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Waluigi is a playable character in the fighting video game, M.U.G.E.N Trilogy. He was confirmed along with many other Nintendo characters on June 14, 2017. Charles Martinet (who also voices Mario, Luigi, Wario and Dr. Mario) provides the role for Waluigi in this fighting game.


Waluigi made his first appearance in Mario Tennis and like Princess Daisy, he has appeared in nearly every Mario spin-off since serving as Wario's partner-in-crime and best friend (although oddly, he has never appeared in a Wario game). He is Luigi's "evil" rival, in the same way that Wario is Mario's. Along with this, Waluigi has a hat and gloves with a "Γ" gamma symbol, which is similar to Wario's "W", which is also an inverse or an upside-down "M". Unlike Luigi's green hat and shirt, Waluigi has a purple shirt and hat with black overalls and orange elf-like shoes, while his Γ symbol is yellow. Waluigi was created by Camelot's Fumihide Aoki and is voiced by Charles Martinet, like Wario and both Mario Bros.

In the Super Smash Bros. franchise starting with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Waluigi appears as an Assist Trophy wielding his tennis racket, which is a reference to his first appearance in Mario Tennis. He will try to stomp players into the ground; however, Waluigi has never done this in any other game, though several games such as Mario Party 3 has shown that he has very powerful legs (in the aforementioned game, he knocks out the usually highly durable Bowser with a single kick). His finishing move either involves kicking the player or hitting the player with his tennis racket. His appearance has slightly changed in Brawl, Waluigi has orange shoes in the Mario games instead of brown, although the orange shoes were retained in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Ultimate. The tennis racket he is holding has retained its design from Mario Tennis.

How to Unlock

Use Waluigi's amiibo or scan Waluigi's AR Icon from the M.U.G.E.N Trilogy website.