Warrior God Riders On A Mission is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Warrior God Riders, Ieyaso/Warrior God Rider Wiseman, Nagou/Warrior God Rider IXA, Hideyoushi/Warrior God Rider Accel, Chocho, Noubunaga/Warrior God Rider Birth and Ranmaro/Warrior God Rider Rebirth Prototype are going on a mission.


  • Warrior God Rider Fourze: Huh? Whoa! This is twisted. Kengou, we found a clue.
  • Kengou: (On Camera Module) Uploaded. I'll check it out. Gentarou,, what are you and the Warrior God Riders going to do?
  • Warrior God Rider Fourze: We only thing we can do. We're going on a mission. Now, We've got you! Whoa! Where did they go?
  • Kengou: (On Camera Module) Warrior God Riders! I checked the satellite images! They used a secret entrance they're on top of the building!
  • Warrior God Rider Wizard: Looks like We're going for a little climb! We're too late! They're getting away! Hmmm, what's this? It's a map! We'll have Kengou anaylaze it. It could be a clue that leads us to the hideout!
  • [To be continued...]
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