Everyone makes mistakes.

Walter to Gina prior to his death.

Walter Foreman is an Accursed Character appearing in Thy Kingdom Come portrayed by Charlie Hunnam and

Walter Foreman
American Youth 1
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Foreman Family
Status Deceased
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'1
Affiliation Whitney Timer (ex-girlfriend),

Gina Truman, Jennifer Morianis, Daniel Bishop, Julian Scott, Raphael (Assigned Angel)

Weapons None
Species Homosapien (Human)
Home Homestead, Florida
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests '
Performer None
the first Accursed Character to die in the film.

He was the ex-boyfriend of Whitney Timer and a destined contributor the large London Bridge Lane Traffic Jams which contribute to the Big Ben Collapse effect.

He was a Varsity Jock of Wakton High School.


Walter Allan Foreman was born to Patricia and Michael Foreman of Homestead, Florida.

He began his relationship with Whitney Timer when she started up a high school education at Wakton High School with him.

He ultimatley during a drunken episode at a high school party cheated on Whitney with her bestfriend Gina Truman which subsequently ended their relationship and complete speaking terms for a awhile.

Come 2012 however Whitney formed a friendship circle consisting of him, Gina, Jennifer Morianis and Daniel Bishop as she needed friends to take along on a required overseas experience trip for the 2012 Wakton High Yearbook which she was in charge of.

Thy Kingdom Come

Walter comes to London, England along with Daniel Bishop, Gina Truman, Jennifer Morianis and Whitney Timer as part of the Wakton High required overseas experience trip for the Wakton High Yearbook.

Walter hopes to secretly rekindle his relationship with Whitney but is satisfied with just friends as he also has an interest in Gina Truman.

Walter comes with the group to the Hotel Montgomery and checks into the 5th floor room 541.

He attends the large lobby party occuring at the Hotel and meets businessman Julian Scott who a drunken Whitney disappears with later that night.

He observes Gina kiss Daniel out of a drunken episode and then departs from the party to his room at the same time Jennifer departs for her car ready to head back to her Liverpool rented Cottage.

Gina upon abandoning Daniel to go after Walter leaves Daniel to enter a saddened rage and leave the hotel.

Gina comes to Walter's hotel room and confronts him about the affair they had and how much she is suffering for her mistake.

Walter comforts her but is then killed by Angel Raphael who materializes out of nowhere and causes him to melt away from the inside and then implode backwards and out of his apartment window smashing it.

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