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War Dinosaurs is a Japanese media franchise created by Hideaki Anno and owned by Khara and

Square Enix. All of the franchise features a dark/epic fantasy prehistoric story, which revolves around a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Rex exploring the primeval world. But a dark plot threatens the his home, so he, some other Dinosaurs, must fight it.

The Anime debuted on TV Tokyo in 1994, to generate interest in Dinosaurs in the anime genre. The War Dinosaurs Anime was written and directed by Hideaki Anno, airing from February 1994 to October 1994. The anime was a success, with critics praising it's "Wordless Storytelling" (No humans, dialogue, narration, and voice acting) of semi-accurate Dinosaurs and Prehistoric creatures.

The Anime has other media, such as Video Games, A Manga, Two Novels, Pachinko machines, a Comic book series by IDW, and a trilogy of films which serve as a sequel. War Dinosaurs is one of the highest grossing franchises of all time.


The entirety of the franchise is set in a Dark Fantasy version of the Cretaceous Period, featuring real and fictional dinosaur species. They have been at war with evil gods and spirits called "Black Dinosaurs" for 100,000 years.


  • Rex - The Main Protagonist, who is a lone Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Big Al - An Allosaurus. He is based on a real discovery of an Allosaurus specimen made in 1991.
  • Rashface - A Carnotaurus.
  • Long-Neck - A Brachiosaurs.
  • Hades - A Styracosaurus.
  • Orestes - An Iguanodon.
  • Zeus - An Ankylosaurus.
  • Pylades - A Kentrosaurus.
  • Hera - A Saurolophus.
  • Marshall - A Ceratosaurus.
  • Kenai - A Pachyrhinosaurus.
  • Black Rex - The Iconic Main Antagonist. He is Rex's Father.

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Original Anime

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Sequel Film Trilogy

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Manga and Novels

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Soundtracks and music

The music for the franchise, especially the Anime and Films, was composed by Shiro Sagisu, who also collaborated with Hideaki Anno in Nadia: The Secret Of The Blue Water (1990-1991) and later Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-1996). The primary theme of the series is The Rite Of Spring, originally by Igor Stravinsky, which also played in the 1940 Disney film Fantasia.

Other media


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American Comic Adaptation

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Video games

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Amusement park attractions

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