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Muren's Rebellion

War of the Seven Emperors






  • Collapse of the Jia dynasty
  • Rise of the Gun dynasty
  • Reconquest of separatist dynasties
Major battles
  • Battle of Yongting
  • Battle of Rongke

Central Government:
Jia dynasty (until 3189TJH)
Gun dynasty (from 3189TJH)

Jia dynasty Claimants:
Pang Gou's claim
Pang Mingce's claim
Pang Long's claim

Separatist Kingdoms:
Pian dynasty
Nian dynasty
San dynasty


Jia dynasty:
Pang Wu 🗡️
Jin Ting ☠️
Song De (until 3189TJH)

Gun dynasty:
Song De

Pang Gou's claim:
Pang Gou ⚔️

Pang Mingce's claim:
Pang Mingce 🗡️

Pang Long's claim:
Pang Long ⚔️

Pian dynasty:
Sui Han ☠️

Nian dynasty:
Ren Jizhi 🏳️

San dynasty:
Na Bin ⚱️
Na Ao ☠️
Zan Lin ⚔️

The War of the Seven Emperors (七皇帝的戰爭/Qi Huangdi de Zhanzheng) was a multi-sided seven-way civil war in Tianchao during the final years of the short-lived Jia dynasty. The course of the conflict saw the collapse of the Jia dynasty and the rise of the Gun dynasty to replace it.

Early on the conflict was a battle for the throne between Pang Wu, the false son of Huangdi Zui of the Jia dynasty, and Huangdi Zui's brothers, alongside three independence movements.


End of the Qiu dynasty

Conspiracy in the Imperial Family

With the end of the Qiu dynasty Tianchao seemed ripe for change under Huangdi Zui's Jia dynasty, but hopes were quickly dashed by the huangdi's drunken temperament and general lack of interest in ruling the empire.

Death of Huangdi Zui

Multiple Claims to the Throne


First Blood

Secession of States

Fall of Pian

Rise of Gun

End of the Jia dynasty

Fall of San


Notes & Trivia

  • The War of the Seven Emperors was mostly inspired by the War of the Five Kings from the A Song of Ice and Fire series.
  • Infobox symbols key:
    • ☠️ = Executed or committed suicide
    • 🏳️ = Surrendered
    • 🗡️ = Assassinated
    • ⚱️ = Died of natural causes
    • ⚔️ = Killed in Action