaction): (shrugged) "It's coincidence and we're not even related."

My Hero Academia: Season 4

(after seeing Sir Nighteye (show)'s form of punishment, everyone (reaction) sweat dropped)

  • Setsuna (reaction): (deadpanned) "That's his form of punishment?"
  • Izuku (reaction): (annoyed) "It is."
  • All Might (reaction): (also annoyed) "I think he just wants her to be funny."
  • Nezu (reaction): (also annoyed) "That seems to be the reason."
  • Setsuna (reaction): (scoffs) "But hey, who are you to talk, Dekiru? Didn't you strap me and the Class 1-B girls while tickling us?"

(they glare at him for that as he blushes)

  • Itsuka (reaction): (glaring) "We're going to get you for that."
  • Izuku (reaction): (nervous) "When?"
  • Ibara (reaction): (glaring) "After this, child."

(later when it's revealed what Mineta (show) said, they were disgusted)

  • Izuku (reaction): (disgusted) "Did he really say that?"
  • A (reaction): (also disgusted) "Yes, he did. Oh man, that's disgusting. She was only 6 years old, what's wrong with him?"


(when the Izuku and Ochaco ship is seen, everyone (reaction) ships it. They smile and share a kiss, getting cheers)

  • All Might (reaction): (smiling) "Yes, pay up all of you."
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