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Wait Until I See You Again is a 2016 teen comedy film. It is based on all 2000s high school films such as John Tucker Must Die, American Pie film series, Sitsterhood of Travelling Pants, and many other teen films from the 2000s.


Five high school teens, three girls and two males, learn life lessons from a protagonist named Andrew Lacklin. When he is in middle school, he refused to fit in because he is 12 in 6th grade. He is also skipped a grade once.



  • Ricardo Huntardo as Andrew Lacklin
    • TBA as Young Andrew Lacklin
  • Willow Shields as Lizzie Jonas
    • Kyla Kenedy as Young Lizzie Jonas
  • Cameron Boyce as Lucas Spears
    • TBA as Young Lucas Spesrs
  • Mackenzie Foy as Rose Timberlake
    • Lizzy Greene as Young Rose Timberlake
  • TBA as Dylan Bass
    • TBA as Young Dylan Bass
  • TBA as Taylor Hawkins
    • TBA as Young Taylor Hawkins
  • TBA as Betty McGonagall
  • TBA as Emma O'Connor
  • TBA as Lincoln Grayson
  • TBA as Hayley Standish
  • TBA as Olivia Singer
  • TBA as Jake Lacklin
  • TBA as Anna Lacklin
  • Peyton Clark as Reuben Lacklin


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