Voltron 3: Era of Voltron (Also known as Voltron: Era of Evolution) is a 2018 American Science-Fiction Action Film, based off of the animated series Voltron and it's sequel Voltron Force, combining computer animation and live-action and is a sequel to the 2014 film, Voltron and the 2016 film Voltron 2: War of Wade. Directed by Joss Whedon and composed by Alan Silvestri. the film was released to theatres on June 26, 2018. As the second installment of the live-action Voltron film series, it stars Logan Lerman, Uriah Shelton, Peyton List, Spencer Boldman, Jake Goodman, Sean Pertwee, Kira Kosarin, and James Spader.  Voltron: End of Three Worlds will be released in two parts, Voltron: End of Three Worlds Part 1 in 2020 and Part 2 in 2021.


As the Voltron Force nears it's goal of complete peace in the Galaxy, Pidge creates an artificial intelligence out of the Lions' Nexus, but when this artificial Voltron becomes overwhelmed with a god complex and desires to eradicate all life in the galaxy and begins to lead the team into their own demise by breaking up the team. Meanwhile, Keith begins exploring his heritage after a discovery changes his persuit of a life with Allura.


  • Logan Lerman as Keith Kogane - The leader of Voltron, recruited to pilot the Black Lion, which primarily forms the head and bulk of Voltron. Keith is a quiet individual, tactful and strategic and continues to earn place as leader of the team. In the film, Keith learns more about his heritage, upon discovering he is of Arusian descent, which gives a whole new view on his relationship with Allura. He wields dual swords as his Voltcom weapons. He wears a black and dark grey metallic suit.
    • The Black Lion Abilities are shock tail and a mouth energy laser. In the primary (Black) configuration, Voltron forms the "Blazing Sword".
  • Uriah Shelton as Lance - The sarcastic and sometimes reckless ace pilot of the Red Lion, which primarily forms the right arm of Voltron, but in the Red Lion Configuration, it forms the head and bulk ov Voltron. Lance is very hot headed and often cracks jokes in battle and teases the others, but since joining the team is less of a troublemaker. He wields dual pistols and power fists as his Voltcom weapons and wears a black and red metallic suit, with a dark brown/tan jacket and red sleevless gloves.
    • The Red Lion Abilities are laser tail, flamethrower mouth, and resistance to extreme tempratures. In the Red Configuration, Voltron can form "Magma Pistols".
  • Peyton List as Princess Allura - The princess and ruler of the Kingdom of Arus, and the pilot of the Blue Lion, which forms the right leg of Voltron. Though Allura can be a bit naÏve at times, she is strong-willed and is more than capable of ruling Arus and battling alongside her team, using a whip and bow n arrow as her Voltcom weapons and wears a black and blue metallic suit, and a golden tiara with a blue gem in it.
    • The Blue Lion Abilities are freeze ray tail, mouth water pump, and resistance to extreme cold. The Blue Congiguration of Voltron forms the "Titanic Triton".
  • Jake Goodman as Pidge - As the smallest and smartest of the group from the planet Balto, Pidge pilots the Green Lion, which forms the left arm of Voltron. Pidge is not only super intelligent, but is also very skilled in martial arts, using his size and agility to his advantage. Pidge's voltcom weapons are ninja throwing stars, or "smart stars" as he calls them, which he can move and detonate with his voltcom and wears a green and black metallic suit.
    • The Green Lion Abilities are Tail Blade, which shoots shuriken-like blades, and sonic mouth canons.
  • Spencer Boldman as Hunk - Another human from Earth, who pilots the Yellow Lion, which forms the left leg of Voltron. Though his he has a tough and temperamental appearance, Hunk has a soft heart and even though his friends joke about his appetite, most of his body's bulkiness is muscle. He wields the "Claw Hammer" as his voltcom weapon and wears a sleeveless black and yellow metallic suit.
    • The Yellow Lion Abilities are a hammer tail, an underbite, that acts as a land plower or drill to dig fast, a dirt or rock mouth cannon, and a vibration cannon on it's back.
  • Kira Kosarin as Mary Gedison - The Commander-In-Chief of the Galactic army, after defeating her father, Wade. She is a great ally and a great friend to the Voltron Force and has a romantic connection to Lance.
  • Sean Pertwee as Coran - Allura's royak advisior and lead of castle control. As a very wise and experienced man he often advises the Voltron Force, but can also be overprotective and opinionated.
  • Gary Oldman as Sky Marshall Wade Gedison - The Commander-in-Chief of the Galactic Alliance Army Defense, in which he leads into battle to overthrow the Galactic Alliance, betraying the trust he had so highly of by the Force.
  • Russel Crowe as King Alfor - Allura's deceased father, who died in battle as the former Blue Lion Pilot years ago, facing King Zarkon, as the last member of his team. Now he returns to Earth as a spirit to guide his daughter in her struggle to keep Arus in a time of peace.
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