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Universe Wario/Mario
Debut The Super Wario Bros. Super Show!
Availability Downloadable
Playable Appearances
SSB Melee Brawl SSBSW

Wario returns to use the Wario Waft on everyone once again in Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

Special Moves

Wario's Special Moves

Standard Special Move = Chomp

Side Special Move = Wario Bike
Up Special Move = Corkscrew
Down Special Move = Wario Waft
Final Smash = Wario-Man
Final Smash #2 = Super Wario Waft
Final Smash #3 = Theif Wario

Special Movements


Up: Belly-laughs so hard (as heard by the Wii-mote when selecting Wario), his jaw unhinges, so he has to manually put it back with his hands.

Side: Accompanied by a "wiggly" sound similar to the one heard while using corkscrew, Wario wiggles his butt at the screen with his hands extended in each direction and he teasingly snickers. Wario seems to float as the bottoms of his shoes are touching each other.

Down: Wario faces the screen, holds up three fingers with his left hand that seem to form a "W" for Wario, then does the same with his right hand after putting away his left hand, and then holds them both out at the same time. Wario utters "Wah!" three times for each time he holds up a hand, the third "Wah!" having the most enthusiasm.

While riding Wario Bike (any direction): Wario faces his right and does his signature "W" sign at the screen with both hands, then picks his nose with his left hand. Another trick considered a taunt is when Wario does a wheelie by gently holding up on the control stick, where he stands on the back of his seat and flaps his right hand based on how fast he is going up and down.

On-Screen Appearance

Crashes in sideways on his bike, jumps off, and his bike explodes while he dusts himself off.

Victory Pose

Victory Theme: Wario Series Theme

  • He does a donut on his bike, makes a "W" sign with his hand, saying "Yes!", then pulls on his mustache and makes the "W" sign again, process repeats.
  • He laughs gloatingly and then falls over, rolling on his back.
  • Pats his belly, releasing a fart that after smelling, results in an "Oooh..." from Wario.

Character Choice

Wario does his signature belly laugh, also heard when initiating his upward directional taunt.

Character Quest

Wario defeats Mario, and takes over as the new protector of Mushroom Kingdom. Of course, he does a bad job. Princess Peach is overthrown by him, as he becomes Prince Wario. He screws up constantly, knowing that the whole kingdom relies on him and his actions.