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Walden Evenderr - one of the characters from Neobiontomania.


Walden has brown hair, short rectangle beard and short hair with rolled up and slightly slicked back bangs. His eyes are green. He usually wears red jumper with blue collar and rfour diamonds, grey trousers and orange shoes.


Wendell's good friend. He was also once a mentor to Marion and Dwayne - initially he got along well with them and made them gifted Neobiontists, but their own abilities started to hit them in their heads, making them recalcitrant and problematic, and he decided to hand them over to Wendell as he did as soon as Greg began to show significant progress in his learning (because taking care of such a capable student should not take as much attention as a rookie).

Walden is a experienced and courageous Neobiontist, but he can be easily disturbed at times.


Nanobotic powers

Not yet known.