Vexicon: (Growl) Where's Fat Cat?

Wart: Never mind about that.

Vexicon: That's right, runaway! You punny humans are no match for me! (Laugh) I almost forgot how much fun freedom can be!

(Back at the City of Sinclair, Vexicon laughs as he use his sword-blaster shot at the building. Then a news helicopter overhead.)

Vexicon: What are you looking at? (He shot at the news helicopter) Darn paparazzi.

(He watches the burning helicopter slam into the side of a building and explode.)

Vexicon: I'm board, I need some action.

(He kicks some bombs and he fires at the bomb which is cause to explode.)

Vexicon: This is too easy. I need a challenge. Huh?

Vexicon: What are you want?

Lucky: Vexicon, you're under arrest for attacking the city.

(The vortex energy swirls around and slams into Vexicon in a blast of blue, causing him to steam as he strips off his DNA Patch. Monster DNA is exposed to the air. Vexicon grows gigantic.)

Vexicon Grow

Lucky: Oh, no!

Cadpig: We've lost the saber.

Pongo: This is tough! Let's switch for another robot!

Lucky: Right. Supertrain Robot, online!

Rolly: It's no good!

Cadpig: That monster is very powerful!

Perdita: We've tried all our weapons to try to defeat it.

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