Voorhees is a 2027 American Slasher Action Horror film written and directed by Vincente DiSante starring Daniel Gilchrist, Jordan Connor, Anthony Ramos, Madelyn Deutch, Levi Miller, Abby Donnelly and Clive Standen. It is the sequel to the 2020 Nick Antosca and David Bruckner Horrorverse film Friday the 13th, the subsequent 21st instalment of the crossover cinematic film verse.

Writer/Director Vincente DiSante had previously wrote, produced and directed the popular YouTube free of profit streaming fan film Never Hike Alone, which featured the character Jason Voorhees, the protagonist character Tommy Jarvis reprised in role by the former Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI actor Thom Matthews and featured the setting of Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey. DiSante having attended Texas Frightmare and Monsterpalooza that same year entered discussion and eventually negotiations with Jason Blum resulting in his eventual full length first feature film.

Original fan film actors minus Thom Matthews appear in minor roles in the film.

Shooting took place in the San Bernardino National Forest areas and mountainous terrain of California as opposed to Sussex County, New Jersey the shooting location of the previous Horrorverse Friday film. The San Bernardino Forest region being the shooting location of DiSante's Friday fan film of 2018.


Following Jason Voorhees' release from Crystal Lake by the Tall Man, the undead hockey masked titan evades capture by the Shaitan, and retreats deep into the Crystal Lake woods, into a hidden cottage on the mountainous hills set up by his late mother.

The years pass until the present day and the Shaitan has captured all his 'contestants' minus Jason and Freddy Krueger. In collaboration with the Tall Man they formulate an unheard plan to lure Jason out fromthe wilderness of Crystal Lake after initially failing, when they send in a Deadite possessed Crystal Lake biker Tommen up to the Summit where Jason decapitates and dismembers him with his machete before retreating.

Vlogging hiker Ken Palmer is misdirected from Hackensack, New Jersey into Crystal Lake township, where he runs into a Dr. Herbert West at the local grocery, who recommends the hike of a lifetime with the Summit overlooking the town's titular lake, and former summer camp grounds. Ken proceeds towards the summit at the same time as visiting Springwood, Ohio youths on loan for community service after a Haddonfield Halloween prank gone wrong.

A Mrs. Mattson and juvenile correctional officer Wendy Cooke escort the group of seven: Jonas, Vanessa, Tate, Yohan, Zara, Jed and Faye to the old Camp Crystal Lake grounds, to help with it's renovations. A call for paramedics is made as they are presented with an injured Tall Man minion. The ambulance crashes as Jason launches a triage of arrows into through the windscreen and kills the driver Ross. The crash causes paramedic Elena to die as an injured Paramedic Janet crawls from the crash and is ultimately hacked at by Jason with his machete.

With this paramedic Lyle escapes the wreckage and into the woods injured himself.


  • Daniel Gilchrist as Jason Voorhees
  • Jordan Connor as Kenneth Palmer
  • Anthony Ramos as Lyle Culpa
  • Madelyn Deutch as Wendy Cooke
  • Levi Miller as Jonas Feldman
  • Abby Donnelly as Vanessa Noonan
  • Clive Standen as Elias Voorhees
  • Kyle Red Silverstein as Tate McBride
  • Braden Fitzgerald as Yohan Hayes
  • Danielle Parker as Zara Kimmel
  • Alkoya Brunson as Jedidah Almeida
  • Lolli Sorenson as Faye Jones
  • Vanessa Ray as Paramedic Elena
  • Margaret Ratliff as Paramedic Janet
  • Jeremy Howard as Driver Ross
  • Allison Tolman as Mrs. Helene Mattson
  • Kunal Nayyar as Paramedic Pete
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